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DYM Chapter 512

“Haha, since Lu Lu has found her brother, it’s also a big happy event, let’s drink and celebrate first.” Gu Mingnan reacted, he always felt that there was something wrong with Ye Mo and Lu Yue’s relationship, and he was kind of smart to say the words of celebration before Lu Yue proposed to leave.

Although Lu Yue was eager to leave immediately, she could only follow behind Ye Mo. Instead, Ye Mo was afraid that Yang Yi would be embarra*sed, but he sat down and introduced Yang Yi and Lu Yue to each other. Yang Yi was thrilled to meet such a noble beauty like Lu Yue.

Although Liu Shang acted somewhat obsequiously in front of Yang Yi, he was not stupid and he could see that Ye Mo was not Lu Yue’s brother. He could also tell that Gu Mingnan had an opinion about Ye Mo. Once he learned that Ye Mo was brought in by Yang Yi, he would definitely have the same opinion of Yang Yi, and maybe he would have known about it by now.

Ye Mo looked at Liu Shang’s anxious expression, and Gu Mingnan’s face, and immediately understood the key. Although this matter was not to blame for Lu Yue, Ye Mo would definitely not let Gu Mingnan place his revenge on Yang Yi.

The wine and food soon came up, and under Gu Mingnan’s leadership, the many boys inside this room kept toasting towards Ye Mo. It was evident that there were already many people who knew Gu Mingnan’s intention, which was to get Ye Mo drunk.

Although Lu Yue knew that Ye Mo was also a practitioner of ancient martial arts, but with so many people toasting, even if he was a strong drinker, he wouldn’t be able to. Of course she knew what Gu Mingnan had in mind and was a little anxious in her heart. Although she had hinted at Ye Mo several times, Ye Mo didn’t seem to react at all and still refused to come. As long as they came to toast him, he immediately drank them all.

Gu Mingnan was secretly happy, but in the end it was Yang Yi who saw that something was wrong, and he pulled Ye Mo a little. He pulled Ye Mo to drink less, but when Gu Mingnan saw him, he was even more angry with Yang Yi.

However, the more he drank, the more Gu Mingnan felt that something was wrong. Several of his cla*smates were already drunk, but Ye Mo was as steady as a mountain, not even blushing. Gu Mingnan was furious in his heart, how could this person be so drunk?

Just when Gu Mingnan was thinking about how to change the way he was drinking, the door of the private room was suddenly kicked open.

Gu Mingnan was furious, he had no place to vent the anger he was holding in his heart, and now someone dared to kick the door of his private room, this was not looking for death.

“That b*****d, you f*cking seek death ……” Gu Mingnan just cursed and then suddenly stopped, he looked with some fear at a woman with a face like frost behind the two big men who kicked the door and called out in a low voice:” Sister ……”

“Miss Qingcheng, count on your good sense, if Miss Lok Lok is not here, your Gu family will be completely finished.” A shady voice came from a man who was obviously the mastermind of this door kicking.

Gu Mingnan hadn’t understood what was going on, but once he heard Lok Lok, his guts seemed to have grown much bigger and he immediately stood up and said, “Sister, what’s going on?”

The woman with the frosty face seemed not to have heard Gu Mingnan’s words in general, but said to the gent next to him who had just spoken, “Young Wen, I have already brought you all here, so what’s going on now should have nothing to do with my Gu family.”

“Hey, hey, whether it has anything to do with it or not, it’s not up to you ……” this young Wen once again said grimly, greedily glancing at Gu Qingcheng’s chest before sweeping his gaze inside the private room.

His gaze soon stopped on Lu Yue’s body and instantly his eyes lit up as he hurriedly took a few steps forward, “Miss Lu Lu, I’ve really searched hard for you?”

But after this Wen Shao finished speaking, he seemed to remember something and hurriedly collected the ** in his eyes, turning back to a middle-aged man and bending down to say in a very flattering manner, “Second Master, this is Miss Lu Lu. Do you see if this is the one you are looking for, Lok Lok ……”

But Wen Shao’s words stopped just in time as he saw the middle-aged man he respectfully called Second Master staring inside the compartment with a shocked face, not even hearing his words. Wen Shao could even see his body trembling, and he was momentarily surprised

He didn’t know what other people the Second Master was afraid of, if he, Wen Shao, could walk sideways in Luo Cang, then the Second Master could fall asleep and walk. The Second Master’s magical powers were such that even his father had to bow and scowl at his existence, but now he had unexpectedly turned pale, as if he had seen some terrified and frightened figure.

“You want to take Miss Lok Lok away?” Ye Mo suddenly glanced at Wen Shao and asked.

Shao Wen frowned and swept a glance at Ye Mo, “What kind of thing are you, daring to speak to me like that.”

“Slap ……,” just as Wen Shao’s words fell, the middle-aged man behind him slapped him on the face, “b*****d, you dare to be so rude to senior Ye, you want to die.”

Young Wen was slapped as far as he could by this slap, spitting out a few teeth and lying on the ground looking at the middle-aged man in shock, he didn’t know why the second master suddenly wanted to hit him.

After that middle-aged man finished beating this Wen young man, he suddenly walked forward two steps ‘flopping’ and fell down on his knees in front of Ye Mo, “Senior Ye, late Yu Hong Sheng, today no intention to offend senior, late, late …… ”

This scene immediately caused everyone present to freeze, this middle-aged man here did not know anyone. But Wen Shao but many people know, Luo Cang first young master ah, or Luo Cang first bully ah.

The Gu family, where Gu Mingmian is from, is already a big family in Luo Cang, and few people dare to mess with the Gu family. But the Gu family was far from this young Wen in front of him. From the fact that Wen Shao could blatantly kick open Gu Mingnan’s private room door, as well as Gu Qingcheng’s attitude towards Wen Shao, it was clear that Wen Shao did not put the Gu family in his eyes at all.

Just now, all the people knew how respectful this Wen Shao was to that middle-aged man, and even bowed his head and humbled himself by calling him Second Master, while this Second Master slapped Wen Shao down with a face full of flowers. Even a fool would know that this second master’s status was far superior to Wen Shao’s, but this second master actually kowtowed to Luo’s brother and begged for forgiveness, without even saying a word to Luo’s brother. Many people immediately began to speculate about Ye Mo’s identity, and some even thought that Ye Mo was a big young man from Yanjing who had come to Luo Cang to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.

Gu Mingnan, who originally wanted to find trouble with Ye Mo, was cold in his heart, who knew better than him what kind of person Shao Wen was. In Wen Shao’s eyes, the Gu family was really not worth mentioning. However, the people he respected were like this in front of Lu Lu’s brother, so it was evident that Lu Lu’s brother was not something he could mess with at all. It was ridiculous that he still wanted to get back at Ye Mo later.

Gu Qingcheng was also frozen, she couldn’t imagine that her brother had such a strong cla*smate who could kowtow to the person who threatened her to come without saying a word and beg for mercy. She suddenly thought of the Gu family’s situation to come, perhaps this cla*smate of Mingnan’s could relieve the situation, thinking of this she immediately made a wink to her brother.

“Big brother Ye ……” Yang Yi looked at Ye Mo a little confused.

Ye Mo stared at the middle-aged man kneeling on the ground without saying a word, he was thinking in his heart that he didn’t seem to have seen this guy before. From what place did he see himself? It was reasonable to say that with his memory, it would be hard for him to forget after seeing him once.

There was an eerie silence.

Although Gu Mingnan liked Lok Lok to his bones, he was not a leather bag, and his sister came here under duress. The survival of the Gu family seemed to be at stake in his sister’s words, and even if he liked Lok Lok more, these likes would be put aside in front of the survival of the Gu family. It suddenly occurred to him that in case Wen Shao had any thoughts about his Gu family, his Gu family would really be finished.

“Well, that’s the end of our party today Cambodian, I’ll treat you all next time, I’m sorry.” Gu Mingnan figured out the key issues involved and immediately let his cla*smates leave first. Just as he finished saying this, he saw the look in his sister Gu Qingcheng’s eyes and immediately knew that he should have done a good job.

These students all knew that this matter should not be simple, and no one dared to remain here, so they all stood up and said goodbye to leave.

Yang Yi also stood up, but Ye Mo pulled Yang Yi and said, “Yang Yi, I’m looking for you later for something, you stay first.”

Seeing Yang Yi stay, Liu Shang, Yang Yi’s boyfriend, also stayed.

Soon all the people inside the compartment left, only Ye Mo, Lu Yue, Yang Yi, and the Gu siblings were left, the rest were Wen Shao who was lying on the ground after being beaten and the second master who was kneeling inside the compartment. The two big men who kicked the door but didn’t know what they should do next, both stood there for a while.

“Senior Ye, junior has met senior some time ago at Broken Top Mountain ……” Yu Hongsheng felt as if Ye Mo didn’t know who he was and said in a quick pinch.

So this is the case, no wonder this guy is so scared when he sees himself, he has set up his authority in Broken Top Mountain, even Xiang Ming King does not dare to say much. There were several people who could go to Broken Top Mountain who didn’t know about the Hidden Sect, and since they knew about it, they definitely wouldn’t be afraid of Ye Mo.

“Oh, you want to take Lok Lok away?” Ye Mo’s tone was cold.

Yu Hong Sheng winced, thinking that even if I originally had this in mind, now that you were here, I wouldn’t dare to take her away if I had 10,000 guts, but he didn’t dare to say this out loud. But he didn’t dare to lie, so he had to say, “It’s not me, it’s Pingjiangmen ……”

“Okay.” Ye Mo interrupted Yu Hongsheng, “You go down, and this Wen Shao living in the world is just a waste of food.”

To Ye Mo it was whoever wanted to hit on Lu Yue, Ye Mo didn’t care at all, it was considered an idle matter to him. But this Wen Shao made him uncomfortable, leave it to this Yu Hong Sheng to exterminate, or let them go dog eat dog.

Gu Qingcheng saw Yu Hongsheng leaving in a dusty manner with Wen Shao, she looked at Ye Mo as if she wanted to say something. Ye Mo coldly said to Gu Mingnan, “You guys go away, I have some business here.”

Gu Mingnan didn’t dare to say much and hurriedly turned around to leave with Gu Qingcheng. However, Gu Qingcheng was thinking in her heart that since Ye Mo was her brother’s cla*smate, there was always a chance to get to know him. Getting to know a strong person like Ye Mo was very important to the development of her Gu family.

It wasn’t until after all these people left that Ye Mo remembered that the Pingjiang Gate had come and seemed to have heard of it from someone.

However, Ye Mo quickly put these things aside and instead looked at Lu Yue and asked, “How is Lu Hustle doing now?”