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DYM Chapter 518

“Has Ye Mo been found?” Liang Shiguo felt his voice tremble a little, he was afraid that the other end of the phone would say the phrase no luck.

The waiter’s somewhat hesitant voice came from the other end of the phone, “Mr. Liang, we haven’t found Ye Mo, but he just called, he said ……”

“What did he say, say it quickly ……” All the people were staring at Liang Shiguo, who himself was also nervous. However, his heart was thumping even more, Ye Mo actually called, this is a good sign ah, it means he is most likely still in Luo Cang.

“Ye Mo said he just saw more than three floors of our ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’ collapse and asked if you were there and what was going on.” A voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Then what? You say hurry up, finish at once ah ……” Liang Shiguo was really anxious.

The waiter despised Liang Shiguo in his heart, saying that I was going to finish it all at once, but you interrupted him one after another. But he didn’t dare to fight with Liang Shiguo, and hurriedly continued: “Ye Mo said that your General Manager Liang really doesn’t know how to run a business, and he even sighed and said something like, such a good place is actually run like this. Instead of giving him a diamond card, why don’t you give him this ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ property, he will definitely run it better.

He even jokingly said that you were not sincere, Mr Liang, but he did leave a phone number and said that he was interested in the place and if Mr Liang was willing to give it to him to run, he would come and discuss it with him right away. He also said that he was leaving Lokura for the evening and would not have time to return for the next week, so if you want to contact him, you will have to do so before this evening.”

“Give it to him, call Ye Mo immediately and tell him that as long as he arrives at ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’ now, this place is his. Quickly, call him now and tell him to come over, and get on the video call as soon as he arrives ……” With barely any thought, Liang Shiguo gave away the ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’.

At this time he had long forgotten what Ye Mo had said, and had forgotten all about what Ye Mo had said about being open and honest and taking only what belonged to him. The Holy Church . For him now, as long as Ye Mo could come in time to prove that he was still in Luo Cang, he would be happy even if he was given another ‘extra-territorial leisure’.

Although Liang Shiguo’s call was heard by everyone present, he still said, “Ye Mo is still in Luo Cang, there are still a few minutes left before he returns to ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’.”

Although Liang Shiguo gave ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ to Ye Mo, not a single person laughed at him, but Qu Lao’s face was terribly gloomy, he didn’t expect Liang Shiguo to really find Ye Mo within a few minutes, this was a bit too much of a coincidence

The whole room was silent, even the ticking of the second hand of the watch could be heard.

A few minutes later, Liang Shiguo’s phone did ring, he transferred the call to the projector, and in the background was indeed Luo Cang’s ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’.

Ye Mo had a happy smile on his face, “Boss Liang, I heard your fellow say that I don’t want your diamond bank card and you want to give me ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’. How can I be so kind, but you’ve asked for such politeness several times, so it would seem pretentious if I don’t accept it. As for the handover of the property here, there is a person in charge next to me, you just need to say hello to him. That said, Boss Liang, you’re really kind, I’ll treat you to dinner when you return to Luo Cang.”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, the manager of ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ said with a pinched face, “Mr. Liang, will you hand over the property here now?”

“Yes, handing over …… over now” Although Liang Shiguo escaped with his life, he was not happy in his heart and hung up the phone straight away without finishing a sentence. This ‘extra-territorial leisure’ was completely his private property, he originally planned to develop it properly, but now it was given to someone else with a word, not even a word of thanks was sincere. The good thing was that it was because of this place that he had saved his life, so now that old guy couldn’t suspect him after all.

As a matter of fact, just after Ye Mo made his appearance, Qu Lao’s face became even more gloomy, almost dripping with water.

At this time, all the people inside the house had been searched, including Sister Ling, who had also been searched by a special person who blocked her up with a cloth. The Holy Church. The rest of the people were even searched.

Although this basement was luxurious, it was only this big, and the extreme energy crystals had detection instruments, and the instruments did not detect any crystals in it.

The old man knew that he had to find a scapegoat, otherwise he would surely die. Even if he was of high status, losing two Extreme Energy Crystals from his hands one after another would be a capital crime.

Elder Qu turned his gaze towards Sister Ling, who was already pale beyond belief, and now that Elder Qu had turned his gaze over, her heart immediately went cold. She knew that she was finished, this scapegoat had failed to catch Liang Shiguo and had ended up catching herself.

“Lu Ling, although I don’t know how you took the Extreme Energy Crystals away, this is no longer something that I can decide. Chen Crash, you take Lu Ling away immediately and we will go to the headquarters together.” The old man surnamed Qu knew that there was no point in remaining in this. If the crystal was still there, that detecting instrument would have detected it long ago, and since it hadn’t detected it by now, it meant that the crystal had been taken away.

The young woman called Ling was incomparably pale, her lips were trembling, but she could not say a word. She knew that no matter what she said it was useless, apart from Liang Shi Guo, she was the only one closest to the crystal stone.

At this moment she finally understood why Wen Dong and Feng Tian had risked death to escape from the ‘Northern Sands’. Wen Dong had definitely not left the ‘Northern Sands’ in the first place because of that ’empty anemone design’, but because she had already seen through what kind of place the ‘Northern Sands’ was, and it was ridiculous that she had not understood until now .

The old man’s face was not the least bit happy, he knew that even if Lu Ling was finally determined to be the traitor, he would not be able to escape, at most he would only be spared a death sentence.


Ye Mo’s mood was pleasant, he only held to get rid of the suspicion to leave a phone number in ‘extra-territorial leisure’, the purpose was not to ‘extra-territorial leisure’. He also knew that it was impossible to ask for ‘extra-territorial leisure’. His main purpose of leaving a phone number at ‘extra-territorial leisure’ was just to pull his suspicion away, so that the people of ‘Northern Sand’ would not suspect The main purpose of leaving the phone number at ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ was just to pull his suspicion away, so that the people of ‘Northern Sand’ would not suspect him, Ye Mo. It was just out of Ye Mo’s expectation that he casually mentioned ‘extra-territorial leisure’ and Liang Shiguo really gave it to him, surprisingly without a second thought.

Although he didn’t know why Liang Shiguo was so cool, but he didn’t want it for nothing, he had already urged the manager here to get the transfer of the property done once before Liang Shiguo returned.

After this was done, Ye Mo however shut down the ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ straight away, while he himself returned to the Flowing Serpent. This bargain was taken for free, once the ‘Northern Sands’ learned that the crystals and dollars were taken by Ye Mo, the ‘Northern Sands’ would definitely go crazy. So one reason he returned to Flowing Snake was to ask Void Moon Hua to step up the construction of Flowing Snake, and the second was to meet Zeng Zhen Man.

Void Yuehua got ten billion US dollars out of thin air and finally breathed a long sigh of relief in his heart, with this money, the construction of Flowing Snake would definitely speed up a lot.

Although he knew that Ye Mo was not in trouble, Zeng Zhen Man was still surprised to see Ye Mo.

“Brother Zeng, you look very worried about me.” Ye Mo made a joke, he did feel that Zeng Zhen Man was worried about himself.

Zeng Zhen Man nodded, “Yes, after I left that day, I always felt that something was wrong, and as expected, Feng Wu deliberately delayed and didn’t even head to Hulu Valley until the next day ……”

Ye Mo immediately understood that Feng Wu really knew about Xiang Ming Wang’s intention to deal with him, or perhaps Xiang Ming Wang and Feng Wu had agreed on a purpose before. In order to deal with Ye Mo, Feng Wu was the one to stall Zeng Zhen Man.

Seeing Ye Mo nodding, Zeng Zhen Man immediately asked, “Brother Ye, after I thought about this matter clearly later, but Huludao Valley had already been closed off. What’s going on here? How could the mountain be closed when King Xiang Ming didn’t go to the Spirit Pool? Did he not deal with you?”

Ye Mo didn’t hide from Zeng Zhen Man and answered directly, “King Xiang Ming did want to kill me, so I wasn’t polite. Hulu Valley has now been destroyed by me, and there will be no more Hulu Valley in the future.”

“What?” Zeng Zhen Man thought he had heard wrong, he stood up on his feet and stared at Ye Mo in shock, “Huludao Valley has been extinguished by you? Brother Ye, you said you wiped out the entire Huludao Valley by yourself?”

The Huludao Valley was the number one outer hidden clan, Ye Mo could not be that powerful even if he was powerful, one man could wipe out the Huludao Valley? This was simply too far beyond his scope of thought.

Not waiting for Ye Mo to answer, he continued, “There is still a valley master in Huludao Valley, I heard that he is already half-step Xiantian, did he not come out to find you in trouble?”

Ye Mo thought about the battle in Huludao Valley, until now he still had some palpitations, when he saw Zeng Zhen Man ask up nervously, he nodded and said, “Yes, I almost died in Ren Pingchuan’s hands, that old thing is too powerful. If it wasn’t for coincidence, I wouldn’t have been able to get out, he’s the most powerful guy I’ve seen so far, I reckon Wudao isn’t a match for him.”

Ye Mo didn’t say anything about Ren Pingchuan having advanced to the Xiantian level, he was not a match for him, whether he was a Xiantian or not, he was not a match for Ye Mo.

Zeng Zhenman let out a long breath, “Brother Ye, you were too risky. But I didn’t expect what happened at that time, that Xiang Ming King was so insidious. Don’t spread the news about the destruction of Huludao Valley, I’m afraid that this old thing Feng Wu will take the opportunity to make mischief. There is also a main dean of the Jiu Ming Academy, whose cultivation is said to be on par with that of Hulu Valley’s Valley Director Pingchuan, so you should be careful of the Jiu Ming Academy. Moreover, the Jiu Ming Academy is even deeper than the Huludao Valley, it’s just that they don’t like to be in the limelight as much as Xiang Ming Wang.”

Ye Mo agreed with Zeng Zhen Man’s words, after seeing how powerful Hulou Valley was, he would never mess with Feng Wu if Feng Wu didn’t mess with him.

“By the way, Brother Zeng, have you guys been to Meinei Snow Mountain and found the Spirit Pool?” To Ye Mo, the Spirit Pool was the most important thing.

Zeng Zhenman nodded and said, “The Spirit Pool and I have been there with Feng Wu, but there was a little problem.”

Hearing that something had gone wrong with the Spirit Pool, Ye Mo immediately became nervous, he was still counting on this Spirit Pool to advance to the fifth level of Qi training. Anything could go wrong, but not the Spirit Pool. Before Zeng Zhenman’s words left his mouth, he asked nervously, “What’s wrong with the Spirit Pool?”