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DYM Chapter 519

“The entrance to the Spirit Pool was originally in a valley at the back of the Hulu Valley, except that the day after Feng Wu and I got there, the valley suddenly collapsed. And it was a ma*sive collapse, so we rushed to avoid it, and when we went to see it again, that valley was completely covered. One can imagine that even if the spirit pool was still there, it was completely crushed.” Zeng Zhenman said with some regret, and from his expression, he could also see the regret of not being able to enter the Spirit Pool.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and immediately thought that the collapse of that valley should have something to do with Ren Pingchuan, if he was correct, it was that time when he was trapped inside the ancient tomb, thinking of this he asked again, “Couldn’t you dig it?”

Zeng Zhenman looked at Ye Mo somewhat strangely and said, “That valley has completely collapsed, even if you dig it, the spirit pool must have been crushed and collapsed. Even if the pond collapses, there is no way to get in and find the crystal even if we dig it up, not to mention that digging up a valley is not that easy. That valley is under a cliff face, mechanical equipment can’t get in at all, it’s completely by hand that you can dig it out.”

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t continue to dwell on this matter, he just said, “Then brother Zeng, draw me the location of that valley, if I have the chance I would like to go and take a look.”

Of course Zeng Zhenman had no doubts about this trivial matter and immediately drew the location of the Spirit Pool to Ye Mo.

“Brother Ye, I’m relieved that there’s nothing on your side, and I’m going back. I’ll leave a contact for you, if there are any problems that I need to help with, Brother Ye, just give me an order.

” Zeng Zhenman left his contact information as he was leaving.

After Zeng Zhenman left, Ye Mo found Xu Ping.

Xu Ping had been very busy recently and also looked a bit worried, he was an ancient martial arts practitioner and he certainly knew what kind of people Ye Mo had offended.

“Second brother you don’t need to worry, as long as I have another year or two to give me, I can completely build up my own power.” Ye Mo could see Xu Ping’s worry.

“But I heard from Sect Master Zeng that you have offended Huludao Valley, they are all a bunch of ruthless people.” Xu Ping’s worry was obviously not much better because of Ye Mo’s relief, and still looked a little worried.

Ye Mo knew where Xu Ping’s worries lay, as someone who came from a hidden sect, the Huludao Valley did give him reason to worry. Xu Ping did not yet know that Ye Mo had already destroyed the Huludao Valley, which was why he showed his scruples about it.

“You don’t need to worry, Second Brother, because I have recently learnt of Luo Ying’s trail, so I am going to find out. I brought you here because I want you to build an army in the Flowing Serpent, as for the Hulu Valley, it will definitely not bother us now because I have already destroyed them.” The reason why Ye Mo was relieved to leave the safety of the Flowing Serpent in Xu Ping’s hands was that one was that Xu Ping was now at the early Earth Grade cultivation level, and the second was that Xu Ping and he were sworn brothers, so they were practically his own people.

“What? Huludao Valley was destroyed by you?” Xu Ping’s reaction was the same as Zeng Zhen Man’s, he could hardly believe what Ye Mo said. If he was an ordinary person, he might not have had any concept of the Huludao Valley being wiped out, but he was well aware of the power of the Huludao Valley.

Ye Mo did not speak, Xu Ping reacted immediately remembered Ye Mo’s first words. Immediately, he was even more shocked and asked, “You said you want to build an army in the Flowing Serpent?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, the Flowing Serpent cannot protect this place without an army of its own. I am only building a guardian army in Flowing Serpent, the place where I will actually build my army has not been determined yet. I will go and look at a place today, if I am sure, I will talk to you again.”

For Ye Mo the real place to build an army should be Seena, moreover, he also wanted to go to Seena to see if that place could build a city and if it was suitable for living. If a city could be built in Sena, he didn’t mind moving all of the facilities of the Flowing Serpent.

Deep down, Ye Mo did not want to build his city in the surroundings of China. Although he came from Luo Yue, his parents and relatives, even his blood, were all from Huaxia. He was not an ambitious man, but his purpose in building his city was to let his people live a good life and have a quiet territory of their own, free from those corrupt officials.

And Ye Mo also knew that once his land prospered and flourished, all kinds of problems would surely come one after another. Some of the powerful countries would also be guilty of eye-candy and would even be looking for trouble with him. Apart from these, there was also the point that the flowing snake bordered China, and there would definitely be all kinds of friction, and it was possible that trouble would eventually arise.

Ye Mo was a man of killing and determination, but he was also a man who remembered the old days. Even if he had built up his own city, the brand of China had definitely been branded on him, so he was not willing to start friction with China, not to mention that Old Han and he were still on good terms. If he were established elsewhere, and his territory prospered, he would dare to destroy people’s countries if someone dared to hit him.

But the reality was that he had surprisingly no good places to go except this place, the Flowing Serpent. After so many years of development on Earth, all the good places had been taken over. From the bottom of his heart, this place, the Flowing Serpent, could be built as a factory, but as the place where the city was built, from the beginning Ye Mo was not very satisfied. Dissatisfaction was not satisfactory, but he still had to build the city here, he had no land.

“I don’t have a problem with it, just leave the matter here to me, as long as the people from the Hidden Sect don’t come out, I believe I can still set things right.” Xu Ping said with a cautious nod, he knew that this third brother of his was not a simple person, even if he wanted to build a country, he would have followed Ye Mo without hesitation.

Before Ye Mo left the flowing snake to go to the Taklamakan Desert, he went to Sena first. He was curious to know how Lone Wolf’s struggle in ‘South Green, was going, and if he already had the power tightly in his hands.

The first time Ye Mo came here he had taken a plane to transfer from Sri Lanka, this time Ye Mo came on his own. The first time he came, some simple trading areas had formed on the outskirts of Sena, and many mercenaries’ families were living here and were having a good time.

But when Ye Mo came to Seena again, he could hardly believe that this was the place he had come to the first time, it had long since lost the prosperity it had had when Thousand Dragons was there. Everywhere was in disrepair, with crumbling walls in disarray.

Ye Mo frowned, what was Wolf Pole up to? After all this time, he couldn’t even control a mere ‘Nan Qing’?

“What people? Stop.” Although Ye Mo had long seen two guards standing in front of the ramshackle sentry post, he still walked over, and sure enough he was stopped just as he reached the place.

“Tell Wolf Pole to come out and meet me.” Ye Mo didn’t make things difficult for the two sentries and directly reported Wolf Pole’s name.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, the two sentries stared at Ye Mo for a long time before they asked with some confusion, “Where did you come from? The airport here has been closed and the ships have been controlled.”

These two sentries were really puzzled, the only way to Sena apart from the plane was by sea. If you came by land, not to mention the fact that you had to pa*s through several large primeval forests, but also through indigenous settlements. Suffice to say it was difficult, much less impossible to stroll here with not even a blade of gra*s on him, like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was about to kick the two nagging sentries out of the way when a middle-aged man hurriedly trotted over. When he got close, he immediately pulled the two guards away and didn’t even have time to say the words to tell them to back off before he bent down and cupped his fist to Ye Mo and said, “Li San Dao has met senior Ye.”

“Li Sandao?” Ye Mo looked at the man in front of him and immediately remembered. He was the beloved of Thousand Dragon Heads and the army commander of the Thousand Dragon Heads mercenary army, I didn’t expect him to still be alive. When Ye Mo left at first, he didn’t kill him, he just handed him over to Wolf Pole. However, today, instead of seeing Wolf Pole, the first person he came to see was Li San Dao.

Ye Mo remembered that this Li San Dao was very naive at first, but now he seemed to have learned to bend the rules.

“Where is Wolf Pole? How come I haven’t seen him coming?” Ye Mo came to look for Wolf Pole, he wanted to know if Senna was suitable for living, once Senna was suitable for living and there was no problem with the land, he would most likely relocate the facilities of the Flowing Serpent to Senna….

Li San Dao’s demeanour was respectful as he said, “The Wolf Gang Master has pa*sed away two months ago.”

Wolf Pole had died? Ye Mo thought to himself that although Wolf Pole was injured by him, his cultivation level was considered the highest here, so how could he suddenly die?

Seeing Ye Mo’s face look a bit unpleasant, Li San Dao hurriedly said, “Wolf Pole and a few other ‘Southern Qing,’ elders fought with each other and once again suffered internal injuries during a fight, and eventually died of serious injuries.”

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, this Wolf Pole was really a person of great ambition and talent, he was actually killed by someone else. Since Wolf Pole was dead, Ye Mo didn’t continue to care, but asked Li San Dao, “With Wolf Pole dead, which people are running ‘South Green, now?”

Li Sandao, however, did not answer directly, but said carefully, “Senior Ye, please come inside for a while.”

Immediately, Ye Mo knew that right now, Li Sandao did not seem to be the one in charge yet, as if there were others who were controlling him.

Ye Mo had come today to inspect Sena, if this place was not suitable for living, he would practice here, if it was suitable for living he would relocate the cause of the flowing snake. So he was not in a big hurry now, since he had come, he had to inspect it clearly before he left.

Li Sandao brought Ye Mo into a very ordinary brick and tile house, and there were a dozen soldiers guarding the outside.

Ye Mo looked at Li San Dao somewhat strangely and asked, “Since Wolf Pole is gone, you are also considered a management cla*s” Nan Qing, isn’t the meeting hall a luxurious hall in front? How come it’s in this place?”

Li San Dao sighed and said, “Nan Qing, in fact, has long been in name only, the Senna is now controlled by a Portuguese called Fenanli, and Wolf Pole was also killed by him. If I could have left Senna, I would have done so long ago. I didn’t want to defect to Fernandes, and as a result I was suppressed very badly. If it weren’t for me, Li San Dao, and a few of my beloved brothers, Fernanli would have killed me long ago.

But even so, if I hadn’t left earlier, I would have fallen into his hands sooner or later.”