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DYM Chapter 525

This figure Ye Mo was too familiar with, he looked at discussing many photos, that figure was the engineer who designed the ’empty aoi, that ‘Bei Sha, was trying to capture. Although Ye Mo did not know this person, but because of Luo Ying’s photos, Ye Mo had a very deep impression of this person.

But in the blink of an eye this person disappeared without a trace once again, just like the unknown animal that Ye Mo met in the middle of the desert last time, as soon as he didn’t pay attention to that animal, it disappeared.

Ye Mo immediately appeared at the place where the figure had disappeared, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. There were too many weird situations and dangerous things in the sand touch, even Ye Mo did not dare to be careless now, but the place in front of him was known to him.

Below this desert was a Gobi beach, and he had found a large area of ‘Purple Heart Vines’ here at first, only those ‘Purple Heart Vines’ had all rotted away. He had also used a spirit spring that was about to dry up here to advance his cultivation to the peak of the second level of Qi training.

That back disappeared here, and should have entered the next beach underground. This guy really knows how to hide, he actually hid here, no wonder the people of the ‘Northern Sand, have not been able to find him.

Ye Mo kicked away the fine sand on the side, revealing a green stone slab. Ye Mo opened the green stone slab to reveal a stone step, and he had just stepped down when a gunshot rang out.

Ye Mo reached out and cupped a bullet and looked at a man who was shooting across the street.

This man looked very young, even just under thirty. The man was very thin, and his face was unusually pale, and his hair looked messy, but his eyes were unusually calm, and he didn’t look the least bit strange because Ye Mo had used his hand to pinch the bullet.

What surprised Ye Mo most was that this man had a monkey-like animal beside him, but on closer inspection it was very different from a monkey. Ye Mo quickly recognized this thing, the reason why he could discover this underground gobi beach in the first place was because of this thing.

When Ye Mo first came here, this animal had sneaked up on him and he had chased it all the way underground before he found his iron spikes on the roots of a dead poplar tree, but the thing that had sneaked up on him had disappeared. Little did he know that it had actually been tamed by this man. Only at this moment this monkey and this man were both staring at him warily, as if Ye Mo was the uninvited guest here.

“If I’m not wrong, you should be a wanted criminal in the ‘Northern Sands, now, right?” Ye Mo looked at the man who didn’t say a word and asked in a light voice.

“And who are you? Are you from the ‘Northern Sands,’? Are you here to arrest me?” The man did not feel any panic and asked the same.

Ye Mo shook his head, “My name is Ye Mo, but I’m not from the ‘Northern Sands,’ to be exact I have a grudge against the ‘Northern Sands’ now, because I robbed them and they have no evidence right now. But I think they will react sooner or later, so my enmity with ‘Beisha,’ is irreconcilable.”

“Oh, since that’s the case, we don’t cross the river in well water, what are you doing here in my territory?” A hint of surprise appeared on the man’s pale face, but he quickly regained his composure. In his opinion, to be able to rob something at the hands of ‘Bei Sha, that was definitely a remarkable person.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “You are wrong, firstly, we are not well water, secondly this place is not yours, I came here before you. Last time I came here there were a lot of ‘Purple Heart Vines’ and there is a spirit spring behind you, that one I even used.”

“You’ve been here once?” The man immediately showed an astonished expression, he didn’t expect anyone to come to such a hidden place, he himself would not have been able to enter if it wasn’t for Little Ball leading the way.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to be so nervous about me, I’m not here to kill you, if I were to kill you, I could do it anytime. Since we are destined to meet and have a common enemy, I wonder if we can work together?”

The man shook his head and said, “No, you are no match for ‘Bei Sha, and I will not work with you, you and ‘Bei Sha, if you really want to fight, you have no chance at all.”

“Why?” Ye Mo asked without moving, this man came out of ‘Bei Sha, and knew a lot for sure.

The man seemed to know that he couldn’t threaten Ye Mo even with a gun, and simply put the gun in his hand away before he said,,, “North Sand, has a tight organization, the most advanced weapons in the world, and the best engineers. And their own territory, they can easily wipe out a country, you say you will be his opponent? You’re only making me die faster by asking me to work with you.”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched and he asked with some doubt “”Beisha, with the most advanced weapons in the world? That doesn’t seem right, how can a privately armed organisation have the most advanced weapons in the world? Is it more powerful than the Yankee stuff?”

The man laughed coldly, “What’s the Yankee?” I designed many of the weapons and combat equipment in the North China Sea, so I’m not aware of that? You should know about the ‘Sky Aoi’, which is now being fought for globally. I can say for sure that the combat role of the Amani is much higher than the best aircraft carriers, but this is not the most powerful thing I can design. America, America is nothing.”

Ye Mo frowned as he looked at the man and slowly asked:Who the hell are you? Why do you hold more advanced technology than here?”

The man’s face turned even paler as he shook his head and said, “I can’t remember who I am, it seems like I’m from a certain country, but I can’t remember. Even those technologies I’ve forgotten a lot, and what I can remember now is only two out of ten.”

“Then how did you join the ‘Northern Sands,’?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

“It seems that I fell unconscious in a valley, and a man from the ‘Northern Sands’ saved me. Then I became the first designer of ‘North Sand,’ but I felt that it was too much work. And I felt that ‘North Sands’ philosophy was different from mine, what they wanted was to fight for world domination and enslave the global people. So I made an agreement with them that I would leave ‘Beisha’ after I had designed the ‘Air Aoi’, but before I could design the ‘Air Aoi’ they turned against me and I secretly designed a small flying machine. In the end I escaped through this flying machine.” The man finished and sat down, seemingly not wanting to talk about these matters.

However, Ye Mo’s heart moved, could it be that this man came from somewhere else like himself? It was just that he couldn’t remember. There was no way that just anyone on Earth, apart from a miracle genius like Einstein, could be beyond the knowledge of this world. If he got this person to his own land and had some time to develop, perhaps even if he, Ye Mo, was unable to cultivate to a higher level, the American would not count for much.

But this person’s emotional intelligence can really not be very “Beisha, can let a scientific genius like him leave, then ‘Beisha, is not ‘Beisha,. No country, not to mention ‘Beisha’, would let such a talented scientist leave their sphere of vision to work for someone else. You could say that if it wasn’t for his own technological skills, he would never have left ‘Beisha’ in his lifetime”

“But it’s not a matter of you continuing to stay here now, is it? Could it be that you can still live here for the rest of your life?” Ye Mo asked somewhat impishly.

The man swept a glance at Ye Mo, “Although it’s a bit bitter here, I can still save my little life with the little ball.

I am sure that as soon as I leave this desert, I will immediately be caught by the people of the ‘Northern Sands,'”

After saying this the man even touched the hairy monkey beside him a few times.

It turned out that this thing was named by him as a small ball, Ye Mo reckoned that what this man said was true, there should really be many people waiting for him to go out in the periphery of this desert.

“I’ll take you to my territory, you help me do my work, while you have personal freedom. How’s that?” Ye Mo decided to spell out his idea. This man was definitely a technological genius, and he couldn’t miss out on this kind of talent.

“Your turf? You guarantee my freedom of life, can you also guarantee my life? I’m sure you won’t kill me, but can you hold back the ‘Northern Sands,’? Besides, do you know that as soon as you step out of this desert the people of ‘Bei Sha, can know?” The man looked at Ye Mo suspiciously and asked.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Since I said it, I have this certainty. I started a company called ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and recently my company moved to another place, which is an independent place, so I established a city called Luo Yue City. But now there are some people who covet my place and are foolish enough to move, and I need technological talent to help me.”

Hearing the words ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ the man suddenly stood up, “I’ve heard of this company, it’s an amazing company. The formula for the ‘Beauty Pill,’ even I haven’t researched it, so it’s clear that this designer is very powerful, did you develop it?”

Ye Mo didn’t answer his words directly, but continued seductively, “My place is different from ‘Bei Sha, they just purely want to dominate the whole world, but I just want the people around me to live a quieter life, and it would be good if no one else comes to bully. I want all the people in my place to live happily and peacefully, without corrupt officials and bullying, that’s all. So, I have no ambition to fight for supremacy, you can rest a*sured of that.”

“Where has your company moved to?” The man seemed to be somewhat moved, he was not moved because of Ye Mo’s ideals, of course he wanted this kind of life too. He was moved because of Ye Mo’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, because that kind of ‘Beauty Pill, is indeed too heavenly.

“A place surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected to the primeval forest on one side, with a total area of nearly 20,000 square kilometres. Now my talents have moved there, and are still designing and building the new city. So, my place is still in a vulnerable state right now. If you can join Luo Yue City and help us design more advanced combat weapons, I think I can help you leave this desert and guarantee your safety.” Ye Mo did not hide from this man and directly stated the current state of Luo Yue City.

The man smiled proudly, “If this place is really as you say, then if this city is given to me to design, I am sure that even if the US moves its entire fleet here, it will only be cannon fodder.”