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DYM Chapter 526

“You can design cities? Or you can build a new city defence system?” Ye Mo was immediately surprised, and his gaze towards the man became eager. It would be fine if he could just design advanced weapons, Ye Mo’s main thing in the future was not to fight for supremacy, but of course the prerequisite was not to mess with him. All he wanted was for everyone in his territory to live in peace and calm.

The man said disdainfully, “My greatest skill is not designing weapons, but designing cities and some other things, relatively speaking designing tools of war is my least favorite. Besides, I didn’t design them, it’s like I have them inside my head.”

Ye Mo had already made up his mind at this point to bring this person to Luo Yue, and he increasingly felt that this person was suitable for development in Luo Yue City.

“I am genuinely inviting you to join Luo Yue City, in the future this city will also have your share, this city is for all of us. I know you are a capable person, so I hope you can agree. And I am certain that only in Luo Yue City can you live the life you want to live.” Ye Mo’s tone of voice was earnest.

Ye Mo’s tone of voice was certainly audible to this man and he fell silent, to be precise he did not want to just jump out of one fire pit and fall into another one. But he also knew that there was no point in remaining in the desert, and although he didn’t know how Ye Mo would take him out, he believed that since Ye Mo had said this, he must have a way. And go he felt that Ye Mo’s tone was sincere and did not seem to have any intention of deceiving him, whether Luo Yue was a fire pit or not was still uncertain.

Seeing that the man had fallen into deep thought, Ye Mo once again said while the iron was hot: “I won’t force you, even if you don’t join Luo Yue City, I still have the ability to fight against the ‘Northern Sands’. I know that you can design the ‘Empty Aoi’ and you can still escape from the ‘Northern Sands’, you must have your own secrets. Of course, I can fight against the ‘Northern Sands’ and can create the ‘Beauty Pill’ I have my secrets too. As long as you join Luo Yue City, I don’t mind letting you know some of my skills.”

“Your skills?” The man asked with some confusion.

Ye Mo nodded, he knew that once this man joined Luo Yue City, he would have to take him out of here, and leaving would require him to step on his sword and fly, then his secret of being able to fly would be directly exposed. But for the sake of Luo Yue City, Ye Mo felt that there was nothing to it. Moreover, Ye Mo felt that although this person had excellent technology, his emotional quotient was really a bit low, even lower than his own original time in Luo Yue, and he was not afraid that this person would betray.

“They all call me Starworker, and I don’t know my surname. If what you say about Luo Yue City is true, I can join Luo Yue City. I don’t like to live in hiding, I hope I can live openly and honestly. The precondition is that I can leave whenever I want to.” The man pondered for a moment and slowly said.

Ye Mo’s heart was pleased, he knew that since the star worker had said this, he had decided to join Luo Yue City. Of course his last condition could only take effect in front of Ye Mo, Ye Mo was sure that his last condition would not take effect in any country except him. He nodded and said to Starworker, “If you don’t mind, just take the same surname as me, I’ll call you Ye Xing from now on.”

“That’s best, from now on I will be called Ye Xing, even if I remember what my name is in the future, I won’t change it. Will I call you Ye Mo from now on, or will I call you City Master?” Ye Xing responded very quickly this time.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment and said, “We’re both working towards the same goal, I’m one step ahead of you, so you should still call me Senior Brother from now on.”

“Good.” Ye Xing immediately agreed, it was clear that he didn’t care whether he was a senior brother or a junior brother.

Ye Xing finished and touched the monkey beside him and said, “This is my friend Little Ball, if it wasn’t for it, I wouldn’t have been able to live inside the desert for a few months, I want to take Little Ball with me.”

“That’s no problem, I only knew there was an underground gobi beach here when I was chasing Little Ball. It’s very fast, there’s certainly no problem taking it away.” Ye Mo immediately agreed to Ye Xing’s request, still happy in his heart, although he had wasted a lot of words, Ye Xing was simply too useful to Luo Yue City.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and handed it to Ye Xing, “This is my meeting gift, it has a defensive function, you can take it.” The reason why he left a defensive magic weapon was that Ye Mo didn’t want someone as important as Ye Xing to accidentally die.

Ye Xing took the bracelet and looked at it for half a day before putting it on.

“Will you think that I lied to you?” Ye Mo took the initiative to ask when he saw that Ye Xing hadn’t even asked himself why this bracelet could defend.

Ye Xing shook his head, “No, in my opinion anything is possible, many people’s minds are too limited, so his potential is also too limited.”

After saying that, Ye Xing took out a cloth bag and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is my gift to you “Northern Sand’ caught me, a big part of the reason is because of this.”

Ye Mo opened the cloth bag, but saw two ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ and immediately asked, “Extreme Energy Crystals? You actually have this thing?”

“You also know about ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’?” Ye Xing asked in a strange manner.

Ye Mo also took out two of the same crystals and said, “Because this is what I snatched from the hands of the ‘Northern Sands’, I just don’t know where it came from.”

“You were actually able to snatch the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stone’ in their hands?” Ye Xing looked at the crystal stone in Ye Mo’s hand in shock, he finally understood what the conflict between Ye Mo and the ‘Northern Sand”s was.

However, he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer before he took the initiative to say, “There are a total of eight of these crystals, which I carried with me, and since I forgot a lot of things, I don’t know where this crystal came from. But this crystal is very important, it is a very remarkable energy source. Since you also have two of these crystals, senior brother, I will be able to do things much better in the future.”

“These are all for you, as you are the one who designed Luo Yue City.” Ye Mo did not hesitate to hand over the crystal stones in his hand to Ye Xing.

Ye Xing took the crystals and said after a long time, “Senior brother, you are indeed different from the people of the ‘Northern Sands’. Don’t worry, as long as you give me time and money, I will definitely create a city that is unprecedented.”

“Good, in that case, let’s go to Luo Yue City now.” Ye Mo’s mood was much better, although he didn’t find Luo Ying, he had found a heavenly talent like Ye Xing.

“How do we get there?” Ye Xing followed Ye Mo to the top of the desert again and asked with some confusion.

Ye Mo said, “My secret is that I can fly on a sword, since you told me your secret, so I will tell take you my secret as well.”

After saying that, once Ye Mo brought Ye Xing who was holding the little ball, the two of them had already stepped on their swords and rose up, straight to the clouds.

“Surprisingly, you are flying? No wonder you don’t fear the ‘Northern Sands’.” Ye Xing stared at the white clouds beneath his feet in amazement, and after saying a simple sentence, he did not speak again for a long time.

However, Ye Mo could see that he was indeed surprised and unsettled by the fact that he could fly, but it was nowhere near the shock of Light Snow and Luo Hustle. Ye Mo secretly nodded in his heart, Ye Xing was really not an ordinary person, perhaps within his memory, he had experienced something even more bizarre than this.

“Senior brother, what are you doing inside the desert?” Ye Xing quickly calmed down and even asked Ye Mo some idle questions.

Ye Mo’s eyes dimmed once again, “I came to find my master, Luo Ying, who is also my wife. A few months ago, she came here for a visit, but now she’s gone again.”

“Are you talking about a woman dressed in a pale yellow dress?” Ye Xing suddenly interjected and asked.

Ye Mo’s heart twitched and he immediately asked ji excitedly, “Senior brother, you’ve seen her?”

Ye Xing nodded, “Yes, a few months ago, I saw a woman dragging a huge stone out of the desert. It turned out that she was senior brother’s wife, and I wondered why she was carrying such a large rock in the middle of the desert.”

Ye Mo fell silent, it was really Luo Ying who had taken that stone pool. Seemingly sensing the gloom in Ye Mo’s heart, Ye Xing surprisingly didn’t ask anything more.

When Ye Mo took Ye Xing back to Luo Yue, Ning Qingxue and Luo Fei and Luo Yue had all returned from the Flowing Serpent and would not need to go there much later. While Ning Qingxue had completely pa*sed things over to Yu Miaotong over at Flowing Snake, Ye Ling did not come over, she had gone to Yanjing.

Ye Xing’s arrival, Ye Mo did not make a big announcement, but only told Xu Ping, Xu Yuehua and Ning Qingxue a few people. And he appointed Ye Xing to be the chief designer of Luo Yue City, to a*sist Void Yuehua in building Luo Yue City. Although Ye Xing had the ability, he was not good at socialising and had to negotiate with Void Moon Hua in many areas before he could do so.

Because Ye Xing joined, Ye Mo completely put his heart down for Luo Yue City, he believed that with enough time, Luo Yue City could still defend itself without him.

After leaving Ning Qingxue a ‘Peiyuan Pill’, Ye Mo decided to go to the Meinei Snow Mountain to look for a chance to advance. Although he had Ye Xing joining him, he didn’t dare to relax in the slightest. After all, even if Ye Xing was capable, he couldn’t rely on his mouth to come up with the most advanced things, he still had to spend time designing and manufacturing them before he could.


Seeing that Luo Yue was completely up and running, buildings, schools, factories, commercial buildings, streets and so on were all increasing at a rapid pace, only then did Ye Mo leave Luo Yue once again and come to Menai Snow Mountain for the second time.

This time Ye Mo came here with a clear goal, to find the crystal stone, and he did not call Zeng Zhen Man. If he could find a crystal stone, he would leave one for Zeng Zhenman, if he couldn’t find one, calling him would just be a waste of his time.

According to the map left by Zeng Zhenman, Ye Mo soon found the cliff, which was indeed below the original site of Huludao Valley. It was a place similar to where Ye Mo had been trapped back then, with cliffs on all sides and what should have been a canyon in the middle, but the canyon was now covered by numerous boulders. It should have been caused by the sudden collapse of this canyon as Zeng Zhenman had said back then.

The canyon was not big, but it was not small either, it looked to be thousands of square feet, and although it was difficult for an ordinary person to get through here, it was nothing for Ye Mo.

Just as Ye Mo was about to leap down the canyon and prepare to make his move, a white shadow pa*sed in front of him. It was the little fox, and this was already the third time Ye Mo had met this little thing.

When this little fox saw Ye Mo, it didn’t dodge and stopped, standing opposite Ye Mo and not moving, just staring at him closely.