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DYM Chapter 527

Ye Mo was very fond of this little pure white thing, it looked cute as hell. Although Ye Mo didn’t know why this little thing was staring at him and not leaving, he did want to catch it.

Only when Ye Mo was just about to make his move, the little thing suddenly flashed and immediately disappeared among the cracks in the rocks where the canyon fell. The speed was surprisingly many times faster than when he had seen it a few days ago.

What a strange elfin little fellow, its speed would still increase. Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately locked onto this little fox, only to see that it had disappeared seven times through and eight times inside a huge stone cave, which was so deep that Ye Mo’s divine sense couldn’t even sweep in.

Could this be the place where Zeng Zhen Man said the spirit pool was?

Digging through the rocks to enter the stone cave was difficult for Ancient Martial Arts cultivators, but it was not difficult for Ye Mo, a cultivator. To find the exact location of the stone cave, an ancient martial practitioner would need to clear all the rocks from these places, and there was no place to put the cleared out earth and rocks. But Ye Mo was different, he had his divine sense, not only did he not need to consume a lot of true qi to move the earth and rocks out, but he could also find the nearest pa*sage through his divine sense.

Even if the earth and stones were there, he could still transport them away through his divine sense and true qi control, which would save a lot of time and energy than using his internal qi alone. Moreover, another point was that Ye Mo had plenty of sharp weapons on him, and those earth level martial artists used the best weapons. Last time he escaped from the ancient tomb although he had dug up and broken some, he still had many on him.

These weapons would be a big loss to some ancient martial sects if they broke one, but Ye Mo was not heartbroken. He took out numerous swords and started digging inside the collapsed valley.

Fine rocks were thrown out by Ye Mo as if they were broken flowers. As time pa*sed, a tilted stone cave was dug out hard by Ye Mo.

Even though Ye Mo had all kinds of innate conditions, it took him nearly a day to dig out this pa*sage, and he had broken nearly ten weapons used by Earth-level martial artists. No wonder Feng Wu and Zeng Zhen Man had given up on this place, because once they couldn’t dig something out. The loss would be too great. If they were allowed to dig. It might take ten days and a half months.

The main thing was that once the spirit pool was collapsed. It would be a waste of effort for them to dig inside. Besides, since the outside was collapsing so badly, there was a very high chance that the spirit pool would be collapsed.

As Ye Mo stood at the entrance of the stone cave, he really saw a huge stone wall nearly a few dozen meters in front of him. When Ye Mo arrived in front of the stone wall, he immediately knew that this stone wall was not born, but man-made, rather it was a stone door. No wonder Zeng Zhenman said that it would take four people to open this place, such a huge stone door was indeed impossible to open without four people.

If this stone door is destroyed, one can imagine that all the things inside might have to be destroyed after a long time without the protection of the stone door. Then that spirit pool might only be used once and then it would be useless. But at this time, the stone wall had been cracked by the huge explosion, and through the crack Ye Mo’s divine sense could clearly sweep a tiny pool of water. Could this be the spirit pool that Zeng Zhenman and the others were talking about?

Ye Mo was a bit puzzled as he swept the surrounding area, and sure enough he saw four milky white crystals by the stone wall where the water seeped in the innermost part of the pond. They were only the size of quail eggs. The moment Ye Mo’s divine sense came into contact with the crystals, his heart burst with excitement, spirit stones, they were indeed spirit stones. He had never thought that he could really see spirit stones on Earth. Although they were only a few lower grade spirit stones, and they were lower grade spirit stones amongst lower grade spirit stones, to Ye Mo this was a hope, and this hope gave him a sense of motivation.

Since spirit stones could be derived, then this must be a spirit spring, even in the cultivation world such a spirit spring would be extremely precious to cultivators at the Qi cultivation stage, let alone in a place like Earth where spirit energy was scarce.

Ye Mo’s heart pounded for a while before he calmed down. He felt that he was a bit excited, which was not good, even if he saw a spirit stone, he should not be this excited, it would not do any good to his cultivation. It was just that he had been cultivating for a long time in a place where there was a lack of spiritual energy, and suddenly seeing a spiritual stone made him unable to contain his inner joy.

Ye Mo calmed down for a while before he used his divine sense to look closely at the contents, but the next moment he froze. He saw the little white fox, this little thing was actually hiding inside a corner of the spiritual spring, staring at the door of the stone door somewhat nervously, obviously it knew that someone had come here, and that this place might not be its in the future.

No wonder this little thing has become so fast, it turns out that it drinks the water from the spiritual spring everyday, it really knows how to enjoy it, this thing doesn’t even have a drink for itself, I didn’t expect it to be able to drink.

Ye Mo took out his flying sword and made a gap directly on the thick stone door, before he went through it.

The white fox was obviously very defensive of Ye Mo, with both eyes staring closely at him, but had no intention of going out, apparently, it also liked this place.

Ye Mo had found the spiritual spring at this time, so how could he have time to come and fool around with it. The first thing he did was to grab the four lower grade spirit stones in his hand, and the long-lost feeling of spiritual energy almost made him scream out in relief.

This is what I need, Ye Mo sighed secretly. Then he took out a jade box and carefully filled it with several spirit stones. Although this kind of action would make people laugh in the cultivation world, on Earth, Ye Mo knew how uncomfortable it was.

A cave that could generate spirit stones on its own and a mountain spring with a faint spiritual energy aroused Ye Mo’s great interest. He did not immediately start cultivating, but carefully looked inside this cave.

This cave was somewhat like the bottom of a kiln, and at the innermost part of the stone wall there were some water marks seeping out, forming a not too big or small spiritual spring in front of him after a long time.

There were three raised stones above the spiritual spring, and Ye Mo reckoned that these three stones were where Xiang Ming Wang and the others had said that the top three in the Grand Competition were cultivating. Cultivating in this for three days was indeed a good effect. He just didn’t know why he was only allowed to cultivate for three days, Ye Mo couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t bother to think about it.

Those four spirit stones were formed under the stone wall that seeped out, Ye Mo already understood what was going on, he suspected that there was a small spirit stone mine behind this stone wall, but after his divine sense swept in, he could see clearly that it was not.

If it was a spirit stone mine, Ye Mo would not hesitate to dig this stone wall open. But if it wasn’t a spirit stone mine, digging up the stone wall was something he definitely wouldn’t do, it would simply be drying up the water and fishing for more than it was worth.

Ye Mo took out a quail egg sized spirit stone and placed it in his hand, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the spirit spring. Although this spirit stone was small, it was incredibly precious to Ye Mo. It could be said that this quail egg sized spirit stone was indeed very small.

Ye Mo, who was used to cultivating in places with thin spiritual energy, holding this kind of spirit stone in his hand and sitting in the middle of the spiritual pool to cultivate was simply a luxury for him now.

Of course he would not let go of such an opportunity, and after sitting down, he put his phone away again in order to avoid being disturbed. Only then did he start to absorb the spiritual energy inside the spirit stone to cultivate.

When the little fox saw that Ye Mo did not move the spirit spring, the vigilance in his eyes relaxed and he slept in a corner of the rock, not bothering Ye Mo’s cultivation.

The time spent in cultivation was already pa*sing quickly, and as Ye Mo was cultivating like this, the time pa*sed even faster. It was a feeling that had been missing for a long time, never before had it been so soothing, he seemed to have returned to the time when he was cultivating in the Luo Yue Continent. As well as the scenes where his master explained that he was in seclusion to come.

Ye Mo only knew to keep absorbing spirit energy, he simply forgot what this place was, he only knew that when the spirit energy of a spirit stone was absorbed, then he started to consolidate it, and when the consolidation was completed, he simply replaced it with another one. It seemed that inside his subconscious mind, he still had more than enough spirit stones.

The middle of the fourth level of Qi training was easily broken through to the late fourth level of Qi training, but Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest sense of stopping. He just enjoyed the smooth feeling of rapidly absorbing spiritual qi. His meridians were nourished by the spiritual qi and rapidly grew stronger and widened.

The surging true qi formed a cycle in Ye Mo’s body, flowing smoothly along with Ye Mo’s circumambulation. By the time the third spirit stone was completely exhausted, he had reached the peak of the fourth level of Qi cultivation.

Ye Mo still hadn’t come to his senses, and this time he didn’t even digest it completely before he subconsciously took out the fourth spirit stone. Ye Mo, who had never cultivated so freely before, felt more and more Spiritual Qi clogging up his meridians, and he knew that the opportunity to break through had arrived, and increased the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi even more.

“Boom, boom, boom ……”

Ye Mo felt the true qi in his body constantly hitting the limits of his meridians, trying to break through. Finally, when the fourth spirit stone was about to be consumed, the true qi in his body could no longer be bound, and like a river lacking an embankment, it pushed down the fetters that were blocking their operation, and then spurted out sharply with an unrestrained intention.

Some dirt seeped out on the surface of Ye Mo’s body, and the kind of true qi that was like a rolling Yangtze River once again made Ye Mo feel a sense of power. The true qi in his body was at least twice as strong as before, and there was even a light and soothing feeling coming from him. Ye Mo felt like he wanted to whistle out, he knew he had broken through to the fifth level of Qi training.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo wanted to take out another spirit stone to consolidate his cultivation, but he found that he had used up all the spirit stones.

So soon? Ye Mo opened his eyes, only to find that the spirit energy inside the spirit spring was also much thinner, almost close to the point of drying up.

He had only upgraded to the fifth level of Qi training, how had he consumed so many resources? Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the fox next to him, but he didn’t see it, it looked like he and the little fox had already left.

Ye Mo hurriedly and briefly stabilized his cultivation and immediately stood up. Cultivation was really too tough now, he had only risen one level even after being given such good conditions. This was only because he had been cultivating in a thin place and then came to this place all of a sudden to cultivate to have this effect, if he had stayed here to cultivate, he might not have been able to advance at all.

To put it bluntly, it was just a matter of building a strong foundation for himself. Now Ye Mo was already sure that this was definitely not a spirit stone mine, if it was a spirit mine, there was no way that the spirit energy would be consumed so easily.

Ye Mo casually slashed out a wind blade, soundlessly cutting a huge gap in the stone wall, which was more than twice as powerful as the fourth level of Qi training.