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DYM Chapter 528

Ye Mo was sure that if he were to fight Wang Leng Chan again today, he could kill him with a frontal wind blade that would make him sh*t his pants. However, this wind blade was still slightly lacking against an Innate expert like Ren Pingchuan.

Looking at the spiritual spring behind him, and the stone wall with water stains, Ye Mo didn’t move, maybe in a few more years, he could harvest a few more spiritual stones. There were still too few spirit stones, ah, after already advancing to the fifth level of Qi cultivation, Ye Mo’s confidence in cultivation had risen again. Since he could find spirit stones once, who was sure he wouldn’t be able to find them a second time?

When the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ was fully ripe, even if he didn’t have any spirit stones, he would still have the certainty to refine the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ and then advance to the late Qi cultivation stage through the ‘Peiyuan Dan’. Ye Mo believed that even if he was not yet a match for the Xiantian, once he advanced to the late stage of Qi cultivation, the Xiantian would be an existence that could be killed at will in his eyes.

Ye Mo cleaned up a bit, and then went out of the stone cave. For the little fox, let it live here for the time being, it didn’t do any damage to the spiritual spring, after all, it couldn’t cultivate, it would just drink some water, which didn’t affect Ye Mo in the slightest.

After blocking all the pa*sages that he had dug out, Ye Mo then felt a burst of hunger coming from him.

I don’t know how long I’ve been inside this stone cave, my mobile phone took out long before it ran out of battery, Ye Mo eagerly wanted to know what the current state of Luo Yue City was, he didn’t even have time to eat, he directly stepped onto his flying sword and eagerly turned back to Luo Yue City.


At this time, inside a newly built crescent-shaped building in Luo Yue City, Void Moon Hua, Ling Light Snow, Xu Ping, Ye Xing, Zang Jia Yan, Li San Dao and others were all gathered around a round table with a grave expression, as if something had happened.

It was true, something had indeed happened to Luo Yue City at this time. Zang Jiayan was originally in charge of production matters at Flowing Serpent, but now he had also come to Luo Yue.

There was no other reason, Luo Yue was under attack. There were many experts inside Luo Yue City, and if they fought alone, there was no one who would be a match for Luo Fei or Luo Yue or Xu Ping and any of them. But they had no one who could fight, and the reason why Zang Jiayan was transferred over was because Zang Jiayan came from the army.

“How long has it been since three of our ten warships have been sunk? If it continues, all of our fleet will be wiped out.” Li San Dao said with some worry.

Ye Xing raised his eyebrows, “If you give me a year, or most of a year, the new warship I designed will definitely beat the sh*t out of these pirates.”

Li San Dao frowned and said, “There’s no use talking about this now, our territory is too close to the pirate nest in the Gulf of Aden. And since none of us know how to fight at sea, it is normal that we are not their opponents, now we can only wait for the city lord to return.”

Li San Dao had already promoted Ye Mo to City Lord automatically, it was just that Ye Mo had disappeared for such a long time without coming back, and he didn’t know what he had done to go. Although they were anxious in their hearts, this kind of fighting was really not their forte.

“What I’m wondering is why these pirates are only destroying our docks and warships, why don’t they rush ashore? What’s in it for them that way?” Although Ning Qingxue also wanted Ye Mo to come back immediately, but she knew Ye Mo, she knew that Ye Mo must have gone out for the promotion, and once he succeeded he would definitely come back.

Xu Ping immediately said, “You don’t know, sister-in-law, although these pirates can be mighty in the sea, once they come ashore, they are immediately goaded. So they don’t dare to come up at all. If they come up, even if I don’t do it, Three Daggers can definitely finish them off.”

Void Yuehua shook her head and said, “Second Brother Xu, I actually feel that what Light Snow said is not the question you answered. These pirates are all profitless people, it won’t do them any good if they want to destroy our docks or warships. Only landing would be good for them, but they didn’t land.

We can a*sume that Xu Er is partly right in answering the question that these pirates are indeed unsure about fighting ashore, but there is also the possibility that they are in agreement with certain people and want to stop the construction of my Luo Yue City. Of course there is also the possibility that they are just waiting for reinforcements. Once their reinforcements arrive, they will immediately board our Luo Yue City and loot.”

“Then what should we do? Sister Yuehua.” Luo Fei asked in a hurry, she was even blank about war.

Void Yuehua sighed, “Now we can only hope that Guo Qi’s people can hold off for a little longer, when the City Master returns. Otherwise with us we definitely won’t be able to hold off the pirates’ attack. We still have too little time, ah, if there was a year or two, I think Ye Xing would definitely have designed an Iron Pa*s general Luo Yue. Besides, do you really think these people are pirates? I think these people are definitely not pirates.”

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were standing on the deck of a warship at the moment, looking at the pirate ships in the distance with binoculars, he had never experienced naval warfare before, although he was a special forces officer, it was all jungle warfare. He knew nothing about naval warfare, except that although he knew nothing, he had fought in wars after all, and for Luo Yue, whose talents were in short supply, he could only pull him out.

“Brother Guo, when do you think the next time these pirates will launch an attack?” Fang Wei asked as he walked over with red eyes.

Guo Qi shook his head solemnly and said, “I don’t know, but I’m sure these pirates haven’t brought out their full strength, and their warships are better than ours. Where do you think the pirates got such good warships from? We’ve seen reports of Somali pirates, they’re just a bunch of yakuza in speedboats with rocket launchers, when did you see Somali pirates with missile destroyers? The ones that sank our three destroyers were all missiles, right? There must be some country behind this, we are not good at naval warfare, this will have to wait until Ye returns.”

“You’re saying the pirates haven’t brought out their full strength yet?” Fang Wei, whose vision was clearly inferior to Guo Qi’s, immediately shouted out in surprise.

Guo Qiu said, “Yes, if they attacked at full strength, I’m sure we wouldn’t have lasted the day at all and would have been wiped out long ago. We lack a commander-in-chief for naval battles, and we have too few types of warships, no submarines and no aircraft. Without the support of air firepower in the middle of a naval battle, it’s the same as a bird of prey without wings. But it’s a good thing the pirates don’t have fighter planes either, or we’d only be running away.”

“Report Captain, the radar shows signs of another attack from the other side ……” a sailor hurried up and reported to Guo Qi. Most of these sailors were Li San Dao’s men, and compared to those who came from the Flowing Serpent, Li San Dao’s men were still a bit more familiar with naval warfare.

“All kinds of ship’s guns ready ……” Guo Qi’s face was a bit unpleasant, he wasn’t afraid of fighting, but this kind of being pressured was really unpleasant, and the other side hadn’t put in any effort.


After Ye Mo advanced to the fifth level of Qi cultivation, the speed of stepping on the flying sword was even more like a meteor, although the Meinei Snow Mountain and Luo Yue were far away, Ye Mo had arrived over the sea of Luo Yue in just twenty to thirty minutes.

However, the scene that he saw immediately made Ye Mo furious, a sea fleet was charging towards Luo Yue City with impunity. It was obvious that this was a fleet with strong combat performance, and Ye Mo could think with his toes that this fleet was going against his Luo Yue City.

If you fall behind, you will be beaten, this really **** is the unchanging truth, you have only been out to cultivate for a few days and someone has arrogantly come to your doorstep, and so aggressively. Although Ye Mo still didn’t know who was commanding his fleet now, he knew that no matter who commanded it, it was no match for others, and he didn’t have an excellent naval force in his hands.

The main ship of this black fleet was a cruiser, although Ye Mo did not know what cla*s of cruiser it was, but it looked like it should not be simple at over a hundred metres long.

Although Ye Mo did not know anything about naval warfare, but several destroyers were surrounding this cruiser, Ye Mo immediately knew that this cruiser was the command ship, and he almost did not even think about it, he pounced directly on this cruiser.

Meanwhile, in the cruiser’s combat command room, a short-haired man’s eyes were fixed dead on the radar screen, his eyebrows constantly furrowed, as if he had found something suspicious.

“What’s happening, David.” A middle-aged, obese man in the shape of an officer happened to walk up next to the short-haired man, saw his appearance and immediately asked out.

“General Lewis, I just saw a target on top of the radar, but in the blink of an eye this target disappeared. I’m sure I’m not seeing things, this place is weird.” The man named David said with some doubt as he looked up.

At this time, Ye Mo had already landed outside this combat command room, hearing this was a move in his heart, when he was stealthy the radar could not find it, it looks like stealth is still of some use.

“David, are you thinking about women too much? This is a simple battle, we can land when Commander Sholuchu arrives. I heard that there are a lot of beautiful women inside this what’s-her-name Luo Yue City, you can enjoy yourself then, haha ……” Louis’ joke didn’t put David’s heart down, he was still cautiously scanning around with his radar.

Ye Mo pa*sed through several sailors and walked into the combat command room, before suddenly appearing and saying, “You don’t need to land, I’m already here. Is your name Louis? Why do you look like a pig.”

Ye Mo’s sudden appearance threw the entire combat command room into chaos. Although Louis was obese, he was also shocked when he saw Ye Mo who suddenly appeared in the operation command room, but he immediately reacted and yelled, “Kill him.”

The two sailors with guns also reacted immediately, but before they could raise their guns, they were split into four pieces by two wind blades from Ye Mo.

Louis looked at the two bleeding and broken bodies lying down, and surprisingly, he didn’t know what to say for a moment, his whole body was completely frozen.