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DYM Chapter 529

There was another rush of footsteps and once again several sailors came inside the combat command room. Ye Mo did not have the slightest idea of tolerance and gave all of them a blow of wind blades. Now that he was at the fifth level of Qi training, there was no pressure for him to send more than a hundred wind blades in a row with his true Qi.

As the obese Louis watched Ye Mo casually wave his hand, the heavily armed soldiers on his side fell down one by one, he could no longer stand still and his whole body collapsed softly and sat on the ground. If Ye Mo wasn’t clearly standing in front of him, he would have thought this was some kind of psychic event again.

David and the other two technicians inside the operational command room were also dumbfounded, looking at the bizarre scene in front of them as if they were petrified. These few officers sitting inside the command room issuing orders, Ye Mo did not kill them for the time being.

The floor of the operational command room  had slowly been infested with blood, but not a single person dared to make a sound, even all of them kept silent and quiet.

“Do you have anyone here who understands Chinese?” Ye Mo swept the three people who were still left and asked in a cold voice.

Half a day later, a mixed-race man stood up and said with some stammering and hesitation, “I am of Chinese descent, I know Chinese.”

Ye Mo looked at the half-blood man with contempt before he said, “Who is the commander, tell all your fleet to stop moving forward.”

The half-blood man said a few words to the other two, which Ye Mo understood roughly. He had learnt some English in the Ninghai University library, and these people were speaking English.

The obese Louis suddenly snapped out of it at this point, and he stood up and gave a gibberish. Ye Mo frowned at the translator and asked, “What is this pig saying?”

The half-blood man said in a hurry, “He said who are you and why did you come here to kill so many of them and wanted him to surrender, absolutely not possible.”

“Oh.” Ye Mo just let out an oh and casually gave a wind blade, splitting this obese Louis into two halves. After killing the obese man, Ye Mo turned back to the mixed-blood man and said, “Ask who else is unwilling to surrender. ”

The half-blood man hurriedly turned Ye Mo’s words back around and all the remaining two people, including David, were willing to surrender.

Ye Mo took out a few black pills and threw them to a few people and said, “I will go kill first, after you guys take this, immediately put up the white flag. This is not a tonic, it is poison, if you surrender sincerely, I will give you the antidote, if it is false, go to hell.”

Under Ye Mo’s forcefulness, all three of these remaining people obediently ate the black pill Ye Mo gave them and kept promising that they were willing to surrender. However, before they could finish their words, they saw Ye Mo exit the combat command room with just a flash of his body.

“Who is this man? Oh my god, he’s simply the King of Killers.” A tall, thin white man next to David shouted with a pale face after Ye Mo left.

David grunted “I told you there were a lot of amazing people in China, how about that? Now I’m right, isn’t it? This man is definitely a psychic. I’m sure it was him that my radar originally swept, I didn’t think he could even dodge the radar, Lee Range, is this man a shifter?”

The mixed-race man called Lee Range also looked uncomfortable as he shook his head and did not answer David’s words.

Just as the three were getting anxious, Ye Mo suddenly turned back again, he looked at David and asked “Who is the commander here?”

“The commander is General Louis, and the deputy commander is David.” When Li Rang saw Ye Mo return, his heart suddenly hung again.

“Oh, you and David are coming with me.” As soon as Ye Mo pointed at David and Li Range, these two didn’t dare to put up any resistance at all and obediently followed Ye Mo to the deck and informed all the crew members to combine.

“David, announce the surrender and have all the men drop their weapons.” Ye Mo said coldly.

Hundreds of people were gathered at the bow of the ship, and when they heard David say to announce surrender, it was like an explosion. Obviously having the upper hand, with just one shock, Luo Yue would become their food on a plate, so why did they have to surrender?

A dozen officers immediately rushed out and shouted at David, “Why are you surrendering, we want to see General Louis.”

Ye Mo would not give them a chance to speak, before they could finish their sentence, Ye Mo pa*sed by with a dozen of wind blades, these dozen of low ranking officers were immediately split into two and fell on the deck.

The sea breeze brought up a fishy smell, and with the blood stains on the deck, it looked a bit gloomy. The scene, which had just been a bustling one, became silent with the dozen or so bodies split in half.

Li Range’s awareness was high this time, he felt that Ye Mo seemed to have some dislike for him, he hurriedly shouted loudly, “This surrender was decided by Vice Commander David, who else dares not to surrender, stand out for me.”

Ye Mo nodded in satisfaction, he felt that this Li Range finally had some eyes, otherwise he would be the first one he would kill later.

“David, you take care of this place, you first let all the sailors recognize the situation, then you immediately come up to the second warship with Li Range.” After saying that, Ye Mo left the cruiser to David to deal with, and he himself came on top of the second destroyer.

Seemingly sensing the strange movement above the cruiser, the destroyer was ready for battle, only that Ye Mo took control of the captain by the same means. All those who tried to resist were all killed by Ye Mo. In just a few minutes’ time, Ye Mo had killed the entire black fleet in a circle.

In one hour, Ye Mo captured a Ticonderoga-cla*s cruiser, an Ari. Three Burke-cla*s Aegis destroyers, two ordinary destroyers, four Perry-cla*s frigates, and two attack nuclear submarines escaped, too late for Ye Mo to take care of alone.

“Let’s pull back and fire on him, he’s only one ……” An Ari. The Burke-cla*s Aegis destroyer immediately turned against the water again when it realised that Ye Mo was only one man.

The loud shout from this warship soon attracted other warships.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, bullying himself into being only one person, he stealthily landed directly on this Ali. He stealthily landed on top of the Aegis destroyer before starting to show himself.

The people on top of the destroyer clearly saw that Ye Mo was on top of the cruiser, which was still a long way away from here, and there was even a dozen meters of sea in between, so how did he suddenly arrive on top of the destroyer? For a while, many people didn’t even react.

But Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t kill them at this time, these people would continue to turn against him. The destroyer had originally been killed by Ye Mo with a dozen people, and there were still about 300 people. Then he rushed into the group of sailors on the deck, as if kicking a ball. Before the 300 or so people could react, apart from being killed by Ye Mo, the rest were all kicked into the sea water by Ye Mo.

Although there were a few who reacted quickly and had fired, they could not change the fate of being killed in any way.

The captain of the other frigate, who was also preparing to turn against the water, subconsciously shrank his head and put away the gun in his hand, he had a premonition that if he fired, he would be the first to die. Only his heart cried out, “Is this still human? This was simply coming and going without a trace, completely beyond his comprehension.

Seeing how fierce Ye Mo was, looking at many sailors who were still struggling in the sea, the rest of the captains above the fleet who had already been subdued by Ye Mo were even more afraid to move.

One sailor saw a soldier struggling to swim next to his fleet and was trying to get a rope to hoist the soldier in the sea, but just as he put the rope into the sea, the next thing he knew, he immediately turned into two halves and landed in the sea, even worse than the man he was trying to save.

Seeing the scene before them, all the fleet soldiers who had surrendered stood on the deck, not daring to move another muscle.

Ye Mo made up his mind that if there were any more ships that turned against the water, he would immediately kill all the sailors inside this ship. Or kick all of them into the sea water without leaving a single one behind. He would not show mercy if he dared to attack Luo Yue.


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Only then did Guo Qi realise that he was right, the white flag had really been hoisted on the opposite side. Could this be another conspiracy? But whatever the conspiracy was, what was the point of flying the white flag? Wasn’t this lowering the morale of his side?

“Go, go over and take a look.” Guo Qi waved his hand, to him he couldn’t beat the other side anyway, the destroyers on his side were all things that had been eliminated by other countries, plus the level of combat was not as good as the other side, there was no need for the other side to play this kind of hocus-pocus.

“It’s big brother Ye, I saw it.” Fang Wei suddenly put down the binoculars in his hand and said jīngly.

Guo Qi also saw Ye Mo who was standing on top of the cruiser, and was immediately jīng up as well, so it was the boss who had struck, no wonder these bandits were surrendering.

“Maximum speed lean over.” The depression in Guo Qi’s heart was swept away, and he immediately waved his hand in a spirited manner. It looked like Ye Mo had taken control of the other side’s main ship, if this black fleet all joined Luo Yue, this side’s naval strength would immediately go up a few notches ah.

You have to know that even their three eliminated destroyers are not as good as one of their Aegis destroyers.

“Brother Ye ……”

“City Master ……”

Guo Qi and the others came up and were immediately addressed in all sorts of ways.

Ye Mo waved his hand “Now all the ships here are ours, you take charge of all the sailors who surrendered look, let after receive these warships, those who dare to resist are immediately shot dead. We’ll talk about everything else when we get back.”

Guo Qi commanded the men above his side of the fleet to come over and soon had the several warships under control. Although they were not good at fighting, they still had no problem controlling a warship.