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DYM Chapter 530

All the captives including David, Li Range and others were held on top of the same destroyer, and as for those who resisted slightly, they were all shot down at Ye Mo’s command.

“Brother Ye, there is a Chinese who says he has something very important to see you.” When all the fleet had been integrated by Guo Qi and sailed to Luo Yue Pier, Fang Wei hurriedly came to report.

“Something very important?” Ye Mo looked for a moment, all these warships had become his, all the disobedient pirates had been killed and fed to the fish, what else was important?

“Let him come over.” Although he didn’t know what matter was important, but since it was the Chinese who wanted to see him, it wouldn’t take much time to see him. If he dared to make excessive demands, he would be kicked straight into the sea.

Soon Fang Wei brought a man who looked about fifty years old, but Ye Mo estimated that this man was at most forty-five or forty-six years old, and just looked a bit old after a long time of begging for a living in the sea. The man’s face looked rugged and there was some water rust on his face, so at a glance he knew he was a master who had spent many years in the water god farming. His eyebrows were thick, but his brow was somewhat locked and he looked very old.

“I, Huang Billion Year, a native of China, have met City Master Ye.” The man walked up to Ye Mo and clasped his fist, looking somewhat Jianghu-like.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Huang Yiannian you are not in cahoots with the people on top of those warships, are you? Say it, what is the important thing you want to see me about, if you can’t say it, just jump into the sea.”

To these people who wanted to attack Luo Yue City, Ye Mo didn’t have any good feelings, no matter who wanted to invade his place, then don’t blame him for not being polite. The reason why he said that Huang Billion was not with those people on the warship was because Huang Billion had water rust on his face. Look at the commanders on those warships, which of them were not fine skinned and could not have been as poorly maintained as Huang Yiren.

“The main crew of these black fleets are not pirates, pirates there are, but they make up a very small minority, like me.” Huang Billion Year said directly to the point.

Ye Mo nodded without much doubt, he had already suspected that this Huang Yianian was the pirate, and now that he said it himself, he wasn’t lying.

Seeing that Ye Mo nodded his head without questioning, Huang Yiannian continued, “I have heard of Luo Yue City, I would love to join Luo Yue City, but there is no chance. I couldn’t leave and had no way to come to Luo Yue City.”

“Although Luo Yue City welcomes all kinds of people to come and build, not everyone can come. Pirates like you are even more unwelcome to us.” Ye Mo said indifferently, he could see that Huang Yiniang seemed to have some skills, but a pirate who could fight a few naval battles and wanted to join Luo Yue City, he was thinking too easily.

Ye Mo’s purpose in capturing a couple of thousand sailors was not that he was more or less benevolent and could not spare the lives. Rather, the current Luo Yue City needed a large number of people to build, and it wasn’t bad to capture these people back as free labour. For some sailors who sincerely surrendered, Ye Mo could arrange to go inside the fleet to a*sist the people on his side in training.

Huang Yiniang was not discouraged in the slightest, he took a deep breath before saying, “I know, let me introduce myself first, I was born in Dalian, China. I followed my parents to the United States at the age of eleven and entered the United States Naval Officer School at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty-one, I joined the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet and two years later, I fought in the Gulf War and rose to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer Third Cla*s. Over the next eight years, I fought in several secret US naval battles and reached the rank of Commodore.

In fact, with all those years of service, I could have been a lieutenant general. But because I was Chinese, the Americans had scruples. The year after I was made a Commodore, I received an order to lead a fleet of ships on a mission to China. At the time I saw the mission, I refused to carry it out. Although I served in the U.S.A.**, I was still a Chinese, and I was not willing to do such things that would damage China.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “You are already at the rank of Brigadier General in less than twenty years, I believe there is no doubt about your ability in naval warfare. The Yankees should have taken a fancy to your abilities by giving you this sensitive order at this time, and are planning to train you again and use you in a big way. This sensitive mission, I guess it should be testing you out.”

Huang Yijun glanced at Ye Mo in amazement, he only remembered afterwards that this was supposed to be testing him, only for him to reject such an order on the spot, indicating that people had succeeded in testing him.

He nodded somewhat gloomily and said, “Whether it was a test for me or not, I will definitely not bring the American fleet to fight the Chinese. After I refused, my post was cleared, and the following year my parents died inexplicably in a shooting. I had a strong suspicion that the Americans had done it, but I had no proof. I was fed up with this part of America and when I was ready to sell my family’s a*sets and return to China, I found that my parents’ a*sets had been frozen, as had my own.

It said that my parents were involved in money laundering activities and needed to be investigated. When my wife divorced me with my daughter, I was so discouraged that I was ready to give up my property and leave the United States. But I didn’t expect that I would be refused permission to leave the country.”

Ye Mo sneered, “You were placed under house arrest by the US** side, weren’t you?”

A naval warfare talent such as Huang Yianian, even if the US couldn’t use him, they couldn’t just put him back. The American people seem to be targeting China at every turn, so letting such a person back into China would be like letting a tiger back into the mountain.

Huang Yiniang nodded and said, “Yes, I was in authority, and when I was denied exit, I knew immediately that I was being watched. Together with the situation I was in at the time in the naval fleet, I had understood completely. I was not going to be caught with my hands tied, and three months later I escaped secretly out of the United States on a cargo ship. It just so happened that this cargo ship was attacked by pirates and I made a split-second decision to defect. I didn’t go back to China, I knew that even if I did, I would probably end up being repatriated to the US.”

“So you stayed inside the pirates and mingled for almost ten years?” Ye Mo asked.

Huang Yini said, “Yes, so I am eager to go back inside the fleet again, back to the navy that I love. This time when Louis’ fleet invaded Luo Yue, I knew at first glance that Luo Yue knew nothing about naval warfare, I am willing to join Luo Yue and make some contribution to the Luo Yue Navy.”

Speaking here Huang Yiannian looked at Ye Mo again and said once again, “Don’t ask me why, because I am a Chinese, and you are also a Chinese, and you also said that you would prefer a Chinese to stay in Luo Yue. I know your ideal, in fact that is also my ideal, I don’t want to continue to be a pirate. Besides, I have heard of the legend of Luo Yue many times, and I think I fit in here.”

Ye Mo pondered for a moment and said, “I agree for you to join Luo Yue, but I still need to test you to see if you can become a man of the navy. If you are willing to be tested by me, close your eyes and let go of all mental resistance.”

Without any hesitation, Huang Yiniang did as Ye Mo said. Ye Mo nodded and asked Huang Yonian a few questions based on his technique, and it was exactly as he said.

Ye Mo let Huang Yianian come to his senses and said, “Good, Huang Yianian, since you are sincere, I will agree for you to join Luo Yue City. From now on, you will be the naval commander of Luo Yue City, and the entire maritime force of Luo Yue City will be your responsibility. The maritime security of Luo Yue City is in your hands, and I hope you can do as well as you say you can.”

“Yes, City Lord.” Huang Yiniang immediately was a standard military salute. Although he had joined Luo Yue City, he still had palpitations about Ye Mo’s tactics just now. Fortunately, all he said was true, if he was an undercover agent, he would have died just now. He could not have imagined that this city lord could make people tell the truth.

Ye Mo called Guo Qi to him and told him that from now on, Huang Yiniang would be the commander-in-chief of the navy. Guo Qi should go back above the land, naval warfare was not suitable for him.

Guo Qi was of course happy in his heart, he knew that he was not material for naval warfare and immediately handed over to Huang Yiniang.

“Huang Yiniang, do you know that the people who came to attack Luo Yue this time are from over there? Is it the United States?” Although Ye Mo had some suspicions, but apart from the Americans, who else would dare to come out with a fleet to attack Luo Yue in such a blatant manner.

Huang Yiniang shook his head and said, “It’s not the American fleet, as for which country sent it, I don’t know either. I’m just a small leader representing the pirates in the war, I don’t have access to any of the specific matters.

Ye Mo waved his hand for Huang Yiniang and Guo Qi to hand over, and then called David and Li Range over directly.

“Which country are you from?” Ye Mo opened the door and asked, although Ye Mo liked a peaceful life, it didn’t mean that others could bully him. Whether it was a person or a country, it wouldn’t work, he, Ye Mo, was not a vegetarian old lady.

David and Li Range looked at each other, and without waiting for Li Range to speak, David said in stumbling Chinese, “It’s Indonesia.”

Ye Mo’s brow furrowed, he hadn’t even heard of which small country this was, and Luo Yue hadn’t offended them, on what basis was he going to attack his own place?

“You are from Indonesia? Why are you attacking this place?” Ye Mo’s face immediately sank.

“No, no.” Lee Range hurriedly explained, “We are not Indonesians, there are some Indonesians here, we are from the South African Blue Light Company, we belong to the mercenaries, and our commander is Commander Xiao Luchu. Because the Indonesians have always hated the Chinese, so we heard that it was the Chinese company ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ that was occupying Sena, so, so ……”

Ye Mo was almost a bit speechless, what kind of rubbish country was this Indonesia, it was none of his business that the Chinese had occupied Sena. Even if ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ didn’t occupy this place, the Americans would still come here, he Indonesia was nothing.

Li Range carefully glanced at Ye Mo before saying: “We, South African Blue Light, belong to the mercenaries, we and those pirates are all hired by Indonesia, except for Captain Louis who is Indonesian, and some soldiers who are Indonesian. The rest are people they paid for, the purpose is only to fight ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and then to please the Americans ……”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, pleasing the United States, guess this is now pleasing the a*s of the United States to go. The Americans now can’t wait for Luo Yue to build faster, how can they possibly crack down on Luo Yue, this Indonesian decision maker is really pig-headed ah.

“Brother Ye, it has arrived at the pier.” Fang Wei said as he ran over.