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DYM Chapter 531

“Good, Fang Wei, take all these Indonesian pigs down and send someone to tell them to contribute to the construction site. If they are lazy, they will simply be left without food, and if they want to riot, they will simply be shot.” Ye Mo had no sympathy for these people.

“Yes, Brother Ye ……,” Fang Wei quickly took David and Li Range down with him.

Ye Mo had just walked up to the pier when Void Moonghua and the others, who had gotten the news, had been waiting for him at the pier for a long time. No one expected such a dire situation to disappear immediately after Ye Mo’s return. Not only did he pacify the invading fleet, but he also captured almost two thousand people, while bringing back a fleet of ships. Although many people didn’t say it, at this time, Ye Mo was already an omnipotent being in their eyes.

“Ye Mo ……” Ning Qingxue’s eyes were a little red as she walked over and took Ye Mo’s hand, but she didn’t say anything else. She knew that if those bandits really landed, she could only commit suicide, otherwise with her appearance in the eyes of these invaders, there was no chance of being spared. She was sure that since the fleet here was here, even if she left in a plane, she would still suffer the fate of being shot down by missiles.

“Let’s go back and talk.” Ye Mo patted Ning Qingxue’s hand, feeling a little guilty in his heart that he couldn’t keep the people living around him safe.

“San Dao, you lead the men to escort these captives to the construction site for work, Guo Qi, you are responsible for sorting out all these warships and report back. Commander Huang, you come with me to the conference room.” Although Ye Mo was angry in his heart, he knew that now was not the time to retaliate.

Any forces that wanted to get benefits from Luo Yue would have to wait for him to return one by one.

The meeting room was once again filled with people, but unlike before, Ye Mo was back and it seemed that everyone had a backbone.

“Let me introduce to you all, this is our future Navy Commander of Luo Yue City, Mr. Huang Yijun.” Ye Mo pointed at Huang Yijun and introduced him, then introduced the rest of the people present as well.

“The ones who did it this time were the South African Blue Light Company and some uncouth pirates, the real man behind the scenes is to Indonesia. Just now I looked at the chart, Indonesia is indeed very close to us.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he looked at the people present and said, “Everyone who has any ideas or solutions can first put them forward.”

Void Yuehua understood what Ye Mo meant, she knew that Ye Mo looked calm on the surface, but once he was violated, he would kill him without mercy, although he could not say that he was ruthless, but he was not a merciful person either.

“I suggest we first announce that we are investigating the initiator of this incident, and then reserve a statement of forceful resolution, just like the US. At the moment our main task is to establish Luo Yue, not to fight a war.” Void Moon Hua began.

Ye Mo nodded, “I agree with Sister Yuehua, this is not the time for us to be meddlesome, and we don’t have that strength for now. A forceful solution is a must, so it’s okay to offer to reserve the forceful solution statement first. If he wants to pretend to be a pirate, we’ll just a*sume to be pirates for now.”

The crowd next expressed their own opinions and proposed various construction ideas, and Ye Xing even proposed the idea of building an air defence system first. Ye Mo did not expect that he had delayed for more than a month this time he went out, no wonder so many things happened.

Ye Mo knew that it was all about money, a lot of money.

In the end, everyone sorted out the main tasks of the meeting, Void Moon Hua and Zang Jia Yan were mainly responsible for the construction of Luo Yue City. Ye Xing led some people to carry out the development of Luo Yue City’s defensive weapons, in addition to designing the city. Xu Ping and Guo Qi were still responsible for the construction of the army, Huang Yijun was responsible for the construction of the navy, and Li Sandao and Fang Wei were responsible for the current security and stability of Luo Yue City.

Ning Qingxue and Luo Fei are in charge of the entire financial flow of Luo Yue City, which is the most important thing. Ning Qingxue had to be the first to know where every penny was going and how much money was needed to build something.

Although Ye Mo was in the middle of the planning, he also had a lot of things to do, because the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital’ had people coming to see the patients again.

After the meeting broke up, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue were about to go and have a few words when Luo Fei and Luo Yue came over.

“Ye Mo, I’m leaving Luo Yue, I’ve come to say goodbye to you.” Seeing Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue together, Luo Yue knew that they had something to say, so she simply brought it up directly.

“You’re leaving? Why? Is it because you have an internal qi ban in your body? I think I can completely help you exorcise it out now, if you want.” Ye Mo knew that the disciples of the Inner Concealment Sect all had an internal qi prohibition coming out of their bodies, if he was originally only eighty percent sure, then now that he was already at the fifth level of qi training, he was basically one hundred percent sure.

Lu Yue shook her head, “Thank you, but I have to go back. The three years are coming up soon, one I am not at ease with junior sister Lok Hustle, and the second if both senior sister Luo Fei and I don’t go back, my master will be very sad.”

Since Luo Yue had said so, Ye Mo did not persuade him any further and allowed Luo Fei to send Luo Yue away. Although he sighed, there was nothing he could do. That “Our Luo Sutra” had actually been obtained by him with the secrets inside, and even if the real “Our Luo Sutra” was not lost and was brought back by Lu Yue, it would still be of no use.

But it was impossible for Ye Mo to say this, it was about his and Luo Hustle’s secret, once he said it, then Luo Hustle would be the same as betraying the sect.


With the announcement that Luo Yue City released out and made the decision to retain the force, it immediately attracted the attention of the world once again. Before the previous spotlight on Luo Yue had dissipated, Luo Yue had once again attracted the attention of everyone.

Media reports were incredulous that the city of Luo Yue had the strength to resist an attack by a fleet of ships on its own, and even had that fleet wiped out. No one knew how Loyue City had managed to do it, and the Lord of Loyue City was suddenly mystified.

The most angry of all was of course the United States, whose nose almost turned up when it learned that Indonesia had actually attacked Loyue City. They had managed to create the scene of the fiery construction of Luo Yue City, and it was almost ruined. It was important to know that the US coveted ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, arguably beyond the missing plane in the Pacific Ocean, or even the ‘Black Sun Empire’ that kidnapped the scientists.

What the Americans wanted most was not the ‘Beauty Pill’ but the ‘Body Building Pill’, which they had tested and found could not only improve the physique and combat strength of soldiers, but also had no side effects. There are no side effects at all. It even prolonged life, a drug that defied common sense, and they had no way of knowing why.

What the Americans thought was that once they got their hands on the method of manufacturing the ‘fitness pill’, then the US military would once again move up countless notches. But by buying it, over time, it was the US that couldn’t afford it. Moreover, the current ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has restricted the sale of ‘body building pills’ and occasionally they are available at ridiculously high prices.

So they are desperate to get their hands on the ‘Body Building Pill’, and it just so happens that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ is moving to Sena, which is the best opportunity for them, so how can they let a little punk like Indonesia ruin this opportunity?

But the diplomats they had warned had only just arrived in Indonesia when the Indonesian fleet was all but wiped out.

This was what the Americans had hoped for, but they were suspicious again; what made Luo Yue, a company that had just moved here, think they could defeat a fleet of mercenaries? Investigation, it had to be done, including any details of how this fleet was defeated, had to be found out.

Ye Mo intended to wait for the Indonesian planes to come over and he immediately blasted them, but to his surprise, a whole week had pa*sed and Indonesia had not made the slightest movement. On the contrary, there were more and more reporters, spies, and all kinds of prying people sent from all sides.

Ye Mo only had one order for these people: arrest them all to build Luo Yue, and if they resisted, kill them all.

Ye Mo’s decisive decision made many people who were ready to come to Luo Yue with ill intentions stop for a while. After Luo Yue City broadcasted the miracle hospital on CBS, a famous TV station once again broadcasted the report of Luo Yue City mistreating captives and flouting human rights.

Although Loyue City is strictly guarded, it is still in the construction phase and much is impossible to cover everything. The American Broadcasting Corporation (abc) took some photos of people working at the construction site, many of whom were soldiers and sailors captured by the city.

However, Ye Mo ignored this, the Americans wanted to set up a pagoda, on the one hand asking the city to release the prisoners, and on the other hand secretly hating the ABC for being nosy. For the US, the more captives there are, the faster Loyue will be built and the shorter the time they have to be the master of Loyue.

So although the US casually talks about it, it doesn’t see any movement at all.

And immediately there was discomfort at this US doings. Soon photos and reports of US GIs abusing Iraqi POWs were all broadcast and articles were written about what constituted abuse of captives.

A Taiwanese Chinese posted an article that made it clear that the real abusers of prisoners were the Americans, who invaded other countries, captured their soldiers and then abused them as well. The difference was that Luo Yue was just defending herself, those prisoners were pirates who invaded Luo Yue and Luo Yue was already being generous by not killing them. The author of this article also pointed out that Luo Yue had seriously cracked down on the pirates around Somalia and had made an outstanding contribution to the cause of navigation.

Ye Mo did not care about these verbal battles. He was also not in the mood to bother with these things right now, he did what he had to do or go about his business.

To Indonesia’s disappointment, this little brother of theirs didn’t seem to be doing a good job of kissing a*s. The Americans just issued a few spiteful words and left it at that, without sending troops or even taking any measures.

It looks like it is hopeless to count on the US, but they dare not openly send troops to occupy Loyola. If they could openly send troops, they would not need to use the name of pirates.

Ye Mo was also a bit busy these days, although Luo Yue City was built under Ye Xing’s design and implemented by Void Moon China. But in order to lay out the formation later, he still had to look around to see if there was anything that needed to be modified. This day Ye Mo had just arrived at the dock where the navy was practicing when Fang Wei hurriedly ran over and called out, “Brother Ye, there is someone who says she is your friend and she is waiting for you in the parlour.” !!!