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DYM Chapter 532

“Why are you here?” Ye Mo returned to the meeting room, but saw that it was Han Yan who had come to find him, and she seemed to be sitting there somewhat nervously. Han Yan was now at the Xuan level, so reasonably speaking she should have returned to the sect at this point instead of staying here. Although he didn’t know what Han Yan was doing here, Ye Mo knew that since Han Yan had come here, there must be something important.

Seeing Ye Mo walk in, Han Yan immediately stood up and said with a somewhat unnatural expression, “Big brother Ye, my grandfather asked me to send you a message if you need any help. If you need any help, you should call him directly. Whether it’s military or economic, he can give you some help through the country.”

Although he knew that what Old Han was referring to militarily was just some weaponry and not directly sending troops, Ye Mo still felt very much for Old Han. For Han Zaixiong to say this, he was genuinely treating him, Ye Mo, as a friend. He knew that although Han Zaixing had some status in the Chinese military, he was still under a lot of pressure to say this.

Ye Mo let Han Yan sit down, and then said: “Thank you, Elder Han, I don’t need any help yet, and if I need help, I definitely won’t be polite. However, why is your expression a little unnatural? I haven’t asked Elder Han for help yet.”

Han Yan hurriedly waved her hand and said, “It’s not that, that’s just me helping Grandpa bring a letter to you. I was because, because of something else I wanted to ask you for a favour.”

Here Han Yan hesitated for a moment, but continued, “My master’s place is no longer the same environment as it was back then because of pollution. My master is troubled because it is difficult to change a place, especially a place like ours that belongs to a hidden sect.”

“Pollution?” Ye Mo asked somewhat strangely, he had been to many hidden sects, such as Jing a small dotted pale and so on. These hidden sects are all in extremely secluded places, and the mountains are high and the emperor is far away, even if there is pollution, it can’t pollute such places ah.

Han Yan nodded, “Well, a silver mine has been discovered in our area and is now being dug. There is also a foreign paper mill upstream, which emits a lot of pollution and cuts down the surrounding trees. Because of all this, the environment we live in is getting worse by the day, and my master has come out of seclusion and is very troubled.”

After hesitating for a long time, Han Yan suddenly looked up and said, “Brother Ye, this place is yours now, and it’s so beautiful, can we move here?”

“You guys want to move to Luo Yue?” Ye Mo looked at Han Yan somewhat strangely, a normal hidden sect needed to be hidden, ah, although Luo Yue also had quite a lot of mountains and hills, but after a long time, this place would definitely have to be inhabited by many people, so it wouldn’t be able to talk about being hidden.

“Hmm.” Han Yan nodded, and then added, “I haven’t spoken to Master yet, but I saw how anxious Master was, so I came to ask you first. If Brother Ye agrees, I’ll go back and talk to Master about it. Besides, I see that Master just wants a quiet place now, and doesn’t care if it’s extremely secluded or not.

I fell in love with this place as soon as I came, it’s beautiful, I think my master will definitely like it.”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, “There are very few people in Luo Yue now, the land is vast and sparse, I certainly welcome you to come if you can’t. When the time comes, I will find someone to accompany you you around, if you like to live in the mountains, you can go find a quieter place on your own later, go and talk to Sister Yuehua when you have found it and ask her for a favor.”

When Han Yan heard Ye Mo agree, she immediately stood up again with feeling, “Thank you, Brother Ye, I still have some money that I got from the last competition, I can build a new place by myself completely. I will go back to discuss with my master and then come back to you.” “By the way, Brother Ye, my grandfather also said that he has investigated the ‘Air Kwai design, where the rest of the drawings are located, and they are said to be in the ‘North Sand, at the Ocean Bay base. The Americans also know where the drawing is, and they are now actively trying to grab that design drawing.” Han Yan remembered this matter before she left and hurriedly spoke to Ye Mo.

“Has your grandfather already sent someone to snatch the drawing?” Ye Mo asked with some frown.

Han Yan shook her head, “Not yet, but someone is going to be sent soon. My grandfather said that if you are interested you can also go along, but if you are too busy forget it.”

Ye Mo also stood up and looked at Han Yan and said, “Han Yan, I won’t lie to you, take my words back with you and if your grandfather believes me, don’t go looking for that drawing. If your grandfather believes me, then don’t go looking for the drawing, because even if you find it, it won’t be of any use. Sending people there would just add to the casualties, in fact there’s really no need for it.”

“Why?” Han Yan asked suspiciously, in the past, Ye Mo even agreed to help find the drawing, how could he now say that it was useless to find it?

Ye Mo shook his head and didn’t answer.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not answer herself, although Han Yan was a little disappointed, she knew that if she could answer, big brother Ye would definitely answer, since he did not answer, it meant that Ye Mo had scruples, she just needed to pa*s his words back now.

Although Ye Mo had no way of answering Han Yan’s words, he still got Sancai to come and asked him to accompany Han Yan around. Sancai was very flexible, and both he and Black Snake had been under Wolf Pole’s command back then. Moreover, both of them had pledged their allegiance to Wolf Pole in front of Ye Mo in the first place, which actually meant that they were loyal to Ye Mo. Both of them were very alert, and apart from their fear of death, they were quite smooth to use. Later, after Wolf Pole died, these two defected to Li Sancai and now became Luo Yue’s guard members directly.

Because Sancai was familiar with Luo Yue, that’s why Ye Mo let Sancai show Han Yan around.

After Han Yan left, Ye Mo was lost in thought, since Han Yan’s sect was willing to come to Luo Yue, what about the rest of the hidden sects? Luo Yue was vast and sparsely populated, so of course the more people the better. For those hidden sects that could move to Luoyue and settle there, Ye Mo would not refuse.

He was still very touched by the goodwill that Old Han had sent over. He was grateful that he had come forward to offer his help.

The company’s design is designed by Ye Xing, who is here, and as long as he has time, he can design it again. The fatal flaw of the ‘Empty Aoi design diagram’ is that it does not have that kind of extreme energy crystal, its main control part cannot be driven.

Even if the ‘Empty Aoi Design’ is more advanced, it is still a pile of scrap metal without a way to drive it. Even if it was Han Zaixing, Ye Mo would not tell him that Ye Xing who designed the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram, was now his own senior brother and was in Luo Yue. This is not helping Han Zaixin, but harming Ye Xing and also his own Luo Yue, something Ye Mo would never do.

He could remind Han Zaixin that he was already doing his best, if Old Han didn’t believe his words and still wanted to send someone to snatch the ‘Empty Aoi Design’ then there was nothing he, Ye Mo, could do. Before the construction of Luo Yue City was completed, he would not leave this place again without special circumstances. Even if he did leave, he would return in a very short time.

Luo Yue was now gaining fame, but Ye Mo and all the people of Luo Yue were still doing what they should be doing. Apart from occasionally going to the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Institute and treating a few patients, the extra time Ye Mo spent was cultivating or just going around. Ning Qingxue was very busy right now and simply did not have the time to accompany Ye Mo.

As he watched Luo Yue City grow from nothing to something, a building was constructed and a military defence base rose from the ground, Ye Mo surprisingly did not feel any sense of achievement. He felt as if he was the most idle person here, it seemed like everyone was busy, but he became not very busy.

Under the guidance of Sancai, Han Yan only used a few days to find a place she liked. She named it ‘Guang Han Mountain’ for her sect, the Guang Han Sect.

Here Han Yan had just left Luo Yue when a new visitor came once again. This time it was someone from South Africa’s Blue Light Company, one of the world’s most famous no-mercenary companies.

Ye Mo was met in the parlour by two men, a white-faced man who looked less than forty years old, well maintained, with neatly manicured nails, and all dressed very well. It was only his eyes that made Ye Mo a little uncomfortable and flickered a little, and at a glance he knew that this was a treacherous man. The second person was a young woman, around twenty years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes, her skin was delicate, but lacked the rhythmic beauty of an oriental woman. Looking at her she seemed to be the man’s a*sistant.

“Hello Mr. Ye, my name is Dongfang Tang, and this is my a*sistant Shana. We have heard so much about you, I didn’t expect you to be so young, and I feel very honoured to meet you.” The man was surprisingly fluent in Chinese, and Niu Mo only had to hear it to know that this man was simply a Chinese.

Dongfang Tang? Ye Mo immediately recalled Dongfang Qiu, he felt that these two people seemed to have something in common. Only Dongfang Qiu had been killed by him long ago.

“Hello Mr. Ye, my name is Shana, it’s nice to meet you.” Shana’s Chinese was not fluent, but it carried a distinctly Western flavour, which was pleasant to listen to.

“Please sit down.” Ye Mo said as he pointed to the seat opposite him, but did not shake hands with the two.

Seeing Ye Mo ignore his outstretched hand, Dongfang Tang’s face stiffened for a moment, but he quickly returned to normal and sat down as if it wasn’t even a problem. His expression still wore a natural-looking smile. Shana, however, froze for a moment, she felt that Ye Mo was rude, but it wasn’t her that was the main focus of the conversation and a half now. Although she thought this in her heart, she didn’t say it out loud.

Ye Mo saw Dongfang Tang’s expression change, although it was only momentary, but it couldn’t escape his divine sense. Ye Mo was not sure if this guy was related to Dongfang Qiu, but he also knew that this Dongfang Tang was definitely not simple.

After seeing Ye Mo sit down, he stopped talking, the corner of Dongfang Tang’s mouth twitched, so he had to speak again, “Mr. Ye, this time I’m here on behalf of the South African Blue Light Company, to talk to you about a business deal.”

Ye Mo said in a talkative voice, “South African Blue Light Company? I haven’t heard of it.”