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DYM Chapter 533

Dongfang Tang’s face finally turned ugly. As a famous mercenary company on earth, South African Blue Light Company was no less famous than South African eo company. How dare Ye Mo say he had never heard of it, wasn’t this a slap in the face? Besides, there were many people in their company being held by Luo Yue, so even if they hadn’t heard of it before, they should know about it now.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, although this Dongfang Tang was not bad, he still seemed to be a bit tender. Why would a man who was so happy with his life be sent out by the South African Blue Light Company Corporation? Ye Mo subconsciously glanced at Shana, his heart suddenly moved, Dongfang Tang’s ugly expression seemed to be made out for Shana to see. If that was the case, this Dongfang Tang was even more sinister than Dongfang Qiu.

Dongfang Tang’s ugly expression was a little longer but still quickly regained Corner in Blood calmness again, he felt that this Mr. Ye was not a good person to negotiate with. He thought that a good subject for negotiation should at least do some surface work, but this Mr. Ye did not even do the surface work.

“Mr Ye, then I’ll get straight to the point, our South African Blue Light Company has recently had some minor friction with your side. This matter is a misunderstanding, but of course it is our fault. We are willing to compensate your side for the loss, as long as some of our personnel are taken away.” Dongfang Tang felt that no matter which subtle hints were given, they were all just floating clouds in front of Ye Mo, so he might as well come straightforward.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, “Some of you have had friction with our people? How come I didn’t know that, I think you have got it wrong. If it’s just this matter, then be my guest.”

Seeing Shana just sitting quietly to the side not saying anything. Dongfang could only say again, “Of course we at Blue Light South Africa do not have friction with your side, as many people know we are just a security company. Other people pay for it, of course our security guards have to help with small things, this time it is also because other people’s hired our company that we have put out some people.”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart. Referring to the mercenary company that Straight Point picked up as a security company. This Dongfang Tang was also shameless enough.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything. Shana took the initiative to speak, “Of course we will pay a certain amount of compensation to your side, Mr. Ye you please put forward the conditions.”

Ye Mo said as if nothing had happened, “Oh, there is such a thing? You will recount the details so that I can know, how can I know if you don’t tell me?”

Dongfang Tang didn’t expect Ye Mo to have to make him tell the whole thing before admitting it, and he was in a dilemma for a while. Telling the truth and not telling the truth were completely different. The media on major websites and TV stations around the world had only reported that Luo Yue had been attacked by the pirate fleet. It didn’t go into detail about who had attacked.

But anyone who isn’t an idiot knows that since when do pirates have a fleet? It must have been one of the countries that did it. But even if we know which country did it, as long as Luo Yue didn’t make it clear. The other people generally won’t make it clear. Even the most daring TV stations would not dare to speculate that this was done by that country without definite evidence.

Once this is exposed, it will be an international dispute. Although Luo Yue is not yet a country. But it is also a **territory. A dispute involving **territory is an international dispute between countries. If a report caused a war between countries, it would not be a good thing.

Now that Ye Mo was asking this, it was clear that he wanted Dongfang Tang to take the initiative to reveal the person behind the curtain. Luo Yue City was capable of exterminating a fleet, who knew if they would use this as an excuse for a naval war? Although they knew that Luo Yue City did not have the ability and strength or the drive for such a naval battle, Dong Fang Tang still did not dare to say anything because it involved the country that hired them.

“It’s like this, some time ago we saw reports that your side had suffered a fleet attack. We later learnt that it was surprisingly some people below our company who took the initiative to contact the pirates and offend the city of Loyue. For this we apologise profusely, and at the same time are willing to show our sincerity.” Dongfang Tang had no choice but to take the initiative to say the words about the South African Blue Light Company’s involvement in the attack, only he brushed Indonesia aside.

“Pah,” Ye Mo slapped the table, then stood up and said coldly, “This means that it was your South African Blue Light Company that attacked our Luo Yue City? Don’t tell me it was some pirate, I will go to your South African Blue Light Company. Please, since you dare to invade our Luo Yue City, don’t you blame me for sending troops to non-Bay Point.”

Dongfang Tang winced, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo would just turn his face up when he said he would. Just now he said he didn’t know about South African Blue Light Company, and now he was about to send troops to non-Bay Point. Just a person could find out that non-Bay Point was where their South African Blue Light Company was trooping, so for Ye Mo to say that was a direct slap in the face.

“In that case, there is nothing more for us to talk about, farewell.” Dongfang Tang stood up and clasped his fist and said, then turned around and left.

Ye Mo coldly added, “Go back and tell your leader, Kuyu, that in a week’s time, I will bloodbath the non-Bay Point, tell him to be ready.”

Dongfang Tang almost stumbled and fell down when he heard Ye Mo’s words, this Mr. Ye of Luo Yue was simply not shocked by his words. An easy bloodbath of non-Bay Point? Taking their several thousand mercenaries for granted? But for someone to say this, it meant that others had already investigated their company very well, and even knew who the head of the company was.

Although he still wanted to say something, Dongfang Tang knew that he could no longer negotiate with Ye Mo now, to be precise he was no longer qualified to negotiate with Ye Mo.

Looking at the two people who left in a hurry, a cold smile appeared on the corner of Ye Mo’s mouth. He was sure that Kuyo would take the initiative to come to Luo Yue, although his words had the element of threatening the South African Blue Light Company in them, but if Kuyo did not come, he would really go to destroy this company.

In Ye Mo’s plan, if the South African Blue Light Company did not come over after a while, he would take the initiative to exterminate it. As for the Indonesian naval force, he had no intention to move it yet. Of course, just because he didn’t plan to move, didn’t mean he wouldn’t. Ye Mo’s idea was that after Luo Yue City’s defense had been perfected, he would immediately go and knock out the country’s naval power.

He, Ye Mo, had never been the kind of person who didn’t fight back when he was bullied. Although he hadn’t been bullied and even robbed a fleet, to Ye Mo it was a provocation. His point of view was that if people didn’t bother me, I wouldn’t offend them, once they offended me, I would beat you to death.

This was his code for fighting to the death in the cultivation world, if you could put up with it once, next time others would come not with a fleet, but with an integrated mode of combat by land, sea and air. A peaceful and tranquil life is not earned by enduring, it is earned by strength.

Ye Mo walked out of the meeting room, only to see Huang Yiannian and Guo Qi walking over in a hurry with thirty to forty people. However, Ye Mo saw that their faces did not seem to have any nervousness, but rather some excitement, and guessed that it was not something bad.

“Brother Ye, these people are all mercenaries from the South African Blue Light Company, they asked to join Luo Yue, so I brought them all here, many of them are good fighters.” Guo Qi said as soon as he arrived, pointing to the people behind him.

“Yes, City Lord. There are a few whose naval and military abilities are not below mine. They were hired by mercenaries at a high price, and some are professional GIs in air and land warfare. They came to the mercenary company just to seek money.” Huang Yiniang hastily added.

When he finished and saw that Ye Mo was sizing up these mercenaries, he hurriedly pointed to a black man in his forties and said, “His name is Madison, he was originally a naval captain in the US Sixth Fleet and was cleared out because he made a serious mistake inside the navy. Now he’s here at the mercenary company to strike gold. And the tall, skinny guy behind him, his name is Cornell, he was originally a British Air Force lieutenant who was caught because his wife was committing adultery with his top lieutenant, and as a result he killed both of them and fled to the mercenary company to make his fortune.”

Huang Yiannian pointed all the way over and Ye Mo found that each of these GIs had their own story and none of them were not elite members of the army.

Only then did Ye Mo understand why the South African Blue Light Company had sent someone specifically to bring these people back, it turned out that these people were all hired over at a high price. And they couldn’t be hired, many of the outstanding GIs had to compete with other companies and even with the military to be hired.

“Good, Commander Huang, Captain Guo, all of these men you will a*sign to our respective units. Although we don’t have planes yet, nor have we formed an air force, it’s only a matter of time. Let Koniel be in charge of the construction of the air force regiment for now, and also if these people are willing to live in Luo Yue for a long time, they can be allowed to own a plot of land and then bring their respective families to Luo Yue.” Ye Mo clapped his hands on the spot, these people did not even want to give up the South African Blue Light Mercenary Company, so it was evident that these were fighting elites, which could only be good for the current Luoyue, not bad.

After a pause, Ye Mo said again, “If there are still such capable people inside the mercenaries who are willing to stay in Luo Yue, we strongly welcome them. Our treatment will not be lower than their original mercenary company, knowing that we have the most profitable industry in the world.”

“Yes.” Huang Yini and Guo Qi immediately led these people away to a*sign jobs.

Luo Yue’s army was slowly taking shape and Ye Mo was very happy in his heart, to him, once Luo Yue truly developed the ability to defend itself, he believed that with his and Ye Xing’s abilities, all the money in the world would flow to Luo Yue.


In contrast to Ye Mo’s relaxation, Kuyu, the head of South Africa’s Blue Light Company, was at this time spinning around with an annoyed expression. He somewhat regretted taking this business in Indonesia, the South African Blue Light Company was already doing a booming business, pacifying a random civil unrest was hundreds of millions of dollars. But he never thought that he would suffer the first ever total loss of business for this Indonesia deal.