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DYM Chapter 534

Originally, Kuyu thought that a city like Loyue, built by a single company, had no fighting power at all. Now with Indonesia’s fleet in the war, it was still a handful. It seemed to him that the reason why Indonesia had hired their men to fight was just to skirt their own suspicions. What Kuyo didn’t expect was for such a big mistake to happen.

You know that although he had only sent 500 men, they were all elite members of the company’s corps. Even when he had helped pacify the **army in Haian Raya in ’98, he had only lost a dozen men. This time, all five hundred men were unexpectedly wiped out and all of them were captured.

Although he hated to send someone to deal with Luo Yue, the loss this time was just too big. Moreover, the Indonesian side did not budge in the slightest, and even offered to let their company go and talk to the Luo Yue side to get back the lost warships and the captured soldiers.

This made Kuyo very annoyed, he did not want to pay attention to the Indonesian side, but he himself had to go. The losses this time were some of the best in naval and air warfare, and if Kuyu didn’t go and find a way to get these men back, his regiment’s combat power would drop straight down a notch.

People could be found, but elite talents such as those of high rank were not that easy to find.

“Chief, Dongfang Tang and Shana are back.” Just as Kuyo was getting restless, his guards came to report that the two men who had gone to Luo Yue to negotiate had returned.

“Quickly, let them in.” Kuyo said immediately, raising his hand.

The expressions on Dongfang and Shana’s faces were clearly a little less than stellar, and before Kuyu could ask any questions, he could tell just by looking at their faces that the negotiations did not seem to be going well.

“Sit down and tell us about the negotiation process first. Have the people of Loyue turned it down?” Kuyo gestured to the seat in front of him and Shana took the initiative to pour two cups of water over.

Holding the teacups, Dongfang just woke up to the fact that he hadn’t even had a sip of water when he went to Luoyue.

Dongfang Tang could not afford to drink the water and immediately reported back Ye Mo’s arrogant attitude, and his words word for word.

“Pah,” Ku You slapped the table in anger, to be so disgraceful. The company also wanted to wash its own non-Bay Point in blood, am I still afraid of the South African Blue Light Company?

“Blood-washing non-Bay Point, what a big mouth ……,” Kuyu slapped the table and then stood up, his face was full of murderous intent.

Since their mercenary company was established, they didn’t know how many times they had been in and out of various war-torn and strife-torn countries. Except for the mission in ’01, there had never been a record of failure. Even some small countries didn’t dare to say this to their corps, for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, a mere pharmaceutical company, to threaten to bloodbath their mercenary corps was simply a bit too arrogant.

“Go and get Senator Edward over here, I want to bloodbath the city of Loyue before he does not bloodbath non-Bay Point.” Kuyo was just too angry, arrogant, Loyue City was too arrogant.

“No need, I’m already here.” As soon as the words left his mouth, a sturdy white man had walked in. This man looked sturdy and unusual, with slightly curly hair and a somewhat breezy walk, a standard military look.

This man was Edward, the chief of staff of the South African Blue Light Mercenary Corps, a very experienced veteran of combat. He walked in and sat down, not saying the rest of the words first, but first making a cup of coffee and then sitting down.

When Kuyu also sat down, Edward took a sip of water before saying slowly, “Chief Kuyu, I heard what Dongfang Tang said just now. Although I am also very angry, this matter cannot be handled like you said. Let’s not talk about whether or not we can bloodbath Loyue City, our company is in it for the money, and bloodbathing Loyue City would only get us sanctioned internationally without any benefit.”

Edward glanced at Dong Fang Tang and said again, “We mercenaries exist for one purpose, to make money. None of our soldiers are willing to do anything that is not profitable. Mr. Dongfang, you are from China and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is also from China, what do you think we should do about it?”

Dongfang didn’t expect Edward to ask him and he said in a hurry, “Although I agree with Chief Kuyo’s idea, I know that once we do that, our regiment will be completely ruined. Loyue City can wipe out the Indonesian fleet, plus so many of our best people won’t be of the slightest use, and I don’t think Loyue City’s military power will be any worse than ours. So settling this matter by force would do us no good and I don’t recommend it.”

Edward nodded and said, “Yes, our joint fleet with Indonesia lost strangely, the information I got was that we sank three cruisers of the other side one after another in the first few days of the war. But on the fifth day, our fleet suddenly surrendered, and according to the information I got, the other side captured General Lewis and Commander David. Led by these two men, the whole fleet surrendered. But I knew that it would never be that simple.”

“What do you mean?” Kushi knew that a solution by force was never possible, that it was just anger in his heart and a moment of anger.

Edward said cautiously, “I feel that that Ye Mo is not lying, he really has the strength to bloodbath our non-Bay Point.”

Kuyu frowned, “Staff Officer Edward, are you a little too nervous? That’s why your words are a bit exaggerated?” Although he knew that he had just said that bloodbathing Luo Yue was an exasperating statement, he equally thought that Luo Yue bloodbathing non-Bay Point was just as ridiculous.

Edward shook his head, “No, I’m not too nervous at all. We’re not located very far from the ocean, we don’t have naval power. And we don’t have an air force either, we are at best a more combat oriented land force. The fact that Lo Yue could defeat a fleet, whatever method they used, would indicate that their naval power was quite deep. So it’s possible that they could have simply bloodied our legions at sea with cannonballs and not been held responsible for anything but a reprimand at best.”

Kuyu fell silent, listening to Edward and Dongfang Tang’s words, he felt that things really seemed possible as that Ye Mo had said.

“Is Ye Mo the chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?” After a long silence, Kuyu suddenly asked.

Dongfang Tang nodded and said, “Yes, we have investigated him, and he seems to be very famous within some of the top echelons of Huaxia. And we heard that there were negotiations between ‘Bei Sha’ and him, we don’t know exactly what it was about. But the ‘Northern Sands’ seem to be somewhat scornful of him.”

“What? You’re saying that the ‘Northern Sands’ are somewhat scornful of that Ye Mo?” Kuyu was shocked by these words and subconsciously looked at Edward. Because he knew that a mercenary group like him was a mole in front of the ‘Northern Sands’.

Edward also nodded his head and said, ”It is indeed true, this Ye Mo seems to be very uncomplicated, but his origin is a bit weird, he seems to be just a fop young master from Yanjing. Of course, right now I don’t think we’re looking into his origins, and since we know his strength, the first thing we need to do now is to go on to Luo Yue to negotiate.”

“But he’s obviously not willing to negotiate with us.” Kuyu said with some annoyance.

Dongfang Tang secretly shook his head, this Kuyu was simply a second-rate man. Compared to his old man, he was far worse. At the beginning, South African Blue Light Company, under the leadership of Kuyo’s old man, was simply invincible. If that old man hadn’t died on that mission in ’01, how could this mercenary force be led by the brainless Kuyo. Not only was he short-tempered, but he had also repeatedly leaked missions to women.

Edward, however, did not care about Kuyo’s reaction, but continued, “The reason why Ye Mo won’t agree is, I think, because we just didn’t meet his demands. Now we are not as simple as ransoming our men, what I need to do now is how we can make him happy. Mr. Dongfang, tell us what his demands are?”

“Ye Mo wants us to admit to his face that the real employer is Indonesia, and I didn’t say it directly, so there’s no way to negotiate later.” Dongfang Tang immediately replied.

Edward, however, said unconcernedly, “That’s nothing really, we are mercenaries, not killers. So when it comes to our safety and security, I suggest we have another negotiation with him. Besides, Loyue City has a strong navy, and Loyue City is different from a country. Maybe we will have to cooperate with them in the future, and having a good relationship with them at this time will only do us good, not harm.”

“Why do they want us to acknowledge the employer behind it?” Shana asked out subconsciously.

Edward glanced at Shana and Kuyo, but didn’t answer. But a few people looked at each other’s faces and knew what the answer was, and even a thick-headed person like Kuyo understood what was going on.

To put it bluntly, Luo Yue Cheng really didn’t have them in South African Blue Light’s sights, they just wanted a proof. The purpose of this evidence was to clean up Indonesia in the future. As long as their mercenaries admitted that they were hired by Indonesia, this evidence would be available. Although they know it, no one will say it.

Luo Yue was even planning to clean up the Indonesian Navy, how could she possibly put a company of mercenaries like them in her eyes? This clearly showed that Ye Mo’s statement that he would bloodbath them in non-Bay Point was not a joke, it was true. If they went to Luo Yue again to negotiate, this could be considered as a threat, if they didn’t go, then it wasn’t a threat.

Kuyu finally realised the seriousness of the matter and immediately stood up and nodded, “Alright, that’s it, let’s get to Luo Yue as fast as we can, a few of us will go over.”


Ye Mo was in a happy mood at this time, not only had he recruited a large number of military talents, but today Ye Xing had also designed the first automatic attack radar system.

This radar system was named the Cosmic Shield Defense Attack System by Ye Xing and worked in the x-band. Its main function is not only to scan the sea and airspace within 30,000 metres, but also to automatically lock on and attack automatically. Each set of Cosmic Shield Defence Attack System can track fifty targets and twenty jamming devices at the same time. The main thing is that if multiple sets of this radar defence system are used, it will not track the same target repeatedly.

And while 30,000 metres is the range at which it can automatically attack, this radar set can monitor ballistic missiles flying within 3,000 kilometres. Although not necessarily more advanced than the US one, this is only the first generation of the Cosmic Shield defence attack system in Loyue City.

This automatic attack is of course detailed to send back a picture of the opponent’s profile and then the manipulator issues an attack command, not just hitting something on sight. This attack command can also be set to auto-fire, and once set to auto-fire, the attack warhead can be fired directly when the target is found without the manipulator issuing a command.

It is not possible to set it to automatic except in times of war, of course.

The reason why it was named the Cosmic Shield Defence Attack System was because Ye Mo had said that the best defence was to attack.