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DYM Chapter 535

“Once this defensive attack radar system is in service, immediately have them cover the entire Luo Yue.” Ye Mo said to Void Moon Hua very cautiously, he knew that once ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ moved to Luo Yue City, it was time to confront the Yanks. It wouldn’t work without an advanced air defence system.

The Yanks’ intercontinental missiles could easily be launched to Luo Yue City, and the accuracy was not generally accurate. Besides, even if they don’t launch missiles, they still have nuclear weapons. Luo Yue City was just a newly established weakling relative to them.

Ye Mo still didn’t know if his stealth was able to fool all the radar surveillance systems, and once he couldn’t, then facing an air attack would be a considerable threat to him and to Luo Yue. Besides, although he could easily shoot down the fighter jets in the air, but he couldn’t stand More ah. If the Americans adopted a pack wolf tactic and he only had one person, he couldn’t afford to lose as long as he let one of them drop a bomb to Luo Yue.

Although Ye Mo could also strike the United States by means of retaliation, but Ye Mo didn’t want to destroy the other side after his own losses, what he needed was a pre-emptive strike. Therefore, it was necessary to deploy this kind of defence attack radar all over Luo Yue’s territory.

Ye Xing designed this defensive radar to be linked with the attack missile system, immediately attacking while defending, not even needing a professional to operate it, this was Ye Mo’s philosophy, attack was defence.

After leaving Zang Jia Yan and Ye Xing to continue discussing the first batch of Cosmic Shield attack defence systems, Ye Mo brought Void Moon Hua to the parlour once again. As expected, he was not surprised that the South African Blue Light Company had sent four people to negotiate this time. Even their leader, Kuyu, had come.

Ye Mo did not leave them aside and ignore them, and came over at the first opportunity. Ye Mo also knew very well that although this mercenary company was no threat to Luo Yue, he had to take care of them. It couldn’t be left for later.

“Greetings, Mr. Ye. My name is Edward, I am a staff officer of the South African Blue Light Company, and this is our leader, Kuyu.” As soon as Ye Mo entered, Edward immediately extended his hand warmly in greeting and introduced their leader.

Ye Mo nodded and pointed at Void Moon Hua and said, “This is our current head of Luo Yue City, Void Moon Hua, please have a seat.”

Hearing that Void Yuehua was the head of Luo Yue. Edward and the others’ expressions became even more eager.

From Dongfang Tang’s mouth, Edward already knew that Ye Mo was a person who liked to be straightforward in negotiations and did not like to beat around the bush. He said directly, “The exact reason why we came to Luo Yue, I think Mr. Ye and Ms. Void should already know. On behalf of Blue Light South Africa, I once again offer your side my most sincere apology, and at the same time, I am willing to offer compensation.”

Edward didn’t even mention the idea of ransoming his own people in the slightest, and merely offered to give compensation for the matter.

While Ye Mo did not speak, Void Moon Hua spoke up, “What we want is not an apology. We want to know why you attacked us in Luo Yue.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Edward replied, “We are mercenaries, of course we did these stupid things because of our employer’s orders. As you know, Lady Void, we don’t have a warship of our own.”

There was a pause at this point. Edward didn’t wait for Void Moonflower to continue asking before volunteering to say more, “It was the Indonesian Navy that hired us. Their naval commander, Xiao Luqiu, negotiated with me personally. They said their own military strength was not enough, and then hired us. Together, we attacked Luo Yue City.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is, Chief Kuyo, I wonder what you say?” Void Moon Hua turned his gaze to Kuyu.

Although Kuyu was cranky, but it had come to this point, his own people had already admitted it, where would he say otherwise, he hurriedly replied, “Not bad, it’s like this, Commander Xiao Luqiu personally found us and then asked us to send troops, the price was one point three hundred million dollars.”

Void Moonflower smiled lightly “In that case, you should sign it, lest you say we are talking nonsense.” After saying this Void Moonflower pulled out a document in a juggling act and threw it in front of Kuyo and Edward.

Although Kuyo and Edward knew that there must be an audio and video recording of this conversation, they dared not not sign it. The two men looked at the simple contents of the document and smiled bitterly in their hearts; it had simply been printed a long time ago and was just waiting for them to sign it.

Void Moon Hua had just put the signed document away when Ye Mo stood up. As far as he was concerned, the negotiations were over.

Edward gave Ye Mo a somewhat bitter smile and stood up as well, hesitating for a moment or saying, “Mr. Ye, we still have some people ……”

Ye Mo showed a smile, waved his hand and said, “I will tell you even if Mr. Edward doesn’t, those friends from your corps, who feel that our Luo Yue is good, stayed. There are still some that are building for our Luo Yue, originally I was going to let you guys contribute some money, but I saw that they are very enthusiastic about their work, so I might as well continue to meet their needs. Stay on and build Loyue, I wonder what else Mr Edward has to say?”

Edward’s heart was filled with bitterness, he wanted to say that those people were their elites, but he was afraid that Ye Mo was lionizing them.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face sink, Edward had to shut his mouth. In case they displeased Ye Mo and asked him to pay them a large sum of money, it would be more than worth the loss. Although they had lost some elites, it was a good thing that they had avoided the destruction of the mercenary group.

As for the Indonesian side’s offer to redeem the warship, it was simply ignored by Edward. What a joke, at this time he still dared to talk to Ye Mo about redeeming the warship, wasn’t that asking for trouble.

“Dongfang Tang, let me ask you one person, do you know Dongfang Qiu?” Ye Mo suddenly asked Dongfang Tang.

Dongfang Tang didn’t know what he was thinking about, he didn’t seem to be concentrating very well, and when he was asked by Ye Mo like this, he was startled for a moment. However, he immediately reacted and hurriedly said, “I don’t know, I don’t know who Dongfang Qiu is.”

Ye Mo, however, felt a momentary unnatural look on Dongfang Tang’s face, but he could not be sure if he was related to Dongfang Qiu. To Dongfang Qiu, Ye Mo turned out to hate it to the bone. He felt that there was something wrong with Dongfang Tang’s answer, but what the problem was, he was unable to catch it for a moment.

“That statement from Dongfang Tang just now was a lie.” It was only after Edward and the others had left that Void Moonflower suddenly spoke up.

“How do you know?” Ye Mo felt that there was something wrong with his remark, but for a moment he couldn’t think of what the problem was.

However, Void Yuehua said, “Dongfang Tang comes from a mercenary background, what does a mercenary do? Of course they help people fight or kill. Not only do they need to know about the armed conflicts in various countries around the world, but they also need to know about their peers. At the beginning, the boss of ‘Southern Youth’, Thousand Dragon Heads, also had several thousand mercenaries, and they also took on the same jobs as South Africa’s Blue Light Company, so it can be said that the two were simply competitors.

And Dong Fang Soo was the chief military officer under Thousand Dragon Heads, which even I, a Hong Kong hangout, knew. How could Dongfang Tong, who is a military officer of Blue Light South Africa, not know about Dongfang Soo’s existence? He just said he didn’t know because he answered in haste without thinking carefully, when he goes back he will immediately know that there is something wrong with his answer.”

Ye Mo nodded, he agreed with what Void Yuehua said, since Dongfang Tang knew about Dongfang Qiu as a person, but said he didn’t know in haste, there must be something wrong in between. But now was not the time to go to him, when there was time, there was always no way for this Dongfang Tang to get away.

After the negotiations between South Africa’s Blue Light and Luo Yue, not a single person was taken away, and those mercenaries all wanted to be loyal to Luo Yue after they knew they were abandoned. But Huang Yilian and Guo Qi’s recruitment standards were immediately raised a lot, and Luo Yue’s army was not something that could just come in whenever they wanted to. As for the Indonesians, not a single one was accepted.


Nearly another month pa*sed, but no one from Indonesia came to Luo Yue to negotiate, as if those warships and the captured people were not theirs. This made Ye Mo a bit strange, and only later did he learn through Void Moon China’s intelligence. Indonesia had aroused the discontent of some people for sending troops to Luo Yue, and was now fighting internally.

For these, Ye Mo was happy to hear. The first Cosmic Shield Defence Attack Radar System was already in service, and Ye Mo tested his stealth function, only to find that when he cast his stealth technique when his True Qi was not depleted, he could still hide for a period of time. But this time was very limited and once his true essence began to deplete, the radar could once again pounce on his shadow.

This discovery made Ye Mo a little disappointed, he knew that it had something to do with his cultivation level, which was still too low.

While Ye Xing and Void Moon Hua and the others were working hard to build Luo Yue, Ye Mo also started to cultivate and looked around for ores and spiritual herbs. He was going to refine a large storage ring, and also he had some yellow essence that was several hundred years old, and Ye Mo was going to refine these into essence pills. So he still lacked some auxiliary ores and medicinal herbs.

Because he had to keep searching for some ores and spirit herbs, Ye Mo had to leave Luo Yue.

Because Luo Yue was still under construction, although he already had the Cosmic Shield’s defence and attack system, Ye Mo usually didn’t go out for long, and would return in two days at most. At times, even when he was out for a slightly longer period of time, he left his mobile phone outside, lest a situation occurred and he was too late to return.

Luo Yue is a different place now than it was a few months ago. The naval force, although not yet matched by the air force, has been fused and trained by Huang Yi Nian. It was no longer the original rabble, and the land force was gradually shifting to a regularised force because of the addition of a large number of experienced mercenaries.

As for Guo Qi, he simply separated from within the army and still led a special warfare team. As for the air defence force, Ye Xing had already equipped every set of Cosmic Shield’s defence attack system with missile launchers.

Nowadays, although Luo Yue City could not be said to be as solid as gold, it was not something that some small fish and shrimps could come and flaunt their power. The only drawback is that there are too few people settled here. The Void Moon Hua has already started to migrate from the Flowing Serpent and the workers who come to work in Loyue can likewise migrate to Loyue if they wish.!!!