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DYM Chapter 536

The reason why Ye Mo had to go out to look for medicinal herbs and ores was because the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s measure to acquire medicinal herbs had been released to the world, but it was not very effective. Although there were some medicinal herbs collected up that he needed, the real spiritual medicines were just as absent.

Ye Mo also knew that spirit medicines generally grew in dangerous places and were extremely difficult to collect. Sometimes spiritual medicines are like people, they have a subconscious sense of self-protection and will not grow in ordinary places. So Ye Mo didn’t force it anymore, after all, this method was just a matter of chance. Just like when he could learn about the ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed’ and the ‘Green Silver Sand’ and so on from Han Yan, it was all just a matter of luck.

Although he had left Luo Yue for the time being, Ye Mo still instructed Ning Qing Xue and Void Yuehua that once anything happened, they had to notify him first. Luoyue was now their hope, and Ye Mo still wanted to wait for stability and establish a huge medicinal garden in Luoyue, specifically to grow the spiritual medicines he found.

After Ye Mo left Luoyue, he went to Ninghai once, and Tang Beiwei was very willing for Ye Mo to ask her to move to Luoyue, and to manage that medicine garden. It was just that the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ was in its extremely important growth period and it was not good to move it for the time being, so Tang Beiwei had no way to leave Ninghai for the time being.

Although he had the intention of going to see Ting Ting, but once Ye Mo thought of Yun Bing who was somewhat enthusiastic about himself, Ye Mo still dismissed the idea. He was afraid that if he were to do anything else, then he would really feel somewhat sorry for Light Snow and Luo Ying.

He now had to look for spirit herbs, or some herbs that he needed, to refine a large number of pills. Especially the Essence Pill and the Lotus Life Pill.

Ye Mo knew that when his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ moved to Luo Yue City, that was when the conflict with the United States would be open. Perhaps the United States would launch an attack on Luo Yue, and if he was not prepared at all, it would be him and his Luo Yue who would suffer at that time.

Amongst Ye Mo’s thoughts, he would find these herbs and then refine a batch of pills and a large storage ring. After these were completely prepared, he would also make a trip to America.

The purpose of going to the United States was of course very simple: weapons and information. Ye Mo’s idea was to move back all the most advanced drawings or weapons in America, or at least get a batch of samples back. Since he dared to hit him, don’t blame him for putting the idea over.

Another one was that he wanted to go to Chinatown and ask Peng Leji and Shi Kai Gen if they had investigated Yan’s whereabouts. Apart from that, if there was anyone who was willing to go back, he would ask Shi Kailigan to bring it to Luo Yue to help, as he needed a lot of manpower now anyway.


Misty Yang Town.

This is the second time Ye Mo came to this town, the first time he came he didn’t even know the name of this town, that was after he and Ning Qingxue came out of Shennongjia. He and Ning Qingxue had come here to buy some clothes and then sent Ning Qingxue back.

The reason why he came to this place again this time was because last time he had found a large amount of medicinal herbs inside the Di Tuo Peak of the Shennongjia, including two spiritual medicines, the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus Seeds and the Face-keeping Fruit, both of which were found here. Now Ye Mo was in shortage of medicinal herbs, so of course the first place he thought of was inside the Shennongjia.

Ye Mo was only pa*sing through Misty Yang Town because it was the closest place to enter the Shennongjia and he would not meet up with the soldiers on the outskirts of the Shennongjia. Ye Mo was not a person who liked trouble, and if possible, he tried to find the most convenient and easy way.

Another purpose was that he didn’t have much dry food left inside his ring, so he stopped by the town to buy some random supplements.

Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of a shopping mall when he saw many people surrounding a circle, and there was the sound of a girl crying coming from it.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo swept in with his divine sense, and the crying girl he actually knew. And had seen her more than once, although he hadn’t spoken, he knew that the girl was called Xiao Yu and seemed to be a little daoist nun from the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’. According to Luo Hustle, ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ was a derivative of their sect, what exactly was going on, Ye Mo didn’t delve into it, he wasn’t interested in that.

Soon Ye Mo knew why this Xiao Yu was crying, the one lying beside her was also a Daoist nun, and it was clearly the same Daoist nun that Ye Mo had seen going to the auction with Xiao Yu last time. But at this point she was obviously dead and had been killed, the fatal wound the back of her neck, a wound the size of a pinhole.

Ye Mo, however, knew that this senior sister who was with Daoist Aunt Xiao Yu was at least at the peak of the yellow level cultivation, but such an ancient martial cultivator was killed by someone with a needle, still in an ordinary town, which made Ye Mo too puzzled.

Could it be that a small town now had such experts?

“Move aside, take care not to damage the scene.” The police had already arrived at the scene by now, and the surrounding onlookers suddenly moved out of the way.

Ye Mo shook his head and was about to turn around and leave when he suddenly heard Xiao Yu call out, “Senior Ye ……”

When the police came just now the people around happened to give way, the Daoist nun named Xiao Yu happened to see Ye Mo turn around and immediately called out.

Some people around immediately whispered, this little Daoist nun seems to be a bit nervous, still senior, what age is it, still call senior.

Ye Mo didn’t care, there were many people who called him senior, and not just one or two. It was just that although he didn’t have any dealings with this Xiao Yu, but since she was a practitioner of ancient martial arts, and she recognized herself, it was fine to give a hand to help.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo walked in and looked at Xiao Yu and asked.

Seemingly knowing that it was a bit inappropriate for her to call Ye Mo senior at this time, Xiao Yu wiped her already red and swollen eyes and said, “Brother Ye, my senior sister was killed, I, I know that the police will definitely not be able to catch the murderer ……”

In his heart, Ye Mo thought, this little Taoist nun is really direct in her words, directly saying in front of the police that the police definitely can’t catch the murderer, isn’t this embarra*sing to these police officers. Although Ye Mo knew that what she said was the truth, but her human feelings seemed to be a little too lacking.

As soon as Xiao Yu’s words fell, those few policemen who were pulling the yellow line at the scene immediately became somewhat less than happy. Xiao Yu was the victim’s family, so they had no way to blame her, but to Ye Mo, an outsider, the policemen immediately became somewhat upset.

One of the medium-sized policemen stopped Ye Mo and said, “You go out for a while, this is a murder scene, don’t spoil the scene here.”

Xiao Yu stood up, wiped her eyes again and said to the policeman, “Thank you, but I know you will definitely not catch the murder, that man is very powerful ……”

“Little girl, we understand how you feel at the moment, but please don’t spoil our protection of the scene. Also, what’s your name? Show us your ID card first.” A young policeman stood out and said somewhat unhappily, really because they were reluctant to say anything serious on account of Xiao Yu being the victim and a clean-cut little Taoist nun.

Xiao Yu said somewhat anxiously, “My name is Yan Yu, big brother Ye, please help me ……” She knew that Ye Mo’s status was very high, even higher than her master’s, as could be seen from the last time he was the judge of the Grand Competition. Now that she was alone in this kind of thing and saw Ye Mo, even if Ye Mo’s status was high, she wouldn’t think of anything else, she just wanted Ye Mo to help her.

Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, if he let this Yan Yu continue, this scene would only get worse. He had no choice but to take out the instructor’s card that Han Zaixing had left him and handed it over, saying to the few police officers, “This case is not an ordinary case, just hand it over to me, you guys go back first.”

Leave it to you? The medium-sized policeman was about to get angry, but he was pulled back by another middle-aged policeman. He took Ye Mo’s document and looked at it, then carefully handed it back to Ye Mo, “Yes, Instructor Ye.”

After this middle-aged policeman handed Ye Mo his ID, he immediately waved his hand, “Close the line.”

Even though the other few policemen didn’t know what was going on, no one dared to ask anything when the senior captain said to close the squad.

Ye Mo grabbed the Daoist nun on the ground and under the many astonished eyes, after taking Yan Yu out of Misty Yang Town, he asked, “What is going on? This senior sister of yours is already at the peak of the Yellow Grade, right, so how could she have been killed? Also, what are you doing here in Shennongjia?”

Only then did Yan Yu sobbed, “Two months ago, our ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ suddenly encountered an invasion by a foreign enemy, and that person struck with venom. He killed several of my senior uncles and numerous disciples in succession, and even killed our House Master before leaving …… My Master saved his life because he had a protective vest, and was only seriously injured and not killed. Senior Sister Mei and I came to Shennongjia to try to collect the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ ……”

“Wait ……” Ye Mo stopped Yan Yu’s conversation, “Is the ‘Tian Tong flower’ you are talking about the kind that blooms in three and each one is a different colour? ”

“Yes ……” Yan Yu didn’t know why Ye Mo stopped her and gave up asking about the main thing to ask what this was for.

“Then have you collected it?” Ye Mo even felt as if his tone of voice was a little jīng up.

Yan Yu didn’t care about Ye Mo’s tone, she nodded, “We collected it, it was just that when we came back from collecting it, it was already dark, so senior sister and I rested for the night in Misty Yang Town, and we were going to go back this morning, but, but ……”

Ye Mo already understood that it was the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ that was coveted by someone who killed and took the flower. That person who knew about the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ must also be an ancient martial cultivator, and also knew about another function of the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’.

Not only could the ‘Tian Tong Flower’ treat extremely serious internal injuries, it was also one of the three main medicines used to refine the ‘Pei Yuan Pill’, which was a low-grade spiritual medicine. Those who practiced ancient martial arts definitely did not want to refine ‘Peiyuan Dan’ but definitely wanted to refine pills that were related to cultivation.

It would be fine if this person just took the ‘Tian Tong Hua’, but to take someone else’s stuff and kill them was simply too much.

“Why was your division invaded by a foreign enemy? Since it was an invasion by a foreign enemy, how come you and your senior sister are fine?” Ye Mo put down the matter of the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ and continued to ask.