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DYM Chapter 538

Yan Yu subconsciously nodded, she had really talked to her senior sister on the road about the two of them coming back to collect medicinal herbs after her master’s injuries had healed.

Looking at Yan Yu’s expression, Ye Mo immediately knew that the two of them, she and her senior sister, should have discussed coming back on the road when they were overheard by the man in grey below, and that was why they had evil intentions.

“That man is coming up.” Ye Mo saw that the man digging for medicinal herbs was already pulling the rope upwards, and was still very fast.

“Ah ……, ……” Yan Yu immediately stood up nervously, but she quickly understood again, she had seen Ye Mo’s ability with her own eyes. Defeating that person who killed her senior sister should not be a problem.

The medicine Lou behind that man in grey was already dug full, and it looked like the harvest was not small. However, Ye Mo also admired this guy’s courage, he had just killed someone, and he dared to come and pick pills for a day.

The man in grey leaped to the top of the cliff only to find that on the cliff Ye Mo and Yan Yu were staring at him, he was subconsciously startled, but he reacted quickly and almost instantly, he pulled out a long knife.

“Why did you want to kill my senior sister?” Yan Yu’s eyes were red again, she hated to kill this man immediately, but she knew she was no match for this man.

“Little girl, I was merciful and let you go, I never thought you would dare to come here again, don’t blame me for your own death.” This man in grey had a caracal mouth while glancing at Ye Mo with a murderous intent, in his opinion, Ye Mo should be the rescuer this little nun had brought here.

Ye Mo took a look at the man’s Medicine Lou and surprisingly, they were all precious medicinal herbs. At the same time, his divine sense swept down to the platform below and found that most of the better medicinal herbs had been collected by this guy, so he could see that he was still an expert in medicinal herbs.

This man in grey was only at a late Xuan level cultivation in Ye Mo’s eyes, and probably because he had not seen the sun for a long time, his face was a little pale. It seemed that he was trying to prepare for advancing to the Earth level.

, “Tian Tong huā, is a good thing, everyone wants it, you want the ‘Tian Tong huā, it’s good and why kill? You took someone else’s ‘Tian Tong huā’ and killed them …….” Ye Mo shook his head.

“And who are you? What business is it of yours if I take ‘Tian Tong Huā?” The man in grey immediately asked in a stern voice, he hadn’t figured out where Ye Mo was coming from for a while. However, he was not afraid of Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s age was here, even if he was capable, he was only in his twenties, what could he do? What he was afraid of wasn’t that there were the rest of the people hiding off to the side. The man swept his eyes around as he asked the question.

Ye Mo knew what he was thinking and said with a cold smile, “You don’t need to look around, there is no one else in ambush. To deal with a mere Xuan level trash like you, I don’t need anyone’s help yet.”

“You can see my cultivation level? Who the hell are you?” When this man in grey heard Ye Mo say his cultivation level in one breath, his heart instantly became a little uneasy. Originally, he had moved to kill immediately when he was sure that there was no one around, but now he could no longer hold his breath.

Ye Mo slowly walked towards the man in grey, seemingly not caring in the slightest about the knife in his hand. Although Yan Yu hated to kill this murderer immediately, but seeing Ye Mo walking unarmed towards the man in grey she was getting nervous and her palms were even sweating.

When the man in grey saw Ye Mo walking over empty handed without any weapons, his heart was even more pleased, even if you are powerful, I will suddenly slash you later, I will see how you can dodge.

When Ye Mo was still two meters away from the man in grey, the man in grey suddenly took a step forward and at the same time, the long knife in his hand turned into a white light and cut Ye Mo at the waist like lightning. Even before his feet hit the ground, his knife had already cut out.

Yan Yu was so shocked that she subconsciously closed her eyes and dared not look again. She knew that Ye Mo couldn’t be killed like this, but she was just scared in her heart.

Ye Mo saw the knife light coming and suddenly reached out, surprisingly snatching the man in grey’s knife before it reached his body, then the knife light changed direction and flashed. When the man in grey reacted, he found that the long knife in his hand had already appeared in Ye Mo’s hand, and only then did he feel the pain coming from the man in grey.

“You …….” After the man screamed, he stared at Ye Mo with a shocked face, he had never seen such an expert as Ye Mo. All along, he thought that he was already one of the most capable group of people on earth, but he never thought that he would not be able to last even one breath in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo reached out and took the Medicine Lou behind him, flipped it open and looked at it, and there was indeed a ‘Tian Tong Huā’ inside, his heart was immediately overjoyed, once he could refine the ‘Pei Yuan Dan’ then he could definitely advance to the late Qi cultivation stage without a doubt.

Although there was only a difference in the word ‘Peiyuan Dan’ and ‘Qi cultivation Dan’, their functions were far different. One was for pre Qi cultivation, while the other was for mid Qi cultivation and even late Qi cultivation.

Ye Mo looked back at Yan Yu who was already dumbfounded and called out, then said, “This man killed your senior sister, why are you staying there if you don’t come to take revenge? You just need to kick him off the cliff and that’s it.”

Yan Yu reacted and her eyes turned firm. Just before she could get to the man’s side, the man suddenly shouted, “Don’t kill me, I have many treasures for cultivating ancient martial arts, if you can spare me, all these things are yours.”

“Oh, then where did you keep your things?” Ye Mo suddenly jacked in and asked.

This man in grey surprisingly did not think of asking Ye Mo to leave him alive in exchange, when Ye Mo asked, he immediately subconsciously said, “In Nanlu Life ……,…”

Ye Mo interrupted Zi his words and said with a sigh, “I see that you have been a savage in Shennongjia for too long, now that you have said it, go to hell. Yan Yu, hurry up and kick him down.

This man in grey had indeed not been dealing with people for too long, he couldn’t even blackmail. Although Ye Mo didn’t care about his blackmail at all, he could also see how low this man’s fo was.

When Yan Yu heard the man’s words, she was still worried that Ye Mo would leave him alive, but now that she heard Ye Mo’s words, where would she hesitate, she immediately walked up and gave him a kick.

The man in grey let out a miserable scream and was kicked straight down the cliff, not even leaving his name behind.

“Wait for me here for a moment, I’ll go down and see if there are any other medicinal wells, then we’ll talk.” After Ye Mo finished speaking and didn’t wait for Yan Yu to reply, he carried the medicine Lou and dropped straight down the rope, landing on top of the platform.

When he came to this platform with a lot of medicinal materials, Ye Mo sorted the medicines inside the Medicine Lou and then put them all away in his direct ring. He also collected all the remaining medicinal herbs here that were of use and put them into his ring.

Two hours later, even Ye Mo sighed that he had gained a lot. Good intentions still paid off, if he hadn’t helped that little daoist girl, he wouldn’t have been able to harvest so many medicinal herbs. At the same time, Ye Mo was suspicious that in this part of the Shennongjia, medicinal herbs were all concentrated into one piece. Just like the weird place he found last time, he wondered if these medicinal herbs were specially grown by others a long time ago. This was because in the cultivation world, it was common to find some medicinal gardens left behind by previous generations.

Although Ye Mo wanted to continue to look for other peaks, or even visit that Nan Lu Peak, he also knew that Little Nun Yan Yu was anxious and hoped that he could go to help her master heal his wounds sooner.

Ye Mo did know about Nan Lu Peak, when he first came to Shennongjia, he had also carefully checked the geography of the place. It was just that Ye Mo really didn’t have an eye for what treasures a Xuan level cultivated martial artist was talking about.

Just as Yan Yu was waiting anxiously, Ye Mo had already come up.

“Big brother Ye, no, senior Ye …… please, when are we going back to help my master heal his injuries?” Although Yan Yu was afraid of Ye Mo, she couldn’t help but be anxious as it was about her master’s injuries.

“Where is your sect?” Ye Mo asked.

“In Wuyi Hidden Rhyme Valley ……,” Yan Yu knew that in order to take Ye Mo there, the place had to be told.

Although Ye Mo had never heard of Wuyi Hidden Rhyme Valley, he knew of Wuyi Mountain. He had been there in the beginning, just to look for Luo Ying. However, Wuyi Mountain was not close to here, so Ye Mo certainly did not have time to accompany Yan Yu on the plane and then go there step by step.

Seeing Ye Mo’s silence, Yan Yu thought that Ye Mo thought the place was too far away and did not want to go. Immediately, she said, “Senior Ye, it’s actually not very far by plane, we can …….”

Ye Mo waved his hand and interrupted Yan Yu’s words, “I don’t mean it’s far …….”

Before this sentence was finished, Ye Mo knocked Yan Yu out with a slap from her unseen perspective. It would be too much trouble for Ye Mo to go there by plane, it would be easier to just fly his sword there.

The only way to keep Yan Yu from knowing that he had flown there was to knock her unconscious.

After knocking Yan Yu unconscious, Ye Mo collected the long rope, then picked up Yan Yu, stepped onto the flying sword and quickly flew to Mount Wuyi.

A few minutes later, Ye Mo appeared in the confines of Wuyi Mountain. Then he found a secluded place and put down Yan Yu before he began to refine the pills. He believed that under his techniques, Little Daoist Nun Yan Yu would definitely fall asleep, which would also be beneficial to her. She had gone through a big change in her division and had also experienced the murder of her senior sister, if she continued to be tense like this, she would not be able to bear it, so it would be better to let her sleep deeply.

After nearly ten consecutive hours, Ye Mo had already refined two ‘Lotus Life Pills’ as well as some ordinary healing pills. As for the ‘Essence Pill’, there were still a few replacement auxiliary herbs missing.

Yan Yu opened her eyes, only to find that she had fallen asleep, and was taken aback as she hurriedly climbed up. Looking at the dried gra*s underneath her, she guessed that Ye Mo had made it.

“You’ve woken up, now let’s go to your sect.” Ye Mo had already walked over by now.!!!