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DYM Chapter 539

“Ah ……, we’ve arrived at Wuyi Mountain?” Yan Yu looked up at the scenery in front of her and suddenly snapped out of it. How could she wake up and already be at Wuyi Mountain?

Although Yan Yu had too many questions, she knew that even if she asked, it was estimated that Ye Mo would not answer her.

Although she was not deeply involved in the world, she did know a little about some strange people and she knew that some people with abilities did not want others to ask questions.

So when Yan Yu woke up, she didn’t ask anything, she just thanked Ye Mo and led him to Wuyi Hidden Rhyme Valley.

The Hidden Rhyme Valley was very remote and without Yan Yu leading the way, Ye Mo was sure that he would not be able to find it alone. Even in Wuyi Mountain, both of them had walked for quite a while. The Hidden Rhyme Valley was not at all in the attractions, district, It was good that both of them were not considered ordinary people. It took about nearly three hours or so of walking before Yan Yu led Ye Mo into a foggy place.

After Ye Mo arrived at the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, but he felt that the environment here was even worse than the Jing Yi Sect, he didn’t expect that the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, which had a bigger name than the Jing Yi Sect, had such a poor ground.

Ye Mo took a look, and the place was indeed somewhat decayed. The disciples also looked a little sparse, so it was clear that the change that happened more than two months ago still had a great impact on this sect.

Yan Yu’s master was an old woman in her sixties, lying on top of a wooden bed, her face looking a little old and tired. After she heard Yan Yu say that Senior Sister Mei had died, although she did not speak, Ye Mo could feel her sad emotions.

“Master, this is senior Ye Mo, I invited him back to help you cure your illness.” Yan Yu carefully wiped the old Daoist nun’s eyes and pointed at Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo?” Surprisingly, it was Ye Mo, the old Daoist nun’s eyes did have some more light in them, although she struggled to sit up, but her physical strength really did not allow her to do so. Yan Yu hurriedly went forward to support the old Daoist nun.

She had heard of the name Ye Mo, and to the people of the Outer Hidden Sect, it was a big name. Although she was seriously injured, the disciples and senior sisters who participated in had all talked about some things about the Hidden Sect Grand Competition when they returned, and she was not unfamiliar with the name Ye Mo. Although she also knew that Ye Mo couldn’t save her, it was impossible for her not to care about such a person who was even feared by Huludani.

“Young warrior Ye, Little Yu doesn’t know what to do, so I’m really terrified to bother you.” The old Daoist nun was different from Yan Yu, who was young and uninformed and dared to invite Ye Mo to help her heal. One should know that a ruthless person like Ye Mo, once he is displeased, he can exterminate the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ at any time.”

It could be said that with a person of Ye Mo’s fierce reputation, not to mention that her ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai,’ had no more substance than the Six Outer Hidden Sects. Even if the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, was also one of the Six Outer Hidden Sects, she was not willing to provoke someone like Ye Mo, besides, her sect was still even more declining now. But now, in front of Ye Mo, she couldn’t say that she didn’t welcome Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless and binged. He had been outside the city for a long time, and was really a bit unfamiliar with these young warriors and seniors.

Ye Mo had long since ceased to be the cultivation disciple who didn’t understand the world, and although he wasn’t exactly cunning, he could see that the old Daoist nun seemed to be somewhat defensive towards him.

At the same time, his divine sense could also detect that this old Daoist nun was very badly injured. If he didn’t use the ‘Lotus Life Pill,’ it would definitely take a large amount of True Qi to heal her internal injuries. Ye Mo was a person who did not like trouble, besides, he had already obtained so many medicinal herbs from Yan Yu, and had also obtained the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’, so he would just give her a ‘Lotus Life Pill,’ when the time came.

“I don’t dare to call you Young Warrior, it also sounds a bit awkward, if you look up to me then just call me Ye Mo.” Ye Mo waved his hand and said.

However, this old Daoist nun still said, “Young warrior Ye must not say that, the old body’s Dharma name is Qingyan. Senior sister Qing Sui, don’t come over to meet Young Warrior Ye ……”

Ye Mo knew that he was probably already positioned in Qing Yan’s mind as a martial artist who only relied on force to solve problems, so he had to shut his mouth and didn’t bother to explain. He also knew that the reason why Qing Yan had to treat herself like this was not that she was afraid of herself, but that she was afraid that he, Ye Mo, would mess up in the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai. Perhaps at this point she was already complaining that Yan Yu didn’t know any better and dared to bring back even someone like Ye Mo.

Qing Sui, the daoist nun, Ye Mo had seen before, it was a daoist nun in her forties who attended the auction in Ghost City last time, with an early earth level cultivation. She had seen how powerful Ye Mo was, and now that Qing Yan had said so, she was even less likely to do anything that would upset Ye Mo, and immediately brought two of her older disciples in to greet Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sighed, he knew that the longer he stayed here, the more upset these Daoist nuns would become. He looked at Yan Yu, who was at a loss for words, and Qing Sui, who was standing to the side, and had to say, “Actually, I came this time because I got a favour from Xiao Yu and came to do a favour. It’s just to help Master Qing Yan heal his wounds, nothing else.”

“Young warrior Ye, the old body’s injuries, the old body knows very well and knows that with the current injuries, there is no hope of healing. Xiao, Yu and Xiaomei insist on going to look for the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’, which in fact cannot completely cure the old body’s injuries. Young warrior Ye is a man of great importance, the old body only hopes that you can look after my ‘Lian Hang Jing Zhai’ for the sake of your acquaintance with Xiaoyu.” Qing Yan hurriedly said after hearing Ye Mo’s words. Although she was a little short of breath, she still said these few words in one breath.

Ye Mo was crying and laughing, was his reputation in the Hidden Sect that bad? This old Daoist nun’s words, of course he could hear them. Looking after one or two is false, the implication is that you, Ye Mo, are a person who does great things, just don’t come to trouble us, ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, this small temple.

Am I Ye Mo the big bad wolf? But what is there to say with an old Daoist nun who is about to die. It was normal for them to be afraid of themselves, the Hidden Sect was a place where the weak were strong, and she had probably heard of her own killings in the Hidden Sect. Moreover, the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai, which seemed to be more active together than the Jing Yi Sect, participated in many of the activities. However, Ye Mo estimated that after experiencing this incident “Lian Hang Jing Zhai, should learn the way of Jing Yi Sect, that is, no longer more out of the mountain.

Yan Yu was also jittery, she was not a fool, the expressions of Master and Uncle had fully explained that it seemed she should not have brought Ye Mo to the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai”

Ye Mo didn’t want to talk any more, he took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill, handed it to Yan Yu and said, “Little Yu, this pill is enough to cure your master, take it and feed it to your master.”

“Young warrior Ye…” Qing Yan did not want to be cured of her illness and owe Ye Mo a favour.

Only before she could fully say her words, she was interrupted by Ye Mo, “Half of your meridians are broken and your dantian is also on the verge of rupture, if not for me, no one can save your life.”

“…….” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Qing Yan, who was in shock, forcibly swallowed his words, Ye Mo didn’t even touch himself, he knew that he was so badly injured, and still dared to say that he could cure himself. This was too bizarre, and what kind of immortal pill was his pill?

Yan Yu was so anxious about his master’s injuries that he had already put the elixir into his master’s mouth. Qing Yan only felt the elixir immediately turn into a liquid in his mouth, and then automatically inhaled into his body.

“Lotus Life Pill, upon entering her mouth, Qing Yan immediately perceived a cooling sensation arising in her body, and the ruptured meridians automatically began to repair. While she was still in shock in her heart, Ye Mo’s words came right at that moment, “Master Qing Yan, if you can do the circumference of the heavens now, I think you can recover 80% of your injuries in an hour at most.”

It was too late to think about Ye Mo’s words, Qing Yan had already started to luckily perform the Circumlocution. For a mid-Earth level Ancient Martial Arts practitioner, this tactic was still available.

After most of an hour, even Yan Yu, who didn’t know anything, knew that his master’s injuries had greatly improved, which could be seen just by the look on his face.

An hour later, Qing Yan let out a long breath, she thought she was bound to die, but she didn’t expect that in the hands of this rumoured Ye Mo, in just one hour, all her injuries had gone, and all that was left was to recuperate for a few days.

Qing Yan was even more shocked in her heart, she didn’t expect that Ye Mo was not only great at killing, but also great at saving others. However, at this moment, her injuries had already gone and she already owed Ye Mo a favour, she hurriedly came down and said to Ye Mo, “Thank you, Young Warrior Ye, for saving my life, I am a little person.”

Of course Ye Mo knew what she meant by a villain’s heart, and didn’t care. What did it matter what others thought of him, as long as he followed his heart.

Yan Yu and Qing Sui hurriedly came to thank Ye Mo as well, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Since Master Qing Yan’s injury has greatly recovered, I should also leave, let’s meet again in the future as fate would have it.”

Seeing that Ye Mo was leaving, Qing Yan and Qing Suo however became a little embarra*sed, just now both of them were very defensive towards Ye Mo, they didn’t expect that he really came to help and didn’t have any other intentions.

“Young warrior Ye, if you don’t mind, please have your lunch before you leave. This time, thanks to your help, but we can’t take out anything of value, and we will be moving out soon, so it will be somewhat difficult to thank Young Warrior again in the future …….” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The reason I came here is because I received Yan Yu’s ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ and I don’t care about any reward. But this place looks beautiful and secluded to me, why do you want to move away?”

“Alas, my clan was almost wiped out two months ago, and this time my disciple Xiao Mei was also poisoned when she went out. I don’t think this place is suitable for us to live in anymore.” Qing Yan said with a sigh.

Ye Mo’s heart moved at these words, his own Luo Yue City was in need of a large number of people to go and live there, and he wondered if this Qing Yan was interested in bringing his own disciples to Luo Yue City.

Ye Mo didn’t know how he should ask for an invitation, in case these frightened Daoist nuns thought that they were plotting against him again it would be a big mistake, thinking of this he casually asked, “I wonder what your sect offended more than two months ago to suffer this calamity?” !!!