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DYM Chapter 540

Qing Yan sighed again and said, “I don’t know who we have offended at the Lotus Voyage Retreat, since the establishment of our sect, we have been trembling with fear and treading on thin ice. But that night, a female monk came to our sect and killed a senior sister of the Scripture Collection without saying a word. Later on, she also killed several of my senior sisters and teachers, this person is really ruthless.”

Ye Mo shook his head a little speechless, he was about to exterminate your sect, and he still had a female monk. It was better not to have such a female monk. However, although he had not spent much time with Qing Yan, he did know something about this old Daoist nun’s nature, which seemed to be a bit weak and afraid of things. Ye Mo had to take the initiative and asked, “I wonder what important scriptures were stolen from your sect?”

Qing Yan shook his head and said, “No, none of our cultivation techniques was lost, except for a few copies of the Tao Te Ching in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, all of which are missing.”

“The Tao Te Ching?” Ye Mo’s face suddenly changed, he was too familiar with this book, back in the Huo family in Chun’an, he accompanied Lok Hustle to search for the 《Dao De Luo Sutra》. That found copy of the “Tao Te Luo Sutra” was sandwiched inside the “Tao Te Ching”. Could it be that the woman had come to look for the Sutra?

When he had first obtained the golden pages of the upper and lower books of the “Our Root Sutra”, he had even taken them out and studied them over and over again for half a day, but his divine sense swept in and was like mud like the sea. Apart from knowing that it was unusual, he couldn’t study any more organs.

“What’s wrong? Young warrior Ye.” Qing Yan looked at Ye Mo a little strangely, just now Ye Mo’s reaction seemed a little abnormal.

“Oh, nothing, I just don’t know why that person took away the Tao Te Ching? Could it be that those scriptures are the inherited items of your sect?” Ye Mo asked as he hastily hid his strange reaction, he also wanted to see if Qing Yan knew something.

“The inheritance items?” Qing Yan shook his head with a bitter smile.

Seemingly feeling that his sect had nothing to hide now, after a moment’s pause, Qing Yan continued, “To say that the inheritance object, in my ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ the first Ancestor had the inheritance object down, just that after hundreds of years, that inheritance I don’t know if the inheritance is true or not, but it is just pa*sed down from generation to generation, but it can’t be those few Tao Te Ching.”

“Master, what is that inheritance?” A young female Daoist nun next to him asked Ye Mo what he wanted to ask that was not good to ask.

Ye Mo looked at that Daoist nun, who he also knew, was the Daoist nun who had gotten the top three in the Great Hidden Sect Competition. She was able to get the top three because Ye Mo had abolished the core disciples of Huludao Valley, and then this spot was her turn.

Qing Yan sighed slightly and did not say that this disciple had asked the wrong question and said directly, “Actually, the inheritance is just a phrase, which is ‘one leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves’. The meaning of this phrase is something I still don’t understand until now. Neither Master Sister nor Master Ancestor understand it. Now that we have to move away in order to preserve my ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ lineage, it is time to tell you all this. Young warrior Ye saved my life, these things are not considered to be anything hidden.”

Probably feeling that Ye Mo had saved his life and preserved the only mid-earth level of the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’, Qing Yan could not come up with anything to thank him for and did not hide anything from Ye Mo when he spoke.

The inheritance was surprisingly a phrase? Not only was Ye Mo a little strange, all the disciples of the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ were a little strange, what was a phrase called an inheritance?

What was strange about Ye Mo was that he had only heard of ‘one flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi’ but not of ‘one leaf, one world’. Besides, what ‘one leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves’ is simply a contradictory sentence.

“Yes, back then, when the ancestor pa*sed it down, he said that if any of the later disciples understood what ‘one leaf, one world’ was, it would be the time when the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ would truly transform. But generation after generation, there has never been a single person who truly understands what ‘one leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves’ is.” Qing Yan shook his head and said with a sigh.

Ye Mo knew it was time for him to go, he stood up and said, “Master Qing Yan, if your sect has not found a satisfactory place, I do have a good suggestion. The ‘Luo Yue Company’ is mine, and I think many of you already know that. Now ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has moved to Luo Yue City, which is a vast area and has beautiful mountains, so if your sect doesn’t mind you can settle in Luo Yue City.”

“Luo Yue City, I know it.” Immediately, a Daoist nun spoke up.

She did know that the current ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ was different from the past, as there were more opportunities to walk around outside because they were looking for a new place. As long as one was walking around outside, there were few who did not know about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and ‘Luo Yue City’.

Qing Yan had obviously heard of Luo Yue City as well, and she did not expect Ye Mo to take the initiative to open up and invite them to Luo Yue City. This was a good opportunity, Luo Yue City was bordered by the sea on three sides, so it could be said that it was the best place to live in seclusion.

The Daoist nuns of the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’, of course, didn’t know about the crisis in Luo Yue City, the hooks and the complicated situation in the wrong, they rarely thought about it. Apart from a very few Daoist nuns who were rich in heart, most of these reclusive Daoist nuns were used to purification and did not like to think much about other things.

“If your sect wants to go to Luo Yue City, you can contact the Guang Han Sect, as the Guang Han Sect will also be moving to our Luo Yue City recently.” Fearing that these Daoist nuns still had any scruples, Ye Mo said again.

For these people in the hidden sects, if they could move to Luo Yue City, Ye Mo would still welcome it. Even if some sects wanted to get some kind of faith or some kind of temple, Daoist fast, nunnery or whatever, as long as it wasn’t reactionary and evil teachings, Ye Mo would not reject them all.

For him it was just a matter of faith. A person without faith was horrible and cold-blooded. He did not want the people living in his land to have no faith, no matter if what he believed in was true or false, but with faith, there was hope.

“The Light Cold Sect will also move to Luo Yue ……” Clearly Qing Yan was a little surprised by Ye Mo’s words.


Ye Mo left Han Yan’s contact information and left the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai” He knew that Qing Yan had already moved. A beautiful and secluded place was not a small temptation for the Hidden Sect who had nowhere else to go.

Ye Mo headed to Shennongjia again, his ‘Essence Pill’ still had some supporting herbs that he had not found. At the same time, Ye Mo’s mind was still thinking about the ‘Tao Te Ching’, the golden pages of the upper and lower books of the ‘Our Lady’s Sutra’ had already been obtained by him, so why was there still someone looking for the ‘Tao Te Ching’? One should know that not every copy of the Tao Te Ching had golden pages inside.

”One leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves” Why should it be said as ‘one leaf, one world’? Ye Mo recited this phrase and was somewhat puzzled in his heart.

Ye Mo chanted but did not think that he had already arrived at the Immeasurable Mountain again, “So soon,” Ye Mo subconsciously said. However, he guessed that he had thought about that question too much, since he had already arrived at the Immeasurable Mountain again, he just had to put aside what was in his mind and look around for medicinal materials.

The auxiliary herbs for refining the ‘Essence Pill’ however did not necessarily have to be spirit herbs, but could be used in conjunction with blue clover, party ginseng, angelica, ripe earth, and licorice.

Of course the more years the better, many herbs could be bought inside pharmacies, but those bought inside pharmacies all lost the kind of spiritual and medicinal properties that Ye Mo needed, and many of them were still planted and were of no use to Ye Mo. Even if the spiritual herbs were planted, the spiritual energy would be greatly reduced, not to mention the ordinary medicinal herbs, which were artificially grown and not properly maintained, which was no different from gra*s roots to Ye Mo. So it had to be wild ones that he collected himself.

Now that he had collected most of the herbs, the refining of the Essence Pill was actually only missing one type of blue clover.

Blue clover, which grows on shady ground, is blue in colour, has no flowers, has leaves like sharp knives and has a faint fragrance. The longest vintage of blue clover can reach twenty years, but of course, Yin land is not a humid place, once it is too humid, it is not Yin land anymore, and blue clover will not live long.

After arriving at the Immeasurable Mountain, Ye Mo searched for medicinal herbs while heading in the direction of Nan Lu Peak. Although he wasn’t too rare about the treasure that the guy he had killed had spoken of, it was good to drop by and take a look. That guy could know the other function of the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’, who knew if he had a better stock?

The Shennong Shelf was indeed a place full of good things, and Ye Mo had found at least a few dozen good medicinal herbs along the way, and some of them were of high vintage, although no spirit medicines were found, but it was still not bad. Besides, spiritual medicines are not that easy to find.

Nan Lu Peak and Di Tuo Peak in general are very treacherous. Although it was practically impossible for others to find a cave in such a treacherous cliff, it was easy for Ye Mo, who stepped onto his flying sword and searched with his divine sense below the cliff for at least half an hour or less before he found a hidden cave.

It seemed that this was the place where the man in grey said he had hidden his treasure, or maybe he usually cultivated inside this cave as well.

Ye Mo was just about to enter the cave to take a look when a harsh scream came. Immediately, Ye Mo stopped on top of a rock by the cliff wall and looked in the direction of the miserable scream.

The scream was clearly outside his divine sense and was blocked by numerous trees, so he couldn’t see it with his eyes either.

The cave had been found, so there was no hurry to go in first and see what was going on. Thinking of this, Ye Mo stepped onto his flying sword and rushed directly along the direction where the tragic scream had just occurred.

At the edge of a wild bamboo forest, a man was lying on the ground, without his arms, the ground was full of blood, and there were several pistols left around, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the pistols, all of them had no bullets. The man was long dead, and Ye Mo reckoned that the scream just now should have come from him. He immediately searched the surroundings with his divine sense, and soon found another man lying not far away in the gra*s, also dead, presumably from the same death.

Just as Ye Mo was about to continue his search, a sound of weapons clashing came from the distance again, again beyond his divine sense.

But this time, Ye Mo immediately flew over and landed on the outskirts of the few people who were fighting in the twinkling of an eye.