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DYM Chapter 541

There were three people fighting at the scene, and Ye Mo didn’t know any of these people. Although the three people fighting were ancient martial cultivators, their cultivation levels were a little too low. The one with the highest cultivation level was at the early stage of the yellow level, while the other two were a man and a woman. At best, the man had just entered the Yellow cla*s, while the woman had not even entered the ranks of a martial artist yet.

This man and woman teamed up against that early Yellow-ranked martial artist, only that all three of them at the scene were bruised and battered. The reason why that man and woman were able to fight against that early Yellow-ranked martial artist was because that early Yellow-ranked martial artist did not have enough Qi and blood, which meant that he was a little more seriously injured. Even so, this man and woman were still at a disadvantage.

I wonder which side the two men that were killed just now were from, Ye Mo thought, while walking over.

The three men who were fighting saw Ye Mo who suddenly walked out and all stopped the short swords in their hands, and all three men’s eyes looked at Ye Mo. Now that all three of them were injured, Ye Mo actually walked out in a big way. Moreover, it was in a deserted area like the Shennongjia, it would be impossible to say that the three men were not afraid of Ye Mo.

Those who dared to come alone to such a deserted mountain range were definitely not ordinary people, not to mention the fact that this young man in front of them had walked here without seeming to have a single blade of gra*s on his clothes.

“Who are you? We are settling a personal grudge, I hope my friend will not interfere.” The man at the early Yellow level saw Ye Mo walking along their side and had to speak out.

The man and woman did not say the rest of the words and also looked at Ye Mo without saying a word. Although they were at a disadvantage, they had no intention of asking Ye Mo for help.

Ye Mo had no interest in who was right and who was wrong, what interested him was what these people were fighting over. In a place like the Shennongjia, it was easy for Ye Mo to think of something good like heavenly treasures. If it was something he was interested in, he wouldn’t mind sticking his nose in it.

Ye Mo would not leave. These three then confronted each other, no one was willing to make the first move, lest they be caught by Ye Mo.

Seeing that none of the three said anything, Ye Mo had no choice but to ask: “I won’t care about your personal grudges, what was the reason for the three of you to make a move? Did you encounter something good in the Shennongjia?”

When the three men heard Ye Mo’s words, they immediately understood that Ye Mo had come to play the swing and was ready to come and sit on the fish to reap the benefits, and at once the three of them had a burst of contempt for Ye Mo.

The man at the early yellow level clasped his fist and said, “Friend, we are not fighting because of what we got here. Rather, it’s because these two have betrayed everyone’s interests, so we have to take them back, it’s our gang’s business.”

Another gang struggle, Ye Mo was suddenly lacking in interest, waved his hand, turned around and left.

“This big brother please wait ……,” the woman suddenly called out to Ye Mo.

Seeing his opponent call out to Ye Mo, the man at the early Yellow level instantly became nervous, he was afraid that Ye Mo would stay behind for three people to deal with him alone. If Ye Mo was an ordinary person, it would be fine, but if Ye Mo was also a practitioner of ancient martial arts, it would be troublesome. Moreover, a person like Ye Mo who entered the Shennongjia empty-handed, if he said he was just an ordinary person. Even he himself didn’t quite believe it.

“Oh, what else do you have going on?” Knowing that it was a gang fight Ye Mo was no longer interested, if this woman asked for her help he would not hesitate to turn around and leave.

The woman didn’t seem to see Ye Mo’s impatient expression in general. Suddenly she pulled out a cloth bag from her waist and tossed it to Ye Mo, “This is a new type of elemental acid that I found.265 I suspect that this element has an extremely strong fission ability and can be used on top of atomic bomb charges. However, this information of mine is not complete, you can give it to the Chinese government, and I’m sure there will be a big bonus for you.”

“Lu Na, you have a lot of nerve. How dare you hand something over to someone else ……” The man at the early Yellow level saw what the woman had done. His face suddenly turned pale.

After he rebuked the woman, he once again turned his gaze towards Ye Mo: “Friend, please return the thing in your hand, it belongs to our organization, if you take it it will be a disaster for you and your family.”

Surprisingly, it was a new type of element to make atomic bombs? Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, what kind of gang was so awesome, even the country had only discovered two elements that could be used for atomic bomb charges now, an organization could actually discover a new type of fission element. This was a bit too funny.

Seeing Ye Mo’s indifference, the man at the early Yellow level had an increasingly anxious look on his face. He persuaded once again, “Friend, what you are holding is something that our organization has been working on for several years. And it was obtained through the efforts of a dozen scientists. Please return it to me, and I will definitely give you a satisfactory price.”

“Li Dayi, you are shameless, this was originally the result of research by my master and his colleagues. How dare you say it was researched by you, I shame.” The woman named Lu Na immediately spat out and said.

Ye Mo looked at the early Yellow rank man named Li Dayi and suddenly asked out loud, “What kind of organization are you guys? How could you have such great strength to research such things?”

Li Dayi knew that if he didn’t report his organisation, he guessed that the young man in front of him wouldn’t buy his account. Thinking of this Li Dayi cupped his fist to Ye Mo and said, “I am Li Dayi, and our organization is ‘North Sand’. These two are traitors to our ‘Northern Sands’, so I hope that my friend will ignore our ‘Northern Sands’ affairs and we will retaliate.”

Again ‘North Sand’ Ye Mo shook his head, although this ‘North Sand’ was strong and rich in resources, but this organisation’s management was a little too chaotic. Even if he, Ye Mo, didn’t do anything, this organization would definitely not last long, even if they ruled the world, they would end up being the same material as the former Soviet Union.

A truly excellent organisation couldn’t have someone running out at every turn, and it would still be a high level tech person. There was nothing wrong with the ‘Northern Sands’ being based on technology, but they forgot that technology was created by people, and if they couldn’t keep people, what the hell was the point of developing technology.

Ye Mo thought about his Luo Yue, if he wanted to develop Luo Yue City to grow, he had to be able to keep people.

“Friend ……,” Li Dayi wanted to say something else.

Ye Mo interrupted Li Dayi with a wave of his hand, “No need for nonsense, if you were another gang, I wouldn’t bother with you. Unfortunately, you are from the ‘Northern Sand’, and it just so happens that I have that little conflict with the ‘Northern Sand’, and this thing is that useful to me.”

After saying that Ye Mo waved the cloth bag in his hand, this thing that Lu Na gave him was indeed of some use, when he went back and gave it to Ye Xing, he might be able to use it.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Li Dayi suddenly winced, “Who are you? Why do you want to go against our ‘Northern Sands’?”

The man and woman next to him also looked at Ye Mo somewhat dazedly, who was this man that he dared to go against the ‘Northern Sands’? Did he not know the power of ‘Beisha’? If he didn’t know the power of ‘North Sand’, how could he say that unfortunately Li Dayi was from ‘North Sand’ and that he had a little conflict with ‘North Sand’?

“My name is Ye Mo, I think since you are from the ‘Northern Sands’, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with my name.” Ye Mo smiled lightly, he didn’t belittle his influence in the ‘Northern Sands’ at all. He believed that with the ten billion dollars he had gotten away with in ‘Beisha’ a few months ago, it would be enough for all the people in ‘Beisha’ to know his name.

Even if the ‘Northern Sands’ were richer, ten billion dollars would definitely be a significant amount for them.

“You are Ye Mo ……” The three said it almost at the same time, not only Li Dayi, but even the man and the woman also lost their voices and shouted out.

Ye Mo, this name was too loud in the ‘Northern Sands’. He exchanged one ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ for ten billion US dollars, and the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ was still missing, even the ‘Northern Sands’ had even paid one backwards.

Li Dayi came to his senses and a deep scorn appeared in his eyes, he knew that if he was looking for someone who was not afraid of ‘Bei Sha’, this Ye Mo was really one. If he fell into his hands, he would simply die and not live.

Although he had never met Ye Mo, he knew clearly about Ye Mo’s killing of twenty-seven elites in a row in Luo Cang, including four Xuan level martial artists, and that Chen Crash and Pierre were also present at that time, yet as usual, they could not stop him. Ye Mo moved his ‘Luo Yue Company’ to Sena, and renamed Sena as Luo Yue, and announced** that who didn’t know this? Not to mention the people of the ‘Northern Sands’.

This is not the main thing, I heard that this Luo Yue City, under the command of Ye Mo, faced an attack by a pirate fleet, and the fleet of Luo Yue City not only destroyed that pirate fleet, but also took all the warships for themselves.

Li Dayi subconsciously took a few steps back, facing Ye Mo, where he still dared to ask for information?

“You are Ye Mo? Ye Mo of Luo Yue City?” Lu Na held back her inner excitement and asked.

Ye Mo looked at the excited Lu Na in confusion, nodded and said, “That’s right, I’m Ye Mo of Luo Yue City.”

“Senior Ye, I’m sorry, this time it’s me Li Dayi who has offended, junior bids farewell ……” Li Dayi said and tried to slip away, he didn’t dare to catch anyone else in front of Ye Mo. As for the information appearing in Ye Mo’s hands, it was no longer in his power, he had to report this back.

“Senior Ye, Li Dayi can’t stay, if he knows that the information is in your hands, he will definitely go back and tell ‘Bei Sha’.” The man who had not spoken suddenly spoke out.

There was no need for anyone to say anything, Ye Mo would not let a member of the ‘Northern Sands’ who knew such things leave. Moreover, even without this information, Ye Mo had no intention of sparing Li Dayi. Sooner or later, he would have to fight with the ‘Northern Sand’, there was no need to show mercy if he could kill one.

“I won’t ……” Before Li Dayi’s words fell, one of Ye Mo’s wind blades had already pa*sed.