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DYM Chapter 542

“Thanks to Brother Ye for saving my life, my boyfriend and I are both grateful. “Lu Na saw Ye Mo kill Li Dayi, although she didn’t know how he did it, but thought it should be a flying knife concealed weapon or something.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, these two people called themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, one called himself senior and the other called himself big brother. These two didn’t know what their status was in the ‘Northern Sands’, or if they were just like Wen Dong in general.

“Why is the Northern Sands after the two of you?” Ye Mo sized up the two for a few moments before he asked in a voice.

Lu Na rubbed her eyes, “Because my sister Lu Ling and I both work for ‘North Sand’, but my sister was taken away by North Sand’s people because she had to take the place of someone else’s crime, and I guess she was already in a bad way. Poor my sister has done so much for Beisha, just because she had to help someone else’s crime, she ended up in Chapter 542 – Three Thousand Worlds and Three Thousand Paths. I had the heart to take revenge, but I was incapable of doing so, so I could only escape from ‘Beisha’ secretly with my boyfriend.”

Lu Ling? Ye Mo suddenly remembered the young woman called Ling, Lu Na’s sister couldn’t be her, if it was her, it was himself who had dragged Lu Ling into this. Ye Mo looked at Lu Na carefully and found that she really looked somewhat like Lu Ling.

However, Ye Mo did not feel guilty about this, each one was just doing it for his own benefit, besides he had not done anything to Lu Ling.

Ye Mo raised the cloth bag in his hand, “Is this the new elemental 265 acid you’ve discovered that can fission as an atomic bomb charge?”

Lu Na shook her head and said, “Actually, I am just an a*sistant, the main test is still my teacher and two other chemistry professors. Two months ago, the data on this stuff was basically out, and my teacher fell ill from exhaustion. One of the two chemists had left for the Bering Sea a few days before, and the other one had gone to the USA. I just saw my chance to escape.”

“What did you go to the Bering Sea for?” Ye Mo’s heart suddenly moved, and he immediately asked.

Lu Na didn’t care about Ye Mo’s expression and said casually, “I heard from someone that one of the biggest bases and scientific testing grounds of the ‘Northern Sands’ Chapter 542 – Three Thousand Worlds Three Thousand Dao Testing Grounds is in the Bering Sea, it seems to be called the Ocean Bay Base.”

Ye Mo was secretly happy in his heart, this news was good for him, he was saying that he was going to go to the vicinity of the Bering Sea to find trouble with the ‘Black Sun Empire’ after Luo Yue City had stabilized, he didn’t expect that the Yang Bay Base was also there, it looked like it would be good to go there directly. I just didn’t know how the Yanks were doing with their investigation into the missing plane case, it seemed like there had been no movement since the last time they had sent a few psychics to look for Ning Qingxue without success. “Acid, that’s a good name, I hope this thing is really strong.” Ye Mo looked at the cloth bag in his hand and said, since there is no way to cultivate cultivation to the point of taking out a country, I will use a combination of technology and cultivation to take you out.

Unexpectedly, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lu Na suddenly said, “This element was originally named Strong by my teacher, and then because it was a newly discovered element, a gold character was added next to it. And although the words for acid and strong are the same sound but not the same word, they fit together, so it’s also convenient. If my master hadn’t pa*sed away, this discovery of an element that can fission would surely have won the latest Nobel Prize in Chemistry ……”

Lu Na bowed her head a little sadly as she thought of how her master and sister had both suffered in ‘North Sands’ one after another. It was her boyfriend who hurriedly whispered to the side to comfort her.

Ye Mo listened to Lu Na’s words but froze a little, as if there was something to grasp. Suddenly he had a flash inside his mind, the same sound and different word, fission?

He suddenly remembered the phrase ‘One leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves’. He had been given two pages of golden paper, if he changed the word it would be ‘one page, one world’, the same sound but different words. Could it be that what was pa*sed down from the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ was originally ‘one page, one world’? It’s just that the understanding of the transmission has been wrong because it has been pa*sed down for a long time?

It could also be that that master ancestor was wrong when he pa*sed on the inheritance, and what that master ancestor got might have been ‘one leaf, one world’ as well, and that’s why he didn’t understand it. Besides, in general, the Buddhist or Zen sects like to use flowers, leaves, gra*ses or whatever instead of something esoteric, never heard of using pages of a book to replace something.

Ye Mo felt more and more that his guess was correct.

If his guesses were really conversational, his two golden pages would represent two worlds, which would mean ‘two pages and two worlds’. But the normal number of the Great Dao was either three or a multiple of it, or six, or just nine.

In that case, the reason why he had not been able to see the mysteries of the two golden pages he had obtained was because they were incomplete, and it was likely that there was a third one. If there was a third page, it would be the middle page. In that case, it would fit the top, middle and bottom, or ‘three pages and three worlds’.

If his speculation was correct, then the woman who went to the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ should have taken one of the middle pages of the three pages, which was the middle page.

If it was really as he thought, then wouldn’t these pages of golden paper be heaven defying? Even the cultivation world could not have such a huge treasure. One had to know that the things that formed small worlds were invariably existences that surpa*sed spirit treasures, existences that one could not even dare to think about, when had Earth ever had such good things?

”One leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves”, or this means three thousand worlds, Ye Mo this is what he thought of from inside the fission. People who are generally cultivating know that there are three thousand dao. Is this corresponding to the three thousand worlds, is it an expression of the three thousand great dao?

If the two leaves before and after ‘one leaf, one world, one world, three thousand leaves’ had different meanings. Then his three pages of golden paper could be completely understood as three worlds, each with three thousand dao, adding up to nine thousand dao.

God, the more Ye Mo thought about it, the more confused he became, and he rubbed his somewhat painful head, feeling that this sentence contained so many things that he could not even digest it for a moment.

But no matter what it contained, or what the secret was, this golden paper was definitely something remarkable. There was a good chance that he was missing a piece of gold paper, and the missing piece of gold paper must have been taken by the woman who had gone on a killing spree at the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’.

When he thought that the three golden papers contained three thousand worlds, Ye Mo’s heart immediately burst into flames, no matter what, he had to find that third golden paper.

A woman, a half-step Innate woman, Ye Mo rubbed his head, since when was there such a powerful woman? He remembered when Lu Yue said that her dark master uncle, could she be the one who made it?

The more Ye Mo thought about it, the more he thought it should be her, because if it was her, everything would be well explained. That powerful woman had gotten the upper and lower parts of the Our Luo Sutra, but in fact, she had just gotten two copies of the apparent Tao Te Ching, so she knew that in fact, the Our Luo Sutra was sandwiched inside the Tao Te Ching.

If it had really been her, she would have found the correct Our Laws Sutra very quickly. For the correct Tao Te Ching was the Tao Te Ching with two pages of yellowing blank paper inside, one of which was gold paper.

But once the woman found out that her new copy of the Tao Te Ching had two pages, and the one she had received from Lok Hustle had only one blank page, what would her reaction be?

The first reaction would definitely be to suspect Lok Hustle, as it was Lok Hustle who took the scripture back, so wouldn’t Lok Hustle be in danger? When he thought that Lok Hustle was going to fall into this old woman’s forced confession because of himself, Ye Mo became worried.

“Senior Ye ……,” Lu Na’s boyfriend immediately called out when he saw that Ye Mo had been silent and his expression changed several times as if he had something indecisive.

Ye Mo came back to his senses, he thought of the two other people here and quickly smiled somewhat awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I was lost in thought about something just now. Thank you for this information, it’s very useful to me, I don’t know what your plans are now.”

Ye Mo wanted to summon Lu Na to Luo Yue City after he knew that she was involved in researching this fission element of money.

“Senior Ye, I came to ‘Northern Sands’ after I graduated from California State University in the United States. Later, I met Lu Na here. Originally, after this incident, Lu Na and I planned to go to Luo Yue City to join senior, but I never thought that we would be chased here. There was a senior brother who escaped with me, and he died with the people of ‘Northern Sand’.” The man’s tone was somewhat cautious and seemed to have some sadness.

Ye Mo didn’t expect that they were supposed to defect to Luo Yue, thinking that it was just as well, if they were really wanted by the ‘Northern Sands’, there really wasn’t any good place to go other than to Luo Yue.

“Going to Luo Yue, I’m very welcome, what’s your name? There’s no need to call me senior either, we’re about the same age. But you’re not bad at kung fu for a guy who’s into technology.” Ye Mo would definitely not refuse such a talent to go and join Luo Yue.

“My name is Liang Jun, my kung fu is pa*sed down from my ancestors, and after my father died, I was the only one left. I sold the family fortune to study in America, and if I hadn’t met Lu Na, I guess I would have been still in ‘Northern Sands’.” Liang Jun replied.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Good, you guys go to Flowing Snake now, it’s also Luo Yue’s territory. After you guys go to Flowing Snake, find General Yu, then General Yu will have someone send you to Luo Yue. I’ll give her a call later.”

After Liang Jun and Lu Na said goodbye, Ye Mo immediately called Yu Miaotong and told her to send the two to Luo Yue as soon as Liang Jun and Lu Na arrived. As for the information, it would be more reliable to keep it on himself.

After the two left, Ye Mo was once again in worry, he was indeed worried about Lok Hustle. With that old woman’s methods, she would definitely not treat Luo Hustle well. But there was no way for him to leave Luo Yue right now, Luo Yue City was under construction, what if something happened if he left?

As for technological development, it wasn’t a matter of a day or two either, with such a perverted character like Ye Xing, with so many people and sufficient funds, it took several months to come up with a defence system, and that was still fast. The rest of the stuff, although he could design it, it would take some time to actually turn into a physical object.

Ye Mo was sure that it would be impossible to stop the US with this defence system alone.