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DYM Chapter 543

Although he was worried, Ye Mo had no choice, there was no way he could leave Luo Yue’s affairs behind and go to the small world. Who knew what would happen in the small world? Before his Luo Yue could protect itself, he would be doing a disservice to the many people who followed him if something happened to him and he couldn’t come back for a while once he left Luo Yue.

The golden paper was equally important to him, Ye Mo, and Ye Mo even wondered if something miraculous would happen if he got the three pages of golden paper. Moreover, Ye Mo also believed that before the old woman got the exact information, she would definitely not kill Lok Hustle. If she got the exact news, then she would come to Luo Yue to find herself without having to go to her. Now it was up to her to see when she could discover the secret of the second blank paper, and Ye Mo believed that she would certainly not be willing to use fire to dispose of it as she did. Putting aside these Chapter 543 Blue Diamond Ring thoughts, Niu Mo once again arrived at that cave in Nan Lu Feng. The smell inside the cave was a bit unpleasant, and there was a huge stone door at the entrance of the cave, I don’t know if the stone door was made by the man in grey or if it was originally there.

There were two stone rooms inside the cave, one seemed to be for cultivation and sleeping, and the other seemed to be a place for making things to eat. It looked like the man in grey was really living the life of a savage, hiding inside this cave alone to cultivate, his perseverance was really good.

Ye Mo didn’t go to the stone room where he ate, the smell of air-dried meat inside was a bit unpleasant. Ye Mo’s divine sense directly swept through it, there were also many medicinal herbs inside, but those herbs had all been air-dried, although some of them were precious, but they were of little use to Ye Mo in his alchemy.

Ye Mo went straight into the stone room where the man was cultivating, and there was a simple wooden bed in the corner of this stone room. There was a book beside the wooden bed. Ye Mo casually picked up the book, but it was an ancient book with numerous herbs and methods of use, medicinal effects and so on written on it.

After reading this book, which had been torn up, Ye Mo understood why the man in grey was so proficient in medicinal herbs, so he had obtained such a book.

This thing however was of no use to Ye Mo, and he casually threw it away. Soon Ye Mo lost Chapter 543 – Blue Diamond Ring shook his head in hope, there was nothing in it that he had his eye on. They were all still treasures, and Ye Mo wondered how these things could be called treasures.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to leave, his divine sense found a wooden box that was already full of dust at the foot of the bed, and there was something inside the wooden box.

Ye Mo reached out and took the wooden box over, opened it and looked inside, and what was inside was surprisingly familiar. It was a fragment of the Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram.

Holding this fragment, Ye Mo quickly remembered that when he had obtained Guo Taiming’s jade box, there was a piece of ‘purple jiao and a map inside. He later found the inverted gourd island on top of the map, and found a fragment of the Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram inside the inverted gourd island.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately took out a jade box from inside his ring, took out the Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram fragment inside, and put it together with the fragment in his hand, and it really could fit. Although it was not yet a complete Yin Yang Fish Bagua Diagram, it was obvious that the two fragments were on the same piece, only that the remaining pieces were still missing.

Ye Mo thought for half a day but could not figure out what this was, so he had to throw the wooden box away and put the fragment in his hand and the original fragment inside the jade box.

After all, he had not found nothing, Ye Mo left the place and continued his search in Shennongjia. That night he found a few ‘blue recommendations’ and Ye Mo, who had found the ‘blue ti, no longer had the heart to stay here and immediately returned to Luo Yue.

After throwing the swaddling element information in his hand to Ye Xing, Ye Mo once again began to refine pills. Because the Old Yellow Essence in his hand was limited, Ye Mo only refined one furnace of ‘Essence Elemental Pills, just twelve in total.

”Essence Yuan Dan, has little restorative effect on Foundation Establishment cultivators, but it is not bad for restoring true qi in the early and middle Qi cultivation stages, Ye Mo got a bottle of Essence Yuan Dan, in a sense he got a few small lives.

The few things he wanted to do were done well, and Ye Mo walked out of the cultivation room refreshed, but he felt a Yuan Qi fluctuation coming from the residence next door.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept over and it turned out to be Qing Xue, who had just advanced to the third level of Qi cultivation. While feeling happy for Ning Qingxue in his heart, Ye Mo also secretly sighed that his qualifications were really not good.

Ning Qingxue’s cultivation was definitely not as diligent as his own, and she did not have as many resources as he did, but even so, she had advanced to the third level of Qi cultivation.

It was time to help her refine a flying sword, but there was a shortage of flying sword materials. There was also Bei Wei, he should also help her prepare some things.

Originally, Ye Mo planned to go out to congratulate Ning Qingxue, but once he thought of her still solidifying her cultivation, he immediately returned to the alchemy room, he wanted to help Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei refine two storage rings. It was a good thing that he had only used a third of the ’empty meditation stones he had obtained last time, and later on he obtained a large amount of ’empty meditation stones’ on top of the auction, but he did not have many auxiliary ores in his hand, so he could only refine one. Thinking that he still had to go to America, Ye Mo finally chose to refine a ring with a lot of space in one lunch, and then The ring in his hand would be processed and left for Light Snow.

After Ye Mo thought about it, he immediately took out three times the materials he had used to refine the original storage ring and began to refine a large storage ring. At this time, he was already at the fifth level of Qi cultivation and could set up a more stable spatial formation, and once the spatial formation was stable, the larger the storage ring he refined would be.

Three days later, Ye Mo let out a long breath, wasting three ‘essence pills’ and three times as many ’empty meditation stones’ before he could refine the new ring in his hand.

The new storage ring had a space of five feet square, and Ye Mo knew that this space was still too small. However, his cultivation level was too low, if he was at the Foundation Establishment stage, he could have refined a forty feet square storage ring with so many ’empty meditation stones’.

After putting all the things inside the original ring into the new ring, Ye Mo processed the original ring again, not only enlarging the area of it slightly, but also adding a blue diamond to it. The ring should not be too ugly, as Ning Qingxue was a girl.

After getting these done, Ye Mo stood up, he was just about to go out when he saw Ning Qingxue pushing the door in.

“I’ve been waiting for you outside for three days, I saw you cultivating all the time and didn’t dare to come in, I’ve advanced to the third level of Qi training.” After Ning Qingxue had advanced to the third level, she had stayed outside Ye Mo’s door, only her divine sense knew that Ye Mo was cultivating, so she didn’t dare to come in to him. Now that Ye Mo was up, she immediately came in to tell Ye Mo about her promotion, she knew that Ye Mo must be very happy to know that she had promoted.

Ye Mo had been refining his weapon and didn’t notice that Ning Qingxue had been outside. Now that Ning Qingxue had just advanced to the next level, she was the first one to come and tell him the good news.

Ye Mo took a look at Ning Qingxue’s increasingly clear face, which seemed to have slimmed down a bit again, and knew that she had been very busy recently for Luo Yue’s affairs, and some pity rose in his heart. Although she was a cultivator, but it was too hard for Luo Yue to have so many accounts pa*sing through her hands.

“Light Snow, it’s hard on you. Why don’t we arrange for a few people to take over your job, you really can’t be too busy alone.” Ye Mo was somewhat not too keen on letting Ning Qingxue continue to suffer so much.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, “No, I feel very fulfilled with my busy day, and I’m not the only one who is busy now. Luo Fei and Ye Ling are both helping me, and Mu Mei has come over too.”

“Ye Ling and Mumei are here? Has Zi Feng come?” Ye Mo was worried about just those few people, and if they had all come to Luo Yue, he was a little more at ease.

Ning Qingxue nodded, “They came three days ago, it’s just that you were cultivating and Ye Ling came to see you a few times without disturbing you. It’s just that Ye Ling doesn’t seem to be able to cultivate, although I taught her, she has no way to gather Qi.”

Ye Ling couldn’t cultivate? Ye Mo sighed in his heart, the thing he was worried about had really happened. Not everyone around him had spirit roots, and since Ye Ling couldn’t cultivate, it meant that she didn’t have spirit roots. There was nothing even he could do about such things.

In the cultivation world, there were still individual heaven and earth spiritual objects that could produce spiritual roots for people without spiritual roots, but on Earth, a place where there was a stash of spiritual energy, one simply could not even think about it. Even if there were such spiritual creatures, such places could not survive.

After cultivating, Ning Qingxue certainly understood some of what Ye Mo had taught her, and now that Ye Ling could not cultivate, she was also a bit gloomy in her heart. However, she still comforted Ye Mo and said, “In the future, when Luo Yue City is built, this place will definitely be very safe, even if you can’t cultivate, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Ye Mo didn’t explain, Ning Qingxue still didn’t know what the purpose of cultivation was, she thought this cultivation was just like ancient martial arts, to strengthen her body. The reason why she worked so hard to cultivate was also because of what Ye Mo said to do so, as for those longevity or whatever, even if Ye Mo had said it, she would have just listened to it and would not believe or put it to heart at all. This is simply not something that can be changed by human will.

Ye Mo also did not deliberately try to explain further, he took out the refined ring and handed it to Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, this is for you, do you like it?”

“What a beautiful ring …….” Ning Qingxue grabbed the ring as soon as she could, her eyes already shining with joy.

There wasn’t a woman who didn’t like a diamond ring that symbolized steadfast love, let alone one from the man she liked. As for Ye Mo, this ring was not wrapped in anything and was just taken out straight away, she didn’t even put it to heart, her mind was already completely absorbed by the diamond ring in her hand.

After Ye Mo picked up the ring and helped her put it on, Ning Qingxue could no longer hold back the fiery love inside her and flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. This was the first time Ye Mo had given her a ring, and it was such a beautiful blue diamond ring, was this the proposal ring he had given her?