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DYM Chapter 544

Ye Mo embraced Ning Qingxue, feeling those faint fragrances on her body, and his heart was on fire. He somewhat uncontrollably kissed Ning Qingxue’s lips, and had even forgotten to tell her that it was a storage ring.

Ning Qingxue put on what she thought in her heart was an engagement ring, and it was already difficult for her to be by herself, but now she was even more lost in Ye Mo’s arms. When Ye Mo kissed her, she could not control her emotions, and even forgot that she had left the room door open when she came in, so she kissed him back even more emotionally, while feeling a wave of weakness all over her body.

Ye Mo even reached into Ning Qingxue’s bodice with one hand and grabbed the proud plumpness of her chest.

A rush of footsteps made the two people who were immersed in pa*sion come to their senses. Ye Ling saw that the door to Ye Mo’s room had opened, and knew that her brother had come out, so she rushed over in time.

But what caught her eyes was that her brother was hugging her sister-in-law Light Snow, and when her eyes saw the position of Ye Mo’s hand it was even redder as she said, “Brother, you are really bad, even the door to the room is not closed ……”

Ning Qingxue sobered up from that lost fire and finally understood her current situation with Ye Mo, hurriedly left Ye Mo’s embrace and straightened her sash, but did not have the good sense to speak to Ye Ling.

Ye Mo smiled somewhat awkwardly, “Ye Ling, you’re back, how are things in Yanjing.”

When Ye Ling heard Ye Mo ask about it, she immediately forgot about the embarra*sment she had just felt and talked about Yanjing incessantly. Ye Mo knew from Ye Ling’s mouth that although Ye Zifeng had stabilized in the Ye family. But after all, he was still a bit too young, and among the complicated forces in Yanjing. The Ye family’s form was already much worse than before. This was still a lot of people who didn’t dare to go too far for the sake of Ye Mo’s face, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s energy there, perhaps the Ye family led by Ye Zifeng would have withdrawn from the most core power structure.

“Brother, second brother said that the Ye family is not as good as before. He plans to come to Luo Yue, but grandfather said he can’t come yet. Grandpa said that the Americans have ideas about Luo Yue, so let brother be careful. Also even if you stabilize in Luoyue, grandpa said it’s best not to move the pharmaceutical factory of the flowing snake.” Ye Ling saw that Ye Mo had fallen into thought and immediately said all that Ye Bei Rong had said.

Ye Mo secretly nodded his head, Ye Bei Rong was really an old ginger, he still saw things much further. He had never been to Luo Yue, yet he could analyze what the United States was thinking about Luo Yue. This was already remarkable. Moreover, he had also mentioned ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ implicitly, and although he had not explicitly said it, he had guessed a thing or two.

It was also. What the Americans had in mind for Luo Yue, I guess many people already understood. And since the US cared so much about Luoyue as a place, it had delayed making a move and even proposed to reserve the idea of a forceful solution. All these together, once others analyse it. One could see what the Americans had in mind.

Ye Mo frowned and fell silent. Since others could analyze it, if his pharmaceutical factory dragged on for too long, the Americans would definitely be able to think that they had guessed what they were up to. In that case. Would they completely not want ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and then grit their teeth and make an early move?

Ning Qingxue, who had already walked to the side, saw Ye Mo after hearing Ye Ling’s words. Once again, she frowned, knowing in her heart that Ye Mo was worried about Luo Yue. Luo Yue had so many people’s affairs on his shoulders. This was already a far cry from when he didn’t like the idea of having attachments. He built Luo Yue all for himself and sister Luo Ying. Thinking of this Ning Qingxue was a little distressed and walked over to Ye Mo again and grabbed his hand.

Ye Mo looked at the somewhat nervous Ning Qingxue and Ye Ling and suddenly smiled, what did he have to fear, soldiers will come and go, since they are here, what is there to fear?

Thinking about the situation in front of him, Ye Mo once again summoned Ye Xing Xu Yuehua and the others over to study countermeasures. Because of the lack of time, Ye Mo couldn’t possibly delay for too long, he had to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

After listening to Ye Mo’s words, all of them knew that this kind of thing could not be rushed. Not to mention that Luo Yue was a small place that had just been established, even if it was a country, there was no way to become a military power within a short period of time.

“Brother, I have read the information you brought back, and I am certain that I can develop a new type of launchable intercontinental atomic bomb successfully within a year’s time. It’s just that we have a little too little technological talent on our side, if we had more, I’m sure our research and development progress would be even faster.” Seeing that everyone was a bit discouraged, Ye Xing took the initiative to step forward and said.

“Then let’s recruit more technological talents from all over the world, if we pay more money, there will always be people willing to come and work.” Ye Ling said without even thinking about it.

Void Moon Hua shook her head, “Although our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is very profitable, it’s barely enough now in the face of the increasingly large military expenses and the cost of building Luo Yue City. When we first came here, because Luo Yue was going to be developed in a big way, we had already recruited a large number of technological talents from all walks of life. If not for that, our initial defence system would not have been able to be set up so quickly. If we have to gather more talents, I am afraid that our Luo Yue City will not be able to support it and eventually go bankrupt ……”

There was another sentence that Void Moon Hua didn’t say, if it wasn’t for the more than ten billion dollars that Ye Mo earned back, maybe Luo Yue would have already gone bankrupt.

Ye Mo fell silent, although the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital’ received one patient equal to several years of profit of an ordinary hospital, but this is not good enough, after all, this patient is a little too few. After all, there were only a few people who could spend US$100 million on medical treatment, and none of his US$1 billion ‘Face Preserving Pills’ had been sold so far. Although Ye Mo knew that this price was a bit out of range, he did not want to sell it cheaply.

Alas, this place on Earth. If it was in Luo Yue City, a face-residency pill of one billion dollars, there was no telling how many mortal nations would have to buy it. You should know that although the Face Preserving Pill is not difficult to refine, but the Face Preserving Fruit is a once-in-a-lifetime find. It was simply ironic that one could not even sell one here.

Hearing what Void Yuehua said, Ye Xing also nodded, “Yes, Sister Yuehua has a point, if there is money, I even suggest buying a large amount of sea power first, even including aircraft carriers. Also we need to build shipyards and set up large dockyards at the same time. For a place like Luo Yue where the sea is on three sides. You can’t do without maritime power. Even if I don’t have the time to be busy with this now, but these facilities can be set up by others first, and I can take the time to guide them.”

Still no money, Ye Mo sighed. What exactly was the best way to gather a large amount of money inside a short period of time?

“If only that biggest diamond mine in Russia was ours, there’s a trillion carats of diamonds in it, it adds up to 200 million kilograms I guess, if it’s converted into dollars, I guess even this island of ours would be piled up.” Ye Ling suddenly spoke up.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at the diamond ring in her hand, and surprisingly, the thought in her mind was when she and Ye Mo would actually get married.

“200 million kilograms of diamonds? How much would that cost?” Ye Mo suddenly asked subconsciously.

“If the colour is not bad, I estimate it to be at least 400 million dollars. But that’s impossible, if these diamonds were easy to mine. People would have mined them long ago.” Void Yuehua said somewhat tastily, obviously also feeling a little jealous that these diamonds were not theirs.

However, Ye Mo’s heart was moved, it was hard for others to mine. It didn’t mean that it was hard for him. He was already at the fifth level of Qi cultivation and was already able to perform the earth vanishment technique, he could even search for the diamonds directly in the earth with his divine sense.

As for the hardness of diamonds, it was even no problem for his flying sword. He believed that anything of any hardness would still be like flying ash under his flying sword. Besides, he still knew the hardness of diamonds, as he had just refined one for Ning Qingxue. There was no pressure on him at all.

The only difficulty was that he had just advanced to the fifth level of Qi cultivation, so it was a bit difficult to use his divine sense to search for the location of the diamond when he wanted to vanish into the earth at the same time. Moreover, the place where diamonds could be formed was definitely very hard, so if he didn’t think of a way. Relying entirely on his own true essence would definitely not work.

Because Ye Mo was silent, all the people did not speak.

After a long time. Only then did Ye Mo slap the table, just when all the people didn’t know what he had thought of. Instead, Ye Mo said, “Sister Yuehua, you are immediately in charge of sending out a global announcement and recruiting all the world’s technological talents. As long as they are willing to come, the price will be several times, or even ten times, their original price, especially for military technology talents. Ye Xing, once Sister Yuehua has recruited some technological talents, you should immediately tell them to develop the military products we need most.

Also, immediately procure all kinds of military weapons, whether it’s guns and bullets, or machine tools and heavy industry production lines. As long as there are no outdated military products that can be bought, we want them all, as for money, I will go out and think of a way.”

Ye Mo thought to himself, although he could not come and go underground through true essence, but he could refine talismans. He could refine a large number of earth vanishing talismans, so that he could come and go in the earth without the slightest effort.

Ye Mo was very dry, and after he refined a large number of earth-replacing talismans, he went to look for diamonds. Although he couldn’t find 200 million kilograms, to him just finding a thousand kilograms would be a big deal. The comprehensive purchase of various machine tools and various production lines was not that Ye Mo wanted to use them to produce the latest weapon equipment, but with these foundations, Ye Xing’s research and development would be sped up quite a bit.

As for scientists and military talents from all over the world, although Ye Mo said so, it was estimated that the most core talents could not necessarily be recruited. Because those talents were already controlled by the state, but of course some of the more enlightened western countries were not necessarily very strict about these talents, so it wasn’t like none of them could be recruited.

If it really didn’t work, he would just go to another country and forcibly kidnap them away, learning from the history of the ‘Black Sun Empire’, those Japanese pirates could kidnap, why couldn’t he?

When Ye Mo thought of this, he stood up abruptly, what was he thinking? Where was the need to kidnap those scientists? Since the ‘Black Sun Empire’ had already kidnapped the scientists, all he had to do was to go and destroy those Japanese ‘Black Sun Empire’. The scientists from all walks of life would become their own food? How would they need to be kidnapped?

But have the Yankees found the nest of the ‘Black Sun Empire’ yet? Have they done anything? If the scientists were taken away by the Americans, it would be a disaster, and it would be even worse for Luo Yue.

No, we must go to the Bering Sea immediately, we must find the ‘Black Sun Empire’ before the Americans do. Ye Mo could no longer sit for a minute, immediately hurriedly explained some things to Void Moon Hua and left Luo Yue in the shortest possible time, even the matter of refining the earth transport talisman to find the diamond was put aside by him.