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DYM Chapter 545

An hour or so later, Ye Mo arrived at the island where he had searched for Ning Qingxue last time. Last time, Ye Mo followed some Japanese invaders to this island, there was a wooden house on this coral island, but when Ye Mo came here this time, the wooden house had disappeared, and the four dead Japanese in front of the wooden house had also disappeared.

It seemed that someone had already been here. Ye Mo had made a divine sense mark on the wooden house and the black sun badge of the four Japanese, but this divine sense mark could only be sensed at a certain range.

Ye Mo turned around and found nothing, it looked like this coral island had been abandoned by those Japanese.

Although his divine sense was already close to 800 meters, it was still a bit difficult to search for a hidden place in the vast ocean Chapter 545 – High-tech Fishing Boat.

Knowing that there were difficulties, Ye Mo did not want to give up. The ‘Black Sun Empire’ had been secretly established for many years, and there was still no telling how many scientists these Japanese had found, and also how many results had been developed, which were all more diamonds than diamonds to Ye Mo. It was just as well that he hadn’t established Luo Yue City, but now that he had, these would be very important to him.

Once he got his hands on all these research results and scientists, Luo Yue would have to struggle for at least ten years less.

Ye Mo did not expect that in just a mere year, his mentality would change so much. At the beginning, he caught three Japanese men from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ in Hong Kong and learned from them that the ‘Black Sun Empire’ specialized in kidnapping scientists from all over the world, at that time he thought that it had nothing to do with him. He didn’t expect to want those scientists too so soon.

For the sake of Luo Yue City. Ye Mo searched the sea day and night. For three consecutive days, but there was not the slightest discovery. On the fourth day, when Ye Mo was ready to look specifically for some small islands, he felt as if he was locked in by something. Ye Mo secretly said that it was not good. He immediately changed his position and went into stealth.

It didn’t take long before Ye Mo spotted a small cruiser on the surface of the sea Chapter 545 – High-tech Fishing Boat. As soon as he saw the beige flag on it, Ye Mo immediately knew that it was a Yankee ship.

Ye Mo did not deal with this cruiser for the time being, but looked around a bit, generally speaking a cruiser alone appeared on the sea or a bit abruptly, let alone a small cruiser.

When he arrived a hundred kilometres ahead of the cruiser, he spotted a ship without any flag. But there were a few Japanese people on board the ship. Immediately, it made Ye Mo feel that these were the people from that ‘Black Sun Empire’.

Having found these Japanese, Ye Mo was secretly happy, but he also immediately understood why that rice flag cruiser was following these few Japanese. It turned out that they had likewise not found the real landing place of the Japanese, they just didn’t know how long they had been following them.

No matter how long that American cruiser had been tracking. Ye Mo had already decided to get this warship out of the tracking game and leave the rest to himself.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo once again returned to the top of the US** ship and prepared to make his move.

Meanwhile, a few officer-like men inside the command room of this cruiser were staring at the radar in confusion. They had clearly scanned the unidentified object just now, how come it had disappeared in the blink of an eye?

“It’s there again, a kilometre directly above the ship’s hull ……” the moustached man staring at the radar for a closer look suddenly shouted excitedly.

“Lock on immediately ……” the moustache screamed again before the captain’s words had even fallen.

All the men looked in the direction he was pointing. A white light flashed across the radar screen, what kind of attack was this?

“Return fire ……” the captain gave the order to attack at the first opportunity. It was evident that the US** ship captain’s reaction was much faster than those guys in Indonesia.

The flying sword in his hand turned into a white light. It cut directly towards the cruiser below. After reaching the fifth level of Qi cultivation, Ye Mo’s flying sword could completely slash out a ten meter long and three meter wide sword mane.

“Boom ……” Before the captain’s words fell, Ye Mo’s flying sword had already cut a crack in the cruiser from the middle, as if it was a watermelon that had been cut. This crack went from the top of the warship all the way to the lowest end of the warship until it was submerged in the water.

“What’s going on?” All the men of the cruiser just felt the warship vibrate slightly and seemed to tilt down a little.

“It’s going into the water ……” one of the fastest reacting sailors screamed, their cruiser hadn’t even started fighting and it was being attacked into the water, this was outrageous.

Ye Mo retrieved his flying sword and stared at the cruiser that he had slashed a crack down the middle and slowly sank. But shook his head, his own strength was still too low, if his strength was a bit higher, his sword could have completely cut this cruiser from the middle and become two halves, which would have a shocking effect.

It was impossible to repair such a rift quickly, the ship had already started to part on both sides, and the life-saving boats had been released one by one.

Ye Mo was furious, he had already done it himself, where would he let the people on top of this warship leave? Without waiting for these people to get into the lifeboats, he immediately changed direction and once again a few swords went down, this cruiser accelerated its speed and soon sank inside the boundless sea.

After confirming that no one could come up, Ye Mo quickly caught up with the small ship being chased in front of him. It was only at this point that Ye Mo noticed that this Japanese small ship had suddenly sped up quite a bit, it looked like they knew they were being followed, so they were taking their time and were probably still thinking of countermeasures. Now that the cruiser that was following them had suddenly disappeared for some reason, they where not hurrying to escape as fast as they could.

The US fleet soon arrived at the place where their cruiser had been in trouble, but there was nothing left at the scene.


The Japanese are not like the Japanese. This was another coral island, even smaller than the one Ye Mo had originally seen, the only difference was that this time it was an extremely small three-unlike warship that was docked. The original coral island, on the other hand, was just a fishing boat.

Ye Mo really didn’t know what these Japanese were doing to build so many strongholds on top of these coral islands.

On top of the small island were the same wooden huts, only this time there were two of them. Eight Japanese sailors came down from the top of the three unlike ships, and carried several large wooden boxes. These eight men came down and left one outside, while the remaining seven entered the huts. Each of these eight men had a Black Sun badge hanging above their necks, and once Ye Mo took a look, he knew that these men were indeed from the ‘Black Sun Empire’.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside the several wooden boxes and his heart moved, he did not expect that all of these wooden boxes were filled with gold. Looking at the size of the wooden boxes, one of them was two to three hundred pounds, so the four wooden boxes here were all estimated to have more than a thousand pounds of gold. The price of this gold was probably around twenty million dollars, although this was quite a lot of money, Ye Mo hadn’t looked at it.

He didn’t expect that the US had searched for several months and still hadn’t found these Japanese, but also that these Japanese had gotten so much gold, so it seemed that these Japanese were cautious.

Ye Mo did not know that it was not that the Americans had not found them, they had found at least two groups of Japanese in succession. But these Japanese were the same as the ones Ye Mo met last time, once they understood that they were being followed or about to be caught, they immediately committed suicide. This had left the Americans with no results at all for several months, and today they even lost a cruiser.

Ye Mo’s divine sense carefully observed the coral island. With the experience from last time, Ye Mo found that this coral island had a large number of electronic alarms and a few not-so-small radar systems.

After a few Japanese entered the wooden huts, they started gabbing, Ye Mo couldn’t understand a word of it, so he had to stealthily come down and make several divine sense markings on the island.

After making his divine sense mark, Ye Mo left this coral island, he knew that these Japanese were fond of poison. Although he could have stopped these Japanese before they ate the poison, he did not understand Japanese and had no way to force them to ask, so he might as well wait on the side.

Ye Mo left this small coral island and arrived at another small coral island a few dozen miles away. He believed that as long as he was not in the air, the Japanese’s radar would not notice a single person on the surface of the sea.

These few dozen miles were exactly the distance that Ye Mo could sense the divine sense marker, any further and he would have no way to sense it.

However, it was as if these Japanese were planning to stay here for a long time, and did not go out to sea for a whole few days, let alone showing any signs of returning.

Just when Ye Mo was a little impatient with waiting, his divine sense marker moved. Ye Mo immediately arrived in a stealthy manner over the coral island where the Japanese lived, only to find a fishing boat abruptly parked on the side of this coral island. Ye Mo didn’t even know where this fishing boat came from, he didn’t hear any sound at all.

Although some sounds could not be heard in the sea if one did not pay attention, the fishing boat was too strange.

Ye Mo carefully landed behind a rock on the island and swept his divine sense out. When he came to the island a few days ago, there were only four boxes of gold, but now there were forty boxes of gold outside the hut.

How could there be so much more all of a sudden? And where did they get all this gold from? Puzzled, Ye Mo swept his divine sense out and immediately discovered that there was a basement behind the original wooden hut. These Japanese had gotten so much gold from somewhere in the sea, and had even put it in the basement, which he had not noticed last time.

Today all this gold was moved out, it looked like they were ready to move out. As expected, several people on the island moved the gold towards the fishing boat, and the forty boxes of gold were quickly moved to the top of the fishing boat.

There were four people on top of the fishing boat, and when all the gold was already in the fishing boat, the fishing boat immediately started to move and soon left the coral island.

What surprised Ye Mo was that the speed of the fishing boat was not only much faster than that triple unlike ship, but it was also almost silent, what kind of engine was this? Or where was this a fishing boat? This was clearly a high-tech product.