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DYM Chapter 546

Ye Mo had the intention to kill the remaining eight people on this island, but after thinking about it, he didn’t do it, he was afraid that if he killed these people, he would alert the snake. In the end, Ye Mo still chose to follow the fishing boat.

At this time, it was just getting dark, so Ye Mo followed the fishing boat and only felt that the fishing boat was simply faster than an ordinary car. This speed definitely exceeded 100 kilometres per hour, which meant that this speed was close to 60 knots, or rather this speed had already exceeded 60 knots. Although Ye Mo did not know if this speed was the world’s first-cla*s sailing speed, he also knew that ordinary patrol boats might not be able to reach it, let alone warships.

And the bulky weight of this fishing boat was definitely not comparable to a lightweight patrol boat. Although the appearance of this fishing boat was designed to look like a fishing boat, Chapter 546 Laser Pa*sage, Gold Warehouse but the space inside was definitely the size of several patrol boats, and the displacement was also much too large.

Ye Mo landed on a corner of the fishing boat and really found that the fishing boat was actually equipped with cannons and missiles. Ye Mo had been following Ye Xing and the others around for quite a while recently, and knew some of these things in general. Looking at the gun ports, this fishing boat was surprisingly equipped with a 130mm main gun and a 76mm secondary gun, which was simply a small destroyer. Moreover, the turret simply looked no different from the fishing boat’s house, one could not even see that it was a turret, and it was surprising that it had such a design.

But what surprised Ye Mo the most was that the sound of the engine was very small, or rather you could only hear the sound of the fishing boat breaking waves, while the sound of the engine could barely be heard.

Ye Mo’s heart was on fire, this must be a new type of product from that ‘Black Sun Empire’. This fishing boat was not even considered a battle ship, so it was clear how technological this ‘Black Sun Empire’ really was. Perhaps their battle ships were much more powerful than the current United States. If all these things were moved to Luo Yue, what would be the result?

While Ye Mo was still in a state of distress, the fishing boat had already been going all night. On the next day when the sky was just turning white, the fishing boat entered a narrow port. Ye Mo Chapter 546 – Laser Pa*sage, Golden Warehouse’s divine sense swept out, this was an island, and it looked like a private island.

There were some guards around the island, although Ye Mo’s divine sense could not know how big the island was, but his eyes could see it clearly. A large number of buildings were built on top of this island, with green hills and water, and there were various leisure facilities on the beach, so it looked like a private holiday place for the rich and powerful.

The entire island was estimated to be no more than ten square kilometres in size. Ye Mo withdrew his gaze. The fishing boat at his feet had already sailed into the inside of the island and stopped at a pier that appeared somewhat simple.

There were four Japanese on top of the pier watching over one side, two bright and two dark, but under Ye Mo’s divine sense, there was not the slightest difference. On the side of the pier, there was also a van parked, and when he saw the fishing boat coming, two Japanese men got down from the van.

The few people on the fishing boat and the two people on top of the lorry quickly carried the gold onto the lorry, which immediately drove away. Throughout the whole process, Ye Mo did not hear a single word. It was obvious that these people had done these things not once or twice and had quite a tacit understanding.

Ye Mo after the lorry left. Immediately, he killed the four people on this fishing boat and finished off the four Japanese guards at the same time, before following the van into the island.

When Ye Mo boarded the island, he realised that it was no wonder he couldn’t find the island. The island was simply hidden by the various small islands that were densely packed around it, and it was not at all inconspicuous.

The truck soon entered a valley, and when it arrived inside this valley, Ye Mo discovered that there was something else here. Only then did Ye Mo discover that there was something else here. Inside the valley, a large number of high-cla*s residential complexes had actually been built. And there were also some relatively large laboratories. It was just that they were blocked by the trees outside, so it was impossible to see them clearly without coming in.

Ye Mo’s divine sense checked out the valley, which was surprisingly very heavily guarded, with one post at three steps and one sentry at five steps in a place as big as his buttocks. In many hidden places, there were ground-to-air missile defence systems.

This was really one of the bases of the ‘Black Sun Empire’, I wonder if all their scientists were here. Ye Mo followed this truck and stopped at the entrance of the warehouse. There were cameras on all sides of the warehouse, as well as automatic firing weaponry. It could be said that even if an ant came in. It would also be clear to others what colour this ant’s shorts were.

Ye Mo was not an ant, and he wanted to prevent his stealth from being seen by the surveillance. He also deliberately put a ‘Essence Pill’ in his mouth to replenish his true essence at any time.

There were four fully armed guards at the entrance of the warehouse, and after checking the truck driver’s papers and the contents of the truck, these four guards retreated. Ye Mo’s divine sense however found that behind this warehouse door was a long pa*sage, and inside the pa*sage there were various laser lines sweeping continuously, Ye Mo was sure that even if a piece of steel walked in, it would be shredded into countless pieces by these lasers.

So powerful, Ye Mo secretly smacked his lips. With such a harsh defence, Ye Mo was sure that even he would not be able to enter the warehouse like this. Who knew if he could block the lasers, Ye Mo estimated that with his current cultivation level, it would be difficult to block these lasers.

However, Ye Mo also knew that although this warehouse was heavily defended, if he really wanted to go in, it wouldn’t be able to stop him. Even if he were to go in, he would not go in through the pa*sageway, but would choose somewhere else.

Although the other place might be nearly several metres thick steel plates, which was harder than a laser for others, but there was no pressure on Ye Mo, his flying sword could easily break through.

After the two guards retreated, the door of the warehouse opened and Ye Mo found that the lasers inside the pa*sage had disappeared.

After the truck entered the warehouse, facing a warehouse of wooden crates, Ye Mo was frozen in his tracks. How many wooden crates were there here? Before and after Ye Mo estimated that there were at least three to four thousand crates. If we calculate on the basis of two hundred and fifty pounds of gold per crate, how many are these thousands of crates? Five or six hundred tons of gold?

Last time ‘Bei Sha’ took out ten billion dollars without frowning, Ye Mo knew that ‘Bei Sha’ should be very rich. But he didn’t expect this ‘Black Sun Empire’ to be so rich as well, to have so much gold. What was this ‘Black Sun Empire’ keeping so much gold for? Why didn’t it turn into money? It still had to be put away in a warehouse like a treasure and guarded closely?

Although this gold was worth a lot of money, it was only tens of billions of dollars. Tens of billions of dollars are indeed a lot, but they are not outrageous compared to the current technological research. Why should it be kept inside a warehouse and guarded so strictly?

After the goods on the truck were unloaded, Ye Mo did not follow the truck out, but stayed in the warehouse.

The walls of the warehouse were indeed all made up of steel plates, and they were quite thick, Ye Mo’s divine sense could not see through them at all. Ye Mo found a steel plate and sacrificed his flying sword to dig directly on it.

The flying sword dug to about one or two feet and started to emit an electric flower. However, this electric flower was no challenge to Ye Mo’s flying sword, which quickly pierced through the electric flower layer and dug another meter before a large hole appeared.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this electric flower should be a layer of electricity in the middle of this steel plate, if someone pierced the steel plate with a tool, meeting the electricity would definitely be a sure death. However, Ye Mo’s flying sword could even be said to be an insulator, although it was a sword, it was a magic weapon. If his flying sword could conduct electricity, wouldn’t he be asking for trouble if he fought with others on a thunderstorm day.

Ye Mo went through this big hole dug out and drilled straight in. Originally, when he found the electric flower, Ye Mo thought he was going to set off the alarm. However, he waited for half a day, but nothing moved. Soon Ye Mo realised that his flying sword was non-conductive and unusually sharp, and did not even let the iron filings touch the conductive layer, so it was not considered an alien intrusion and did not trigger the alarm.

After exiting the warehouse, Ye Mo found that the place where he was now standing was surprisingly a small room, and a man inside the room was staring at Ye Mo in a daze, he was subdued by the direction Ye Mo had come from. What was inside this steel plate wall, he did not know, he only knew that he could not touch it, and now a man had come out of this side.

However, the man quickly reacted and he was just about to press the alarm when Ye Mo burned him with a fireball.

Only after killing the man did Ye Mo take a closer look at the room, which was full of various monitors. Ye Mo suddenly saw a shadow on top of the main monitor and froze. The reason the man was frothing just now must have been because he was studying what this shadow really was.

This shadow was very faint and if anything, it could not even be seen without looking closely. But Ye Mo was astonished because he knew clearly that this shadow was his shadow. I didn’t expect that he had already become invisible and these cameras could still see some thin shadows, I didn’t know if his cultivation level was too low or if this monitoring equipment was too perverted.

However, this man who managed the surveillance room was obviously not sure what this shadow was either, which was why he did not immediately make up his mind to call the police.

Ye Mo cut some cable wires and was about to take the hard disk away when he found that the surveillance equipment inside this room did not have a hard disk, only a monitor.

Ye Mo thought for a while, but decided to open the killing spree now, this gold had to be taken away, but he had no way to take away so much gold now, the storage ring was still too small.

After leaving this monitored room, Ye Mo started to look for the main control room here. Although Ye Mo was not afraid of a siege, it was better to reduce some trouble if he could.

Unfortunately, Ye Mo did not understand the bird language of these Japanese, he searched for half a day and killed dozens of people, but he did not find a guy who knew Chinese.

Ye Mo did look a bit annoyed, if he couldn’t find any more, he might as well kill all the people here. Moreover, Ye Mo felt that there was no airport here, and those scientists still didn’t know if they were here or not. If those scientists were not here, at most he would have made a fortune coming here.

While Ye Mo was in a state of distress, a snotty-bearded sturdy man came over with two Japanese men. Without thinking, Ye Mo went straight up and killed the two Japanese, pulled the snotty-bearded man, who had not yet reacted, to one side and simply asked, “Can you speak Chinese?”

In Ye Mo’s opinion, this snotty beard should be an official, and those who are officials always know more.