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DYM Chapter 547

The first thing this snotty beard did when he came to his senses was to gnash his teeth, only he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be experienced and spit out a black pill with a tap on the back of his head.

Ye Mo also secretly sighed, these Japanese are really ruthless, I heard before that they have a habit of cutting open their belly, I didn’t expect that the habit has changed now.

Although he didn’t know how these Japanese were trained, Ye Mo didn’t intend to ask him properly, instead, he directly nudged him in the brow, leaving him in a daze.

“Do you know Chinese?” This was the one question Ye Mo was most concerned about.


Hearing that this Japanese man knew Chinese, Ye Mo was overjoyed and immediately came out with a series of questions.

“All questions are answered in Chinese, what are you responsible for here? What rights do you have?”

“I am the head guard here Chapter 547 – Exterminating the Island, I am in charge of all security here.

“How many people are here, and what are some of the defensive forces? What valuable things are there? Are there any captured scientific researchers?”

A series of questions were thrown out at Ye Mo, and this snotty beard answered carefully.

After a whole hour, when this snotty beard was already out of breath, Ye Mo got what he wanted and casually dusted this snotty beard off.

At this time, Ye Mo already understood that this island was called Little Black Star Island, which was one of the main technological research and development islands of the Japanese ‘Black Sun Empire,’. Although the area here is not large, but the Japanese guarding here have seven hundred and thirty-nine people, in addition to this, various anti-missile defense systems, radar systems are innumerable.

The total number of technology personnel captured was two hundred and forty-two, including eighty-nine globally renowned scientists. The large number of high-cla*s residential complexes is the research and development base for the scientists. There is no airport here, all the hijacked planes are on a solitary island a thousand nautical miles from here.

Moreover, on this small Black Star Island, there were five hundred and thirty-seven tons of gold reserves, which was about half of the gold reserves of the entire ‘Northern Sands.

The first place Ye Mo, who learned all this, had to go was the main control room, and he cut off all the communication equipment. But Ye Mo Chapter 547 – Destroying the Island also knew that even if he destroyed this main control room, there were still wireless signals that could be transmitted. But what he wanted was time, and it must be difficult to keep it from being discovered by others.

The next step was to kill, Ye Mo did not hold back any longer, as long as the Japanese people he saw, all of them were killed. Besides, Ye Mo believed that he would definitely kill all of them as he went around this island, and it would never be possible to escape his divine sense.

After killing all the Japanese, Ye Mo only turned into the R&D base of those scientists.

Entering the equally heavily guarded residential complex, Ye Mo realised that the environment inside was surprisingly quite nice, except for the small space, but it was also flourishing with flowers, and was really arranged like a holiday resort.

There were several laboratories and offices, all with people concentrating on their own things. These research rooms and laboratories were all made up of one compound after another, there were ten compounds in total, each compound was independent but in one big compound. When Ye Mo entered, it was a bit like entering a university.

Ye Mo barged into the largest compound and immediately a few foreigners stared at him in surprise. For these researchers, although they were free inside the compound, they never had people barging in. Although they could go out, there was a time and a place, and at most they would just look around the beach. Or in a way, they would have more power than the Japanese here, as long as they weren’t running away.

Seeing dozens of people all looking at him, Ye Mo frowned, he didn’t speak English. Although he had learnt some in the Ninghai University library, he could only understand some very simple words, but not for speaking.

“Is there anyone who speaks Chinese?” Ye Mo said his eyes swept out again.

Sure enough, a man hesitated for a moment and stood out and said, “I am a Chinese, I know Chinese, who are you again?”

Ye Mo was secretly happy in his heart, and before he could say anything, his divine sense swept out to see a man taking out an alarm of some sort. Ye Mo didn’t wait for him to make any subsequent moves, he just pa*sed by with a wind blade. The man was immediately split in half by this blow.

The bloody killing scene made these researchers a little dumbfounded.

Ye Mo took a closer look and found that it was this one researcher who was the traitor, other than that, everyone else was acting pretty much the same.

“I’ll say it again, the man I killed just now was a Japanese, he was hiding among you to spy on you. Now those who want to leave here with me, please come forward, those who don’t want to leave, stay here.” Of course Ye Mo was not so kind, he believed that even if the environment here was good, no one would like to be under house arrest like this.

“Are you here to save us?” A white foreigner could actually speak Chinese, although it was very fluent, but he expressed his meaning.

Ye Mo nodded, “You can say that, but there are conditions for me to save you. I will definitely take you out of the control of the Japanese, you are free to mouth but you must work in my place for five years before you can leave at will, during the work period, you are free to wander around our place.”

“You are a different organisation?” The white man immediately showed a not very willing expression, changing from one place to another was all about being confined, there was no difference.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “No, we are an open and honest construction in the city, our company is called ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is not this kind of unseen place.”

, “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,?” The Chinese man immediately repeated in surprise and immediately said, “I’d like to go to “Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, I’ve heard of it and often seen it on TV. It is said that a few months ago you even occupied Sena and then changed it to Luo Yue declaring independence.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect them to know about Luo Yue City, and when he thought about it, he understood.

It was definitely possible to watch television here, or rather they were not restricted from watching television.

Since this was the case, it saved him a lot of words 0 The foreigner obviously knew about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ as well, and he explained to the other techies. Sure enough after these people heard that it was Luo Yue City, they all expressed their willingness to leave the place.

Not to mention the fact that they could regain their freedom in five years, the fact that that place, Luo Yue City, was thousands of times larger than this place was enough to make them not want to stay in this cage.

Ye Mo was satisfied that all these people had expressed their willingness to leave. If there were those who were not willing to leave, Ye Mo would definitely kill and exterminate them when he was leaving, no matter if the other party knew that they did it or not, but killing was a must.

Next, Ye Mo asked these people to gather all their research results and computers, and then all of them were handed over to him to handle.

The Chinese man was a Chinese-American materials scientist called Huang Si You, who did help Ye Mo a lot.

Several other compounds Ye Mo had taken in through the same method, and there were twelve undercover agents that he had killed. In addition to a large amount of things that had already been researched, Ye Mo also got the research results of a new type of nuclear engine. The engine on that fishing boat was the nuclear engine, which was characterised by low sound, high horsepower and low energy consumption.

There were two hundred and thirty researchers in total, plus Ye Mo’s total of two hundred and thirty-one. Ye Mo, who had been given a large amount of scientific research information, did not spare any of the research samples of some important machine tools and various military products.

Under the command of Ye Mo, Huang Siyou and the foreigner, it took more than two hundred people a whole day to transport all these things to the fishing boat. Although this fishing boat was big, it was not a cargo ship after all, and only had a carrying capacity of two to three thousand tons. Those gold took up a few hundred tons, and many things that there was no way to take away, Ye Mo could only throw down.

It was only when the fishing boat sailed out of the harbour that two helicopters flew over, and these two helicopters landed directly on top of the island. I guess those Japanese didn’t even think that all the nearly 1,000 people on this island had been killed, and not even a signal was sent out. It was because the monitoring equipment on the island showed that the island was not normal, and there was no signal feedback, that the two planes were sent.

But these two planes obviously came too late, the fishing boats had already left the harbour.

The fishing boat was originally made by the technicians, so there was no pressure for them to operate such a boat.

For those who were under house arrest by the Japanese, although they often saw the sea water, for some of them it was the first time in ten years to go out to sea.

Through the introduction of Huang Siyou and the white foreigner, Pete, Ye Mo knew that most of the scientific researchers here were above the military. They included experts in chemical weapons research, ship research, aircraft engine research, tank and ship gun research, and so on.

Even Ye Mo couldn’t help but sigh that this ‘Black Sun Empire’ had gotten so many professionals over the years, so it was clear that their ambition was poisonous. Several world wars had been fought by these guys.

It was conceivable that once these Japanese had worked hard for some more years, they could really build up a powerful military empire. But Ye Mo really didn’t know where their money came from to support such a high level of research funding. There was also that jin) ‘Bei Sha’ seemed to be the same, what exactly did these organisations want? Although Ye Mo did not know what was behind the ‘Black Sun Empire, the Japanese, but he was definitely related to that little Japanese nation.

I wonder if there is some connection between the ‘Northern Sand’ and the ‘Black Sun Empire’?

Just when Ye Mo was still thinking about the relationship between these two organizations, a rumbling sound came and four fighter jets had come completely above the fishing boat.

When the researchers on the fishing boat saw these fighter jets, their faces turned white. Although they were under house arrest on the island, they were still alive, but once the fighter jets dropped their bombs, they would not even have a chance to live.