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DYM Chapter 549

It is so cold here, this was Ye Mo’s first feeling. This is in the east-central part of Siberia, which is close to the Arctic Ocean. From the air, Ye Mo looked like the huge “Perpigai” crater was somewhat like a dry river bottom, and the frozen soil around it appeared to be extremely hard.

The construction workers around the crater seemed to be busy, they seemed to be building some houses or some facilities, Ye Mo guessed that this diamond crater was about to start.

After Ye Mo used a recluse talisman to go down, he felt that the consumption of the talisman was too great, the hardness of this place was far beyond his expectation and his divine sense could only see a dozen meters around him here, which made Ye Mo greatly frustrated.

It looked like this diamond was not so easy to get. Ye Mo was already feeling extremely strained at 300 metres below the ground, and even with the earth reclamation talisman, there was no way he could continue to go down.

However, he had carefully checked where the diamonds were generated before he came and knew that although there were some a few hundred metres away from the diamond producing area, they were after all a few, and generally the diamonds were a thousand metres or even several thousand to ten thousand metres underground. With this kind of soil, it was impossible for him to enter 10,000 metres underground unless he was already a JieDan.

Ye Mo searched for a day in several hundred metres of earth and almost consumed a large portion of his talismans before he found ten or so pounds of diamonds, which made Ye Mo a little disappointed. After consuming another hundred talismans, he decisively exited the diamond pit. Trying to find diamonds by himself, this path would definitely not work.

Over a thousand recluse talismans, even if they were sold for money to buy diamonds, would still buy more than ten or so pounds of diamonds. But he had spent so much true essence and so many talismans, only to harvest less than twenty pounds of diamonds.

Perhaps a dozen pounds of diamonds was a large fortune to others, but to Ye Mo, they were really too little. The only thing that gave him a little comfort was that he had found a large diamond that weighed over a pound.

Ye Mo found a secluded place to rest for the whole day. He had used his divine sense inside such a hard diamond pit for a day and felt extremely tired and all with a vague tingling sensation. It was only a day later that Ye Mo fully recovered.

Although there was a huge diamond pit here, and he could collect it at will, but this kind of thing was too difficult for Ye Mo. He had only found a dozen pounds on the first day, and if it was the second day it was probably even less.

The first day he used hundreds of earth-transporting talismans, which starringly had something to do with his talisman level, but it could also be seen that relying on the current refinement of talismans to find diamonds simply wouldn’t work. Not to mention a thousand pounds, even a hundred pounds would be much more difficult.

He couldn’t go and spend another month making talismans and then consume them all in one day, could he?

There was no spirit beast’s blood and no real talisman making materials, so with Ye Mo’s level, he could only make low level talismans at most, and if he played beyond his level, he could still barely make second level talismans. However, this was still not of any use.

Ye Mo stood in the somewhat cold Siberia, feeling as if the path he had chosen was not a very good one. The wealth of this world had long been occupied by others, and it was already fortunate among fortunes for him to be able to snatch Luo Yue, or rather, it was no one else who had temporarily allowed him to occupy it.

He thought of the Yanks who were secretly watching Luo Yue, and his heart grew more and more upset. But if there were no Americans on the side to covet, would he be able to live in peace in Luoyue?

Ye Mo quickly dismissed his thoughts, this world was a place where everything was calm and gentle on the surface, but secretly everything wanted to be done. Even if the Americans did not have thoughts about Luoyue, other countries would have thoughts as well. It’s just that because the US reached out first, and even issued a statement of reserved force through the UN, it’s not good for others to move for the time being.

The Americans will circle Luo Yue and say with a wink that it is my territory, then others will not dare to reach out again. There is no other way, the Americans are just domineering.

The Americans are just overbearing? The US should also have a large amount of gold reserves, why don’t I go to the US and get all their gold reserves back, it’s better than doing hard work here.

Thinking of this Ye Mo just wanted to laugh out loud, what would the Yanks think when they didn’t know their gold reserves were lost.

If I can’t get rich from diamonds, I’ll go and move the gold. After the gold is moved, I will go to the US Silver Jail to move dollars. Since you want to wait for me to build, I don’t have any money, so there shouldn’t be any problem to borrow a little from you for the time being.

For the US dollar, Ye Mo had read some information in the Ninghai University library and was not ignorant. China is the largest creditor country of the United States, but those are all false, a bunch of numbers. The Americans kept printing dollars and used the paper to exchange for large amounts of physical goods in China, causing the foreign currency reserves of Chinese banks to keep increasing. Coupled with the fact that the US dollar does not circulate in China, Chinese companies then go to commercial banks and exchange these dollars for renminbi, thus increasing the dollar reserves.

And as these dollar reserves sit there untouched, the Americans continue to print money, which eventually depreciates in value as the dollar depreciates. And the consequence of the ma*sive flow of dollars to China is more and more Chinese currency and more and more dollar reserves, which eventually creates inflationary pressure. It doesn’t matter to the Americans, they’ve already sold their stuff back and the devaluation of the dollar has no great impact on them as the biggest indebted country.

“Since there are so many dollars, I’ll help you spend some of them, it’s called robbing the rich to help the poor.” Ye Mo’s heart moved, he didn’t know anything about these economies, and even if he did, he knew it wasn’t his business. For him, the immediate priority now was to find a large source of funds for Luo Yue.

Ye Mo soon got the news from Void Moon Hua that the gold in the United States was mainly placed in two places, one was under the hard rock bed at the southern end of Manhattan Island in New York at a depth of concave metres, where the underground vault of the US Federal Reserve Bank was located. This is the underground vault of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, where more than 8 and a half tons of gold are stored by various countries, central banks and international organizations, with a market value of up to “US$100,000.

This news made Ye Mo a bit speechless, why would other countries want to store their gold in the US warehouse. Is this not a clear indication that the seven inches of his country are in the hands of others?

Putting these thoughts aside, from the information he got from Void Moon China, Ye Mo however knew that the gold here was not where the US gold was stored, and that the US gold here was only five percent at best.

The real gold of the United States is stored 50 kilometres southwest of Louisville, Kentucky, at Fort Knox, where the US Army Armoured Corps Command is located. Along with Air Force One, this is the most secure place in the country. It is said to be the place where the United States keeps its gold, but it also contains a large number of cla*sified documents and national treasures.

The Fort Knox Vault is made of granite, steel and concrete and covers an area of approximately 1,180 square metres. The vault door weighs over 20 tons and the access code is kept by several staff members. They can only be opened by entering them together. The exterior of the vault is protected by steel plates and the roof has been specially reinforced. The vault is surrounded by a guardhouse and there are guard posts all around. The driveway outside the building is guarded by a steel bar fence. No one is allowed near the vault.

The area around Fort Knox has an additional protection for the vault in the form of a garrison of 10,000 US soldiers and more than one tank. The vault has its own separate emergency power plant, water supply system and other emergency facilities and is so tightly guarded that no visitors have been allowed since its construction.

“Very detailed.” Ye Mo was satisfied with this information after hearing Void Moonghua’s words. Twenty to thirty thousand American troops and more tanks would have no effect on him, Ye Mo.

Ye Mo believed that even if the American Fort Knox vault was more feast solid, it could not be more tightly guarded than the ‘Black Sun Empire,’ vault. To Ye Mo, going to the basement of Manhattan Island to get the yellow sheds was much easier than going to the Fort Knox Vault, but Ye Mo still decided to go to the Fort Knox Vault.

Not only was there gold in the Fort Knox Vault, but it was said that there were other things that were most important to America that were not in the vault, which was somewhat appealing to Ye Mo, but of course perhaps more importantly, it was the gold in the Fort Knox Vault that was America’s.

Ye Mo was a man who did what he said he would do, and he didn’t like to stay out running around like this all the time. For him, getting the money raising done early was the most important thing.

Fort Knox was the US national vault to be exact, and because of the developed radar system and surveillance system in the US, Ye Mo was very careful in his movements. Perhaps it was not difficult for him to transport the gold from Fort Knox, the hard part was just how to get to Fort Knox.

Because of his several experiences, Ye Mo was very careful this time. He began to be invisible when he entered the American waters, plus he was already at the fifth level of Qi cultivation, so he was not discovered when he landed around Fort Knox.

As Ye Mo stood in the distance, the Fort Knox that entered his eyes was a four-sided government building, without any peculiarities. It was just an ordinary building about twelve metres high, with a length and width of over thirty metres. But he could still see the training base for the American armour in the distance, and the heavily guarded American soldiers. Perhaps those were what gave the Americans the psychological comfort that Fort Knox was safe.

Although the iron gates of the courtyard outside looked a bit simple, but Ye Mo would never underestimate this castle or this place with most of the world’s gold on it.

Perhaps for others entering the gate inside here was the best option, but Ye Mo knew that the gate was the most difficult place to enter. Ye Mo didn’t bother to challenge his stealth, ever since he was in the ‘Black Sun Empire and knew that his stealth still had a shadow under special lenses, Ye Mo started to be careful everywhere.

He rushed from the side of the highway into the side of Fort Knox as fast as he could, then with the help of the earth-transportation talisman he went underground as fast as he could.