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DYM Chapter 550

After Ye Mo came in, he realised that although the walls of Fort Knox were hard, it was simply too easy compared to that steel house in the ‘Black Sun Empire’, which even had a layer of triggered electrical alarms and ji light channels.

Was this place what others called the safest place in the whole of America? Ye Mo shook his head as the flying sword in his hand quickly pierced through the underground barriers and entered the basement of Fort Knox.

To Ye Mo, even if there were more tanks outside and more soldiers on guard, they were still just for show.

Ye Mo stood in the lower basement of Fort Knox, which consisted of small compartments staggered together, and lamented in his heart that it was too easy to get in here. Even after he had taken the gold away, those Americans still didn’t know.

Although the surveillance system in here was too much of a pose for Ye Mo, but Ye Mo didn’t make a big deal about it either. He didn’t want to be found out because after the work here was done, he still had to go to the bank in the United States for a spin.

Basement after basement was pierced by Ye Mo, and here Ye Mo saw all kinds of different strange corpses and head specimens, saw the original Declaration of Independence, and the Magna Carta, and other antique documents, as well as some strategic and confidential documents of the United States preparing for expansion. However, these things were just rubbish to Ye Mo. Instead, some jewels from the king’s crown were casually collected by him.

Only after breaking open numerous houses one after another did Ye Mo see the gold, and Ye Mo, who had already taken hundreds of tons of gold, had become more discerning. Although all he was faced with were gold bars, tens of thousands of gold bars were just some numbers to him.

To these gold bars, Ye Mo was not even in the mood to count them and directly put them into his storage ring. His storage ring had been replaced and was now about fifteen metres long, plus about ten metres wide and eight metres high, which was more than a thousand cubic metres. This storage ring was still pitifully small compared to the original Foundation Establishment cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent, but to Ye Mo it was already very impressive.

Although the storage rings in the Luo Yue Continent were very big, or even if a random storage ring was taken out, it was bigger than Ye Mo’s. But not all of them had storage rings. But not all of them had them, because the ‘Empty Meditation Stones’ there were too tight, and the average Qi Practitioner could only use a storage bag.

One by one, the rooms broke open and piles of gold were swept away by Ye Mo. By the end Ye Mo was a bit bored, after taking the 300,000th gold bar, he finally didn’t want to stay here to look for more gold bars, who knows how many more were in here, he estimated that he got at least 4,000 tons.

After Ye Mo left Fort Knox, the soldiers were still solemnly and sternly guarding the surroundings of Fort Knox, not even knowing that the gold bars had already been taken by more than ninety percent of the place they were guarding.

Although Ye Mo made a great harvest at Fort Knox, he only found a few hundred million dollars in cash in the vault of the Bank of America, and the surveillance and alarm system of his issuing bank was a far greater threat to him than that Fort Knox in the United States. Whether or not Fort Knox had been established for too long, Ye Mo had completely lost interest in removing large amounts of dollars from the bank because it was just too difficult.

He didn’t know where the most cash was in the United States, and he even thought about visiting the Federal Reserve, but in the end, he dismissed the idea. They issue dollars, they don’t necessarily have the stuff. If he knew where the dollars were concentrated and didn’t need to run from bank to bank, maybe he’d make the trip.

But the precondition was that he could not expose it, and it would do him no good if he did. Right now he was far from a match for the Americans in terms of either personal strength or Luo Yue. He could flee if he couldn’t beat them, but what about the others?

The gold in hand can let Void Moon China find someone to sell some, gold is hard currency, no worries about selling it, just do it carefully.


Ye Mo once again came to San Francisco’s Chinatown, this was what he had planned. Originally he intended to come here after he had almost finished with Luo Yue’s affairs, but only because he happened to be in the United States today to make a fortune, so he stopped by.

It was not yet dark, but the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ had closed early. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ and surprisingly, he found no one, that is, the old man called Old He and the fellow who was there at the beginning were gone.

Ye Mo once again found Peng Leji’s lair, but found that there was no one inside that private house either. It looked deserted for a long time, and some bad premonitions welled up from Ye Mo’s heart as he went to the martial arts school of the ‘Hongwu Gang’. When he and Shi Kaigan first came, this martial arts school was very prosperous, but now it was in a state of disrepair. Ye Mo went to Zhu Hong Sheng’s territory again, and again, he did not meet a single person in that solitary courtyard.

It looked like something had happened here, why didn’t he see Shi Kai Gen report to him? Ye Mo quickly remembered that his mobile phone had changed since he moved to Luo Yue, and he had to frown and go back to the entrance of the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ once again.

Just when Ye Mo was a little puzzled, his divine sense swept up a figure inside a small alley a few hundred meters away. Finally, he met a familiar face, Luo Xing, who had given him Sister Yan’s photo, Ye Mo did not expect that Luo Xing had not left yet.

The next moment he had already appeared in front of Luo Xing, who was walking with his head down, and was suddenly stopped by someone, immediately startled. However, he quickly saw clearly who the person standing opposite was, an existence that the entire ‘Hongwu Gang’ looked up to.

“Senior Ye ……,” Luo Xing called out immediately after recognizing Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Luo Xing, I didn’t expect you to still be here. Let me ask you, why can’t you see any of the ‘Tang Clan’ people? Shi Kai Gen couldn’t be found either, and how come none of the people from your ‘Hongwu Gang’ are here either?”

Luo Xing subconsciously looked around for a moment. When Ye Mo saw Luo Xing’s expression, he immediately said, “You don’t need to look, there is no one around here, just say it directly, did something happen to Shi Kai Gen?”

Luo Xing shook his head and said, “Brother Shi is not out of trouble, it is Master Peng who is out of trouble. After our ‘Hongwu Gang’ merged with the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, both sides were weakened too much. The ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, however, colluded with the local ‘San Francisco Gang’ in San Francisco to prepare to wipe out our ‘Hongwu Gang’.”

Hearing this Ye Mo nodded, it looked like the ‘Hongwu Gang’ had been wiped out, otherwise it wouldn’t be so depressed.

Luo Xing, however, continued, “Knowing that he was no match for them, Master Zhu asked for help from Master Peng of the ‘Tang Gang’. Because after our ‘Hongwu Clan’ and the ‘Yamaguchi Clan’ had merged, our strength was already weakened greatly. Master Peng also knew that even if the ‘Tang Clan’ stepped in, they were no match for the ‘San Francisco Clan’.”

“So Peng Leji has refused?” Ye Mo asked casually.

Luo Xing said with some sadness, “Before Master Peng could refuse the ‘San Francisco Gang’ and the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, they came over and killed him. It was strange that no police officers came over when the fight in Chinatown was so intense that night. It is clear that the police had been bribed a long time ago, and the ‘Tang Gang’ was already not as strong as the ‘San Francisco Gang’ plus others were attacking. Finally, in the end ……”

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold, “What happened in the end?”

Luo Xing said grimly, “In the end, the ‘Tang Gang’ was almost completely wiped out, and our gang leader Zhu was also killed. Almost all the brothers in the gang who took part in the fight died. I was able to save my life because I went out on an errand and missed this one.”

Ye Mo thought in his heart, this Luo Xing was a vice person, more than ten years ago he also went out to get photos and missed a melee, and this time he actually escaped again.

“How about Shi Kaigan and Tong Zhu?” Although he didn’t have much affection for the ‘Tang Gang’, Shi Kailigan and Tong Zhu were considered his people, and the two of them were different from Peng Leji. Peng Leji was using his Ye Mo’s strength to pull up the ‘Tang Gang’ again. Although he said it in a nice way, Ye Mo knew that Peng Leji was an extremely scheming person, and if he really had to take him away from the US, he would still take the opportunity to leave himself.

The reason why he left Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu behind to help Peng Leji was that Ye Mo had actually explained that the main task of the two was to find Sister Yan. As for the formation of the ‘Tang Gang’, even if Ye Mo did not say anything, without Shi Kailigan’s help, Peng Leji would still put the ‘Tang Gang’ together. He was a stoic character who was not willing to be subordinate to others, and this kind of character with a deep heart, Ye Mo did not like.

When Luo Xing saw that Ye Mo was not asking about the safety of Gang Leader Peng, but about Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu, his heart froze for a moment. Only he quickly reacted and instantly replied, “I don’t know the news about Tong Zhu, I just heard that Gang Leader Peng was seriously injured and was saved by one of the brothers in the gang. Brother Shi heard that he was also injured somehow and was finally saved by a one-armed man. That one-armed man was so powerful that he killed several people from the ‘San Fan Gang’ before saving Brother Shi. By the time D**k came over, he was already gone.”

“D**k?” Ye Mo felt that this name was so familiar, as if he had heard of it before.

Seeing Ye Mo talking about Di Ke alone, Luo Xing hurriedly added, “Di Ke turned out to be one of the two great masters of the ‘Grey Alliance’, he and ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’ John Jie were known as the ‘Two Great Guns and Daggers ‘. At the beginning, both the ‘Grey Alliance’ and John Jay were exterminated by his predecessor, and at that time, D**k was not in the United States. When he came back, he knew that his brothers and gang were exterminated by his predecessor and immediately came to take revenge.

It just so happened that the ‘San Francisco Gang’ and the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ were conspiring to destroy the ‘Hongwu Gang’ so that D**k joined the ‘San Francisco Gang The ‘San Francisco Gang’ and the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ conspired to destroy the ‘Hongwu Gang’. Because it was Senpai who killed John Jay, and the ‘Grey Alliance’ was also destroyed at the hands of Senpai, so D**k took the hatred to the ‘Tang Gang’. In fact, even without this incident, the ‘Grey Alliance’ would have found an excuse to exterminate the ‘Tang Gang’ and the ‘Hongwu Gang’ without the ‘San Francisco Gang ‘.”

Ye Mo finally understood that it was still related to himself. D**k, he remembered, back then Shi Kailigan was the one who mentioned this person to him. It was just that for this kind of small person, Ye Mo would generally not bother about it. He never thought that because of this guy, he would almost get Shi Kailigan killed.

That person who saved Shi Kai Gen only had one arm, and he also killed several people from the ‘Three Clans Gang’, so it was evident that this was a person who was very skilled. Who was this man? Why did he help Shi Kailigan?