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DYM Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

“Brother Ye, our instructor taught us that the one who reaches is the first, although I am a few years older than you, I know that you are not an ordinary person, usually the kind of person who reaches as our instructor says, right, so call it brother. I don’t understand such grand principles as ‘the rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of every man’, but the devils in the south were burning and looting at our border, and were simply doing nothing but evil.

Thirty years ago, when our army launched a counter-attack in self-defence, the devils in the south killed and insulted the Chinese in their territory, and burned down Chinese factories in their territory. Countless compatriots were decimated by bloody butchers. Now, although decades have pa*sed, these devils have not stopped their movements, although they are a bit more hidden, but they are a constant threat to us.

This time, several of my teammates were surrounded by Vietcong devils, and I, Guo Qi, would die to save them. So for the sake of being the same Chinese, I ask for your help. And in this several of us are still familiar with each other, so as long as we save our teammates, I am willing to help you find what you want.” Guo Qi finished speaking and looked at Ye Mo very eagerly.

Ye Mo was silent for a moment, he didn’t have any good feelings towards those Vietcong ghosts either, as for asking Guo Qi to help find something forget it, he had been searching for a few days himself, he didn’t believe that Guo Qi’s few people could help find it. But Guo Qi had a point, he was a Chinese now, and since he was a Chinese, it was only right to help out in this small way.

Thinking of this Ye Mo nodded and said: “Brother Guo is right, and there is no need to mind, just now it was my poor thinking, in that case, let’s go. You can tell me the situation by the way, a few Southern Ghosts I haven’t put in my eyes.”

“Thanks a lot Brother Ye.” Guo Qi was happy to see Ye Mo agree and gave a fist clasp. He knew that Ye Mo was not that kind of thin-skinned person, just that he might have been living in seclusion for years and was rather thin on the idea of having.

Guo Qi picked up the three guns and handed one to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “No need, I don’t like to use guns, it’s a bit troublesome to hold in my hands.”

Guo Qi remembered how Ye Mo had killed a few humongous soldiers with his bare hands and understood.

After hearing Guo Qi’s words, Ye Mo realised that it wasn’t that Guo Qi and the others were poor, but because there were six of them in Guo Qi’s squad. After the border mission, they were ambushed in the middle of the jungle, and although the other side did not identify themselves, Guo Qi thought they were the Vietcong.

During the ambush, two of Guo Qi’s six men died, three were trapped and Guo Qi was the only one who escaped. The place where they were trapped was called the ‘Cold Cave’, and Guo Qi said that if the terrain had not been so favourable for them, they would have been wiped out. When they met the ambush, everyone started to break out, but he was the only one who really escaped. And if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, even he wouldn’t have been able to escape any farther.

The ‘Cold Cave’ was not very close, and it took Guo Qi two hours to reach it even after he led Ye Mo on a fast journey. When they were just approaching the ‘Cold Cave’, the two heard a gunshot.

Guo Qi, who heard the gunshot, immediately said with surprise, “They haven’t fallen into each other’s hands yet, this is my teammate who fired the gunshot, I can hear this gunshot.”

Ye Mo, however, was even more surprised because he found out that the place Fang Nan said was this place called ‘Cold Cave’, although he hadn’t seen the ‘Wan Qing’ yet, the surroundings were exactly the same as what Fang Nan said. It seemed like it was better to be a helper, otherwise he certainly wouldn’t have been able to find this place in two hours.

“Brother Ye, what now?” Although Guo Qi was an elite member of the special forces, he knew that he was still too far and too far behind the Ye Mo in front of him, and now since he had learned that his teammates had not yet fallen into the hands of the other side, his mind suddenly became more flexible.

However, he also knew that even if his teammates hadn’t fallen into the other side’s hands, he probably wouldn’t be able to last long. Because if there was enough ammunition, his teammate wouldn’t have fired a single shot in half a day.

“How many people are on the other side in total?” Ye Mo said as he came back to his senses, he was looking for something and had to first take out all these guys who had trapped Guo Qi’s teammates.

“Judging from the shots they fired when they ambushed us, I estimate there were at least around twenty people, we also took out three or four at that time, there should still be sixteen or seventeen people now. From the looks of things, my teammates haven’t fallen into the other side’s hands yet, and they should be trying to stay up until dark to break out. But the other side should also know this, and will definitely not let my teammates stay up until dark, I guess they are discussing their countermeasures.” Guo Qi replied, speaking quite carefully.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “You follow me behind carefully, don’t shoot until necessary, I’ll just take care of it.”

Knowing that Ye Mo had killed three special forces soldiers without a sound, Guo Qi did not have the slightest doubt about Ye Mo’s words. If he was in the dark, a dozen of people might not really be enough for him, he just didn’t know who was more powerful compared to Ye Mo, that Xu Shi who was sent from above to teach them for three days.

While Guo Qi was still thinking, Ye Mo had already started to move.

The ‘Cold Cave’ was located within a valley, which was indeed easy to defend and difficult to attack, although he didn’t know why these people chose this place to ambush Guo Qi and the others, Ye Mo thought to himself that it was either because of the shortage of time or that Guo Qi and the others had retreated to this place in time.

Ye Mo’s divine sense could now reach seven metres around, and after approaching the valley of the ‘Cold Cave’, Ye Mo immediately spotted the six men and that there were people ambushed not far from here.

If Guo Qi’s judgment wasn’t wrong, it meant that they had come for reinforcements.

“With a loud boom, a bomb landed outside the ‘Cold Cave’ valley, sending up a huge mushroom cloud. It looked like these people either didn’t want to leave anyone alive or they wanted to use the bomb to threaten the people in the ‘Cold Cave’.

Six iron nails were struck by Ye Mo, these nails either hit the back of the heads of the soldiers surrounding the ‘Cold Cave’ or their temples. The six men who were hit by Ye Mo didn’t even grunt as they all fell to the ground and died.

The valley outside the ‘Cold Cave’ was fan-shaped, and although it was easy to defend, the people outside were equally easy to surround. Ye Mo killed his way along the outer fan corners, until he reached the twenty-first person, when he was discovered by the last three. And the reason for the discovery was because the man Ye Mo killed happened to be on the phone at the time, his call came to a screeching halt and the man listening to his call immediately spotted Ye Mo.

The three shots hit Ye Mo where he was staying at the same time, and even though Ye Mo’s divine sense had swept up the movement of these men pulling the trigger and dodged out of the way in time, he still grazed a blood mark on his arm.

It had to be said that these men were much stronger than that whatever the Thirteen Tai Bao was. And the guns in their hands were also a hundred times stronger than the kind of crappy stuff from the Thirteen Tai Bao.

Surprisingly injured, Ye Mo hit out six iron spikes at once in his anger, two shot the other two directly, and the remaining four smashed the guy who had injured him in the face.

“Come over here.” Ye Mo called out to Guo Qi.

Guo Qi now of course knew that the people surrounding him were definitely not a dozen, but six or seven more. Somewhat ashamed, he said, “Sorry, Brother Ye, it looks like I got the wrong information.”

“Quickly go and meet up with your teammates.” Ye Mo waved his hand and said.


Chapter 56

“Captain, how come that bomb just blew up and was gone? What was that gunfire just now? Could it have been our men coming?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll go out and take a look, you guys stay put. Wanqing, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, give me a grenade ……” The woman named Wanqing, who spoke last, spoke with a completely bloodless face because she had been shot in the leg.

The other two knew what she meant, the bullets were getting low, in case she couldn’t hold on, so she could kill herself.

“Captain Lu, are you all right.” Guo Qi shouted as soon as he rushed in.

“It seems like the person who came is Brother Guo, yes, it’s Brother Guo, did our people come? Already finished off those southern devils?” The youth with the submachine gun in his hand immediately shouted.

“Fang Wei, you’re right, it’s Guo Qi, how did he get in? Is it possible that he was …… not possible.” The woman known as the captain shook her head halfway through her sentence.

“What’s going on? Guo Qi.” The woman known as Captain Lu asked as soon as she saw Guo Qi come to the front of the cave.

Guo Qi had already seen the three people in the cave all at the entrance, and the injured Ji Wanqing was also leaning against the cave entrance holding onto the stone wall, and said with a sigh of relief, “I brought in reinforcements and took out all the Southern Ghosts that were surrounding us outside, are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine, but Wanqing was shot in the thigh and was injured. By the way, which team came to our rescue?” Captain Lu looked at Guo Qi with a puzzled look, thinking, “Which team would come here at this time? Even a rescue would not be so quick, could it be the people from ‘Wolf Whistle’?

“No, it’s a friend I just met inside the jungle, he saved me and helped come here to finish off the twenty or so southern ghosts outside.” Guo Qi took a breath and said in a hurry.

“What? You said that one person exterminated more than twenty special forces? And it was a friend you had just met? Guo Qi, can you be talking nonsense?” Captain Lu immediately shouted out in surprise.

Ji Wanqing and Fang Wei also looked at Guo Qi with a puzzled expression, if it wasn’t for the fact that they knew Guo Qi deeply as a person, they even thought that Guo Qi had defected.

Guo Qi hurriedly said, “Captain Lu, this is true, but that friend was able to win through a sneak attack, not a strong frontal attack. I was right behind him and saw it clearly, there was no mistake. It was only at the end that he was spotted and a few shots were fired.”

Fang Wei said in a daze, “I did hear the Southern Ghost fire a few shots at the end, so that’s what happened.”

“It was a sneak attack that got away, and that kind of ability is definitely strong, come on, Guo Qi, hurry up and take me to see this friend. Wanqing, come on I’ll carry you.” Captain Lu said to the injured woman behind him, and carried her directly on his back, regardless of whether she agreed or not.

“Wanqing is a gunshot wound, ah, that friend of mine will only take a minute to treat a gunshot wound. Look, I was shot this morning and it’s already scabbed over, it’s only been a few hours. He’s really good, do you know what he was doing when I met him in the middle of my escape?” Guo Qi spoke in one breath as if he were a series of pearls.

“So powerful, and really crusty.” Fang Wei had already seen the wound on Guo Qi’s waist and exclaimed in awe. A moment later he remembered and said, “By the way Brother Guo, what was he doing when you met him?”

Guo Qi said with a heated smile, “He was actually roasting rabbit meat in a leisurely manner and gave me half of it to eat, this is the most powerful senior master I have ever met in my life.”

“There is actually such an expert, I must get to know him and worship him as my master. A senior master, he must not be young. Alas, it would be better if Liu Cheng and Yu Nan were still around.” Fang Wei’s expression turned dark.

Hearing Fang Wei talk about Liu Cheng and Yu Nan, several people fell silent, and the atmosphere became a little heavy for a while.

“Ah, such a pile ……” When they walked out of the valley, several people immediately saw the twenty-four people killed by Ye Mo, all piled up into a pile, but Ye Mo was not here.

“Actually really killed so many, this, is simply too f*cking awesome, no, I must worship.” Fang Wei shouted again in shock.

“Don’t worship and worship the master, Brother Ye is a worldly master, do you think he will take you in? Brother Ye …… Brother Ye…” finished Guo Qi calling out a few words.

“All out? Then let’s go, I still have things to do, so I won’t accompany you guys.” Ye Mo suddenly appeared from nowhere and said with a faint smile.

Guo Qi froze for a moment and immediately said, “Ah, you’re leaving, Brother Ye? Oh, let me introduce to you, this is Lu Lin, the captain of our ‘Falcon’ team, and the one she is carrying on her back is also my teammate, named Ji Wanqing. This is Fang Wei, who admires you. Captain, this is Ye Mo who I said helped us out.”

“Hello Ye Mo, my name is Lu Lin, thank you so much for this time. I didn’t expect you to be so young, I thought you were at least 30 or 40 years old.” Lu Lin hurriedly extended a hand to shake Ye Mo’s, the gratitude in her eyes was obvious.

“Big brother Ye, you’re really something, and so young. My name is Fang Wei, let me worship you as my master, can you take me in?” Fang Wei’s eyes were glowing and he said to Ye Mo with an adoring face.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I also won by stealth, I am now half a bucket of water myself, how can I take on a disciple, let’s not mention this again.”

Ji Wanqing looked at Ye Mo and her eyes lit up. The reason why she wanted to join the army and even fight her way into the ‘Falcon’ squad with her own efforts. Apart from family reasons, it was also because of her admiration for the toughness of soldiers; her grandfather was a soldier and her father was a soldier, but he had no son only her as a daughter. Later she and her father had an argument over something and didn’t want to stay at home. So she made Hua Mulan her idol and came to the army as well.

If Ye Mo was really as powerful as Guo Qi said, he was the person she looked up to. All along, she had been cold to people, one was because she herself was too good-looking, if she was not cold inside the army, there would have been countless flies behind her. Another was that she felt that the army had nothing worthy of her admiration, and although their instructors were very powerful, they couldn’t manage to destroy more than twenty enemies in a row by themselves, just not even by a*sa*sination. Of course her ice-cold personality was most of all due to her family.

The only one she had some admiration for was Xu Shi, he came to the army to teach them for a few days back then, he was really powerful, only a few days later he left. The Ye Mo in front of her seemed a little different from Xu Shi, as to what the difference was, she couldn’t say, it was just a feeling.

“Brother Ye, this is my teammate Chi Wanqing, she has a gunshot wound in her leg, do you think you can help her treat it?” Guo Qi looked at Ye Mo with some urgency and said.

Ye Mo looked at the woman on Lu Lin’s back, she was just a bit in her early twenties. Her hair was very short, but it couldn’t hide her picturesque eyebrows. Her face was a little white, probably caused by blood loss. Ye Mo shook his head, thinking to himself that this kind of girl should be hiding inside her boudoir embroidering flowers, why did she come to the primitive jungle at the border?