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DYM Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

“Put her down, let me take a look.” Ye Mo had already seen the gunshot wound on Chi Wanqing’s thigh.

Instead, Lu Lin carried Chi Wanqing on her back for a while and put her down in a somewhat hidden bush, before saying, “Please, Mr. Ye, Guo Qi and I will dispose of those corpses and there are still some loot to be collected. Why don’t you help Wanqing get some treatment.” After saying that, he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to reply and turned around and left.

Ye Mo nodded, this Captain Lu was thunderous and quick to do things, he didn’t even ask himself how to treat them, if he could treat them, nor did he ask this Chi Wanqing about it.

When Lu Lin left, Chi Wanqing looked down at the location of the wound on her thigh, and then at Ye Mo, her face was a little embarra*sed, after all, this location was not very good. She believed what Guo Qi said, since Guo Qi said that this Ye Mo could treat himself, it meant that he could definitely treat it, it was just that the location of this wound was on her thigh, he wouldn’t let herself take her trousers down, right?

Ye Mo looked at the place where Chi Wanqing was injured and frowned, it wasn’t that he couldn’t treat it, it was just that this location was a bit awkward. In case his hand was placed on it, he would really hate it if this woman nagged about something, he didn’t like doing such a thankless task. Moreover, looking at the woman’s somewhat icy expression, maybe she would really say that.

Seeing Ye Mo staring at his wound, he frowned and didn’t say anything. Immediately, Ji Wanqing understood what Ye Mo meant, and with a big feeling for Ye Mo in her heart, she said in a voice so low that she couldn’t even hear herself, “Ye, big brother Ye, you can help me heal, it’s okay.”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, he was wondering what he should say to Ji Wanqing, but he didn’t expect her to take the initiative to let himself help her heal. In his heart, he had some good feelings for this Chi Wanqing who was somewhat cold on the surface, but in reality, she was not that indifferent.

The reason why he felt troubled was that Chi Wanqing’s wound was tightly packed by her camouflage uniform, unlike Guo Qi, whose clothes were all torn and tattered, and he could force out the bullet with a single slap. But Chi Wanqing’s wounds were wrapped tightly in the camouflage uniform.

Now Chi Wanqing took the initiative to say she didn’t care and let him treat her, so of course he felt good about her, this was a very solid girl. Thinking about it also smiled a little, “Actually your injury is not something difficult, just now there are two ways, one is to take your trousers off and I will treat you, and the other is to dig a hole in the top of your trousers, you see ……”

“No, I’ll take them off, I don’t have any trousers with me.” Ji Wanqing said, and took the initiative to take off her own clothes. Since she had agreed, she would not squirm.

Ye Mo’s good feeling towards this dry and direct girl was once again raised a notch. Seeing that she was struggling with her movements, she hurriedly said, “I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.” Ji Wanqing had felt that Ye Mo was a nice person from the first moment she saw him, and later he was a little hesitant about the location of her wounds and had never taken his eyes off the location of them, so she trusted Ye Mo even more. She actually let him help her take off her trousers, which made her feel incredible even when she thought about it.

Although Ye Mo’s hand did not touch her skin, she could still feel the warmth of his hand and had some soothing feeling in her heart.

Ye Mo didn’t take off all of her trousers, just to the point of the wound, and then stopped. However, Chi Wanqing felt that this look was even more ambiguous, her face turned blood red and she no longer dared to look at the movement of Ye Mo’s hand, turning her head away and pretending to be an ostrich, her heart in turmoil even she didn’t know what she was thinking.

The white and youthful skin of Chi Wanqing made Ye Mo feel a little shaky, her panties seemed to be white and floral, Ye Mo did not dare to look at them, after fixing his mind, Ye Mo also slapped Chi Wanqing’s thigh. At the same time, Ye Mo took out a few herbs and chewed a few mouthfuls and attached them to her wound.

He then casually took out a strap in his bag and tied it to Chi Wanqing’s wound and lifted Chi Wanqing’s trousers. The whole process surprisingly only took a few minutes. The reason why I chewed the medicine for her was because I was afraid she would move too slowly. A girl always wants to save face, it is not good to take off her trousers and leave them out for too long.

When Ye Mo helped Chi Wanqing put on her trousers, Chi Wanqing only reacted and she didn’t even see the whole process of Ye Mo’s treatment.

“Brother Ye, you, have been treated?” Chi Wanqing, whose redness had not yet faded from her face, asked, somewhat dazed.

“Well, it’s already healed, I guess it will be completely fine tomorrow morning.” Ye Mo said with a faint smile, he had used his True Qi to help her recover from the wound, she should get better even faster than Guo Qi.

“Ah, it really doesn’t hurt anymore, there’s still a hint of coolness, big brother Ye thank you, you’re really good.” For the first time, Ji Wanqing felt that things were actually so amazing, and the embarra*sment she felt just now had long since disappeared. What doctor could do what Ye Mo did, taking out the bullet and curing the gunshot wound in only a few minutes’ time? It was so light and easy.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.” Ji Wanqing also sensed that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, just like what Guo Qi said, he was an unusual person.

“Big brother Ye, what do you do?” It was the first time that Ji Wanqing inquired about a man, and she felt her face burning a little bit again. Yet her heart seemed to be desperate to know, and she knew that it was fate to meet someone like Ye Mo, not everyone could meet such a capable person.

Ye Mo opened his mouth and swallowed the words ‘let’s go’. If Chi Wanqing was asking him to say such things now, it meant that he had no intention of going out for the time being, so he had to say casually, “I don’t have any regular job now, I’m just doing some temporary work, I can do anything. When I’m lucky, I can earn a fortune, but when I’m unlucky, I’ve even been kicked out by the city police, hehehe.”

Ye Mo didn’t lie, he had helped people to see doctors, set up stalls, sold talismans and even helped others to trade with the gangsters.

“Ah ……” Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, she couldn’t believe that someone like Ye Mo didn’t have a job or even did some casual work.

“Big brother Ye, thank you for saving my life, I ……” Before Chi Wanqing could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Actually, your wound will be fine even if I don’t help, I can’t talk about saving your life.”

Chi Wanqing smiled sweetly, Ye Mo looked dumbfounded, he did not expect Chi Wanqing, whose face was somewhat icy cold, to look so good when she smiled. Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to be looking at himself a little dazed, Chi Wanqing actually felt a little joyful in her heart and hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, I am not talking about this, if you had not come, the three of us, the captain and I, would definitely not have been spared and might have been abused, I am really thankful to you.”

Ye Mo nodded, he knew that what Chi Wanqing said was true, and after thinking for a while said, “Actually, I think that a girl like you is really not suitable to be inside the army, of course, this is just my opinion.”

I didn’t expect Chi Wanqing to nod and say, “Brother Ye, you’re right, I was always envious of the army life and I myself worked very hard to finally get into the ‘Falcon’ squad. Now it seems that maybe I am really not suitable for the life in the army.”

After thinking for a while, Chi Wanqing said again, “Brother Ye, I would like to ask you a favour ……”


Chapter 58

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Say it, I’m willing to help you with this favor as long as it’s by the way and not troublesome.” He felt good about Chi Wanqing, and if he could help her, he wouldn’t begrudge a little time.

“I have a cousin who runs a company in Luocang City in Jiangnan Province and is short of staff right now, so I wonder if you have time to go work for their company. It’s actually quite simple, just patrol the factory.” Ji Wanqing said happily, she suddenly felt that her smiles for a year didn’t add up to as much as these twenty to thirty minutes.

Ye Mo immediately understood that this little ninny wanted to help herself, but was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to save face, or was afraid that she would love to save face, so she said it as a favor to let herself go. Otherwise, how could it be so easy to do something without having to do anything and just get paid for it?

This was a very attentive girl, but she didn’t know herself yet and was afraid of hurting her pride.

With a faint smile, Ye Mo said, “Thank you, Ji Wanqing. If and when I want to find a job, I will definitely go to your cousin’s company, in fact, I really won’t be able to do anything.”

It was not good for Ye Mo to reject Ji Wanqing’s kindness outright, he just had to go to her cousin’s factory to work, and it was not just recently, he still had to cultivate the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, if the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ did not mature, he would not leave.

“There’s no need to do anything ……” After saying that, Chi Wanqing seemed to feel that his words were a bit obvious and hastily added, “Just go around the factory.”

“Wait a minute Brother Ye, I’ll report a phone number to you, you use your phone to write it down.” Ji Wanqing said and was ready to report a phone number to Ye Mo.

However, Ye Mo said, “But I don’t have a mobile phone.”

Ji Wanqing froze for a moment, there were people who didn’t have a mobile phone these days? However, looking at Ye Mo’s dress and his statement that he didn’t have a job yet, I guess he really couldn’t afford a mobile phone.

Seeing Ji Wanqing’s somewhat embarra*sed look, Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Actually, you only need to quote the number once, and I will be able to remember it.”

Chi Wanqing glanced at Ye Mo, obviously, she didn’t quite believe Ye Mo’s words, even if she remembered it now, she would still forget it later. She thought that Ye Mo was just embarra*sed to refuse and just said it casually. However, this was not difficult for her, she immediately remembered the solution and took out a delicate comb from her pocket, took out a knife and carved a few numbers on the top of the comb and handed it to Ye Mo, and only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

Ye Mo took the comb, which still had a faint fragrance, looked at it and said with a smile, “This is a chic phone number, thank you, Chi Wanqing, if I need to work on it, I will definitely go over there.”

Seeing Ye Mo accept the item, Chi Wanqing looked very happy, but immediately said, “Brother Ye, can you not call me by my name, it sounds awkward to me. From now on, you can just call me Wanqing, my father calls me Xiaoqing, in fact, you can call me that too.”

“Alright, Wanqing.” Ye Mo helplessly called out, just now he heard her teammates calling her Ji Wanqing.

Hearing Ye Mo call herself Wanqing, Chi Wanqing looked very happy but forgot about the fact that she was going out and instead continued to ask, “Brother Ye, I heard Guo Qi say that you came here to look for something, did you find something?”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Not yet, it should be around here, there are two ‘Wanqing’ trees there and a valley. I think the valley should be this one, but the wanyin, I haven’t found.”

“Wanqing? I know, when we were hiding in the valley, I met a place with two Wanqing trees, not far from here, Brother Ye, I will take you there.” Ji Wanqing suddenly felt very happy that she could help Ye Mo.

Before Ye Mo could say anything, Lu Lin’s call came from outside, and Chi Wanqing hurriedly replied, “Sister Lin, Brother Ye and I are going to have some business, we will be back later.”

The voice was clear and melodious.

Lu Lin froze for a moment, when had Chi Wanqing been in such a happy mood? The tone of her voice was surprisingly full of cheerfulness? Wasn’t she always cold and icy? Could it be, could they?

Lu Lin shook her head and turned away, unable to figure out how Chi Wanqing had changed.

Ji Wanqing stood up and swayed a little, so Ye Mo hurriedly held her up and said, “Let me carry you.”

Ye Mo didn’t think about anything else, he just wanted to find that place early and see what else that lama had left behind. If he could really find a large amount of ‘Purple Heart Vine’, it would be very important to him.

“Well, thank you, Brother Ye.” Ji Wanqing didn’t have any refusal to lie down on Ye Mo’s back. To her, her thighs were all being looked at by Ye Mo, so what was letting Ye Mo carry her down?

This was not a squirming girl, and Ye Mo was very appreciative of Ji Wanqing, wondering if all soldiers were this quick. There were two soft ma*ses coming from his back, although it was very comfortable, Ye Mo actually thought of nothing else.

“Team Lu, was it Brother Ye who just carried Ji Wanqing over on his back? I didn’t see it wrong, did I?” Fang Wei opened his eyes wide to stare at Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing’s backs and rubbed his eyes. Chi Wanqing, who had never liked to talk to her male teammates and had even always been cold, was actually willing to let a man she was meeting for the first time carry her, which was a little too outrageous.

“You’re not wrong, hurry up and sort out these guns, they should be off on something and will be back soon.” Lu Lin said in a no-nonsense manner.

Guo Qi looked at Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing’s disappearing figure and nodded, “Brother Ye is a heroic and strange man, although Wanqing is very cold to people, she just hasn’t met her true mate, maybe Brother Ye is. They are a good match ……”

“Brother Ye, would you think I’m casual?” Chi Wanqing, who was lying on Ye Mo’s back, suddenly and inexplicably came up with a sentence.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment and immediately said, “No, I like your very natural and spontaneous personality, and you don’t squirm when you speak or do anything.”

Ji Wanqing hesitated for a moment before saying, “Brother Ye, I’m actually very cold when I’m with my teammates, I don’t like to talk much. Maybe I don’t say as much in a month combined as I did with you today. Since my parents divorced, I joined the army under the influence of my family. Also because of my parents, I have a natural rejection of even men.

I don’t know why, Brother Ye, I feel a sense of nature and freedom in you, but that has always been something I aspired to. But there is no sense of rejection of you, maybe it is not the kind of natural spontaneity you imagine, so ……”

After saying this Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo with some concern, she was suddenly afraid that Ye Mo would not like her kind of personality.

Ye Mo smiled, of course he understood what Chi Wanqing meant, the fact that she could feel the pursuit of nature and freedom in herself meant that she also had spiritual roots, and looked at her even more differently. In a place like Earth, where spiritual energy was scarce and cultivation resources were close to zero, having spiritual roots was indeed not easy.

“Just go live your life as you want, there is no need to accommodate others, if you like it, you like it, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it …… Huh, this is it, it is really two ‘Wanqing’ trees “Ye Mo was talking to Chi Wanqing but he had already seen the two ‘Wanqing’ trees.