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DYM Chapter 551

The first thing that came to Ye Mo’s mind was Shakichi, could it be that he had saved Shi Kai Gen? Whether it was Shakichi or not, Ye Mo decided to go to his territory to have a look.

“Why are you still here and not leaving?” Ye Mo looked at Luo Xing and asked suspiciously, reasonably speaking, he should have left San Francisco last time, but he didn’t expect to still be here now.

When Luo Xing heard Ye Mo’s words, his face showed some unnatural expression, as if he had something difficult to say that was not quite right. Ye Mo waved his hand, interrupting what he wanted to say, “Thank you for the news, I’m leaving.”

When Luo Xing reacted and wanted to say something, Ye Mo had already disappeared.


Ye Mo did not guess wrongly, Shi Kai Gen was indeed saved by Shakichi, even Tong Zhu was also saved by him. It was just puzzling to Shakichi that generally whenever something involved Ye Mo, he would quickly arrive Chapter 551 – Sister Yan’s Whereabouts. Almost a month had pa*sed since the Chinatown gang war in San Francisco, and Ye Mo had surprisingly not come yet.

Shi Kai Gen was also wondering why Ye Mo hadn’t come, even his phone couldn’t be reached. He knew that the reason why Shakichi saved him must have something to do with Ye Mo, when Ye Mo had been to the five continents and Shakichi seemed to be very scornful of Ye Mo. From the way Shakichi had saved him, he could tell that Shakichi’s skills seemed to be no less than Ye Mo’s. How could such a capable person be scornful of Ye Mo?

No matter what, Shakichi saved him, and he was still very touched in his heart. If it wasn’t for Shakichi, he wouldn’t have been lightly injured and definitely wouldn’t have had the chance to escape again.

When Ye Mo arrived at the ‘Five Continents’ again, Shakichi was talking to Shi Kai Gen. Neither of them expected Ye Mo to suddenly appear here.

“Senior Ye ……” Shakichi saved Shi Kai Gen because of Ye Mo’s face, he was a realistic person, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, he wouldn’t have gone through such a thankless task. Although the ‘San Francisco Gang’ could not help him, there were other people below him, besides, the ‘San Francisco Gang’ was the local snake here.

Shi Kaigen’s injury was not serious in the first place, and with an expert like Shakichi around, it had even healed a long time ago. When he saw Ye Mo coming, he hurriedly stood up and called out to Brother Ye Chapter 551 – Sister Yan’s Whereabouts.

“Tongzhu is not here?” Ye Mo saw that Shi Kai Gen was fine, and only then did he put his mind at ease. Shi Kaigen was helping him and he felt a little guilty if anything happened.

“Pillar went out to spy ……,” Shi Kai Gen’s words had just fallen when Tong Pillar’s voice came in.

“Brother Shi, I saw D**k tonight …… The Shakai gang master is also here.” Only when Tongzhu finished these words did he see Ye Mo and immediately called out in surprise “Brother Ye, you’ve finally come over.”

Ye Mo looked at the somewhat wretched Tong Zhu and patted his shoulder. Shi Kaigen and Tongzhu, who were in such a state, could be said to have suffered from him as well. Especially Shi Kaigen, if it wasn’t for his command, he wouldn’t have stayed in the ‘Tang Gang’.

“What exactly has happened?” Ye Mo looked at Shi Kai Gen and asked, although Luo Xing had made it clear, but Ye Mo still wanted to hear what Shi Kai Gen had to say, after all, he was the one who experienced this incident.

What Shi Kailigan and Tongzhu said was basically the same as what Luo Xing said, the difference was that D**k was still looking for Shi Kailigan’s whereabouts after he learned that he had been rescued. According to D**k’s intention, he would not rest until he caught Shi Kailigan and forced him to find out the person who was behind the extermination of the ‘Grey Alliance’.

Even Shakichi’s business had suffered greatly recently because of the ‘San Francisco Gang’s’ pressing forward.

“You’re still dealing in people?” Ye Mo was somewhat disgusted by this, except that Shakichi had saved Shi Kai Gen once again, making Ye Mo somewhat ambivalent towards him.

Shakichi hurriedly said, “No, since I met senior last time and listened to senior’s words, I have not continued with this business, now I am doing some arms business.”

“You do arms? You can get the latest weapons?” Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Yue, although Luo Yue was now buying some arms, they were all eliminated by others. As for those countries simply wouldn’t sell arms to Luo Yue, most of Luo Yue’s arms were obtained through underground means.

Before Shakichi could answer, Shi Kai Gen interjected, “America’s weapons are different from China’s, he is supplied by major arms dealers, and then the US government purchases from them. However, almost all of these arms dealers have a government background, but because of the private interests involved, it’s so much easier to get the most advanced arms in the US than at home or anywhere else.”

“That’s right, like Lockheed . Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, atk and other real strategic weapons manufacturers are very close to the government and the military, but not state-owned, or they are overtly not covertly. The sale of these strategic weapons is somewhat regulated and we can’t get them, but for some conventional light weapons it is simple to get them.” Shakichi added.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “In that case, Shakichi, you are responsible for helping me get some of the most advanced light weapons, as for the design drawings of those strategic weapons, I will go to those arms dealers to get them back. My company has now moved to Luo Yue, you should know that.”

Shakichi had wanted to say this all along, and now that Ye Mo brought it up, he was even more jīt. This time he didn’t hesitate and said directly, “Senior Ye, I know that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ wants to join Luo Yue City, senior ……”

Hearing Shakichi’s words, Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu also became eager, they had of course long known the legend of Ye Mo’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Although they were already considered Ye Mo’s junior disciples, however, they wanted to join ‘Luo Yue City’ even more, it was just that now Ye Mo was talking to Shakichi, so it was not good for them to jack in.

Ye Mo understood their thoughts and said with a faint smile, “Of course, since I said this, I am allowing you to join Luo Yue City. If you guys want to go back to Luo Yue now, that’s fine too, if you stay here, just continue to help me keep an eye on the American arms issue. Help me buy some of the most advanced arms as well, and if the United States has the most cutting-edge technology, you can tell me immediately.”

From a personal point of view, Ye Mo had to admire the US as an enlightened country. Many places were much better than other countries, and if the US wasn’t thinking of annexing Luo Yue, Ye Mo wouldn’t have approached the US to make a move. But even if the US was more bullying and he wanted to make a move on Luo Yue, then don’t blame him for making the first move. Another point was that the stinky kind of stinkiness in the bones of the Yanks as if they were the world’s number one brother made Ye Mo look uncomfortable.

“No problem, I’m willing to stay here and continue with the arms business.” Shakichi immediately took a stand. Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu certainly wouldn’t lag behind and made their attitudes known right after.

The three were willing to stay and help, so of course Ye Mo would not treat them badly, he took out three defence bracelets and gave them to the three, which would save them at least once. Although Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu didn’t quite understand what this defence bracelet was all about, they had seen Ye Mo strike a fireball with their own eyes. Moreover, Ye Mo’s founding of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and the occupation of Luo Yue, declaring independence, all these things made them feel in their hearts that Ye Mo was a mysterious and powerful person. Since he said it was possible, then it was possible.

Shakichi always had a kind of awe of Ye Mo in his heart, when Ye Mo went from Chunan to Hong Kong in the blink of an eye, an event that he still doesn’t understand. So for what Ye Mo offered, he looked at it as very valuable.

Despite Shakichi’s excuses, Ye Mo still left him US$50 million, which was still what Ye Mo had gotten after he had killed Kishen in the first place. To be honest, he rarely used money, so although he had a lot of money, it was hard to put it to use. To let Shakichi do his job, he couldn’t let him spend money.

“I also want to go to those large arms dealers to get some information back, do you guys know where these arms dealers study drawings and store them?” When Ye Mo asked these words, it caused the three people who were just immersed in joy to be completely petrified.

Going to the arms dealers to get the drawings of the arms designs? Wasn’t that stealing? This kind of thing was also possible? Even if Ye Mo was powerful, he couldn’t do such a thing, right? They didn’t know that even the gold in Fort Knox in the United States had been brought by Ye Mo, if they knew about this, they would definitely not be so appalled by Ye Mo’s words.

Ye Mo knew that if he gave Ye Xing time, he could definitely design the most advanced armament. However, he knew that Luo Yue’s time was limited, so instead of letting Ye Xing and the others design it, they should just bring it from those arms dealers and just give it to Ye Xing and the others to modify.

It was only after a long time that Shakichi, the first one to react, came up with the question “Senior, you’re not joking, right?”

Ye Mo smiled slightly “Of course I’m not joking, and I still have to finish things up during the day today, and I have to go around to the ‘Three Clans’ in the evening.”

Once again, Ye Mo’s words made the three of them think that Ye Mo was talking nonsense, even if he was going to steal the drawings, it would be night time, right, day time? To steal drawings from an American arms company in broad daylight? Crazy, really crazy. If they were to think about it, they would rather want Ye Mo to go to the ‘San Francisco Gang’ during the day and steal the drawings at night, although that would still be crazy.

Soon they knew that Ye Mo was not joking, what Ye Mo said was true, more than real money.

“But those companies are all in different places and ……” Shakichi’s words didn’t come out, but Shi Kaigan knew what he meant. With companies in various places all over the United States, plus the strict inspections in the United States now, it was impossible for a Chinese person to travel to so many places in one day.

Ye Mo waved his hand “I will think of these, you give me those information first.”

Ye Mo had a detailed map of the whole United States, as long as he had the address, he could find it. Since he had come to America, of course he had to make a fortune before leaving. He had already made some fortune, but Ye Mo felt that it was not enough.

As soon as he left to look for information, Shi Kailigan suddenly tapped his head and said, “Brother Ye, when you left, you explained that I was looking for Sister Yan’s whereabouts, and I found it later. But before I could report to you, the ‘San Francisco Gang’ invasion happened.”

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, he even thought that that Sister Yan was most likely his mother who was connected to his bloodline. It turned out that it had never been found, and he could still be calm about it. However, when he heard Shi Kai Gen say that he had found the whereabouts of Sister Yan, he had an unspeakable taste in his heart!!!