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DYM Chapter 552

Ever since he had met Ye Mo, Shi Kai Gen had never seen such an expression on Ye Mo’s face. He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and said, “A month ago, I found a person from the original ‘Hanwen Gang’, his name was Liu Shan. Back then, after the chaotic war between the gangs, the leader of the Hanwen Gang did send a man to send Sister Yan away. Later on, the Hanwen Gang was destroyed and some of the brothers escaped. The man I met, Liu Shan, was one of those who escaped. He met Sister Yan and another man who was protecting her midway.

The three of them reunited only to find that they had no money on them. Sister Yan took that bracelet from her hand and she gave it to the man who was protecting her to exchange for money. But that brother left and never came back. After Sister Yan and Liu Shan had waited for a long time, he had not returned, and then when the two of them heard the sound of gunfire, they did not dare Chapter 552 – The Small Town of Messiah to continue waiting. The task of protecting Sister Yan then fell on Liu Shan, who was considered loyal to the ‘Hanwen Gang’ He took Sister Yan to Messika Town and then got lost with Sister Yan.”

“Where is Liu Shan?” It was a while before Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

Shi Kai Gen said somewhat ashamedly, “I found him in Daley City, and then when I went to look for him for the second time, he had already moved away. I think he didn’t want to have anything more to do with the ‘Hanwyn Gang’, I understood his thoughts and didn’t go looking for him again.”

After saying that, Shi Kai Gen didn’t wait for Ye Mo to ask further questions, he immediately took out a very accurate map of the town and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is the location of Messika town, the place with red circles drawn on it is where Sister Yan and Liu Shan got separated in the first place. After I had these ready, I didn’t have time to go and look for them before the ‘Three Clans Gang’ happened. Later, after Master Shak rescued me and recovered from my injuries, I even went to look for them, but there was not the slightest news. Because the ‘San Francisco Gang’ was staring too closely, I didn’t dare to go out too often.”

Ye Mo took the map and kept staring at it, not even knowing that Shakichi had come in.

After a long time, Ye Mo put the map away, but in his heart, he had some worries for Sister Yan’s bumpy fate. Although he came from Luo Yue, but Ye Mo Chapter 552 Messika Town was a person who was heavy on emotions, otherwise he wouldn’t have looked at Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng differently. In essence, if Sister Yan was really his mother, it was an emotion that was connected by blood.

Who knew if the original outcast, Ye Mo, was his former life? Even if it wasn’t, his bloodline nevertheless remained unchanged. There was no way to erase some things, and he couldn’t help but worry about what had happened to Sister Yan.

“Senior Ye, I’ve got all this information, take a look.” Seeing Ye Mo come back to his senses, Shakichi hurriedly handed the things in his hand to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took it but did not look at it carefully, instead he just put it away. Only after a while did he say, “I’m going out for a while, as for the matter of the ‘Three Clans Gang’, just wait until I come back.”

Shi Kaigen reckoned that Ye Mo should be going to Messika town, he hesitated for a moment and thought about it. Since Ye Mo came over specifically for that Sister Yan last time, it meant that he had a great relationship with Sister Yan. It was better to wait for him to finish the matter on Sister Yan’s side before saying anything else.

Ye Mo had already regained his composure, and when he saw the way Shi Kai Gen wanted to say something but didn’t, he immediately asked, “What do you have to say?”

“Brother Ye, there is one more thing I didn’t get to say. It’s that Huang Mei came to see you after you left last time, and she was very disappointed when she heard that you had left.” Shi Kaigen saw Ye Mo ask and said in a hurry.

“Huang Mei?” Ye Mo frowned, he didn’t know this woman, besides this was still America, he couldn’t remember when he knew a woman in America, what was she looking for him for?

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t remember, Shi Kai Gen immediately added, “She is the woman who sat next to Zhu Hong Sheng after we entered the ‘Hongwu Gang’.”

When Shi Kailigan said this, Ye Mo immediately remembered. At the beginning, ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’ John Jie came to the ‘Hongwu Gang’ and asked Zhu Hongsheng to hand himself over. As a result, that woman had rejected him on the spot, and that Huang Mei seemed to be defending him at every turn. At that time, he wondered why she was defending him when he had never known that woman before.

Ye Mo had some impression of this Huang Mei, although this woman was average looking, she had a very delicate mind. Thinking of this Ye Mo opened his mouth and asked:, “After the Hongwu Gang’ was destroyed, what happened to Huang Mei?”

Shi Kaigen immediately replied, “Huang Mei is very smart, that day after Zhu Hong Sheng rejected her proposal to protect you, she immediately withdrew, she didn’t leave temporarily and left the ‘Hong Wu Gang’ right then and there. Later on, after Zhu Hong Sheng knew of his mistake, he looked for Huang Mei again, but he couldn’t find her anymore.”

Ye Mo nodded, this Huang Mei was also smart, at that time she was immediately withdrawn, not to the extent that she was so decisive, knowing that Zhu Hong Sheng was not worthy of a*sistance immediately left. But since she had left, why did she come to find herself? He, Ye Mo, was not a gangster, nor was he the boss of a gangster.

“Did she say anything?” Ye Mo asked again.

Shi Kaigen said, “She just asked if you came to San Francisco mainly to look for Sister Yan, and when you would come next. Since she already knew about it, I didn’t hide it. As for when you would come next, I said I didn’t know. Then she left, and I didn’t hear from her again.”

Ye Mo didn’t ask any more questions, this Huang Mei had a good heart, her heart was different from Peng Leji’s, she wanted to do something. It would be good if she could be allowed to help Void Moonflower, but since she had already left, there was no need to ask again.


Compared to other places in America, or even other towns in San Francisco, the small town of Messiah just seemed too ordinary. Even the streets look a bit messy, and those buildings in the town are even more ancient. Compared to the rest of America, Ye Mo felt that this town was just a little too bad.

Ye Mo was standing in front of a *brown shop, which was newly built. This was the place circled on the map Shi Kaigen had given him, when Sister Yan had come here, it just turned out that there was no *brown shop here yet.

Ye Mo sighed, so many years had pa*sed, not to mention that most of Sister Yan would not remain in this town, even if she was still here, it was not something he could find in a short period of time.

Walking into the *brown shop, Ye Mo casually asked for a *brown, he didn’t understand all that English, he just ordered a random one. The *brown was brought up and it was full of foam, Ye Mo stirred it and took a sip which was a bit bitter, he didn’t like the taste.

Casually picking up a newspaper next to him, the front page headline was the photo of the Bank of America and the vault wall that was dug up by Ye Mo. Ye Mo smiled slightly, his reaction was quite quick, it was only morning and the newspaper was already out. Although he couldn’t quite understand the English, he could guess what was going on. He just didn’t know if the Americans had found out that the vault had been moved. If the White House found out that the vault had been moved, would they go crazy?

I’ve heard that very few people go in that vault and it would be funny if the Americans only found out years later that the gold had been moved.

A blonde haired woman brought a cup of *brown* to sit opposite Ye Mo shortly after he sat down and asked in English “Are you a Chinese?”

Ye Mo understood this sentence, but he didn’t want to talk to this woman, so he pretended he didn’t understand and took a sip of the *brown he didn’t like.

“May I ask if you are a Chinese?” The blonde woman saw that Ye Mo didn’t answer her and asked again, but this time in Chinese, which was surprisingly pronounced clearly and spoken well.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly, “Yes, what do you want?”

“Oh great, I would like to ask you a favor …… Oh no, I think I can do you a favor ……” This statement from the blonde woman made Ye Mo a little surprised, asking him for a favor? Is the American so self-effacing? Besides, there was nothing that he himself needed her help with.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to say anything more, the blonde suddenly came up to Ye Mo’s ear and said, “Shall we go out and talk? I think maybe you would be interested.”

The reason why Ye Mo was sitting here drinking *brown* was because he wanted to calm himself down. He was a little sad when he thought of Sister Yan standing alone on a street corner in a foreign country, lonely and helpless. But this woman had stirred up his already bad mood even worse.

Ye Mo stood up, threw a hundred dollar note on top of the bar, turned around and left. He had no petty cash on him except for a hundred dollars.

The blonde girl saw the hundred dollars that Ye Mo threw down and hurriedly took the money in her hand and took out a card to help Ye Mo pay the money. When the barman saw her following Ye Mo, he thought the two were together and didn’t care.

The blonde walked out of the *brown shop and suddenly came up to Ye Mo’s side, even grabbed Ye Mo’s arm with her hand, and deliberately rubbed her huge chest on Ye Mo’s arm.

Ye Mo frowned, he didn’t have the slightest fondness for such women with odd chemical scents on their bodies. Compared to Ning Qingxue who was waiting for him at home, this woman Ye Mo didn’t even have the interest to take a glance at. He was sure that this woman was mostly a street prostitute, although he did not despise her, but given his mood at the moment, he did not even want to pay attention to this kind of woman.

It was just that he also had some curiosity in his heart, usually street prostitutes came out at night, while this woman actually came out in the morning, and seemed to work at the opposite time from other street prostitutes.

Shaking this woman’s arm off, Ye Mo said somewhat unpleasantly, “What exactly do you want to say? If it’s about wanting to get laid, forget it, I’m not interested in you.”

But to Ye Mo’s surprise, this woman showed some embarra*sed expressions, but she quickly threw those embarra*sments aside and surprisingly said with a smile on her face, “Oh, I know, but I like you a lot, you are a real man, you have a manly taste in you.” !!!