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DYM Chapter 553

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Again, I’m not interested in you, please move aside.”

If he didn’t have to look for Sister Yan in Mesika town, Ye Mo would have dodged away long ago, where he had time to nag with this foreign woman.

The blonde woman suddenly said, “It is rare for Chinese people to come to Messika town, may I ask if you are here for a tour? Perhaps I can show you the whole town of Mesika, I know many places here that no one else knows about. Mesika Town Haunted House, Revolving Battlefield, Chinese Backstreet, Underground Black Boxing …… Feel free to go anywhere you want, I can take you there and I want very little money. Even if you give me another three hundred …… no, two hundred dollars, I can serve you for a day.”

From her words, Ye Mo knew that this blonde girl had not given up her aim to earn her money at all Chapter 553 – Underground Black Boxing, but her words did make Ye Mo’s heart move.

Messika town was definitely unfamiliar to him as it was his first time here, and if he had someone to lead the way, he could cut down on a lot of time. This woman also knew some Chinese, and was even considered fluent, so the two of them would have no problem communicating at all.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly asked, “What’s your name? Do you need money badly?”

When the blonde woman heard Ye Mo ask her name, she quickly said, “My name is Ani, yes, I really need money, if you are tired of playing, I can even sleep with you, as long as you give me two hundred dollars.”

“No need for sex, first tell me how many Chinese are here and where do they usually live? And …… what do you know about the history of this town? No, or how long have you lived here?” Ye Mo waved his hand. After saying that, he felt that he had some problems expressing himself, what he asked for was not the history of this town, but something about this town more than ten years ago.

Once Ani heard Ye Mo ask about these things, she was afraid that Ye Mo would think that she didn’t know much and reject this business of hers. Hastily, she said, “I was born in this town. My father is a blacksmith. So, I know this place well, very well, like, like …… ”

Ani had the heart to say a Chinese analogy, but unfortunately her knowledge was limited and she thought about it for half a day, but she couldn’t come up with one.

Ye Mo didn’t care about Aini’s thoughts as he nodded and said, “You can take me to the Chinese settlement to have a look around. I want to look for someone.”

“Looking for someone, ah, that’s great. I can help you find all the Chinese in this town as long as you are looking for a Chinese, oh, people call me Wah Wah Tong.” Ani didn’t feel the slightest exaggeration in her tone. Self-consciously, she said, “To find the Chinese, we first need to go to the underground black boxing market on Montang Road, which has the second most, though not the most, Chinese. Maybe the person you are looking for is there.”

There was no way Yan would be at the underground black boxing market, Ye Mo refused without thinking, “Why should we go to the place with the second most Chinese? You can just take me to the place with the most Chinese.”

“Oh, sir, I don’t know your name yet?” Ani had the intention to address Ye Mo, only to find that she didn’t even know what his name was until now.

“My name is Ye Mo, you’d better take me straight to the place with the most Chinese.” After talking to Ani for a while, Ye Mo felt that she wasn’t as annoying as he thought she was, and was at least kind of sensible. Maybe she really needed money, if she could take herself to find all the Chinese in this town, he didn’t mind giving some dollars to this Aini.

Aini was even happier when she heard Ye Mo give her name, “Mr Ye Mo, the place with the most Chinese is the Chinese backstreet, but to get there you have to go through the underground black boxing market on Montang Road. This way, we can spend less time and find all the Chinese in Messika town.”

Once Ye Mo took a look at Ani’s flashing eyes, he knew that even if what she said was right, she must have her own ideas for insisting on going to the underground black boxing market on Montang Road.

To Ye Mo, no matter what Aini’s thoughts were, even if she took herself to the bandit’s den, he would not care half as much.

As if sensing that her words might cause Ye Mo’s misunderstanding, Aini hurriedly explained, “Actually, you can still see many powerful Chinese masters fighting in the black boxing market, if you are really not interested, we can go without.”

“No matter, we’ll go to the underground black boxing market.” Ye Mo smiled lightly and waved his hand casually, a small town in America, even if there were more black boxing masters, he would not put his mind on it.

Seeing Ye Mo agreeing to go down, Ani even shouted happily, “Oh Ye Mo God, you’re the best, you’re such a luxurious gentleman.”

Her metaphor was incoherent, but her expression was indeed very happy.

“Let’s get going, from now on just call me Mr. Yeh directly, the title Yehmer God sounds a bit unpleasant to Obama, maybe he thinks he himself is the God of America.” Feeling that although this Ani was very short of money, she didn’t have the slightest melancholy of lacking money, and even became elated because she got an errand to lead the way, Ye Mo was in a much better mood.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Ani shook her head in a hurry, “No, no, I hate that Afrikaner, he never cares about the poor people of Messika town.”

“Oh, sweetie, I hate that Afrikaner too.” A white American man chewing gum walked past Ye Mo and Ani, but he heard Ye Mo and Ani’s words and replied in a very broken Chinese language.

Aini ignored the white man and instead pointed to a small alleyway and said to Ye Mo, “Enter this and you will reach the underground black boxing market, let’s go in.”

The gum chewing white man saw Aini ignoring him, he felt a bit bored and walked a few steps faster from Ye Mo and Aini and entered the narrow alleyway, it seemed he was also going to the underground black boxing market.

After Ye Mo and Ani had walked for a short while, there were people hurriedly entering around them, and the Chinese also accounted for 40% of the population. It seemed that the place was just as Ani had said, with a large Chinese population and even a lot of activity. It was still morning and the place was already so busy, so I can imagine that at night it will be even busier.

After walking down this tiny, narrow alleyway, Aini led Ye Mo into a very large hall. There were many people inside the hall, and it sounded so noisy that it seemed a bit pandemonium. One by one, kiosks were lined up all around like heaps of people, drinking, playing cards, eating, and even some hiding away from drugs. Ye Mo, however, found that there were people of all colours and nationalities in here, appearing to be a mixture of fish and dragon.

Ani smiled somewhat apologetically at Ye Mo, “Mr. Ye, let’s just go inside, this hall is a bit noisy. There are also a lot of Chinese inside this hall, see if you know anyone.”

Aini seemed to know a lot of people here, as soon as she entered, some people immediately greeted her, in English and Mandarin.

But Aini knew what the mission of the day was, and when she saw that Ye Mo did not look at the people inside the hall, she knew that Ye Mo disliked this place. She hurriedly led Ye Mo through the hall and into the lower ground floor.

At the entrance, Ani stopped and she looked at Ye Mo with some embarra*sment and said, “Mr. Ye, can you lend me two hundred first? Don’t worry, I definitely won’t renege on my debt.”

A few hundred dollars was no different from a few pieces of paper to Ye Mo, but he wasn’t an ingrate either. He just drew two dollars and handed them to Ani, if she really ended up taking herself all over Messika Town, he didn’t mind giving her more. Just in case she could still pry out traces of Yan from over ten years ago, maybe he’d give even more.

“Thank you, Mr. Ye, you are truly my God, oh, let’s go in.” As cheerful as a gambler raising his betting money again, the expression on Ani’s face seemed like she was getting not two hundred dollars but two million dollars.

Ye Mo secretly said, “Those who are content are really happy, this Ani really exemplifies this saying very well.

The two of them arrived at the entrance, Aini paid twenty dollars and then led Ye Mo into the underground boxing ring.

When Ye Mo saw the same rowdy crowd in the basement, he immediately knew that Aini must have her own business, which led him to the basement. However, Ye Mo found that there were indeed a lot of Chinese inside and those Chinese were shouting in front of several boxing rings.

“Aini, why are you here so early?” A very fluent Chinese asked.

The speaker was a yellow-skinned young man in his twenties who seemed to have an injury on his head and was still wearing a bandage. He squeezed in front of Ye Mo and Aini and looked at Ye Mo after asking this question.

Aini was about to ask Ye Mo to wait while she went to find this youth, but she didn’t expect him to come out. Somewhat embarra*sed, Aini took out the three hundred dollars and stuffed it into this youth, then said, “Ye Mo is my new friend, you don’t have to worry. You go ahead and register, I’ll come back tonight to watch your preliminaries.”

Ye Mo found that the three hundred dollars were all coming out of him, a hundred dollars were the ones Aini had snatched from inside the coffee shop, and two hundred were the ones he had just asked to borrow.

The young man hesitated for a moment, but still took the money and simply said, “I will definitely not let you and Sister Si Si down.” After saying that, he turned around and went inside the crowd, and Ye Mo saw him enter the competition area.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ye, I lied to you. Don’t worry, I will definitely lead you to search the whole Mesika town, and if the person you are looking for is really here, I will definitely help you find it.” Seeming to feel that she had done something ungodly, Ani apologized and said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at the youth who left and he felt some familiarity. In this youth, he seemed to see something that he had seen before, but he just couldn’t recall it for a while.