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DYM Chapter 554

“His name is Yin Jia, because he needs money badly, at least tens of thousands of dollars, so he came here, I want to help him, but I don’t have any money either ……” Aini explained for half a day, and Ye Mo finally understood what she meant.

Ani is likewise not a native American, her father is from Hong Kong. After her father came to the United States many years ago, he moved around to the small town of Messiah. Later his father worked in the town making iron for a living, met Ani’s mother and after two days of union gave birth to Ani, but her mother died just after Ani was born.

Ani’s father barely survived in the area with Ani, although it was not a good life. Later, due to the economic crisis, Ani’s father became completely bankrupt and had to move to the Chinese backstreet ghetto on low income. Because of the discrimination against Chinese here, Chapter 554 Sijia Aini and her father did not enjoy many benefits. Add to this the fact that Ani’s father was also an alcoholic and most of the money was taken by his father to drink, and Ani had even less money to use in his day-to-day life.

It was in the Chinese backstreets that Ani met and fell in love with the Yin family, both siblings. The Yin family and his sister are in desperate need of money, but Ani has no way to help, so she comes to the underground to play black boxing. Since Yin is a good fighter, two or three men are no match for him, which is why Ani supports him in his fight.

The recent underground black boxing market in Mesika town held a Mesika Golden Belt championship tournament, where the first place winner would get $100,000, and the second and third place winners would get $50,000 and $30,000 respectively. So the Yin family did not hesitate to sign up, although the entry fee was only US$300, but finding a sponsor required an additional US$1,000. The two only added up to $1,000, so Ani went out to raise the money.

Originally, the Yin family wanted to play two challenges and get a little prize money, but the challenges required the same entry fee, and it wasn’t low.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless after hearing this, this woman went out to sleep with someone to help raise money for the person she liked, should she be praised or should she be scolded for being brain dead? However, Ye Mo quickly thought of Chapter 554, Sijia, perhaps the American’s thoughts are different from the Chinese. Perhaps they thought that men and women were just that, it wasn’t like they were missing a piece of meat by sleeping around.

Although Ye Mo did not understand Aini’s approach, but he knew that everyone had their own approach, maybe from her point of view she was right. It was just that this Aini seemed too young, right? Although Ye Mo guessed that she was about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, but according to her own words, she was only nineteen years old and still a high school student.

Seeing Ye Mo’s silence, Aini was about to continue apologizing. Now that the money had been taken to sign up for the Yin family, she didn’t have two hundred dollars to pay back if this Mr. Ye Mo didn’t want her to continue leading the way.

“Ohhh ……” A cheer came from Ye Mo, who looked over, only to find a Chinese man being beaten in a ring against the left corner. The match between these two men Ye Mo saw as soon as he came in, it was just that level he didn’t care about.

The Chinese man had spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and was clearly breathing more out and less in. The black man standing in the ring was even raised by the referee’s hand with excitement in his eyes.

Many people in the stands threw money into the ring, while a woman in a three-point suit was collecting money and making all sorts of flirty faces, attracting more people to throw money at her.

Can you just beat someone to death? Ye Mo was a little surprised as he looked at those cheering people.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s surprise, Ani hurriedly said, “If you go to watch inside there, you need to pay extra for a seat, otherwise you can only watch from afar outside. Many of the players who win have been rewarded with dollars, and sometimes the reward for a match is several thousand dollars. Tens of thousands I’ve seen, but tens of thousands are rare.”

“The government here doesn’t care?” Ye Mo asked with a frown.

Ani shook her head and said, “Of course it doesn’t care, there are times when someone will come to inspect. But before the inspection, the place will get the news and there won’t be any problems.

“You’re not worried about the Yin family being brought down like this too?” Ye Mo thought to himself, if he was in China, as the girlfriend of the Yin family he would definitely be the first to persuade the Yin family not to go to such a competition. But Ani seemed to be still encouraging the Yin family to go to such black boxing matches, as if she wasn’t worried about anything happening to the Yin family at all.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that if he lost in a black boxing match here, he would at most just lose his deposit and entry fee, but now it seemed that if he lost, he would most likely lose his little life.

Ani shook her head without a care and said, “The Yin family can win, I’m sure he can, so why should I worry about him?”

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, although that black man just now hadn’t trained specifically, his punches were very tricky, and he looked like a veteran who had been on the battlefield for a long time. Yin Jia was a newcomer who was participating in the tournament for the first time, so why should Ani trust him?

It was just that Ye Mo was not interested in any of this at all. He scanned through this underground black boxing market, and just as he thought, although there were many Chinese here, there was not a single familiar face. Even Chinese women were few and far between, not to mention Yan.

“Let’s go, take me to see the Chinese backstreets.” Although Ye Mo now had no more interest in this place, he was somewhat looking forward to the Chinese backstreets.

If Sister Yan was in Mesika town, then more than ninety percent of her would be living in the Chinese backstreet, as it was a Chinese commoner’s ghetto. Yan was alone in Mesika town and she had nowhere else to go if she didn’t go to the slums.

Ai Ni knew that she had done something unethical in this matter, so when Ye Mo offered to let her take him to the Chinese backstreets quickly, she did not hesitate at all, as her business was already done anyway.


The Chinese backstreet in the small town of Mesika is really correct to say that it is a slum. It is a place where Ye Mo even feels the chaos of the 1980s inside a Hong Kong movie. Seeing this place, Ye Mo immediately thought, America doesn’t look like every place is rich, either.

Of course, it is also possible that there is a sense of exclusion in the United States, and they do not care about the lives of the huá people. This street was narrow and dirty, and it was also very hidden. Ye Mo thought that if Ani hadn’t brought him here, he might not have even been able to find a back street for the huá people in Mesika if he hadn’t wandered around here.

More than 80 per cent of the residents here were huá people, but there were also some blacks and whites, with whites being the least. Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Aini, whose father was a Hong Konger, and how she was completely white in appearance, without even a little bit of huá genetic factors in her. Ye Mo evenè interestingly wondered if her old mā had given her old bà a cuckold’s hat.

“Aini ……”

Aini was obviously very popular in this street, many huá people would say hello to her or something when they saw her. Ani was even smiling and she could say a few words to any bull or snake.

It was no wonder that she could express herself well in huá, so she had practised it.

“Aini, something has happened to Yin Si, go quickly and get her brother Yin’s family there.” A middle-aged huá man pushed a hand-held cart over in a hurry, with many empty bottles of wine inside. When he saw Ai Ni, he hurriedly stopped her and told her the news.

“Ah, what happened to Sis Si?” Aini immediately reacted after she finished speaking, and she didn’t wait for the huá man to answer, and she didn’t even come to greet Ye Mo before she hurriedly ran out.

Ye Mo looked at Aini who hurriedly ran away, but he didn’t bother to blame her. However, the names Yin Family and Yin Si were strange, adding up to the Si Family.

Looking at the man pushing the bottle to leave, Ye Mo suddenly spoke, “May I ask where Aini went? What happened.”

The man shot a glance at Ye Mo, and since Ye Mo had come with Ai Ni, he didn’t think much of it. He just said, “Yin Si is working at the ‘meto hotel’, and I heard that she got zuì a guest today. It seems that she had to accompany a lot of money, so now she’s being detained at the hotel.”

Where is the ‘meto hotel’? Isn’t the United States a very legal country? How come there is such a thing?” Ye Mo asked with some confusion.

This time, the middle-aged man showed a disdainful expression as he said coldly, “Fǎ law? That’s for the American people. Besides the ‘meto hotel’ itself is a place just like the underground black boxing market on Montang Road, where money is justified and reason is never for the penniless. I think you’ve been reading too much about the democratic fǎ laws of the US, it’s too easy for rich people to get you put in jail in the US. Young man, you are new here, right?”

After saying this, the man actually stopped paying attention to Ye Mo, pushed the cart and turned around and left, not even answering where exactly the ‘meto hotel’ was.

Ye Mo was a bit helpless, to be honest, he really didn’t know anything about life in the US. But even if he didn’t understand, he understood that in such a place, the lives of the rich and the poor must be different. Although the middle-aged man’s words were a bit biased, he could not say that he was completely wrong.

Ye Mo stopped a middle-aged woman again and asked for the location of the ‘meto hotel’. Luckily, the middle-aged woman didn’t say a word and pointed Ye Mo all the way to the front door of the ‘meto hotel’.

Just as he reached the entrance of the ‘meto hotel’, Ye Mo’s divine sense saw a white man on the first floor pointing at a girl in her twenties bào jumping like thunder. However, Ye Mo could not understand a single word he said.

Next to this white man was a middle-aged huá man, who was standing on the side and was also helping to scold the girl.

Aini was holding the girl at this moment, and the girl had a slap mark on her face. Aini’s face was filled with panic at this moment, which made Ye Mo a little strange. He had known Aini for several hours and knew that Aini was a very optimistic and beautiful girl, but he didn’t expect that such panic could be seen on her face!!!