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DYM Chapter 555

Ye Mo came to the first floor of the hotel and said to Aini, “Aini, you took my money, why don’t you help me lead the way?”

Aini was already in a state of panic and helplessness, and was wondering what she should do, now that Ye Mo was suddenly on, she remembered that Ye Mo was her employer, and was even more anxious in her heart.

“Sorry, Mr. Ye, you can wait for me outside for a while, I will come soon ……” Aini knew she couldn’t go soon, yet she knew who the white man was, and in the end, maybe even Ye Mo would be dragged in.

“What is it?” Ye Mo looked at Aini and the girl who had been beaten, walked over, and asked.

When Aini saw that Ye Mo didn’t leave and instead came over to ask what was going on, she had to say, “Sister Si Si broke the customer’s things, she can’t afford to pay for it, she, I… Chapter 555 This matter isn’t over…”

As soon as Ye Mo heard it, he understood that this girl was really that Yin family’s sister called Yin Si. Looking at the clothes she was wearing, she seemed to be working here, she just didn’t know how she hit the customer’s things, didn’t know what they were and couldn’t afford to pay for them.”

Ye Mo suddenly interjected, and the white man and the middle-aged man who originally cursed did not react for a while. By the time they reacted, Ye Mo had already spoken to Ani several times.

“Who are you?” The middle-aged man looked Ye Mo up and down for a moment and asked with some disdain.

“I know Ani, I’m sort of a friend, I don’t know what she broke that you guys want to beat up?” Ye Mo swept the white man and the middle-aged Chinese man in front of him and said casually.

Ye Mo quickly noticed that this white man had a pistol inside his pocket, and there were also two formidable guys standing not far away, presumably this white man’s bodyguards or followers or something like that.

Hearing Ye Mo’s question, the middle-aged man suddenly showed a hint of sarcasm at the corner of his mouth, and he said in a calmer tone, “Yin Si is an employee of my hotel, and Ender is our honored guest. Yin Si broke Mr. Ender’s white jade statue, do you want to pay for it Chapter 55 This matter is not over yet? Because Yin Si is my employee, I only need her to pay a tenth of the damages, and the excess is my hotel’s bad luck. But she won’t even pay a tenth of it, so what do you think I should do? If she doesn’t want to pay, I’ll have to send her to jail.”

“Mr. Rose, you know full well that Sister Si Si can’t get the money, and you still want her to compensate for one million, besides, can a white jade idol be worth ten million? What is this if you are not doing it on purpose? You are ……” Ani suddenly argued loudly, finally wanting to say blackmail, but after looking at the white man, the words were hardened and swallowed.

“Can’t get the money?” The Chinese man called Ross squinted his eyes at Ani and Yin Si and just sneered but didn’t say anything.

After Ye Mo arrived, the white man did not continue to scold Yin Si, but made a wink, and the two bodyguards standing at the corner suddenly blocked the way down the stairs.

“What’s a tenth of something worth a million?” Ye Mo suddenly spoke again.

Ross sneered “Whatever the guest says is worth, it is worth. You won’t even kneel down if you don’t compensate for hitting the guest’s things?”

After saying this, Ross seemed to feel that he shouldn’t answer Ye Mo, who was Ye Mo to dare ask him to take the initiative to answer? He swept another glance at Ye Mo and said, “What is your relationship with Yin Si? Do you want to make compensation? If you don’t want compensation, what’s the point of asking this?”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “I do want to compensate, but I haven’t seen anything yet, if what you say is really worth a million, I might compensate you.”

“You ……” Rose’s disdain became more prevalent, only before he could finish a sarcastic sentence, he suddenly got stuck.

Ye Mo was holding two or three stacks of brand new dollars in his hand, and at a glance it was at least twenty to thirty thousand. Before he could react, Ye Mo raised his hand, as if by magic, the dollars in his hand had disappeared.

Ross’ eyes turned green, this young man had casually taken out twenty to thirty thousand dollars, he must have more. His dollars must have been fresh out of the bank and brand new.

The white man named Ender of course also saw the dollars in Ye Mo’s hand and had the same movement in his eyes, but he quickly covered up his greed and just kept his eyes rolling, not knowing what he was thinking.

Ye Mo looked at these two people’s expressions and sneered in his heart. It was just twenty to thirty thousand dollars that made these two guys so greedy, for him to say that he had a white jade idol worth ten million dollars, he could think with his toes that it was absolutely impossible.

Ani saw the money in Ye Mo’s hand the same eyes lit up, she couldn’t figure out Ye Mo’s clothes single bó, where this money was kept. She didn’t expect Ye Mo to have so much money, but there aren’t many people on the streets of America who have so much cash in their hands nowadays, everyone else is using various credit cards, only this Chinese person would be stupid enough to take out so much cash.

However, Ani soon knew that this was not a good thing, because Ender also saw that Ye Mo had money on him. Ender was no goody-two-shoes, and his notoriety in the small town of Messika was unknown.

Yin Si subconsciously glanced at Eni, she knew all of Eni’s friends, she didn’t know when Eni had met such a rich master.

Without waiting for Rose to speak, Ye Mo continued, “You said that if I want to compensate you for something, shouldn’t you take it out and look at it? At least let me know where the damage is.”

If it wasn’t because he was afraid of getting Ani and Yin Si involved, Ye Mo would have killed this Ross and even that white man Ender along with him, there would still be so much trouble there.

“Oh, of course.” After Ross finished speaking, he immediately turned around and took out a white jade idol from inside the back room and handed it to Ye Mo “This is it, this is what Ender bid back at an auction for ten million dollars. It’s a relic of ancient Rome.”

Ye Mo sneered, he didn’t even need to look at it to know that it was just an artefact, it should be made of a new type of gla*s. At most, it would only cost ten dollars, or only two or three dollars.

After receiving the gla*s statue handed over by Ross, Ye Mo immediately saw a thin cracked line at the back of that gla*s statue, and guessed that the damage Ross was talking about was this thin line.

This was obviously blackmail, but this Yin Si was not a rich person at first glance, so why would they blackmail Yin Si? Ye Mo looked at Yin Si, although she was very clean looking and considered pretty, she could not be described as a stunning beauty. People like Ender and Rose should not be moved by such thoughts because of Yin Si’s looks, right?

Putting down this thought, Ye Mo dropped his divine sense on top of the gla*s statue in his hand.

Ye Mo was at least a cultivator who could refine magic weapons, and this thing was repaired in his hand with just a wave of his hand. After he removed the thin cracked line, he held the gla*s statue in his hand and looked at it again and again before saying, “Ross, I don’t see any injuries on this ah, it’s just a hair that I took away. Are you mistaken, this alabaster statue appears to me to be in perfect condition.”

“Intact? I’ll swallow it and give you a million more.” Ross said with a cold smile, after he finished he casually took the gla*s statue from Ye Mo’s hand, swept a glance at Ye Mo and was about to point out the cracked area, telling Ye Mo to open his eyes wide and take a look, not to speak blindly with his eyes open.

Yin Si also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, what was there to say about such a lie that was about to be punctured? That crack she saw with her own eyes, there was indeed a not-so-small trace of a crack.

But to Ross’s disappointment, he looked and looked, but saw no trace of a crack. He turned the gla*s statue around in his hand in disbelief, but he just didn’t see any trace of it. Could it really be a hair? Had he just misread it? Even if he had been wrong, how could anyone else be wrong?

It wouldn’t work, Ross thought as his hand didn’t seem to hold steady and the statue fell straight down in his hand. A piece of gla*s falling from such a height on top of marble would be strange if it didn’t break. Ross smiled darkly in his heart, even if it didn’t just now, now it has fallen, I won’t admit it, what can you do?

“Ah ……” the gla*s statue in Ross’s hand fell, and in that instant almost everyone subconsciously shrieked.

But to Ross’ disappointment, before the statue could hit the marble floor, it was hooked up by Ye Mo’s foot and landed steadily in his hand.

Ye Mo held the gla*s statue and looked at Ross with a cold smile, “Mr. Ross, there is nothing wrong with this statue, ah, if you land on the floor, you will have to pay for it, oh.”

Ross looked dumbfounded at the gla*s statue in Ye Mo’s hand, he didn’t expect this sure kill move to fail.

Ye Mo handed the gla*s statue to Ross again “Mr. Ross, if you fall down again, it will be your intentional pull.”

The gla*s statue was handed to Ender with a blue face, and Ender looked at it again and again.

“Since you’ve looked at it wrong, forget it.” Ender grunted, since his trick didn’t work, he would think of another way. Yin Si’s family were all in the small town of Mesika, he wasn’t afraid to fly away. Instead, it was the young Chinese man in front of him, he looked like he had a lot of money, so he couldn’t let him off the hook later. Although he did not care about the 20,000 to 30,000 dollars in this Chinese youth’s hand, but since this Chinese youth could take out 20,000 to 30,000, it meant that he must have more.

“Ah, just let it go, it’s okay?” Ani’s almost screamed out. Yin Si also felt as if she was dreaming, she didn’t expect such a big deal to be settled just like that, and she forgot what to say for a while.

Hearing what Ender had said, Rose had no choice but to give Yin Si a stern look and said, “Ender said to forget it, he was being generous, so you are lucky.”

However, Ye Mo suddenly interjected and said, “Mr. Rose, you are mistaken, this matter is not over yet. The misunderstanding just now was only about Ender’s white jade idol, but the matter of you beating up Miss Yin Si hasn’t even started yet.” !!!