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DYM Chapter 556

All the people stared blankly at Ye Mo, what kind of person was Ender? How dare someone clear up the beating in front of him, what is this if not seeking death?

Ani and Yin Si were so anxious that they didn’t know what to do, since Ender had said to forget it, then forget it, everyone should hurry up and leave. However, Ye Mo was still harping on about the beating, which was simply a bit nonsensical.

“What’s wrong with beating someone up? Can’t Yin Si be beaten up for doing something wrong?” Ross was furious and happy that there was still someone who dared to talk about his beating in his territory.

Ye Mo’s tone suddenly turned cold, “What did Yin Si do wrong?”

“She hit ……” Ross suddenly stopped, he had just checked that white jade idol and there were no cracks on it, if he was to say that Yin Si had cracked the white jade idol it was obviously already wrong.

Rose looked at Chapter 556 – Price Negotiable and immediately understood when he looked at Ender’s eyes, now their target had shifted to Ye Mo. Yin Si’s family all lived in Messika town, there was no way she could jump a sky even if she was capable.

Thinking of this, Rose suddenly took out a hundred dollars and threw it in front of Yin Si and said, “A slap on the wrist gives you a hundred dollars, it’s cheap.”

Ye Mo suddenly picked up the hundred dollars, looked at it, took out another hundred dollars from inside his own pocket and handed it to Ross, “How can I ask for your money, another hundred for you.”

Ross subconsciously took the money, sneering in his heart, still think how powerful you are, the old man is to give money to you you are afraid to take.

“Slap ……” Two slaps landed on Ross’s face, causing Ross’s mind to be in a state of stasis, but his body hadn’t stopped yet, and he was still being beaten in place by Ye Mo. He still hadn’t understood why he was being beaten. Who else dared to beat him in the ‘meto hotel’?

“I have a lot of money, but I can’t spend too much on a pig, two slaps will be two hundred dollars.” As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, Ross, who was being spun around by Ye Mo, finally stopped.

However, these two slaps from Ye Mo were different from other slaps, and Ross spat out a dozen teeth and only felt Chapter 556 – Price Negotiable a burning pain coming from his face. He didn’t even have time to let out his anger before he sat on the ground grunting unable to speak.

All the people were stunned, no one thought that Ye Mo would dare to hit someone in front of Ender, and strike so hard and decisively.

Ender’s face immediately turned grim, and he was just about to speak when Ye Mo interrupted him and said, “Mr. Ender, I am very interested in your white jade idol, and I feel that this item is worth a lot of money. I don’t know if there are any other valuable antiques where you live, I am willing to go over with you to acquire them back. Of course, as long as the item has value, the price is negotiable.”

What? This young man actually wanted to go to his place with him? He was going to buy his own antiques? Ender just wanted to laugh at the fact that such a good thing had happened to him. He was worried about thinking of an honest way to take this seemingly wealthy young Chinese man away from him, but to his surprise, he ended up getting his wish.

This young man offered to go with him and even to acquire his things. This young Chinese man knew full well that this white jade idol was offered at ten million dollars, and he still dared to go with him, did this not mean that he had too much money? Thinking of this Ender’s heart was on fire.

Exactly when he thought of this matter, Ye Mo sighed, “Originally, I wanted to come to America to acquire some treasures to return, but I didn’t expect to find someone who really had treasures until today, otherwise I would have made a trip for nothing.”

After saying that, Ye Mo also took out a bank card and waved it in front of Rose, “Speaking of which, I really have to thank you for letting me meet Mr. Ender, the collector, otherwise, where would I have to use this money.”

The tone was as if the world’s number one megalomaniac, who had too much money to spend. It gave the impression of arrogance, the arrogance of money.

The grim expression on Ender’s face instantly disappeared and turned into a warm smile as he looked at Ye Mo as if he saw a huge pile of dollars. The price is negotiable, that’s a good phrase, I just like that phrase.

“Mr. Ye, you ……” Ani was frozen, she really couldn’t figure out how this Ye Mo was so stupid. But she was no stranger to this thuggish look on Ye Mo’s face, hadn’t seen him throw out a hundred dollars for a three dollar cup of coffee in the morning.

It was just that this fool was doing business with Ender, what was he doing if not looking for death?

Yin Si was just as anxious, but she didn’t know Ye Mo, and even if she did, if she was here to block Ender’s way to make money, their family would definitely not see the sun tomorrow, and this young man would still be taken to do business with Ender.

Without waiting for Ani to finish her sentence, Ye Mo said, “Ani, wait for me in the Chinese back street, I will come over as soon as I finish this business with Ender.”

Ye Mo, who was just about to leave with Ender, seemed to remember something, he suddenly turned around and smiled at Ross and said, “I almost forgot, just now Mr. Ross said that if there is no crack on the white jade idol, he would eat the white jade idol and give me another one million dollars. The White Jade Statue is so valuable, of course I can’t let you eat it. A million dollars is a small amount of money to me, but it’s my money and I need to get it back, Mr. Ross.”

Ross covered his mouth and hated to go to the hospital right away, but Ender hadn’t left yet and he didn’t dare move. He hadn’t expected that this young Chinese man would actually ask him for a million, was he crazy?

“Why don’t you want to give it?” When Ye Mo saw that Ross didn’t say anything, he didn’t go with Ender either, instead he walked up to Ross again.

Ross covered his face and looked at Ender pathetically, he knew that Ender was going to do business with Ye Mo now and would definitely not do anything to Ye Mo. But one million was a huge amount for him, all his money combined was only one or two million.

“Ross, since you are the one who said this matter, you should give it to someone else.” Ender’s words made Ross lose hope completely. He knew that even if the money ended up in Ender’s hands, he wouldn’t be able to get it back.

Indignantly, he crossed his one million into Ye Mo’s card, and Ross hated to swallow Ye Mo. Being beaten up not to mention losing a million, that was how many years he had accumulated.

Ye Mo once again raised the card in his hand, “Ross, honestly, a mere one million in my card is as insignificant as a drop of water falling into the sea. It is an honour for you that I have taken your money. Mr. Ender, let’s go about our business, this sh*thole is just too boring to stay in.”

Ani and Yin Si had no choice but to get out of the hotel and watch Ye Mo and Ender’s group leave together. What the two couldn’t even imagine was that Ye Mo had blackmailed Ross for a million on his way out, at least could the money end up being his?

“Ani, who is this person? How do you know him?” Yin Si watched Ye Mo and Ender leave and asked anxiously in a hurry.

Aini spread her hands somewhat helplessly, “I was short of a few hundred dollars, so I found him.”

“What, Ani, you won’t go and do ……” Yin Si’s face changed greatly, of course she knew that Ani was related to her brother, if Ani was sleeping with someone else behind her brother’s back, what would happen then?

Ai Ni originally did want to sleep with Ye Mo, the reason why she chose in the morning, and the choice of a Chinese. One was because the Yin family needed the money at night, and she was afraid it would be too late. Another was because she felt that people who got up early in the morning were not people who lived a rotten life, and people in the small town of Mesika lived a very indulgent life and did not get up early.

Ye Mo was a strange Chinese man, obviously a foreigner and not from Mesika town. He also looked clean and tidy, and as she pulled on Ye Mo, she did like the fresh feel of his body. Being able to sleep with someone she didn’t hate and make money with, Ani was certainly willing. It just didn’t occur to her that people wouldn’t be willing if she was willing. It was a good thing that Ye Mo still chose to let her lead the way so that she could earn a few hundred dollars as well.

When she saw this expression on Yin Si’s face, she immediately knew that Yin Si must be disgusted by this kind of thing, so she immediately waved her hand and denied it, “No, no, I didn’t sleep with him. How could I have slept with him? I was just helping him lead the way, lead the way, yes, lead the way ……”

Hearing Ani’s explanation, Yin Si was finally relieved and then asked, “He said lead the way? The town of Messika is only so big, what does he want you to lead the way for?”

“I don’t know, he said his name was Ye Mo, he just came to look for someone, oh, it seems he was also looking for a Chinese, so I took him to the underground black boxing market and then to the Chinese backstreet, and then I found out about you from Uncle Tak ……” Aini did not say anything except concealing the fact that she wanted to sleep with Ye Mo, she basically gave an honest account of everything else.

“What were you guys doing in the underground black boxing market?” Yin Si asked again suspiciously, she lived in the small town of Messika and certainly knew what kind of place the underground black boxing market was.

Before Ani could answer, the man who had been pushing the hand-held cart came hurrying up again, only this time he didn’t have a cart. He was immediately relieved to see that Aini and Yin Si were fine.

“Uncle Tak, thank you so much for today.” When Yin Si saw this middle-aged man who came running, he hurriedly thanked him, forgetting what he was going to ask Aini earlier.

“Si Si, you’re alright? That’s great. Your aunt was coming to look for you after she heard about what happened to you, only her body is a bit weak and she pa*sed out just now.” The man called Uncle Tak said in a hurry.

“Ah, did auntie faint?” After saying that Yin Si could no longer remember anything else and hurriedly ran towards home. Ani also hurriedly followed, leaving a puzzled Uncle Tak behind.

“Why is Ender so nice? How dare he let Si Si back in?” Looking at Yin Si who was running away, Uncle Tak muttered to himself.