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DYM Chapter 557

The small town of Mesika is considered a poor town for the United States, but this town has a big man in it, Ender.

Ender is not really a big man, but his family, the Bono family, is a member of the American Mafia. So not to mention the small officials in this small town of Mesika, even the higher officials would not dare to offend him.

Although Ender is no longer considered a Bono family member, others do not know that. The fact that the town of Messica is in such a state has a lot to do with the fact that Ender has his hands in the air.

Eder used the Bono family to enrich himself in Messica, but did not go overboard. So he has been able to keep his hands off the local authorities and has even worked in tandem with them.

The largest private estate in the western suburbs of Messica was Ender’s, and his Chapter 557: Neighbours Who Talk was several dozen acres in size. There were forty or fifty thugs on his staff, and sometimes Ender would go to nearby towns to do some unprofitable business. But the shrewd thing about him was that he definitely did not violate the government’s bottom line.

Now that he had brought Ye Mo to his manor, with all his own people outside, Ender didn’t even have the idea of putting on a show. He believed that even if Ye Mo’s mouth was strong, under his means, he would still obediently transfer his money to him, Ender.

“Ender, your manor is huge, I guess you must have made a lot of money in Messika Town.” Ye Mo stood at the entrance of Ender’s manor and suddenly popped out this sentence.

Ender secretly shook his head, this young Chinese man was probably stupid, he still didn’t know that he had fallen into the hunter’s trap. He really wanted to see how the young man would beg for mercy from him later.

“I think I have a much larger collection compared to my estate, and even a large number of antiques that look as beautiful as gla*s, which I am sure you would be happy to buy, hahaha ……” Ender laughed out loud, just about saying openly that his things were gla*s.

But what Ender didn’t expect was that the young man in front of him nodded and said in a serious manner, “Yes Chapter 557 Talking Neighbours’, I prefer gla*s collectibles to antiques. Gla*s items still have to be moulded, fired and even require energy to carve the shape, much more work than antiques that come out of digging in the ground.”

Ender froze as he listened, was this guy really stupid?

Ye Mo smiled coldly, of course he knew that the reason why Ender was so accommodating to him was to bring him here to force all the money out of him. But perhaps Ender couldn’t imagine that he thought the same as him, if it wasn’t for Ani’s business, he might not have bothered to come over.

It was just that Ye Mo was not a cold-blooded person, he could see Ender’s energy and knew that once his side of things was over and he left, Ani and that Yin Si would definitely be used as cannon fodder.

Whether it was because of his own reasons or because Yin Si was Chinese, it was no good for Ye Mo to just pat himself on the back and leave. Besides, it would be good to transfer some small amount of money casually, a little goes a long way.

The moment Ender’s words came out, Ye Mo knew he was going to make a move, this guy was really in a hurry, he couldn’t even walk inside in time.

Ye Mo was just about to sneer back when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Seeing Ye Mo stop in his tracks, Ender thought that Ye Mo had seen that he was going to turn on him, so he wanted to slip away. So he was pretending to be stupid, but he wasn’t really stupid. Ender sneered and gave a wink to the men at the door, and the gate of the courtyard was immediately closed.

But to his surprise, Ye Mo did not leave, instead he sped up and walked towards his manor, as if he was attracted by the beauty of the place.

Ender was right in thinking that Ye Mo was captivated. He was stunned, the inside of Ender’s manor was lush and the air was so fresh that one could not imagine.

Ye Mo was not amazed because of the good greenery Ender had done here, but because Ye Mo felt a stronger aura here than outside, yes, it was aura.

What surprised Ye Mo even more was that these emanations of aura were not from a particular place, but from all the plants inside Ender’s Manor. It was as if Ender’s manor had been watered with a spiritual spring.

“Could it be that this is a spirit mining area? Or is there a spirit spring here?” Ye Mo almost froze, his heart 〖兴〗fired up, was it his own high luck that good intentions were rewarded and he had found another place with plenty of spiritual energy? If this was really a spiritual spring, he would have to dig the ground three times to move these things away.

Even if he were to exchange the four or five thousand tonnes of gold inside his ring with a spiritual spring, he would definitely not hesitate to choose the spiritual spring.

“Mr. Ender, your place is really great, I took a glance at it.” Ye Mo calmed his fiery mood down as if he didn’t see the few ponies behind him who had stopped him.

Ender smiled grimly “Oh, that’s good, since you’ve taken a fancy to it, then you can take a few more looks.”

Ye Mo didn’t even notice Ender’s unspoken meaning as his divine sense swept out. In a few hundred metres radius, no spirit springs were found, nor were any spirit mines found, what was going on?

“Mr. Ender, I think how is it that these huāhuā gra*ses in your manor are different from other places? I always feel like you have good air here.” Ye Mo asked as if nothing was wrong.

“Haha ……” Although he saw Ye Mo as a plate of food, but with the opportunity to show off Ender was still not willing to let go, he said with a laugh, “I had the air checked here and it is the best place to live in the whole United States. ”

His demeanor was a bit like the kind of stifling that comes with being in a brocade but not being able to go talk to others, now that he had the opportunity to show off, even when facing Ye Mo, he immediately showed it off.

Ye Mo was thoughtful and silent for a while before he asked in an unintelligent manner, “Mr. Ender, I wonder if you have any good secrets for such a pleasant environment here? Of course, if you are willing to tell me this secret, even if I ask someone to remit another ten or twenty million dollars as payment, it is still a matter of leisure.”

“Take that would be up to you.” Ender laughed and turned back to the few ponies behind him and said, “Drag him in and I’ll see how much I can get out.”

After showing off, he was no longer bothered to show off with a man who was bound to die. The fact that Ye Mo could ask someone to remit money again satisfied him, and he believed that under his own means, this Chinese youth would get as much money as he had.

“You are really boring.” Ye Mo gave Ender a look and shook his head.

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Ender to come back to his senses, he just sent several fireballs out, and the six or seven followers who hadn’t come up yet were already burnt into flying ashes by Ye Mo’s fireballs.

Ender looked dumbfounded at the few followers who had disappeared in the blink of an eye, and had the heart to rub his eyes to see if he was mistaken, but Ye Mo didn’t give him another chance.

The next moment, Ye Mo had picked up Ender’s neck and dragged it around inside his manor. In just a few moments, Ender found that all the thirty to forty fighters inside his manor had been burnt into flying ashes by that fireball.

Even the dozen of people inside his villa were all killed by Ye Mo, except for some servants who were knocked out and thrown in a room by Ye Mo, in the end, he was surprisingly the only fresh person left in his big manor that he thought he was proud of, oh, and the Chinese youth.

It was only when Ye Mo carried him to his parlour and dropped him on the floor that Ender realised what a man he had recruited? This was not a delivery of money? This was simply a death wish.

The Chinese, this D*mned Chinese, what kind of magic was he using? To make someone die immediately and without a trace, this Chinese was a bit too scary.

But looking at Ye Mo, who was sitting on top of the big reclining chair, Ender immediately understood his situation, he thought that if this mysterious Chinese man threw a fireball down, he would surely die. No, he would be turned into dust.

“Good day, sir, I have a large amount of antiques, no, no, gla*sware here. If you like, you may take it.” Ender didn’t dare to stand up, he didn’t even dare to wipe the sweat from his forehead, even when he faced Lacey, a leading member of the mafia in the Bono family, he didn’t have this kind of fear.

Ye Mo picked up an ashtray and smashed it on Ender’s head “You’re a pig, gla*s products are everywhere on the street, I have to come to you to buy a dollar pile of gla*s?”

Ender was in tears, just now you said gla*s was your favourite thing, now you say it’s all over the street. Even if the streets were full, you couldn’t buy a whole lot of it for a dollar.

However, Ender didn’t dare to say that, he already knew that Ye Mo was a god of killing, what was it if he wasn’t looking for death if he said that?

“No, no, I still have dollars, I still have at least tens of millions of dollars, I’ll give it all to you. Oh, and this villa, if you like it, I can transfer it to you as well.” Ender hurriedly changed the subject.

Ye Mo shook his head, seeing this big manor of Ender’s, he thought that Ender had at least 200 million, but he didn’t expect that it was only tens of millions, which was really small. If Ender knew what Ye Mo was thinking, he would probably vomit blood, tens of millions, how many people have tens of millions?

But less is better than nothing, Ye Mo took out a card and threw it down, “Quickly put the money on my card.”

Ender picked up the card and gave Ye Mo a careful look, just as he was about to ask if he would spare his life after giving him the money, he saw a fireball suddenly appear in Ye Mo’s hand. Ender was so scared that he hurriedly buried his head in his work and never dared to ask anything else.

After a while, Ender carefully handed the card to Ye Mo, who took the card and put it away before he said in a pleasant manner, “Ender, I’ve come to your place because I really have some things to do. You said this manor of yours has such good air, is there some kind of trick or something?”

If he hadn’t seen with his own eyes that Ye Mo had just killed dozens of people in a row without blinking his eyelids, Ender would have thought that Ye Mo was a neighbour who came over next door to talk.