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DYM Chapter 558

“Pa,” seeing that Ender was a bit lost in thought, Ye Mo slapped the armrest of the backrest chair, which was immediately shattered by him, “Ender, I asked you something, didn’t you hear me?”

“Ah, I heard you.” Ender subconsciously wanted to get up, but sat down again when he saw Ye Mo’s appearance. But no longer daring to think of anything else, he opened his mouth and said, “That’s because a few years ago, I got a treasure-hunting animal.”

“A treasure-hunting animal?” Ye Mo stood up when he heard this, there were still animals that could search for treasures? How come it sounded the same as the spirit beasts inside the cultivation world?

“Yes, yes ……” Seeing Ye Mo stand up, Ender was so scared that he hurriedly said yes.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You continue, what kind of a treasure hunting animal is it, say it clearly.”

Ender hurriedly continued, “It was a small fox-like creature, oh, or it was a fox. According to the person who sent that little thing to me, it’s a snow fox from the Menai Snow Mountain in China.”

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t interfere, Ender continued, “Originally, I just left the snow fox inside the manor because it was cute, but I didn’t care about it. At that time, I didn’t know that it had the ability to find treasures. One day, because I was showing my shooting skills in front of my friends, I ended up killing the snow fox with one shot.”

After saying that Ender even gave Ye Mo a sneaky glance, but Ye Mo was thinking about the pure white fox he met in the Menai Snow Mountain and wondered if that little fox was the Snow Velvet Fox.

He was thinking about this but noticed that Ender was silent and he glared, “Ender, if it’s a cute little fox, why do you want to kill it, you stupid pig? Besides, what does it have to do with your manor having an aura? Any more nonsense and I’ll give you a fireball right now.”

Aura? Of course Ender didn’t know what aura was, and now when he saw that Ye Mo was angry, he was frightened and said, “No, no, at that time I had someone carry the snow fox away, but my man said that he saw a pile of diamonds next to the snow fox. I went to have a look, but found that they were not diamonds, not as hard as diamonds, but very beautiful milky white crystals. Then I noticed that the plants I put next to these crystals seemed even more beautiful and the air was much better around there, so I ……”

“And what happened to you?” Ye Mo suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Ender shivered again and hurriedly said, “I had someone grind all those white crystals into powder and then mixed them with water to irrigate the rest of the plants in my manor. As a result, all the plants on my estate became beautiful, and the air in here was tested to be of high quality. Even my headaches disappeared after living here for a long time. I knew that the white crystal was something good, but unfortunately ……”

“Pah,” Ye Mo once again slapped the armrest on the other side of the reclining chair and said in an angry voice, “Pity about what? Did you get rid of all the crystals?”

“Yes, yes ……” Ender hurriedly said, cold sweat already falling on the floor.

Ye Mo was already sure at this point that the milky white crystals were spirit stones, what a pity that a world so exotic was killed by a pig. And those spirit stones were actually ground into powder by a pig.

Seeing Ye Mo’s very ugly face, Ender hurriedly said, “Actually, the Snow Velvet Fox is still available, in the Meinei Snow Mountain in China. After I knew about the Snow Velvet Fox’s ability, I immediately had Exxon go to the Menai Snow Mountain.”

The Snowy Mountains of Mui Ne, the Snowy Fox? Could it be that the little white fox he had met in the beginning was really a snow fox? If the Snow Velvet Fox had this kind of ability, then it was a first-cla*s spirit beast even in the cultivation world, or perhaps this was simply a spirit-seeking beast.

A spirit beast that could search for spirit stones, this was simply too heaven defying. Ye Mo thought of the white foreigner he had killed in the Menai Snow Mountain, it seemed that his name was really Exxon. Luckily, he had killed him, otherwise it would have been bad if that little fox had fallen into his hands.

Thinking of the Mui Ne Snow Mountain and the Snow Velvet Fox, Ye Mo immediately remembered the Song Ying Zhu who had made him lose his first time, the hot tent, and Song Ying Zhu’s hot, snowy white and elastic skin. Could it be that he had never forgotten her? But I can’t really blame myself for thinking of her at this time. I wonder how that Song Yingzhu is doing now, Ye Mo shook his head and tried hard to put these thoughts aside.

At this moment, Ye Mo was already ninety percent sure that the little fox he saw was the Snow Velvet Fox, firstly because the Snow Velvet Fox was very afraid of living people, but not of him. That’s because he is a cultivator, there are no cultivators on Earth, the only ones who are, so the snow fox must have sensed that he was different from others. Then there was the cave’s spirit pool, which had been cracked after the stone door had been opened because of the explosion, and the snow fox had been the first to find its way inside.

I didn’t expect it to be such a treasure. If this Snow Velvet Fox followed him and he searched the world, who would be sure he wouldn’t find more spirit stones?

A snow fox? A spirit-seeking beast? Thinking of this, Ye Mo could not wait to fly to Menai Snow Mountain immediately.

When Ender saw that Ye Mo stopped talking, his heart became even more anxious. Just when Ender was lamenting over his fate, Ye Mo suddenly spoke, “Seeing as you have said so many things that are useful to me ……”

Ender’s heart was overjoyed, and before he could say anything else, a fireball flew over. The last words he heard before he died were, “I’ll reward you with a fireball so you’ll suffer less.”

Leaving Ender’s manor, Ye Mo felt deeply that the trip was not in vain, a few tens of millions of dollars was a small thing to him, but he learned the value of the Snow Velvet Fox, which was the most important gain to Ye Mo.

However, when he led away, Ye Mo forgot to ask why Ender had to cross with Yin Si.


The Chinese backstreet in Mesika town, which has always been the poorest part of Mesika town, has of course produced a few rich people. Most of the Chinese who have made a name for themselves sometimes come to the Chinese backstreets to support their former companions here.

There are exceptions, however, and Ross is one such exception. He changed his name from Liu Luo Si to Ross and looked down on the poor people in the Chinese backstreets.

Although he had to recruit some hired workers who lived in the Chinese backstreets because of the face of some acquaintances in the Chinese backstreets, this was not his original intention.

At this moment, Ross was lying inside the best hospital in Messika town, undergoing surgery to fill his teeth. He knew that since Ye Mo had gone to Ender’s place, it was a death-or-death situation. There was no way he could expect Ye Mo to compensate him for anything. Although he did not expect Ye Mo to compensate him for anything, the fact that Ye Mo’s presence had muddied things up for Ender made Ross very uneasy. Although he offered a million dollars, but Ross still decided to send someone to apologize and promised that he would definitely make Ender’s heart happy.


A low bungalow in the Chinese backstreet could not be seen clearly around the corner, despite the dim glow of a low-watt electric lamp.

The bungalow has a shabby cushioned chair on top of which a very thin and ugly woman is leaning. On either side of the chair were two other young girls.

A girl with blonde hair and a clean-cut Chinese girl, they were Ani and Yin Si, who had rushed back from the ‘meto’ hotel.

The scene seemed silent, as if the silence had been there for ages.

Yin Si seemed to feel that silence a little heavy, and she took the initiative to speak up, “Auntie, if anything happens to Ye Mo, I’ll just complain to the governor. If I can’t file a complaint, I’ll fight with Liu Laoshi. Now that I think about it, he must have deliberately conspired with ‘Black Hand’ Ender to blackmail us with a worthless item. I really don’t know what else we have at home to be blackmailed by him.”

The woman leaning on top of the reclining chair sighed for a while before saying, “Si Si, we can’t fight others. That Ye Mo, Ye Mo ……”

The woman’s voice was surprisingly as melodious as an oriole, and listening to her voice, she seemed to be a young girl of two or eight, but her face was already that of an old and ugly woman.

Only after this woman said a few words, she seemed to think of something, and her voice got lower and lower as she finally seemed to fall inside a memory.

“Sister Si Si, did you say that the white jade idol really didn’t break? Then why did others say that you broke the white jade idol?” Aini suddenly said, she had always wanted to ask this question in her heart, but because she had never had the chance, now that she had the chance, she asked it.

If Aini hadn’t asked, Yin Si hadn’t remembered, but now that Aini had asked, she immediately remembered. Yes, that white jade idol, whether it was real or not, she herself saw a crack on it with her own eyes, how come after Ye Mo’s hands, those people all thought it was gone?

“I don’t know, I really saw a crack on it ah, I’m sure I didn’t see it wrong.” Yin Si said firmly. This crack was related to a large sum of money that she couldn’t compensate, so how could she be wrong? This matter was too bizarre.

“By the way, Ani, what did you originally say you were doing at the underground black boxing market?” Yin Si had forgotten to ask because of her aunt’s business, but now she remembered.

Although Ani intended to wait until the Yin family got the prize money, but now that Yin Si had asked, she had to say, “Jiajia is going to the black boxing market to participate in the Mesika Golden Belt Boxing Tournament, so we went to register for it ……”

“What?” Yin Si suddenly stood up, and her face immediately changed. How could she let her brother Yin’s family go to a black boxing match, that was going to kill people, how did this Ani and Yin’s family think up. She didn’t dare to continue thinking about it, and rushed out without thinking, Aini saw Sister Si Si rushing out, and hurriedly closed the door and followed.