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DYM Chapter 559

When Ye Mo arrived at the Chinese backstreet again, he thought he could find Ani immediately, but he found that Ani was not waiting for him here. However, Ye Mo did not care, since he was already here, with his divine sense he could check the entire Chinese backstreet in a very short time.

The Chinese backstreet in Messika was only this big, so it wouldn’t take much for Ye Mo to find a single person. This Chinese backstreet was only a couple of thousand people at most, so it was really not a big deal to his divine sense. Besides, he was only looking for a woman, which narrowed down his search even more.

No one would bother with Ye Mo, although his face was rather raw, after all, this place was all Chinese. When Ye Mo walked along the street to the corner, his divine sense stopped inside a bungalow instead.

There was a dim light inside a woman’s room in the back street of the bungalow Chapter 559 Chinese, and in one corner of the bungalow there was a shabby reclining chair where an ugly and thin woman was lying.

But when Ye Mo saw this woman, he stopped, this woman was disguised. She wasn’t really that ugly, but because her face had been coated with a disguise changing drug.

Ye Mo used his divine sense for the first time to check inside a woman’s clothes. Sure enough, although this woman’s neck and hands were black, the skin inside her clothes was unusually snow white, Ye Mo did not continue to check. It was enough to know that she had been disguised, but this person, whether she was Sister Yan or not, should have nothing to do with him.

Because Ye Mo’s divine sense saw that this woman’s eyebrows were tightened, and there was still the fine velvet behind her ears that was characteristic of a young girl. This was obviously a virgin, and this was something Ye Mo could still see, so how could she be his relative. But since this woman had disguised herself, it was necessary for him to check it out. In a slum place, what would a not-so-young woman need to disguise herself as such an ugly woman for?

Who was this woman? Ye Mo frowned and walked over, pushing open the door and entering inside the bungalow.

At this moment, the woman on top of the reclining chair had just woken up, she suddenly found that Si Si and Ai Ni had both left, while a strange man came in inside her own house of a woman in the Chinese backstreet, she was shocked and subconsciously took a piece of clothing to block herself. This was a completely subconscious act of protection, but she quickly realized that this action of hers was a bit inappropriate, so she put down the clothes in her hand and looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Who are you? Why did you come to my house?”

The tone of her voice was surprisingly a little hoarse, as if she was a little old.

Ye Mo suddenly sat down, he looked the woman in front of him up and down for a moment before asking, “I came to look for someone, others call her ‘Sister Yan’ do you know this person?”

Ye Mo’s divine sense clearly perceived that the woman trembled, the uneasiness in her heart was something that Ye Mo could feel.

“You don’t have to worry, Sister Yan might have some connections with me, I don’t mean any harm. My name is Ye Mo, I am from China.” Ye Mo saw the woman’s trembling and worry, and suddenly had another feeling in his heart that maybe this woman was the Sister Yan he was looking for.

“You are Ye Mo? The one who helped Si Si? ‘Black Hand, didn’t leave you behind?” This woman’s voice suddenly became clear and crisp, without the hoarseness from earlier.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, I am Ye Mo. Black Hand?” However, Ye Mo immediately guessed that Black Hand was Ender when he finished speaking, and it turned out that this woman was Yin Si’s family.

After saying that, Ye Mo once again added, “Ender didn’t leave me behind, he sponsored me with some dollars and I left.”

The woman fell silent, her trembling had calmed down, he looked Ye Mo up and down for a long time and tried to stand up with some trembling.

“Are you sick?” Ye Mo suddenly stepped forward and held the woman, he felt her body tremble again as he held her.

“You don’t have to help me, thank you for Si Si’s matter.” Although this woman said for Ye Mo not to help her, she did not have the strength to push Ye Mo away.

Guess she already understood what Ye Mo meant when he said Ender sponsored him.1 She had been in the ‘Hanwen Gang, for so many years, and was no stranger to those fights and killings.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and handed it to this woman and said, “I found it based on this bracelet.”

When the woman saw the bracelet in Ye Mo’s hand, she suddenly grabbed it and couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes any longer, she couldn’t even say a word.

Seeing the woman’s appearance, Ye Mo already guessed in his heart that she should be that Sister Yan, and the bracelet was hers. Seeing Sister Yan’s appearance, Ye Mo did not hesitate to take out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and send it to her mouth. And grabbing her hand, he began to help her regulate her meridians.

After ten minutes had pa*sed, the woman who was leaning on Ye Mo suddenly spat out a mouthful of bruised blood and some dirt began to seep out of her body. Under Ye Mo’s true qi nourishment, and because of the effect of the ‘Lotus Life Pill, she directly fainted.

Ye Mo sighed, he knew that this mouthful of bruised blood was caused by the long years of depression in his heart. Fortunately, he came in time, if he had delayed for another year and a half, it would have been the end.

Some dirt was drained out, Ye Mo didn’t dislike it, whether this Sister Yan was his relative or not, this woman had a certain relationship with him.

Ye Mo didn’t wake her up, he knew that the meridians in her body were rapidly rejuvenating at this time, it was right not to wake her up at this time.

After a few more minutes, the woman woke up on her own, saw the smell emanating from her body and let out a shriek. Surprisingly, she didn’t have time to talk to Ye Mo before rushing into the bathroom, not thinking in the slightest how she could move around freely.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, women, no matter how old or young they were, were still conscious of this aspect.

However, Ye Mo soon heard a scream coming from the bathroom, and without thinking he immediately rushed over. He found the woman with blood on her head, pa*sed out in the small, dark bathroom.

Ye Mo didn’t know how she had fallen and even knocked herself unconscious, something that only she might know, but since she was unconscious, should he help her.

Ye Mo was torn for a while, not knowing whether he should help or not.

Suddenly Ye Mo thought, what’s the point of dwelling on this? Now Yin Si and Ai Ni were not there. Her clothes had all been taken off by herself, this woman should be at least forty years old, or an old woman, and he didn’t have any other ideas, so what did it matter? Besides, now that he was looking, if he woke her up instead of being embarra*sed, he might as well quickly help her wash and get dressed and go over.

However, when Ye Mo used the water ball to start cleaning her, he realised that he was completely wrong. In Ye Mo’s mind, even if she was a woman who was not married, but was 40 or 50 years old, she was definitely old. But now, it seemed that she was not a woman in her forties or fifties? Her skin was even three shades whiter than Song Yingzhu’s, her breasts did not sag in the slightest, and her entire body, apart from being a little thinner, looked like the most standard template of a woman’s curves.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to look any further, and hurriedly cleaned her up with three strokes and took out Ning Qingxue’s set of clothes and put them on for her. Even the place where her head had been bruised, Ye Mo helped her remove the scars.

Although there were some disguise potions on her face, but under Ye Mo’s divine sense control, those potions were simply too easy to clean, in three strokes, they were all cleaned.

After Ye Mo helped the woman get it done, he once again carried her outside and placed her on top of the reclining chair. Then while waiting for her to wake up, he was surveying the structure of the bungalow.

It was a very old-fashioned bungalow with a very small living room, but inside it was divided into three rooms. It looked like there were two other people in her house, the other two would be Yin Si and Yin Jia. If he didn’t know that this woman was not married, Ye Mo would have even taken Yin Si and the Yin family as her children, but now it seemed that the two of them should not be her children.

The Si family, it turned out to be the name that this woman had given, it should be her Si family. Ye Mo secretly sighed, this woman was not easy, she did not know for what reason she had strayed to America. Later on, for various reasons, she did not have a very good life.

When Ye Mo looked at this woman again, he suddenly froze. Wasn’t this Sister Yan? He had a photo of Sister Yan. Sister Yan was clean and serene, her eyebrows were like crescent moons, but this woman’s beauty was not like this. The woman in front of him had a heart-breaking beauty, was it a delicate flower shining in the water or a weak willow?

Just now he hurriedly helped her finish the bath and didn’t pay attention to anything else at all, now he didn’t expect this woman to be so beautiful, surprisingly no less than Luo Ying. Or rather Ye Mo actually saw the shadow of Luo Ying vaguely in her face, could she be related to Luo Ying in some way? This couldn’t be.

While Ye Mo was speculating, the woman suddenly opened her eyes. She looked up at Ye Mo and suddenly thought of something, reached out to touch her clothes and immediately her face changed drastically. A burst of red, a burst of white, it was evident how unsettled she was inside.

When she saw a few bruises disappearing from her waist in the bathroom, she couldn’t believe for a moment that she was too shocked, and that was why she screamed and fell down. But she was now surprisingly cleaned and dressed, so she didn’t need to think about it to know that it must be Ye Mo’s doing.

“Sorry, I did it for you just now when things were urgent.” Seeing that the woman was staring at her clothes carefully, he had to add, “I didn’t know where your clothes were for a while, so I had to take a set of my wife’s clothes.”

“You’re married?” The woman’s face gradually eased as she suddenly asked about Ye Mo’s marriage.

Ye Mo nodded, “It hasn’t been a wedding yet, but it’s something.”

The woman clearly misunderstood Ye Mo’s meaning, she thought that Ye Mo was talking about not having a marriage certificate, but already living together. Knowing this, she seemed to forget about what had just happened in the bathroom and instead picked up that bracelet again and looked at it again, finally unable to hold back her tears again.