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DYM Chapter 560

Seeing that the woman seemed to be caught in a sad memory that she couldn’t extricate herself from, Ye Mo had to break the silence in which he took the initiative to say, “This bracelet came out from inside an antique shop in San Francisco, and in order to find the owner of the bracelet, I have been asking here ……”

“No, what do you have to do with this bracelet? To find me?” The woman seemed to think of something and suddenly said.

“Because I also have such a bracelet.” After saying that, Ye Mo took out his own bracelet.

Seeing Ye Mo take out a bracelet once again, the jīt in the woman’s eyes showed no doubt. She once again grabbed Ye Mo’s bracelet into her hand and stared blankly at the two bracelets, with surprisingly not less but more and more tears on her face.

Ye Mo did not stop the woman from taking her bracelets away, but quietly waited for her emotions to pa*s Chapter 560 – Sister Yan.

“Who are you?” The woman looked at her for a while and suddenly asked in a trembling voice.

Ye Mo gave a dark sigh and said, “My name is Ye Mo, I come from Yanjing ……”

“Yes, your name is Ye Mo, I know your name is Ye Mo, you really, really are …… your father is Ye Cai, your mother’s name is Yin Qingcheng, that year you had just learned to walk, now you are so big, in fact I should have thought of it long ago, your eyes are simply identical to his ……” the woman murmured, and even grabbed Ye Mo’s hand, only her hand was a little trembling.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what this woman in front of him had to do with him. But how did his own father turn into Ye Cai? There was also the fact that it was the first time he knew that his mother’s name was Yin Qingcheng.

The woman in front of him looked at him with the kind of heartfelt joy, Ye Mo’s heart even trembled, it was a kind of thoughtful look that required much pity to have.

This woman pulled Ye Mo to her side and sat down, looking at him carefully again and again, the kind of concern inside her eyes, Ye Mo could see it clearly even if he was an idiot. Some hot currents suddenly welled up in Ye Mo’s heart, it was the first time he had ever received such concern. What Light Snow gave him was love, which seemed to be somewhat different from this kind of almost drowning concern. Chapter 560 – Sister Yan

“Tell Sister Yan how you’ve come through all these years.” Ever since Ye Mo said his name, this woman’s hand had never let go of Ye Mo.

Sister Yan? Ye Mo was a bit puzzled, he didn’t know what kind of relationship this Sister Yan had with him. But to Sister Yan, he didn’t have the slightest intention to hide it, he could only tell what happened after he was driven out of the Ye family, as he didn’t remember anything before that.

When she heard that Ye Mo had actually been driven out of the Ye family and left behind in Ninghai without caring, Sister Yan’s breathing suddenly became ragged. Finally her face actually turned red as she suddenly stood up and cursed, “Ye Wentian you piker, hypocrite, fake daoist ……”

Ye Mo looked at this angry sister Yan with some confusion, thinking to himself that you seem to have lived less than my life in Ninghai all these years. But before Ye Mo could come to persuade, he was hugged in the arms by Sister Yan.

Although Sister Yan was thin, she still had material on her chest, and Ye Mo was sitting with her hugging him right on his chest. Those softnesses pressed directly against Ye Mo’s face, making him very embarra*sed. But he couldn’t struggle. To be honest, he still didn’t know what kind of relationship Sister Yan had with him until now. He had a lot of things to ask Sister Yan, but up to now, he didn’t even have a chance.

Being hugged by such a beautiful woman on his chest was a little overwhelming even for Ye Mo, and he felt a little hot. Just when he wanted to push away Sister Yan who was hugging him, Sister Yan seemed to remember something and took the initiative to release Ye Mo.

Her face was a little flushed as she reached out and touched Ye Mo’s face, “Already grown up, and with great abilities. I’ll be relieved from now on.”

Ye Mo knew what she was referring to when she said great ability, she was referring to the fact that she had saved her and even restored her to a very healthy state in a very short period of time.

Ye Mo was just about to speak when Sister Yan seemed to know what he wanted to say, but she reached out to stop what Ye Mo wanted to say. She just gradually looked at Ye Mo, and the fiery glow in her eyes made Ye Mo a little worried. Ye Mo even doubted if the woman lying on top of the old cushioned chair not long ago was her, this was Ye Mo, if it was anyone else it might have broken down.

That fiery glint in her eyes was not at all like looking at a junior in general, but somewhat like looking at a lover in general with fiery eyes. Ye Mo subconsciously hit a jīng, although Sister Yan was incredibly beautiful, but Ye Mo knew that she was at least forty years old and seemed to be his elder, as to what the relationship was, he was still unclear until now.

After a long time, Sister Yan’s eyes seemed to rise a little strangely, and she suddenly said, “I’m disguised, I need to wash my face, so you can take a look at me.”

This statement was a bit ambiguous, and Ye Mo’s heart grew a bit uneasy. But he still said, “Sister Yan, the disguise cream on your face, I’ve already washed it.”

“Ah ……” Sister Yan let out an ah, and hurriedly picked up a mirror next to her, and indeed found that the disguise cream on her face was gone, and her face revealed the kind of beauty that she had not seen for a long time. She subconsciously touched her face, and suddenly two lines of tears fell once again.

Ye Mo did not understand her feelings at this moment, yet he knew that it was better not to disturb her at this time.

After a long time, Sister Yan suddenly put down the mirror and began to ask Ye Mo about the life he was leading again. Especially about Ning Qingxue, she asked even more carefully. However, she never mentioned her own life.

It was only when she did know that Ye Mo was living a good life now and didn’t need her to worry that she seemed to put her heart down.

After another moment Sister Yan seemed to have made up her mind about something, she suddenly looked at Ye Mo and smiled sweetly, “Wait for me here for a moment, I will come out in a moment.”

As he watched Sister Yan enter the room, although Ye Mo knew what she was doing with a sweep of his divine sense, he did not do so.

After a long time, Sister Yan walked out with a small bag and two book-like things in her hands, which seemed to be a bit old. Only at this time did Ye Mo realise that Sister Yan’s appearance had changed again, so she had gone to disguise herself. It was indeed true, that kind of beauty look of hers was still a trouble in case someone saw her.

Ye Mo stood up and Sister Yan looked at Ye Mo again, but her eyes slowly changed from that kind of fire to sadness and then to confusion.

Ye Mo was a little worried and grabbed her hand and transported some true qi over. Sister Yan came back to her senses and seemed to be a little surprised that Ye Mo had true qi, but this surprise pa*sed in a flash.

“You give Sister Yan a hug ……” Sister Yan suddenly said something that Ye Mo would never have thought of.

Seeing Ye Mo’s surprise, Sister Yan suddenly laughed, “Sister Yan is the closest person to you, what are you embarra*sed about, just now ……”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and suddenly wrapped Sister Yan in his arms, he felt that Sister Yan must have her meaning in doing so. Ye Mo found that Sister Yan who was wrapped in his arms was trembling a little, after a while, Sister Yan suddenly pushed Ye Mo away, her face was a little flushed but she had recovered, she smiled at Ye Mo, “These two books are for you, I’m leaving.”

“What? Sister Yan you said you’re leaving? Oh, I’ll go with you alright.” Ye Mo reacted, he had just thought that Sister Yan was going to travel far away.

Sister Yan spread her face and smiled, “My greatest wish is for you to be safe and sound, since you are not in trouble and still have such a great ability, my wish has been fulfilled, since Ye Wentian, the piker, is dead, count him lucky. Now I’m going to do something I want to do alone, I can’t join you.”

Ye Mo was dumbfounded, he couldn’t imagine that he had just found Sister Yan and she was leaving. There were still a lot of things he hadn’t asked her himself, and besides, right now he didn’t even know what relationship this Sister Yan had with is him.

“I know what you want to ask? I’ve already given it to your hand. You don’t have to worry about me, I have the ability to protect myself.” Sister Yan looked at Ye Mo’s worry and suddenly wanted to stay a little, but this thought was quickly discarded by her.

Of course Ye Mo could see that Sister Yan had practiced ancient martial arts, only that her cultivation level was not very high, not even at the yellow level. But Ye Mo had checked her meridians and knew that the ancient martial arts technique that Sister Yan cultivated was remarkable, as for why her cultivation level was so low, he didn’t understand.

Seeing Ye Mo open his mouth to say something, Sister Yan once again stopped Ye Mo, “You don’t need to persuade me, and don’t stop me, I like to go alone. After I leave, Yin Jia and Yin Si if you can take care of them, help me take care of them, these two sisters and brothers are the two children I just picked up here.”

Ye Mo sighed, he knew that Sister Yan’s determination had already been made, there was no use in persuading himself, so he simply kept his mouth shut.

“And this outfit of your wife’s I like it very much, thank you. I don’t have anything to give you, that bracelet has been with me for a long time, although it has since been lost, and since you have found it, I will leave it to you. I’m leaving, you don’t have to send me.” Sister Yan’s eyes suddenly got a little red again as she spoke.

“Wait.” Ye Mo hastily stopped Sister Yan, he took out two jade bottles and handed them to Sister Yan and said, “These are some pills that my master gave me, this one is called the ‘Face Preservation Pill’ to maintain your face, and this other one is called the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ to improve Ancient Martial Cultivation.”

After handing the jade bottle to Sister Yan, Ye Mo was afraid that Sister Yan wouldn’t believe him and added, “These two pills are just as effective as the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ that I gave you, ah, yes, I’ll give you another ‘Lotus Life Pill’. ”

Sister Yan took Ye Mo’s bottle but didn’t say anything just nodded her head. Only when she saw Ye Mo’s worried look, she added, “I’ve been outside for so many years, if I hadn’t been sick all the time in the first place, I wouldn’t have ended up in this situation, you don’t have to worry.”

After hearing Sister Yan’s words, Ye Mo remembered and hurriedly took out his bank card and handed it to Sister Yan and said, “There is some small money in here, you can keep it for now, the pa*sword is all one, in case of emergency.”

“No, I don’t want this, I have some money saved up. I know you won’t be short of money since you’ve managed to come here, but I don’t want your money either.” Sister Yan hastily pushed it to Ye Mo.