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DYM Chapter 561

Ye Mo knew that Sister Yan was going to sell the bracelet in the first place, and knew that she must not have much money, where would she take it back, handing it to Sister Yan again and said, “Sister Yan, it’s really just some small money in here, a few thousand ……”

Ye Mo said here seems to feel that something is wrong, he remembered, that bracelet is so important to Sister Yan, how could she sell it? There was no way Shi Kaigen could have lied to him, then it was that Liu Shan that Shi Kaigen had found that had lied to Shi Kaigen.

“Alright, I’ll take it.” Sister Yan smiled and accepted Ye Mo’s bank card, in her opinion, since it was only a few thousand dollars, there was nothing wrong with accepting it.

Watching Sister Yan leave, Ye Mo didn’t have any way to call out to her, she had her own things to do. Just like she said, if it wasn’t Chapter 561 Not Even a Chicken she had been sick, maybe she would have gone and done it long ago.

“Sister Yan ……” Ye Mo couldn’t help but call out one more time, although it was a short time, but it was as if Sister Yan made him feel a kind of warmth. The kind of love she had for herself came from the depths of her heart, without the slightest fakery. Ye Mo was even sure that even if he was a beggar sitting on the street asking for food right now, even if he was filthy. As long as Sister Yan knew that he was Ye Mo, the one she was looking for, she would not hesitate to hold herself in her arms, it was an intuition.

Sister Yan turned back to Ye Mo and spread a smile, but Ye Mo’s divine sense could clearly see some tears in her eyes.

“Sister Yan, I am now in Luo Yue City, if you want to find me when you want, just go to Luo Yue City.” Ye Mo didn’t know if Sister Yan would go to him, but he was hoping that Sister Yan would go to him.

He had just found Sister Yan, but in the blink of an eye, Sister Yan had left again. Ye Mo had been standing at the entrance of the small bungalow, watching Sister Yan gradually disappear from under his sight, and his heart was surprisingly a little disappointed.

When Sister Yan said that all she wanted to know was in her hands, Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the two books in his hands. A thick diary, somewhat yellowed and visible for many years, and an ancient martial arts technique.

Chapter 561 One look at the few words on the gongfa, and Ye Mo knew why he looked somewhat familiar when he first saw the Yin family. This ancient martial arts gong method was the Ye’s Qi Gong, so it was something from the Ye family. When he first saw Ye Zifeng walking, he seemed to be walking similarly to the Yin family, and it looked like the Yin family also practiced this gong method. That was why both of them had somewhat similar downward stance.

Ye Mo shook his head and put the book away, he really wasn’t interested in this. Sister Yan should have known that in this place, the Chinese backstreets, there was no way to gain a foothold without a little skill, so she pa*sed some of this gong method to the Yin family.

Ye Mo picked up the diary again and was just about to open it when a Chinese young man in his twenties came running over in a hurry. He froze for a moment when he saw Ye Mo standing in the doorway of the bungalow, but he quickly responded, “Who are you?”

“I’m Yin Si’s friend?” Ye Mo knew that this young man must also be from the Chinese backstreet.

“Ah, then hurry up and check on Yin Si and the Yin family, something has happened to them at the Black Boxing Market, I’ll tell the Yin family’s aunt ……” Before the lad’s words could fall, he noticed that the young man who was standing at the door just now had already disappeared.

He was stunned and rubbed his eyes, “Did I look blind?”


Something had happened to the Yin family and Yin Si, how could that be? He had just promised Sister Yan to take care of the two of them, how could he let something happen to them. So the first time he learned the news, Ye Mo put away the diary in his hand and went straight to the underground black boxing market quickly.

It was already mid-afternoon and the Black Boxing Market was even more lively. The hall outside was crowded and the boxing scene in the basement was even noisier.

Ye Mo’s divine sense quickly swept the situation in front of the boxing ring on the right, Aini and Yin Si’s hair were both a little messy, Aini even had a little blue around her eyes, probably because she had been punched by someone. Yin Si’s eyes were red and he was holding the Yin family on the ground. The corners of Yin Jia’s mouth were bleeding and a few bones in his chest had been broken.

Ye Mo only needed to take a look to know that he was already out of breath more than he was in, and was clearly close to the point of death. Or even if he was sent to the hospital now, he would still be a lifelong cripple.

If he was like this, why didn’t he take him to the hospital and why did he stay here? Ye Mo was puzzled when Yin Si’s words made him understand.

“I beg you, get out of the way, let me take my brother to the hospital ……” Yin Si’s voice was a little hoarse, perhaps she didn’t know how many times she had said this.

The two men in black blocked Yin Si and Ani’s path as if they were pillars of stone, without the slightest intention of getting out of the way.

“I promised you guys, let me take my brother to the hospital ah ……” Yin Si shouted hoarsely again.

But the two men still had no intention of getting out of the way, and a woman who looked like she had had an excessive nightlife walked over with a cigarette in her mouth. She coldly glanced at the three men on the ground and said slowly, “You promised, call your aunt to come, your aunt promised before you do.”

Ye Mo walked over and took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and stuffed it into Yin Jia’s mouth.

“Mr. Ye Mo, it’s you? Why are you back, ah, it’s wonderful ……” After seeing Ye Mo, Aini seemed to forget about being punched in the eye and was actually a little happy. However, she seemed to quickly remember the situation in front of her, and again lowered her face bitterly.

Ye Mo laughed a little bitterly, this Aini was really optimistic.

“What’s going on, Aini.” Ye Mo just asked, the two big men in black next to him were about to come over and pull Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn’t even return his head, he just swept out with two kicks. These two big men in black were unexpectedly kicked out by Ye Mo more than ten meters away, and then it was as if they had made an appointment, their four legs hit the corner of the wall heavily at the same time. With a few ‘clicks’, these two men instantly fainted.

Ye Mo knew that with this hit, these two guys would suffer.

The woman with the excessive night life with a cigarette in her mouth wanted to come over and talk, but when she saw Ye Mo strike hard without saying a word, she was scared and took two steps back instead. If this woman had come up, Ye Mo wouldn’t have minded kicking her again, but she went down, so count her lucky.

These two kicks from Ye Mo immediately blew away the surrounding onlookers, almost all of them knew that this young Chinese man in front of him was not a nice person to talk to and was quite skilled. Just now, he started a fight as soon as he came in, and even scrapped two fighters from the boxing ring as soon as he struck, it was better to mess with such people less.

Ani looked at Ye Mo in amazement, she could not imagine that this Chinese man who let her lead the way was so powerful, he was simply a god-like being. She soon reacted and immediately jumped up ignoring the blue eye ring at all, she hugged Ye Mo’s arm and said, “Oh, Mr. Ye, you are really great.”

Ye Mo looked at her somewhat speechlessly, her boyfriend was still lying on the ground, this foreign woman was really truthful. This woman reminded him of Wang Ying, he felt that the two had something in common.

Yin Si almost forgot about what was in front of her in that moment too, she just looked at Ye Mo in a daze, but she quickly remembered her brother and hurriedly had to get him to the hospital before she could do so.

“Your brother is already fine, don’t move him, let him lie down for a while.” Ye Mo saw that Yin Si was going to move the Yin family and immediately said.

“Ah ……” Yin Si of course knew how injured her brother was, and she definitely wouldn’t believe Ye Mo when he said he was fine. Despite this she quickly swallowed what she was about to say in surprise as Yin Jia had already opened his eyes and the wound on his head seemed to have stopped bleeding and was even scabbing over. Although Yin Si couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the wound on her brother’s head was indeed scabbing over.

“I’m fine.” Seeing his sister’s worried face, Yin Jia hurriedly spoke up.

“Are you really alright?” Yin Si still asked uneasily, she was very clear about Yin Jia’s injury, but she was fine after such a short while, what was going on? She just saw Ye Mo drop a pill in her brother’s mouth, at that time she was already almost crazy, how could she care about what Ye Mo put in Yin Jiajia’s mouth.

“Jiajia, you’re well.” Ani only remembered at this time that there was still a boyfriend on the ground and hurried over to help Yin Jiajia up.

“Your Excellency is quite skilled, but if you want to smash the underground black boxing scene in Messika Town just because you have some skills, you are still a bit short of the mark. It’s easy to get in here, but it doesn’t seem to be so easy to get out.” A man with a somewhat thin build walked over, he swept a glance at Ye Mo and said coldly.

“Brother Dou ……” Once this skinny man came over, almost all of the people would greet him. The sound of ‘Brother Dou’ was endless for a while.

Ye Mo shook his head, a guy at the early Yellow level dared to strut his stuff in front of him. And this guy was still lucky to be able to cultivate to the early Yellow level.

“Who said I was going out? I haven’t finished my side of things yet, so how can I possibly go out?” Ye Mo smiled lightly and walked up to this Brother Dou, suddenly stretched out his hand and stuck his neck, picking him up stiffly.

Brother Dou’s face turned red, he couldn’t imagine that one day he would be picked up by someone by the neck. He had just seen this young man come over and saw him reach out his hand, but he just didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

All the people around were dumbfounded, if just now Ye Mo kicked away two big men was nothing, then now Ye Mo picking up Brother Dou by the neck was simply going against the grain.

Who was Dou, who didn’t know this? The number one expert in Messika town, even ‘Black Hand’ Ender was afraid of him. But he was no better than a chicken in front of this young man. The underground black boxing market, which had always been incredibly noisy, fell into silence for the first time, as all eyes were fixed on Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and threw Dou out of his hand, “Don’t worry, I still have a good while before I go out.”