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DYM Chapter 562

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and threw Dou out of his hand, “You don’t need to worry, I still have a good while before I go out.”

Dou was thrown inside a bin by Ye Mo, splashing out countless trash, but this Dou looked at Ye Mo in shock, not to mention saying ruthless words, he couldn’t even say a single ruthless word.

The shock inside him was like a shocking wave, he could cultivate to the yellow level of course not an ordinary person could compare. He knew something about ancient martial arts, and even more so, he knew that although his skills were considered number one in the small town of Messika, he was the worst existence in the eyes of the real ancient martial arts practitioners.

But this young man in front of him easily choked and picked him up, and he was not even able to move a bit, so he knew that this young man in front of him was at least of Xuan level cultivation Chapter 562 Who had set it up. The master who had taught him the ancient martial arts had said that all Xuan level experts were from the hidden sects of China, and they generally did not come out, so basically they could not be encountered.

But this had a premise, once you met such people, then never offend. Because in the eyes of such people, other people’s lives are as worthless as an ant, and they can kill them at any time.

Dou, who had just been strutting his stuff, broke out in a cold sweat, knowing that he had just made a turn at the ghost gate. If the young man in front of him had wanted to kill him, he would have been dead already.

Even Dou was powerless in front of this young man and was thrown into the rubbish bin like a bin. The few people who had wanted to come forward to cheer and please Dou no longer dared to go forward, and they even took a few steps back one by one.

The few fighters who were still in the ring also stopped, and there were a few who came here to fight who did not know Brother Dou. Dao’s name was Dao Yuesheng, and since he arrived here five years ago, he had beaten everyone in the entire underground black boxing market, and none of them were his opponent. Later on, the owner of the black boxing market, Jin En, simply hired him as the number one fighter in the black boxing market. There was even a share in it, a real real power figure in the black boxing market of the small town of Methica Chapter 562 Who set up the bureau faction.

Dou Yuesheng struggled to stand up from inside the bin, he didn’t even have time to pat the trash off his body before he hurriedly walked towards Ye Mo.

The woman with a cigarette in her mouth saw Dou Yuesheng walking over again and hurriedly ran to his side and said, “Brother Dou, I’ll go call someone first, this kid is a bit too wild ……”

“Get lost ……” Before the woman could finish her words, she was slapped in the face by Dou Yuesheng, and was instantly spinning in place. Only then did she flop to the ground, the cigarette in her hand had been dropped to who knows where.

Although Dou Yuesheng was in pain, he knew very well that the young Chinese man had not struck him deadly. Even if he didn’t die, he would be seriously injured, where it was still a matter of pain all over his body.

“Senior, junior Dou Yuesheng has eyes not to know the mountain, offend senior, really should die ……” except for a few people who have eyesight. Almost all of them thought that Dou Yuesheng went in front of Ye Mo once again, ready to find out Ye Mo’s bad luck. However, what Dou Yuesheng said made all those people astonished and understood that the original Dou was there to apologize.

A tough fight, met a tough fight. Even those who didn’t understand knew that Brother Dou was scared.

“Who the hell is this young Chinese man that even Brother Dao is afraid of? Is he planning to come here to open a new venue? So come and smash up the place?” Immediately, someone whispered out.

“You’re pig-headed, can’t you see he’s here for the young man on the floor, and Ani knew him just now.” Immediately, someone retorted back.

Ye Mo swept his cold eyes at Dou Yuesheng, this Dou still had some eyesight and knew that he hadn’t seriously injured him because he had something to find him. If he didn’t come over. The next moment. Ye Mo is a wind blade past.

The reason why he didn’t kill this Dou, or even seriously injure him, was because Ye Mo felt that something was wrong. Yin Si and the Yin family were just ordinary people in the Chinese backstreets, even if the Yin family had lost the competition, they wouldn’t be stopped from going to the hospital. Although Yin Si was clean and pretty, she was not yet to the point where someone would want to dominate her.

Besides, he had heard Yin Si say with his own eyes that she had agreed to their demands, but these people still wouldn’t let her go. This meant that their target was not Yin Si. Then the woman with the cigarette in her mouth said something. He understood that these people were here for Sister Yan.

Although Sister Yan had not spent much time with him. But the kind of heartfelt love she had for herself made Ye Mo naturally feel differently about her. If he dared to hit on Sister Yan. He would definitely have to dig up the roots and get to the bottom of this place.

Seeing Ye Mo not say anything, Dou Yuesheng’s heart was even more nervous. Luckily, Ye Mo didn’t make him nervous for long before he said in a cold voice, “First, find a room for the Yin family to rest, and take me to see your boss, he has a lot of guts.”

“Yes, yes ……” The first sentence was certainly fine with Dou Yuesheng, when Ye Mo said that his boss was very bold afterwards, he once again broke out in a cold sweat. He didn’t know if Ye Mo also specified that he was also very bold, but he didn’t dare to ask a word out.

Ye Mo ignored Dou Yuesheng’s thoughts and said to Aini and Yin Si, “Aini, you and Yin Si take the Yin family to rest, the Yin family shouldn’t have anything going on right now. I’ll take you guys away right away after I go run some errands, don’t worry, no one dares to do anything to you guys here now.”

Because of Sister Yan, Ye Mo treated the Yin family and Yin Si differently since, and even had some affection in it.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.” Yin Si hurriedly stood up to thank him, she already knew from Ani’s mouth that this young and powerful rich Chinese was called Ye Mo, and the fact that he could get out of ‘Black Hand’ Ender and still make Dou look like a grandson, she could see that he was a remarkable person.

“Yes, yes, Brother Ye, we’ll wait for you ……” added Ani, following Yin Si’s call.

After arranging a few people from the Yin family, Ye Mo only followed Dou Yuesheng to one of the most luxurious large offices at the back of the underground boxing ring. Just as the two of them reached the door, a fat white foreigner with a life already shook his fat body and hurriedly walked over. It was estimated that he had already gotten the news and wanted to go out to have a look, just in time to meet Ye Mo and the two of them coming over.

This fat old foreigner came in front of Ye Mo and Dou Yuesheng, clasped his fist and said in not very familiar Chinese, “Distinguished Mr. Boxer, you are really my guest of honor, fill my room with glory, my name is Jin En. It’s this family ……”

Just before he could finish this incoherent sentence, Ye Mo just kicked him on top of his fat belly. Immediately, Jin En was kicked out for several meters and kept hitting the back next to the hand-held reclining chair and sat down on the ground as if he was a big shrimp.

The two bodyguards behind him immediately raised the guns in their hands, but without waiting for their guns to go off, Ye Mo sent two more wind blades through. The two bodyguards’ hands with the guns had fallen down along with their arms …… stop, stop ……” Jin En didn’t know whether to tell his bodyguards to stop or to tell Ye Mo to stop, he only knew to keep waving his hands. He was not as ignorant as the average person. Dou Yuesheng was a practitioner of ancient martial arts, and many things had been told to him, and although he didn’t believe it, he knew that there was that small group of people in China. These people are very powerful and have no law in their eyes when they are straw men, but of course he is also a lawless person then. Obviously, Ye Mo fit into the small group of people that Dou Yuesheng said, and was even very straw man.

His two bodyguards didn’t need him to tell them to stop, and they just about pa*sed out. Two casual strokes from that young Chinese man. It was all it took to make their arms fall off. They didn’t even dare to pa*s out, they were afraid that if they did, the next moment the Chinese youth would do it again and they would even lose their heads. Perhaps they hadn’t thought of that. Even if they did not faint, people could kill them just the same.

Dou Yuesheng was even more frightened with cold sweat, when he saw Ye Mo casually remove the arms of the two bodyguards, he immediately knew that the young man in front of him was not even Xuan level, but possibly higher. Although his cultivation level was not good, but he was old in the jianghu. Old jianghu. He was also considered an old journeyman. He hadn’t seen Ye Mo’s concealed weapon, which meant that what he was using was most likely not a concealed weapon, but he didn’t quite dare to trust his judgement. It was because he had not seen that person who practiced ancient martial arts that could gather so far away and cut someone’s arm off with his internal qi.

Ye Mo walked up to Jin En and kicked him out as far as he could before sitting down.

Ye Mo sat for a while until Dou Yuesheng’s head was covered in sweat, then he said, “Dou Yuesheng. I didn’t kill you, I know you’re a smart person. I won’t say it a second time. Tell me why you want to cross the Yin family? Even Yin Si said he agreed to your demands, and you still won’t let them go? Remember. Just say one word of lie and I can kill you with a raised hand.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” How could Dou Yuesheng dare to say a single word at this point, because of the matter of his own little life, he dared not be even more ambiguous.

“It was Ross from the ‘meto hotel’ who demanded it, he said he wanted the Yin family’s life and then put Yin Si and her aunt in their place together. The initiative went to him, as to what the reason was, I don’t know. This order was taken by Jin En, I was just in charge of watching the venue, it had nothing to do with me.” Dou Yuesheng wanted to remain calmer, but the invisible dark weapon of Ye Mo just now made him really unable to calm down.

Ye Mo turned his gaze coldly towards Jin En, only before he could speak, Jin En, who was sitting on the ground, immediately shouted loudly, “Senior, this has nothing to do with me. I, I ……”

Jin En was surprisingly fluent in these few words, but he was also trying to find a fluent reason, but he couldn’t find one for a while.

Ye Mo kicked him in the head again and said in a cold voice, “Get that Ross here right away, and which one was the one who beat up the Yin family, get him here for me as well.”

“Yes, yes ……” Jin En was no longer able to say one more word.

Seeing that Jin En had already called someone to go out and bring Ross, but Ye Mo frowned, at the ‘meto hotel’ he had already seen Ender and Ross layout to trap Yin Si. Now here was another layout, and it was still to trap Yin Si and the Yin family.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know why this Ross wanted to cross the Yin sisters, but the successive pitfalls this they must have a purpose. Coupled with what that woman said not long ago, saying that she must want Yin Si’s aunt to come, was this a set-up against Sister Yan?

But if they wanted what about Sister Yan, they could have just had someone kidnap her. Ye Mo did not believe that there was any justice or righteousness in this place, Messika Town.