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DYM Chapter 563

Ye Mo did not have to wait long before a large Chinese man and Ross were called over.

Dou Yuesheng was very opportunistic as he took the initiative to close the door to the room. He saw a strong murderous intent in Ye Mo’s eyes, he was no fool, he himself had originally fought his way to where he was today, where he did not know what Ye Mo was thinking. The only chance to save his life now was to desperately try to please this young man in front of him, only by pleasing him would he have a chance of survival.

Ye Mo glanced at the big Chinese man and asked in a cold voice, “Are you the one who injured the Yin family?”

“And who are you? Brother Dou, what’s going on?” When this big man saw that the boss of the underground black boxing, Jin En, was actually sitting on the ground while Dou Yuesheng was so respectful to the young man sitting in front of him, he frowned greatly and asked out with some dissatisfaction.

Seeing Chapter 563 – The Hidden and Ruthless Liu Luo Si Dou Yue Sheng didn’t even look at himself, this big man had some bad feeling, he suddenly said to Ye Mo: “Not bad, the Yin family is the one I beat up, Mr. Ender ordered ……”

Ye Mo didn’t even listen to the words after him, he just said to Dou Yuesheng, “Kill him.”

Dou Yuesheng did not expect that this young Chinese would ask himself to kill this big man, but even if he had not expected it, these thoughts pa*sed by in a flash. He immediately came to this big man in two steps and raised his hand to deliver a punch.

This big man could not have imagined that Dou Yuesheng would suddenly come to kill him, and even if he had thought of it, he was no match for Dou Yuesheng. He could only watch dumbfounded as Dou Yuesheng’s fist struck him in the heart, and he felt as if his heart had been hammered with an iron hammer. It instantly exploded.

He looked at Dou Yuesheng reluctantly, then fell down, but did not die immediately, but looked at Dou Yuesheng with wide eyes, “How dare you kill me, I am one of Ender’s men. You, you ……”

He wanted to say a few more words. But he just couldn’t say anymore. Dou Yuesheng was expressionless, not to mention that he was one of Ender’s men, now that his own life and death were in jeopardy. Even if he had to kill Ender he wouldn’t hesitate for half a minute.

Chapter 563 – The Hidden and Ruthless Liu Luo Siros came in and felt that something was not right. He looked at Ye Mo who was sitting up there and his heart began to drum, wasn’t he taken away by Ender? How come he was here? But before he could finish beating his snare drum, his own cousin nephew was killed by Dou Yuesheng.

“Dou Yuesheng, you dare to kill my cousin’s nephew. He is Ender’s man, you dare to kill him ……” Ross rose up in anger, the only reason he could enter Ender’s eyes was because this cousin nephew of his was a good fighter and had helped Ender do a lot of things. But now he had been killed.

Ross was furious beyond measure. However, he found Dou Yuesheng lowering his eyebrows as if he had not heard him. His voice gradually trailed off as he understood his situation. He believed that if the young Chinese in front of him said one word, the one Dou Yuesheng would kill was himself the next moment.

“How could you possibly be here? Mr. Ender, he, how could he ……” Ross suddenly shivered, he felt a little cold, as if something had not occurred to him. He, Ross, could have gone from the poverty-stricken backstreets of China to a man who ran a hotel, where he would be a simple-minded man. He sensed that something was wrong. A strong unease welled up in him.

“Ender? Of course I killed him.” Ye Mo’s voice was like cold ice, completely paralyzing Ross. Although he did not believe what the youth in front of him was saying, he knew that what he said should be true. If he hadn’t killed Ender, how could he have escaped from Ender’s grasp?

He could even kill Ender, so to kill himself? The cold sweat on Ross’s back gushed out as if it were watery slurry.

Dou Yuesheng was even more afraid to say a word, he could not imagine that this young man had even killed Ender, this kind of killing god. He suddenly felt extremely scared, if this young man left to silence his mouth, where was his hope of survival?

“Tell me why you want to cross the two Yin Si Yin family siblings, you only have one chance.” Ye Mo’s icy cold voice came out.

Ross shivered, he finally understood his situation. This young man in front of him could even kill ‘Black Hand’ Ender, he was not even an ant in this young man’s eyes.

“I say, I say, as long as senior spares my life. I still have money, I’ll give it all to you ……” Ross knew that his little life was no longer under his control, not to mention this underground black boxing market, even if it was somewhere else in Mesika town, a few random deaths would just be a few flies. Not to mention the fact that he was a Chinese.

“Your nonsense is too much, Dou Yuesheng, go for one of his legs ……” Ye Mo’s words had just fallen, Dou Yuesheng had already drawn his short knife and cut off one of Ross’s legs with one slash.

After cutting off one of Ross’s legs, Dou Yuesheng also helped him stop the bleeding and even took out the golden sore medicine to help him put it on. Seeing what Dou Yuesheng did, Ye Mo nodded, this Dou Yuesheng was also cunning and old-fashioned. Knowing what he was going to ask Ross now, he didn’t let him pa*s out.

Rose’s face showed panic, he then knew that all conditions in front of this young man is best not even mentioned, want to be killed, or see if he is in the mood to give his life.

“Still not saying?” Ye Mo’s cold voice came over again.

“I’ll say, I’ll say.” Ross no longer dared to mention conditions and hurriedly said, “My original name is Liu Luo Si, I used to live in the Chinese backstreets ……”

“Get to the point ……” Ye Mo tapped the coffee table next to him.

“Yes, yes ……” Liu Luo Si winced, not daring to show any dissatisfaction, and hurriedly continued, “One day, I went to find Yin Si to help me with some favors. I came to Yin Si’s house, but I found that neither Yin Si nor the Yin family was there, but I saw Yin Si’s aunt. She, who had washed the make-up off her face, turned out to be a stunning beauty.”

Speaking of this Liu Luo Si surprisingly felt much more fluent, and he did not wait for Ye Mo to continue to press him before continuing, “I was sure, I had never seen such a beautiful woman before. I was moved, for the first time I had my heart set on a woman. I realised that it turned out that Yin Si’s aunt rarely came out, just because she was afraid of being recognised. Also the fact that she was so ugly was a lie, I didn’t dare to alarm her, but from that day back, I couldn’t get any peace in my heart.”

Seeming to have forgotten his own situation, Liu Luosi surprisingly became a little deeper in tone, “I originally helped out in a painting studio, and that day I relied on my memories to draw her portrait down. But I knew that my drawing was not as beautiful as a thousandth of her in person, but I still couldn’t bring myself to look at her portrait. From that day on, I vowed that I would make money, and I would make a lot of money. After I make a lot of money, I will give it all to Yin Si’s aunt and marry her back.”

“Hmph, even you want to marry Sister Yan with that piggy face.” Ye Mo coldly snorted in disdain.

However, Liu Luo Si seemed to have not heard Ye Mo’s cold hum as if he was really into that struggle.

“I didn’t expect the opportunity to come just when I thought of making money. One of Ani’s father’s brothers from Hong Kong found the small town of Mesika, and he wanted to find Ani’s father. He ended up asking for me, and I saw the big handful of dollars he had out and was immediately impressed. My cousin and I quietly kidnapped him, forced out his bank pa*swords and then killed him.” Liu Luo Si’s voice gradually became gloomy and miserable, as if he were a demon in the ground.

But he still said unconsciously, “I raised the first two million, and then I took over the ‘meto hotel’. But then I realised that money was not the only thing that would work in the town of Mersica, and I couldn’t even keep my hotel open for a day. I defected to Ender and even got my nephew to work for him as a hit man.

But Eder, the blood-sucking locust, was so vicious that he was taking almost half of my profits a month. I couldn’t get much money out of it at all after taking out a few bits and pieces. The good thing is that Ender is so horny that one day he said in front of all of us that if anyone could find a woman as beautiful as Monroe for him, he would give that person half of his fortune ……”

Even Dou Yuesheng felt that something was wrong with Liu Luosi, and the tone of his speech was even a little crazy.

But Liu Luo Si still said to himself, “I immediately thought of Yin Si’s aunt, in my eyes she is much more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe. She is much more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.” After saying this, his face actually showed tenderness, only others looked a bit scary.

“I told you maybe I could actually find …… Ender took it seriously at once, and he immediately said that he would give me an estate if I could find such a woman and get her to volunteer to accompany him. But I didn’t want his estate, I knew how Ender was, and even if he gave it to me, I wouldn’t be able to take it for long.

When I produced a portrait that was less than a thousandth of her own, Ender still took a glance at it. I said I only wanted all the profits from the ‘meto hotel’ and Ender agreed without hesitation, on the condition that I could find this woman and make her follow him willingly ……”

“Pa ……” Ye Mo once again slapped the top of the coffee table fiercely, “b*****d, you just said you wanted to make money for Sister Yan, and now you want to give her away, scum… …”

Ye Mo’s outburst of anger made Liu Luo Si come to his senses completely, he then understood his situation, facing Ye Mo’s fury he hurriedly said, “I just want to earn this first money by Ender’s hand, then I plan to slowly replace Ender and finally kill him so that my cousin and nephew can control his inheritance and I can give Yin Si’s aunt the happiest life ……”

Although the latter words Liu Luo Si trembled and did not say them, but both Ye Mo and Dou Yuesheng thoroughly understood. What is a stoic and ruthless person, this Liu Luo Si definitely is. If he really followed his plan, who knew if Ender would be counted on by him?

Besides, once his cousin and nephew took control of most of Ender’s properties, and then secretly killed Ender, Liu Luo Si might really become the new ‘black hand’ of Messika town.

He was so ruthless, Dou Yuesheng realized that he was nowhere near as ruthless as this Liu Luosi. From his mouth, he could tell how much he cared for that woman, yet he still didn’t hesitate to be ready to take it out as a bargaining chip just to get her again in the end.

“First, remove his limbs for me, then kill.” Ye Mo waved his hand at Dou Yuesheng, this kind of mischievous guy, Ye Mo didn’t want to ask him a single word anymore.