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DYM Chapter 564

“I have money, I will give you all my money, please …….” Liu Luo Si had by now Tao awakened from that crazy fantasy and began to frantically beg for mercy.

But people like Dou Yuesheng were shocked by his ruthless heart, and now that young man had orders, where he would let Liu Luosi live. Three strokes removed the rest of his three limbs and finally stabbed him in the heart.

Seeing Dou Yuesheng’s crisp and sharp means, Ye Mo was satisfied, and he turned his gaze to Jin En who was still sitting on the ground.

Jin En already knew by now that the young man in front of him was even more powerful than him in killing people without blinking, and now that Ye Mo was looking over, he knew it was his turn.

He hurriedly stumbled and said, “Senior, I, I have money, I have a lot, I’ll give it all to you …….”

Ye Mo said to Dou Yuesheng, “You go and get the bank cards of Yin Si, Chapter 564 Go to Luo Yue City Yin family and also Ai Ni.”

“Yes…” Dou Yuesheng’s heart was overjoyed and he hurriedly agreed, he knew that since this young man had said that, he was sparing his life, so where would he dare to hesitate.

A moment later, Dou Yuesheng brought over the three people’s bank cards. Although Ai Ni and the others didn’t know what Dou Yuesheng wanted their bank cards for, they didn’t object. If it was Ye Mo who asked him to take it, there was no need to object, and if it was not Ye Mo’s intention, there was even less need to object to taking it.

“How much money do you have left now?” Ye Mo looked at Jin En who was sitting on the ground and asked in a cold voice.

“I have nineteen million present lives… ….” How could Jin En care about his money now, as long as he kept his little life. He was afraid that Ye Mo wouldn’t want the money, as long as he wanted the money, he would be fine.

Ye Mo threw three cards in front of him and then said coldly, “As fast as you can, put six million US dollars inside each card, one cent less and you’re dead. If it’s not less, the extra million will still give you a pension.”

The words were clear to King and he was immediately surprised. He didn’t care about the one million dollars, but Ye Mo’s last words about his old age, meaning that this young Chinese would not kill him. As long as he kept his life, Chapter 564 Going to Luo Yue City everything else was secondary. He had a lot of real estate besides this money, and that was all real estate.

Jin En split his money into three payments to the three people’s bank cards as fast as he could, Ye Mo saw the numbers he entered, and it was not a fake.

Putting away the bank cards, Ye Mo swept a glance at Jin En and said, “You can go to the police, but one hour after you call the police is when you go to heaven, if you want to go to heaven, you go to the police.”

“Oh, no, no, senior I’m not going to the police, I’m definitely not going to …….” Jin En hurriedly waved his hand, he was not a fool. Just now, he heard clearly what Ye Mo said about killing Ender. This young man could even kill Ender, it was too easy to kill him. The police, these days, were the most unreliable of all. King didn’t feel the slightest bit good about those guys.

“You do well too, you are a Chinese, even if you don’t help a bit, you still bully the Chinese. Originally I wanted to kill you, but for the sake that you are still considerate you will be spared once first.” Ye Mo swept a glance at Dou Yuesheng before he walked out of the room.

He said that, but Ye Mo knew that such matters were not his business at all. There were as many Chinese here as there were cows, and after killing one Dou Yuesheng, there were countless others.

“Yes, go… …” Dou Yuesheng’s forehead was in cold sweat, although he did not kill without blinking, but when it was his turn to be killed, he was not so calm. It was only until now when Ye Mo spared his life that he was slightly relieved.

“The matter is done, let’s go.” Ye Mo called out as he stood in the room where Ai Ni and the others were resting, he reckoned that Yin Jia’s injuries should have healed.

Unlike coming in, when the four of them went out, the entire underground boxing ring automatically made way.

Ani helped Yin Jia, but did not look for Ye Mo to say anything more, only when Ye Mo returned all the cards to the three Yin Si asked, “Brother Ye, you took our cards over, are you going to make them pay for it?”

Yin Si knew that none of their cards had any money, except for her card which still had over a hundred dollars in it, maybe Ani’s card didn’t have any money in it. Since they didn’t have any money inside their cards, they were taken by Ye Mo and didn’t ask for the pa*sword, so they must have been there to punch in the money.

Ye Mo smiled, “Yes, I made Jin En pay out some money to you guys.”

“Oh God, Mr. Ye, no, Brother Ye, you are so kind.” Aini hurriedly dropped Yin Si and rushed to Ye Mo, trying to get in his face, but Ye Mo seemed to have expected this and had side-stepped her without waiting for her to come in front of him.

Ani didn’t care about Ye Mo’s letting go in the slightest, but took her card and rushed to a nearby ATM. A moment later, she just let out a scream, and even the two couples who wanted to come and withdraw their money were scared away by her scream.

“What’s wrong? Ani.

” Yin Si and Yin Jia rushed over, wanting to know what had happened to Ani.

“Oh my God, I read it right, there are six zeros, God, it’s six million, it’s really six million dollars, I’m a millionaire….” Not to mention six million, even $60,000 would have been a huge shock to Ani, but now her card had gone from pennies to six million in one go.

“What? Six million?” Yin Si and the Yin family were also dumbfounded, Ye Mo had actually given six million to Aini in one go, did he like Aini?

Yin Jia inserted his own card into it as well, and was instantly just as shocked as Aini, his card was also filled with six million. Seeing that Yin Jia’s card also had six million in it, Yin Si could no longer restrain himself and checked his own card as well, and there was another six million.

Three six million dollars, eighteen million dollars. The three of them even stayed for a long time, not even reacting.

Finally it was Yin Jia who said, “Auntie can go back, let’s hurry back and tell auntie about this.

“Yes, auntie can go back.” Yin Si was also trembling as she held the card, six million dollars, what a fortune, it had somehow come into their hands like this. Suddenly she remembered Ye Mo and hurriedly walked up to him and handed the card over, “Brother Ye, there’s too much money here, we don’t dare to take it.”

Ye Mo pushed back Yin Si’s card, “These are what you deserve, you all put them away, I have something to talk to you about, let’s talk about it when we get back.”

Although they put the cards away, the three of them still couldn’t contain their jīng mood. Only because of Ye Mo’s words, the three could only follow Ye Mo back to the small bungalow again.

“Why isn’t Auntie there?” Yin Si was the first to notice that her aunt was no longer there, usually her aunt rarely went out, why did she go out today without greeting?

“Do you guys know that your aunt is different from ordinary people?” Ye Mo looked at Yin Jia and Yin Si and asked.

Yin Jia shook his head blankly, but Yin Si lowered her head and didn’t say anything. At a glance, Ye Mo knew that Yin Si should understand that Sister Yan had changed her face, but the girl knew the reason and never talked about it.

Since she already knew, Ye Mo didn’t ask any more questions, but said directly, “Your aunt and I are, are…” Ye Mo thought for a long time, but he didn’t know what he should say, so he had to say, “You just have to remember that she is my family, and I have found her and cured her. She left first because she had something to do for the time being, and before she left, she left you all in my care. If you will join me then we will leave together today, this is not a place to stay for long.”

“Auntie has left?” Almost at the same time Yin Jia and Yin Si asked, Ani also asked in surprise after only a slight delay as well.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t say anything more, he had already made it very clear. It was up to Yin Si and the Yin family what they thought, even if they didn’t leave, with six million, they could still live, it was just that this place, the Chinese backstreet, was not a place to stay for long.

Yin Si did not say any more, she believed that Ye Mo would not lie to them. If it was too easy to lie to them, there would be no need to give six million each, they could easily be cleaned up in the underground black boxing market. Besides, she didn’t have any doubts about Ye Mo’s claim of curing her aunt’s illness, she felt that Ye Mo was not a simple person, just from the fact that he could cure such a serious injury to her brother Yin’s family.

Yin Jia and Ai Ni could only look at Yin Si at this time, although Yin Si was also not older than them by a few years, but only Yin Si could give them an idea here.

“Brother Ye, we don’t know anything, when I was ten years old, Jiajia and I followed our aunt, even our name was given by her. Without auntie, we would have been dead long ago. Since Auntie has asked us to go with you, we will go with you.” Yin Si was also at a loss at this point, even if she was stupid, she knew that it was impossible to stay in Messika Town.

Ye Mo thought about the diary, the diary was given to him by Sister Yan, originally because things were tense, he hadn’t even had the time to open it, and he didn’t know what was written in it. At this moment, when he took it out, he found a letter clipped inside, which was addressed to Yin Si and the Yin family.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, with this letter Yin Si should believe it.

After Yin Si took the letter handed over by Ye Mo and read it, he nodded, Ye Mo did not lie to them, this letter was indeed left by his aunt. Let them go with Ye Mo and not remain in this place.

Ai Ni looked at Yin Si and the Yin family blankly, she thought of what she would do once the Yin family and Yin Si left.

“Where are you guys going?” Aini asked with some concern.

Yin En and Yin Jia also looked at Ye Mo expectantly, they were equally unsure of where to go.

“We’re going to Luo Yue City……,” Ye Mo said with a nod.

“What? Luo Yue City?” The three Yin Si called out almost at the same time, seeing that several of them knew about Luo Yue City, a place of great fame.!!!