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DYM Chapter 565

“Ani, what are you going to do?” Ye Mo ignored the three people’s expressions and just looked at Aini. Aini and the Yin family had an unusual relationship, he didn’t know if Aini would also go with him.

“Aini should come with us, we can’t stay here anymore.” Yin Si hurriedly interjected, she was much more mature at heart than Aini and the Yin family, she knew that since Ye Mo had let Jin En take the money out here, it meant that they couldn’t stay here anymore.

Aini’s face showed a difficult look, “But my dad ……”

After a few explanations from Yin Si, Ye Mo realized that Aini’s father was an alcoholic who had already bankrupted his family by drinking.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “A few of you go and explain the situation to Ani’s dad, if he is willing to come along then immediately go, if not forget it, I will wait here for you for a while.”

After the three of them went out, Ye Mo walked into Sister Yan’s room. Sister Yan’s room was simple, it was just a bed and a dresser. The only conspicuous place was the large mirror on top of the dressing table.

Ye Mo touched this mirror and sighed. Over the years, Sister Yan didn’t know how many times she had sighed at this mirror, but now she could finally go and do something of her own. This was the reason why Ye Mo didn’t stop her, everyone had their own things to do, Sister Yan had never had the freedom, now she had it.

A sky blue quilt was a little old, but it was clean and washed, and there was even some faint fragrance coming from inside this small dimly lit room.

Ye Mo shook his head and directly put that mirror and the quilt on the bed all into his ring, this was something that Sister Yan had used, so just put it away.

Suddenly a piece of paper floated down from underneath the quilt, Ye Mo picked it up, there were only eight words on it, “Face is easy to grow old, love is hard to get rid of.”

Looking at the same yellowing paper in his hand, Ye Mo was a bit dazed, who was the person that Sister Yan was pining for? With a beautiful woman like Sister Yan, did she still need to pine for someone?

Just when Ye Mo was still in a daze, Yin Si and Aini’s voices came from outside, Ye Mo’s divine sense had swept that several people had returned. There was a somewhat old looking man behind Aini, Ye Mo knew at a glance that this should be Aini’s father. Since they had all come and carried some things, it meant that they were willing to leave this place.

Putting away this paper, Ye Mo walked out of Sister Yan’s room. He took a closer look at Aini’s father, probably because of his years of alcoholism, his whole person looked a bit dishevelled and his expression was even a bit wooden. Ye Mo sighed and didn’t say anything about the person who came to him having been killed by Liu Luo Si. Once this matter was told, it would definitely hit the man too hard.

The Yin siblings didn’t have anything either and quickly packed up. Yin Si hurriedly said hello to the neighbours and gave them all the things they couldn’t use, before leaving this place where they had lived for a decade or two with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo brought a few people to San Francisco’s Chinatown and immediately explained that Shi Kai Gen had sent a few people to the Flowing Serpent. Neither Yin Si nor the Yin family expected that the two, who had been living in exile since childhood, would have the opportunity to return to China. Ani’s father, who had not spoken all along, suddenly showed a jītty expression and finally said, “Finally, we can go back.”


Shi Kaigen took Aini and the others away, but Shakichi spoke up, “Senior Ye, the Bank of America hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared overnight, and now it has become a national sensation, I heard …..”

“Heard what?” Ye Mo looked at Shakichi suspiciously, he could tell that Shakichi was worried about himself. Guess he said this to suspect that the several hundred million dollars were taken by himself. But he was not sure, a few hundred million dollars, not hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even a small bread with a car.

When Shakichi saw Ye Mo let him say it, he immediately said, “Now all the banks in Rice and slightly more important places are all replaced with a new generation of monitoring equipment, in addition to that, as long as the defense of confidential places has been strengthened a lot again.”

Changing surveillance equipment? Ye Mo frowned, could it be that his invisibility could also be discovered? Ye Mo thought of monitoring out his shadow on that Japanese island, and felt more and more in his heart that Rice should have discovered this kind of thing as well.

“Apart from the hundreds of millions lost in that bank, is there any other news?” Ye Mo thought about the thousands of tons of gold and found out that the bank had been stolen, so the gold loss would definitely be discovered.

To his surprise Shakichi shook his head, “No, it was only discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars were missing from the bank, because so much money was missing at once, there are already people who suspect that it was an inside job. Even if the people outside are powerful, they can’t take so much money unnoticed.”

Ye Mo, however, understood that those missing gold must have been discovered. He just didn’t know why Rice hadn’t made a statement until now, which made him a bit puzzled, something had been taken away by someone else and they still didn’t dare to report it. Could this stuff be stolen back by them too?

Ye Mo was silent for a long time before he said, “You go and find some new style cameras and a computer to set up inside the room, I want to see the effect.”

Shakichi went out and came back quickly, he took three cameras and said with some disappointment, “I only got the civilian cameras, this is also the latest camera to be replaced, I heard that it is a kind of design that uses the new ray principle that was just discovered. As for the military ones, I can’t get them yet, it will take a while.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “The civilian ones will be fine, install these cameras inside a room.”

Twenty minutes later, Ye Mo walked out with a very ugly face, he couldn’t imagine that the technology in Rice was so powerful. It had only been so long before they came up with this kind of surveillance equipment, and they could even clearly see his shadow behind his stealth. This was still a civilian device, if it were a military one, what would happen? Wouldn’t they have to take his photo out?

The only possibility was that they had this kind of surveillance equipment originally, but just never used it for some reason. What would make them not even use such an effective camera? Ye Mo became confused.

Seeing Ye Mo walking out with a somewhat bad look on his face, Shakichi instantly understood that the money in that bank should be Ye Mo’s doing. Although he didn’t move on the surface, the shock inside him was already like a shocking wave. To transport several hundred million dollars away from such a large bank without others knowing, how much skill did it take? No wonder he said he was going to get those military design drawings.

Ye Mo knew he had probably missed an opportunity, if all those arms dealers’ territories had been replaced with real military cameras, and even used twenty-four hour manual or manifestation surveillance, there was no way he could have gotten something. But no, he still needed to try.

He’d read the ones Shakichi had given him, and while there was no indication that there were definitely design drawings, those things were tangible.

Raytheon, a major defence contractor based in Lexington, Ma*sachusetts. It is famous for its Patriot missiles and various radar products; General Dynamics, based outside Baltimore, Virginia, where the Virginia-cla*s nuclear submarine is said to have been developed; Northrop Grumman, which produces the b2 bomber The b2 bomber is said to be worth $2.1 billion a piece; the Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor and f-35 stealth fighter jets, etc. ……

It’s a pity, Ye Mo sighed, it’s only a mere two days, and these Amerikans are so quick to react?

“Is there any other news?” Ye Mo felt like he went out for a day and then came back and heard all bad news.

Shakichi didn’t dare to hide it, he knew what Ye Mo was going to ask and said in detail, “According to some small websites, it says that the new style of camera uses a newest kind of ray irradiation that can monitor out things that are invisible to the naked eye. The reason why Rice has been hiding this technology is because this ray was the first thing they discovered and didn’t want to expose it too early. The military’s radar and surveillance systems are now all loaded with this radiation. It is said that when this ray is used on top of the military radar, it can monitor any foreign enemy invasion within the shortest time.”

So that was the case, Ye Mo immediately understood. Rice must have had this kind of radar system and a large amount of surveillance equipment long ago, but just didn’t use it. The purpose was of course just the fear of leaking this kind of ray, now that their gold had been removed and the bank was suddenly a few hundred million short, it would be strange if they didn’t put this new technology to use in the shortest possible time. You can be sure that where he is going now, there is definitely a net of heaven and earth. Even if they couldn’t catch him, they might still capture his image.

From the bottom of his heart, Ye Mo was not afraid of these skyrocketing nets at all, to him in, these things were all just floating clouds. But one thing was that he could not be exposed yet. Once he was exposed, then Rice didn’t want the face and it would be a disastrous consequence for Luo Yue.

It seemed that he could only honestly go back to cultivate and then work on developing Luo Yue’s technology in order to protect himself. However, before going back, Ye Mo must also go to the pier to explore the situation. Who knows if their radar system has also been replaced with the latest ones.

In case this happens and he is still unaware of it, still flying stealthily, it would be bad if he is caught by the radar.

Although Ye Mo was sure that the missiles couldn’t do anything to him, it would be bad if he was locked on the radar and then the missiles forced him to show himself. If he wasn’t responsible for himself, he had to be responsible for the tens of thousands of people living in Luo Yue City. That was something that would be played out with one atomic bomb.

Ye Mo went out quickly and came back quickly. He did not choose to fly, at this time, this country was probably already mad at him, if once this country found out that he did it, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Only when he reached a certain level of strength and could casually trample this place under his feet, he would be able to come and go openly, and in Ye Mo’s opinion, it wouldn’t take long anymore.

Ye Mo didn’t go anywhere else to investigate further, since San Francisco was like this, it must be the same everywhere else. He even put off the idea of continuing to steal the drawings, those things he could think of, people could definitely think of them too, who knew if it would be another trap waiting for him?

There was another, and that was that if he wanted to get out of here, he would have to think of another way.