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DYM Chapter 566

If we say who benefited the most from Ye Mo’s killing of Kitson and the destruction of the ‘Grey Alliance’, it wasn’t the ‘Tang Gang’, nor the lingering ‘Hongwu Gang’, nor the ‘Yamada Gang’, it was the old San Francisco local gangs The ‘San Francisco Gang’

Yes, it was indeed the “San Francisco Gang” who took over almost all of Kitson’s properties, even the private estate that Kitson was most proud of. When Ye Mo first came to this private estate, he was in awe, so he could see how luxurious and extravagant it was.

Tonight was the second time that Ye Mo came here, the first time he destroyed Keeson and his ‘Grey Alliance’, the second time he came here again, this time he came for a gang, this gang was called the ‘San Francisco Gang’, he only brought Shakichi here this time.

When Ye Mo and Shakichi arrived at the big meeting hall in Kishen, they found the same stupidity in Chapter 566, ‘The San Francisco Gang, almost all of them were there, more than a hundred people, surrounding the whole hall. These people even surrounded Ye Mo and Shakichi after they entered.

“Haha, our gang leader, Smithson, has been waiting for a long time since he knew that gang leader Shakichi was coming.” A white man sitting at the top was presumably the boss of the ‘San Francisco Gang,’. But it wasn’t him who spoke just now, but a Chinese man next to him, who even wore gla*ses, probably a translator and think-tank or something.

On the other side of the ‘San Francisco Gang’ boss sat a tall foreigner, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through him, but found that he had all kinds of firearms on him almost everywhere, there were one or two dozen of them. Ye Mo couldn’t help but shake his head, this guy must be that gun king D**k. Surprisingly, he was a guy who had the appearance of a megalomaniac, and really couldn’t become an atmosphere.

If he didn’t see a single gun on him, he might still surprise that clicker a little. Unfortunately, he had too many guns on him and each one was a different type.

“You have a traitor on your side.” Ye Mo said as he faintly glanced at Shakichi.

Shakichi’s face was ugly, as soon as his man with gla*ses said it, he knew that there must be a traitor by his side, he just didn’t expect this Chapter 566 One of a kind silly traitor to pa*s on the news so quickly. People had already gathered all the men waiting for him to come.

“Senior Ye, I’m sorry.” Shakichi said with some guilt.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “What’s there to be sorry for? It’s best to have a traitor, having a traitor they gather together like this, just so we can kill them all in one go. This ‘San Clan’ is not simple, there is a traitor, they have known Shi Kai Gen’s whereabouts for a long time and still haven’t done anything, they probably just want to wait for me to come over, but unfortunately they are really clever and excessive.”

The ‘San Francisco gang’ boss was talking for a while, and after a while the man with the eyes next to him said, “Our boss Smithson said you killed Kitson, and if you give us the money you got from Kitson, we can let you live. Otherwise …….”

The man with the gla*ses swept in all directions, and nearly a hundred ponies raised their guns at the same time.

It turned out to be for that measly $50 million, Ye Mo coldly smiled, “You ‘Zifan Gang, killed ‘Tang Gang, so many Chinese, it’s time to pay for their lives …….”

Before Ye Mo’s words fell, his man had already leapt up, and a wind blade flowed out from his hand as if it were a line. Because the wind blades came out so rapidly, it immediately made the surrounding air seem to all gather up and then condense again. The condensed air formed a murderous sharp weapon cutting out a fountain of blood.

At the fifth level of Qi training, Ye Mo could already send out fifty to sixty of the simplest wind blades in succession, and this air blade only sought to kill. For killing these most ordinary people, his wind blades just needed to be sent out, there was no quality required.

Ye Mo had not come to avenge the ‘Tang Gang’, he had come to avenge Shi Kailigan but Shi Kailigan was not dead, he had just found a random excuse.

The blood on both sides spurted up at the same time like a fountain although two consecutive strings of wind blades were sent out, but that was more than a hundred ah. It was too easy to deal with these ponies who could only shoot.

Time seemed to stand still and the air seemed to freeze, no one could react at this moment. Even Shakichi, who was already at the earth level, was frozen in the face of this kind of wheat-cutting killing by Ye Mo.

In just a few moments, more than a hundred ponies were all killed by Ye Mo. Not a single one of them was alive, and the way they died and the parts they were killed were all so identical. It was as if they had been compared with a ruler and then cut down with a knife. And then to think how ridiculous it was to think of the hundred or so people pointing guns at them just now.

“I’m getting better at group killing now.” Ye Mo’s light voice rang out, and Smithson and the man with gla*ses sitting on top of him shivered.

Devil, this man was a devil. At this moment, they finally understood how the ‘Grey Alliance, so strong in the beginning, could disappear overnight.

If they knew that Ye Mo, the devil, was so powerful, even if they moved out of San Francisco, they wouldn’t have come to seek his bad luck. It was ridiculous that a few people still went to the trouble of finding him here and then waiting to make money.

“Bang, fetch….” Twelve consecutive gunshots rang out, and Ye Mo reached out in front of his body and just grabbed it, but twelve more bullets appeared in his hand. Suddenly he threw the bullets on the ground with a ‘tinkling, crunching sound. Although the sound was very small, it fell on the ears of Smithson and the three men with gla*ses, but it turned into a piercing and hypnotic sound.

D**k had a pistol in both hands, but for the first time, he forgot to change his gun in the shortest possible time. Instead, he stared blankly at the bullets that Ye Mo had thrown on the ground; he had heard that there were some people in Huaxia who could catch their own bullets. Not to mention Huaxia, even John Jay could block two of his less powerful bullets, but he had never thought that someone could catch all the bullets from his new type of gun.

“Shakichi, this D**k is in your hands.” Ye Mo glanced at Shakichi who had recovered and said.

“Yes senior.” Shakichi suddenly leapt up in place and pounced on D**k as if he was a gorilla.

D**k reacted and started to quickly change his gun.

Even if Shakichi was so fast, D**k had changed six guns in such a short period of time and shot nearly a hundred bullets. Even a Xuan-level martial artist would not be spared in the face of such intensive and tricky shooting.

Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too different from Shakichi’s. Shakichi was already at the Earth level, but he was only a Yellow level expert with a gun. The reason why ancient Chinese martial artists rarely use heat weapons is that they are not very effective against real masters. Except for the very high tech heat weapons of course.

When D**k was in a cold sweat and changed his pistol for another long barrel pistol, Shakichi had already pinched his neck and lifted him up.

D**k’s face was so red from the chokehold that his white eyes popped out. The gun in his hand unconsciously fell to the ground.

Ye Mo walked up to him and sneered, “Just like you, you dare to take revenge for Kishen? To be honest, you are much worse than that ‘Three Breath Flying Dagger, John Jay.”

D**k’s throat let out a few “uh-uh” cries, but Ye Mo was no longer interested in listening to anything he had to say.

Shakichi crushed D**k to death and threw him into the hall as if he was a dead dog.

Ye Mo looked back at Smithson, who was already pale, and the man with gla*ses, who was covered in tumult, and shook his head, “Shakichi, kill these two guys.”

“No, I can tell you who the mole is?” The gla*ses man was already incontinent with fear inside his trousers, and when he heard that he was going to be killed, he was even more panicked.

Unfortunately, Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest intention to let him go, if Shakichi couldn’t even find the traitor around him, he would really live back. There was no way he could escape from Ren Kill either.

When Shakichi heard Ye Mo’s words, he didn’t even think about it and finished off these two.

“This villa, it’s really attractive.” Ye Mo sighed as he looked at this villa that Kishen once had. He burned a beast fighting pot back then, and today he burned a villa again. Seeing Ye Mo burn all the corpses here one by one fireball, Shakichi felt a little chill on his back. Ye Mo’s power was three points better than what he had estimated.

After a while, Ye Mo and Shakichi left the luxurious manor, with a blaze behind them. They walked for a while before the sound of a fire truck came screaming through.

This night, another big gang had perished in San Francisco, it was called the ‘San Francisco Gang’ and perhaps, the next day the newspapers in Rice could also call for renewed credit.

Two days later, Ye Mo got his new identity and then boarded a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong. He sat on top of the plane with some emotion, he had made some money this time, and even got several thousand tons of gold. Although the military drawings he wanted had not been obtained, he was not a greedy man. He knew that with his current cultivation level, if he had to get more, he would need to take a great risk, and he could not afford that kind of risk right now, he was not alone.

The white clouds outside the plane made him a little confused, and he took out a somewhat old diary and ran his hand over it for a long time, before slowly placing it in front of him. Yan’s diary was here with him, but Yan was unwilling to leave with him, maybe she really had her own business, Ye Mo thought, slowly flipping open the first page of the diary …… Meanwhile, an ordinary looking woman was walking on the busy street of San Francisco’s Chinatown. She was carrying a somewhat old bag and looked a bit lonely on this street.

She kept walking for quite a while before she sighed and muttered, “I’m going back, I’ve been here for years, maybe I should take something back with me …….”

She said, flipping through her purse, which only had money for the airline ticket, or the ticket wasn’t enough. She carefully took out the card that Ye Mo had given her and looked at it again and again. Finally with a faint smile once again she said to herself, “I’ll use your money first, and give your wife another nice gift later.”

Although Chinatown was busy and bustling, there were as many places to withdraw money as there were people, and even fewer queues. She walked to a separate room for cash withdrawals and inserted her card into the cash machine.

“There’s five thousand dollars ……” she smiled slightly, but her smile froze in the blink of an eye; instead of five thousand dollars, the top of the ATM screen showed fifty million dollars.

Suddenly, she felt the tip of her nose sink a little, and instead of withdrawing the money, she just pulled the card out and murmured, “You’re stupid, you’re giving me all the money, what are you going to do with yourself? You’re just as stupid as he was back then …….” !