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DYM Chapter 567

On the title page of the diary was a photo of a young girl, and Ye Mo could vaguely tell that she was once Sister Yan, and even Ye Mo felt that there was not much difference between her and now. On the right side of the diary’s title page were seven words, ‘Yin Qingyan’s Diary’, in a delicate and soft handwriting.

Yin Qingyan? Was this Sister Yan’s name? Ye Mo suddenly remembered that she told him that her mother’s name was Yin Qingcheng, could she be his aunt? Ye Mo frowned, if Sister Yan was his aunt, wasn’t her behaviour towards him a bit too much?

Although in Luo Yue it was that it didn’t matter if an aunt and a niece married a person at the same time, but this wasn’t Luo Yue, it was Earth. However, Ye Mo quickly shook his head, maybe she remembered her own mother. Could it be that the aunt was overdoing it by letting herself be hugged Chapter 567 – Sister Yan’s Diary? This should be normal, Ye Mo slapped his forehead, he was thinking too much.

After having that kind of thing with Song Yingzhu, and spending the whole day with Ning Qingxue, his mind seemed to have become a bit unhealthy.

Ye Mo shook his head, shook off these things and turned to the next page of his diary. The words on the next page of the diary were blurry and crooked, and Ye Mo even suspected that it was something written by a primary school student with little content.

“April 8, xx80, sunny. Today Mao Ciwan venue, dad took me and my sister to the venue together. I used the money my dad gave me and bought a diary, I love this book, I am six years old and finally have my own diary.”

What followed were all trivial things, all kinds of little things to do with her sister, who seemed to be very protective of her in her words.

“January 25, xx81, heavy snow. Today another brother came to my house, he is a few years older than my sister and became our senior brother, his name is Ye Cai.”


“February 16, xx82, sunny. Dad liked to make us practice martial arts every day, but I didn’t like it, I only liked that guqin. Then my elder brother and sister practiced martial arts and I practiced the qin alone, at first Chapter 567 Sister Yan’s Diary Dad used to say a few words about me, then I felt that he stopped saying that about me and was very supportive ……”

“xx82 27th March, rain. A friend of dad’s came to the house today, he said I was very talented and even said I could win the national championship in the junior category if I entered the competition. He wanted me to go to Yanjing, but I didn’t want to go and Dad just asked me and didn’t say yes to the guy.


“November 19, xx83, cloudy. I’m in a bad mood today, I feel like I’m not playing the piano well at all and I feel like my dad is in a bit of a bad mood too.”


“xx84, 21 June, cloudy. My brother and sister are very nice to me, I think maybe it’s because I’m the youngest. Whenever there was something tasty or fun my sister always gave it to me first, and she never stole anything from me. My dad was also very nice to me, and he never scolded me, but he scolded my sister a lot, and sometimes he even made her cry. And when there was anything nice, he always let me pick it first before giving it to my sister. At that time, I secretly wondered, “Could it be that my sister is not my biological sister?”

Ye Mo had just seen this when he felt the plane shake a little, he subconsciously swept out with his divine sense, he should have met the air currents. A stewardess pushed a trolley over, seeing Ye Mo who was looking at something, she stopped and asked, “Sir, can I get you something to drink?”

“Oh, a gla*s of orange juice, please.” Ye Mo said casually and reached out to take the orange juice from this flight attendant’s hand. Suddenly he subconsciously looked at this stewardess and smiled if anything, he unexpectedly found a pistol underneath this trolley.

When this stewardess saw Ye Mo smile, her face suddenly flushed, she certainly wouldn’t look ugly to be a stewardess on a plane, in fact, she was very pretty. She knew that many of these people who could travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong were some rich people. This young man who smiled at her looked quite handsome, and most of all he had an indescribable aura about him. For a moment, she actually forgot to continue pushing the trolley away.

Ye Mo tapped her cart and quickly took the pistol that was strapped underneath the cart in his hand. He then destroyed the structure inside the gun as fast as he could, and finally made a divine sense mark on top of the pistol before putting it back. This series of movements was incredibly swift, and with the cover of his hand, when all this was done, the stewardess was still standing in front of Ye Mo without moving.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that this pistol belonged to this stewardess, but now it seemed that he had thought too much. Judging from this stewardess’ expression and movements, perhaps she didn’t even know that there was a pistol under her trolley.

Ye Mo put the diary away, the diary could go back and read it again, since the pistol was found, it meant that there was something wrong with this plane. Ye Mo thought of the plane that Ning Qingxue was on back then, also travelling from Hong Kong to San Francisco, only that her plane crashed midway.

“Give me a cup of *brown*,” a man behind Ye Mo was already calling out.

The stewardess hurriedly pushed the cart over and picked up a cup of instant *brown* and handed it to the man.

However, Ye Mo’s divine sense always paid attention to the changes inside the cabin, but when the stewardess kept pushing the cart back, there was still no one trying to move the pistol under the cart. Ye Mo was a bit puzzled, could it be that this pistol was forgotten by someone else or simply belonged to that stewardess.

That stewardess put down the trolley and started chatting with other stewardesses. After a while, there were more and more stewardesses coming in here, there were five of them. Ye Mo withdrew his divine sense, he had marked the pistol with his divine sense anyway, so he would know whoever took it.

“Are you a tourist to San Francisco?” The man sitting next to Ye Mo suddenly interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Only then did Ye Mo notice him, an old man in his sixties, mentally he looked well but a sweep of Ye Mo’s divine sense told him that the old man was on his way out. Ye Mo wanted to see what kind of illness he was suffering from, he was dying and was still in such good spirits, even coming to America.

But this old man’s illness was very strange, although Ye Mo did not use his true qi to look inside the old man’s 〖body〗, his divine sense could see the illness in general as usual, but he could not see anything after looking for half a day. If he hadn’t been able to sense the old man’s deadly aura, he wouldn’t even have known that the old man was sick.

It was really strange that a person who was bound to die could not see it himself.

Ye Mo replied with a faint smile “It’s kind of like that, I’m also here to find someone. By the way, I played a round.”

He had little interest in talking to this old man, he just felt that this old man’s illness was strange. Although it was strange, Ye Mo didn’t care, he had seen too many strange things, he could see Yin spirits that others couldn’t see, what else could alarm him.

“Young man, you have good skills, you must be from an ancient martial arts family. Just why did you put that pistol back again just now? I’m sure it wasn’t yours, and you should know that since someone put the pistol under the trolley, it means that person should have an agenda, knowing that the other pa*sengers are innocent too.” The old man’s words were somewhat like a heart-to-heart talk, but it took Ye Mo by surprise.

Ye Mo’s mind instantly focused, and his divine sense once again checked the old man, and indeed he did not have any cultivation, he had not even practiced ancient martial arts, and there were no internal qi fluctuations within his 〖Body〗. How could such a person possibly see his own movements? Although his movements did not deliberately use some small spells, he believed that with his speed this old man, even if he was a Xuan-level ancient martial cultivator, would definitely not be able to see it.

But the fact was that the old man not only saw it, but also knew that it was a pistol, and even saw that the gun was not his own, how could he be so sure? The only thing he didn’t see was that he had tampered with the pistol.

“You’re very good at seeing that I moved that pistol. I don’t think you’re here on a trip to San Francisco either.” Ye Mo’s voice became clear and cold, he even suspected that this old guy had divine sense and was also a cultivator with a far higher cultivation level than him.

If he knew that ordinary ancient martial cultivators, even if they cultivated to the point where Ye Mo could not see the realm, he could still know that the other party was formidable because there was no way for that kind of internal qi fluctuation to be concealed under his divine sense. This was also the reason why he could tell the level of cultivation of a cultivator of ancient martial arts.

But a cultivator was different. Once a cultivator’s cultivation level was far higher than his own, he would not be able to see anything unusual about the other party at all. If it was a cultivator who had cultivated concealing true qi, it would be even less likely to be seen by others.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry, I’m just a useless person who reads feng shui and gives fortunes to people.” Seeming to see the scruples in Ye Mo’s eyes, this old man took the initiative to explain.

Surprisingly, he was a fortune teller, a fortune teller could see his own movements and knew that the gun was not his own, this was not possible, right? Ye Mo was puzzled in his heart, but did not ask out again. He knew that although there were no cultivators here, there were many capable people here, it was just that they didn’t like to be in the limelight much.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not speak again, this old man spoke again, “If little friend does not mind, I can help you read your palm.”

Ye Mo was just about to refuse, but when he thought that this old man could actually see his movements just now, he immediately changed his mind.

Only when Ye Mo had only extended his hand, a young man behind him stood up and said, “Grandpa, your health is not good, it is better not to read your palm.”

Ye Mo didn’t turn around, his divine sense immediately swept over to this young man’s body. He was in his twenties, with a medium build, but what surprised Ye Mo was that this young man also had a death aura on his body, only that it was much lighter on him. But even if it was much lighter, as long as it accumulated over time, he would still follow in this old man’s footsteps.

The old man laughed and waved his hand “Little Bitter you don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of it.”