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DYM Chapter 568

The old man laughed and waved his hand, “Little Bitter you don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of it.”

After saying that this old man looked at Ye Mo, but explained, “I am not very well, this time it was Little Bitter who brought me to San Francisco to see a doctor. At the same time, just like you, I also came to see an old friend by the way. It doesn’t matter, you can show me your hand.”

Only then did it dawn on Ye Mo, so he knew he was sick too, but this old man’s illness could not even be seen by his divine sense, and apart from his deadly aura, it could be said that he had not changed in any way. How did he himself know? It was reasonable to say that since his illness did not show symptoms, he should not be able to see it himself. If he said that he also knew that he had death qi, this was something that Ye Mo would not believe no matter what.

“Huh,” at this moment, the old man grabbed Ye Mo’s palm but let out a surprised cry. Chapter 568 – Master Meng Jiushan

Ye Mo’s heart moved and he immediately asked, “Could it be that you, old man, can see that my palm is a little different?”

The old man pondered for a long time before he frowned and said, “Little friend’s palm is very strange, I can’t even tell the past or the future. No, your heavenly destiny seems to have been altered, no, it must have been altered ……”

Speaking of this, this old man suddenly closed his eyes and pondered for a while before saying, “Highly skilled, highly skilled, if I am not mistaken, little friend had his heavenly destiny changed by someone two years ago, so much so that his heavenly folded destiny suddenly changed drastically and even became unreadable to me. A strange man, this is truly a strange man.”

Suddenly this old man put down Ye Mo’s hand and gave Ye Mo a fist, “Little friend, old man is incompetent and cannot see little friend’s destiny. There is just one more thing that I still need little friend’s guidance on …….”

Ye Mo only slightly eased down from his shock at this time, but his heart still could not be completely calm. This old man was the first person, the first to see that his fate had changed. This old man’s physiognomy was also too terrifying a bit although cultivation could lead to a long life and do things that ordinary people could not do, but that also came after cultivation.

And to see a person’s past and future is simply too outrageous. Fortunately, he hadn’t seen that he was reborn Chapter 568 – Master Meng Jiushan’s or had crossed over, otherwise that would have been a big problem.

“Whatever senior wants to ask, please feel free to say.” Ye Mo calmed himself down a bit and his tone became respectful, this was an old man who was truly capable, and the real kind at that.

“I want to ask who was the person who changed young friend’s fate against the sky in the first place? I want to pay a visit to this senior.” The old man’s tone was very respectful and serious.

Ye Mo did not expect this old man to be asking about this matter, so he had to say, “This ting] old man, that person is a woman. But she left after she helped me change my fate, and I haven’t found her even now, and I’m looking for her.”

The old man’s face immediately showed some disappointment after hearing Ye Mo’s words it was obvious that he also felt very sorry for not being able to get to know this capable senior. It was only after a while that he said in a lost voice, “I, Meng Jiushan, was a frog at the bottom of the well, I always thought that I was already at the top of the art of Yi, but today I realised that there are people outside the sky. But today I realise that there are people outside the sky. Such a divine technique is beyond my reach. In the greatness of China, there are indeed many capable people.”

At this moment, the two people sitting in the front row also heard what was being said behind them and immediately turned back. The two were a middle-aged woman and a young woman, the woman was a little haggard but she had a noble air about her.

“Old man, you are Master Meng Jiushan?” The middle-aged noblewoman suddenly jacked in and asked, her face still having a jītty and uncontrollable expression in it.

The old man had come back to his senses and he nodded and said, “Not bad, I am Meng Jiushan.

“He had always been conceited about his phallic skills, but today he had been struck down.

“Master Meng I really didn’t expect to meet you here, I …… am really a bit rude, Master Meng, I would like to ask Core to help me tell my fortune, I don’t know if Master Meng can oblige.” The middle-aged woman suddenly showed her eagerness, she knew that to meet Meng Jiushan was simply the luck of the draw. Even if it was rude, she had to say it, knowing that after this village, there would not be that fortress.

Meng Jiushan showed a difficult expression and said, “This lady, since you know me as Meng Jiushan you should know that I have a not-so-good rule that I can only strike three times a day. So, I can’t do it for you today.”

Those who knew about Meng Jiushan certainly knew about his rule, because Meng Jiushan also had the nickname ‘Meng on three’, which meant that he could only count three people a day, or only three times.

“But you have only made one offer today, I can pay double …….” This noblewoman was a bit anxious, meeting Meng Jiushan was not easy, if she missed it today, she would never have another chance. Although her family was very rich and wealthy, but a person like Meng Jiushan could not be invited just because he was very rich and wealthy.

As soon as the woman said this, Meng Jiushan’s face sank, as if he was telling fortunes for money. Just now, he had not asked for a single penny to tell Ye Mo’s fortune, and Ye Mo had not given any money either, so he was satisfied with Ye Mo’s practice. He didn’t expect this woman to ask for money as soon as she spoke, and it was double the amount of money, which made him unhappy. If he, Meng Jiushan, wanted to make money, what place couldn’t he earn it?

Seemingly sensing Meng Jiushan’s displeasure, this middle-aged noblewoman also knew that she had lost her tongue and quickly apologised, “Sorry, Master Meng, it was my tongue that was out of order, please forgive me, Master.”

Meng Jiushan waved his hand, “Forget it, but I have indeed done it three times today, next time.” Immediately after saying that, he shut his mouth.

The middle-aged noblewoman had disappointment written all over her face, it was so hard to meet Master Meng Jiushan, but she didn’t expect that he had already done it three times today.

The young woman who had been sitting next to the middle-aged noblewoman suddenly spoke up, “Mom, these fortune tellers, don’t believe in them, it’s just superstition. Dad and I have told you many times, but you just don’t believe us. Let’s go back and think of another way.”

“Xiaoyin, don’t talk nonsense, Master Meng’s is one of the three most famous masters in China, how can you talk like that.” This middle-aged noblewoman immediately chided.

Ye Mo saw this middle-aged woman looking somewhat disappointed, and even had to look for Meng Jiushan to plead or something like that. In his heart, he was also a bit speechless, since he didn’t agree, let’s forget it. He could see that this middle-aged woman was also a patient, her eyes were tired and her breath was not good, and she knew from a glance that she was not healthy. It was only because the other party was a woman that Ye Mo did not use his divine sense to take a closer look.

Ye Mo reckoned that the reason she was looking for Meng Jiushan to tell her fortune must also be because of her condition.

“This gentleman, I have some things I want to ask Master Meng, is it okay if I want to change seats with you for the time being?” This middle-aged noblewoman wanted to change seats with Ye Mo because it was a bit abrupt to keep standing half like this.

Although she knew that changing seats on the plane was not allowed, this middle-aged noblewoman still offered to change seats with Ye Mo, so it could be seen that she was still not willing to do so. Ye Mo also secretly sighed in his heart, this middle-aged noblewoman was a cultivated person at first glance, people like her would definitely not say it again since she had been rejected, and not only did she say it a second time, she also planned to sit on Ye Mo’s seat to plead for mercy again.

This showed that she was really concerned about her condition.

Meng Jiushan also heard the middle-aged noblewoman’s words, but just shook his head without saying anything.

If it was usual, Ye Mo would have changed with her, but at this time, Ye Mo also had some questions to ask this Meng Jiushan. He felt that this Meng Jiushan was very unusual and originally did not care much about the kind of deadly aura on him and his grandson, but now since he knew that he was a person of ability, there were some things that he did not understand that he had to ask about.

Because he had to know why Meng Jiushan could see that his fate had changed, and he didn’t want to be casually shown that something was wrong. He would not change his seat until he had clarified these things from Meng Jiushan.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo said somewhat apologetically to the middle-aged woman, “Sorry, big sister, I can’t change seats with you yet. However, I am also considered a doctor …….”

Ye Mo suddenly stopped his conversation here, his divine sense found that the pistol on the cart had disappeared.!!!