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DYM Chapter 569

That pistol was still there just now, how come it suddenly disappeared? Ye Mo thought to himself that he had only spoken to Jiu Meng Shan for a few moments. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out again, and he quickly sensed his divine sense mark.

Jiumeng Shan looked at Ye Mo somewhat strangely, thinking to himself that this woman in front of him wanted to change seats with him because she just wanted him to give her a reading, what does this have to do with whether this young man next to him was a doctor or not?

The middle-aged noblewoman, however, looked at Ye Mo in surprise, but in her heart she was thinking, this young man said he was a doctor what does this mean? Could it be that he …… Ye Mo’s divine sense once again pounced on the divine sense mark he had made, and he smiled and said to the middle-aged noblewoman, “I said I am a doctor, that is because I can help you look at your illness. Perhaps you don’t need to look for the Nine Monks Mountain Master for your illness, just look for Chapter 569 – Taken for a Liar I can do it.”

“You know I’m sick? And you said you could help me see my illness?” This noblewoman stared at Ye Mo in surprise, and even the matter of changing seats with Ye Mo to continue to pester Jiumeng Mountain was temporarily forgotten.

Ye Mo nodded, “That’s right, I can see that you are sick. And I specialize in treating difficult illnesses, I can usually cure illnesses that others can’t.”

Ye Mo’s words were not the slightest bit of false boast in them, his ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital, could be said to be the most expensive hospital ever, for the simple reason that he could treat diseases that others couldn’t cure.

The noble woman in front of him, although Ye Mo didn’t know what kind of disease she was suffering from yet, he was sure that he could cure her. This was not only because he was a cultivator with a hundred tricks up his sleeve, but also because he was once a doctor as well, or a top expert doctor.

Although Ye Mo’s words were true, it sounded like bragging to others, and outrageous, and even had the usual amusement of a charlatan. A young man in his twenties had the audacity to say that he could treat conditions that others could not cure.

Jiu Meng Shan also felt that Ye Mo’s words were a bit unpleasant, even he knew that there were mountains beyond the mountains, and what had just happened had shown that he, Jiu Meng Shan Chapter 569, was not the most powerful one as a master of easy numbers even if he was treated as a fraud. And this young man next to him was saying such big words. Jiumeng Mountain liked modest and truthful youths, and even he himself was modest. One should have pride, but that pride should be kept in the heart, not by the words of the mouth.

So once Ye Mo said this, his opinion of Ye Mo immediately dropped a few notches.

“Mom, I said for you not to believe these people, but you are inclined to believe them. You sit down first.” The young woman pulled the middle-aged noblewoman down with force.

The young woman called Xiaoyin didn’t even count when she pulled her mother down, she even turned back to Ye Mo and gave him a cold look, “It’s fine for you to cheat people, but please don’t cheat my mother. If you still dare to cheat like this, I will immediately call the police to arrest you.”

Ye Mo subconsciously rubbed his chin, somewhat speechless. He was really looking at this woman who was a bit anxious and didn’t want to give up her seat before agreeing to do a favour, besides, it didn’t cost much for Ye Mo to be considered a fraud.

I didn’t expect the young woman to be satisfied after saying these few words and continued, “I’ve seen my mother’s illness in several countries and no hospital can come up with an infallible treatment plan. Do you think you are a god or a great immortal? You look like a good man, but I never thought you would be doing this. Make fun of other people’s illnesses and beware of retribution.”

This time she accompanied her mother to Rice for a check-up, but the test results came out that it was difficult to operate. She had to come back to silk again to recuperate.

Ye Mo was a bit uncomfortable in his heart, he was obviously well-intentioned, you don’t believe it, forget it, no one wants you to believe it either, why do you have to talk so much. I really don’t know if she was born with such a sense of justice, or because of something else.

“Oh, I’m going to say that I can instantly cure a patient who has been a vegetable for several years by drawing a talisman, and you’re even more unconvinced? If I said that your stomach would hurt for two hours when you go back tonight, you wouldn’t believe me either?” Seeing that this woman was endless, Ye Mo couldn’t help but top her off, what a good intention.

Ye Mo’s divine sense and observation power was so strong that he could see clearly just in the time this woman was talking.

This woman had some darkness between her eyebrows, because she had suffered some cold, and her tongue had a slight pale white colour, with a vague bit of light almost invisible green, Ye Mo was sure that she had some slight food poisoning. Together with the cold, and the slight food poisoning, she must have had a stomach ache for two hours at night.

But yet not much, after two hours, her own immunity will allow her to not have much of a problem.

“You …… will only get a stomachache when you go back at night, you will be in pain all night ……” The woman saw Ye Mo cursing her with a stomachache, and even more so, she did not want to eat the loss.

Ye Mo some speechless, and a woman tussling, this is not eating too much, her stomach pain and what they have to do.

He shook his head and didn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore.

Meng Jiushan also thought that Ye Mo had said that on purpose, and now that this young girl said it back, he shook his head too.

The noblewoman pulled the young woman back and the young woman didn’t seem to mean anything by what she said because Ye Mo was ignoring her.

But she turned her head and whispered again to the noblewoman, “Mom, don’t believe that fortune-teller, what kind of Jiumeng Mountain Master? He is clearly in partnership with that young man next to him. The two must have known each other originally and are here just to cheat people. People nowadays, you really can’t look at appearances. These two people, they don’t know how many people they’ve fooled yet.”

“This …… shouldn’t be possible, how do they know I want to find Master Jiumeng Mountain? Besides, I feel that young man is still quite genuine, besides he knows that I am sick.” The noblewoman said with some hesitation.

The young woman persuaded again, “Mum, do you trust me or do you trust outsiders? Have you ever met the Nine Monks Mountain Master? Never mind that he is not Jiumeng Mountain, even if he is Jiumeng Mountain, so what, how can we believe in such superstitious things? And you look unwell at first glance, I can tell, can’t others? They liars who walk in the jianghu are even better at reading people’s faces. Hmph, he even said that my stomach hurts at night, will you see if my stomach hurts at night?”

This young woman’s voice ended up getting louder and louder, in fact, both Ye Mo and Jiu Meng Shan heard it, but neither of them cared.

“Xiao Yin, don’t talk about others casually.” The middle-aged noblewoman interrupted the young woman’s words.

The young woman, however, hummed, “Mom, he even said that a talisman could cure a vegetable, do you believe this too?”

The middle-aged noblewoman sighed and said nothing more, but in fact she believed it in her heart. To her, no matter what time of day it was, those high achievers still existed.

Ever since Ye Mo said that he was a doctor and could even treat diseases that others couldn’t cure, and that he could cure a vegetable with a talisman, Jiu Meng Shan didn’t want to say anything more to Ye Mo. He even suspected that he was wrong in his observation just now and that the pistol just now belonged to this young man.

Ye Mo sensed Jiu Meng Shan’s misunderstanding of him, but right now his divine sense was still on top of the pistol. He had found the owner of the pistol, which he surprisingly knew, a youth about the same age as him.

Although he knew this youth, they had not crossed paths in any way. When they were studying in Ninghai, they were cla*smates in the same cla*s. It was just that this cla*smate was also like him, very silent and existed at the bottom few in the cla*s. There was no bad impression of him, he was one of the very few who hadn’t ridiculed Ye Mo for being kicked out of the Ye family, Ye Mo still remembered that his name seemed to be Luo Dongsheng.

Ye Mo saw Luo Dong Sheng put his gun away and then sat on top of his seat without moving, he really didn’t know what he wanted to do. Ye Mo was curious to know how he had brought this gun up.

Since it was Luo Dong Sheng who wanted to do something, Ye Mo didn’t bother to care. Moreover, Ye Mo didn’t look like this Luo Shengdong was a hijacker, unless he was crazy enough to hijack a plane. Suddenly Ye Mo thought of that pistol he had tampered with, if he had known it was him, he would not have had to do anything with that pistol.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to the lounge of several stewardesses again, only to find that one of the tall, thin stewardesses was tearing off the tape under the cart. Ye Mo immediately understood, so these two were in cahoots. No wonder he could bring the gun up, the stewardess who had just given Ye Mo the juice was most likely pushing the wrong cart.

The plane flew for a few hours and it was already time to eat. The stewardesses brought the boxed meals to the top of the pa*sengers’ seats one by one, Ye Mo picked up a box of rice and didn’t pay any more attention to Luo Dongsheng.

“Remember to call my number oh.” The flight attendant who handed Ye Mo the juice just now handed over the box of rice along with a pink card with a phone number written on it.

Ye Mo somewhat speechlessly took the card and could only nod his head.

Only this was not only heard by Ye Mo, but also by Meng Jiushan and the young woman in front of him. A look of disdain flashed across the young woman’s eyes as she cooed, “Still really capable, worthy of being in this line of work.”

After finishing the meal, many people started to go to the washroom, and Ye Mo saw Luo Dongsheng staring closely at a fat-headed businessman clenching his fist. He immediately knew that this should be the person Luo Dong Sheng’s gun wanted to deal with, or this was the person he wanted to kill. Since he had brought the gun to the plane, it meant that he was going to do it on the plane.

What Ye Mo could not figure out was that since he wanted to kill someone, he could not do it there, so why did he need to do it on the plane? In other words, killing someone on a plane clearly made the chances of exposing oneself bigger, and it would even be difficult to succeed. It’s bringing a gun onto a plane that’s not simple, and if you’re not careful, you’ll face jail time.

Just when most people had finished going to the washroom, Ye Mo noticed that the obese businessman had also left his seat. Luo Dongsheng saw the businessman leaving his seat and immediately followed him.

Ye Mo thought about it and also followed him.

Seeing Ye Mo leave, Meng Jiushan stared at his and Luo Dongsheng’s backs, frowning as if he had a thought.