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DYM Chapter 570

The aircraft on this flight was the latest model of the civil airline ‘American Sound ump.’ Not only was it equipped with an escape route with a parachute. And even the bathroom was also compartmentalized, and even the bathroom space was not small.

Ye Mo knew that the last time Ning Qingxue took this kind of plane and saved a life because of that high altitude parachute.

After all, he knew Luo Dongsheng, and they had even studied together, so Ye Mo did not want Luo Dongsheng to point a useless gun at others. He quickly walked to Luo Dongsheng’s side and took his pistol over to fix it before putting it back. It was only a few seconds after Ye Mo did this, but Luo Dong Sheng didn’t notice it in the slightest, his attention was completely focused on the fat man in front of him.

When Luo Dong Sheng saw the fatty enter a bathroom cubicle, he suddenly squeezed in as well.

“Who are you and what do you want?” That fatty was not stupid, and when he saw that Luo Dongsheng had actually squeezed into a cubicle with him, he immediately felt something was wrong.

“If you dare to shout, I’ll shoot you right away.” Luo Dong-sheng’s pistol was already pointed at his temple.

“Who the hell are you?” The fatty was pointed at the gun, but apart from some cold sweat seeping out of his forehead, he was calm and did not put on a panicked look.

Luo Dong Sheng ignored him and threw a bank card at him, then said coldly, “Transfer five million dollars to this card immediately.

Remember, don’t play games, I’ll shoot you if it takes more than three minutes. I suck at life, you can scream all you want, I don’t care.”

“Don’t jīt move, I’ll transfer it right away, I’ll transfer it right away.” The obese businessman spoke as he took out his phone and started to transfer the money.

“There’s no signal on the phone …….” The fat businessman shivered and said.

Luo Dong Sheng coldly snorted, “Bring the bank card and then give out the pa*sword.”

The fat man barely even thought before handing his bank card to Luo Dongsheng, and then told Luo Dongsheng the pa*sword without hesitation.

Ye Mo thought to himself that this person was so crisp, but it immediately occurred to him that he reckoned that this fatty was doing it on purpose, once Luo Dongsheng went to withdraw the money, then the result would be exposed. It was reasonable to say that Luo Dongsheng wouldn’t be so stupid.

Ye Mo, however, felt Luo Dong Sheng’s hand tremble a little, and he shook his head, so it was to rob the money. This Luo Dongsheng did not expect to become so bold after not seeing him for a few years, over this kind of thing should be his first time doing it, and still a bit jīt.

He said in a cold voice: “A year ago, you raped a girl named Xiao Yun on this flight with an air marshal, and she jumped off a building when she got back. Today I want to avenge Xiao Yun in the same place, Xiao Yun, rest in peace …….”

Ye Mo, however, felt Luo Dong Sheng’s hand tremble a little, he shook his head, so it was to rob money. This Luo Dong Sheng did not expect to see a few years, the courage has also become so big, over this kind of thing should be his first time to do, and still a little jī.

The first time he did this, he was a bit jīned, but he was still only halfway through his sentence when he shot and covered the obese man’s mouth with his hand.

Ye Mo shook his head, this Luo Dong Sheng is not stupid. He was afraid that the fat man would scream out when he was dying, so he shot him in advance and covered his mouth with his hand.

Outside, someone came over again, Ye Mo did not continue to wait, but turned around and went back to the top of his seat again.

Seeing Ye Mo coming over again, Meng Jiushan looked at Ye Mo and suddenly said, “Since you didn’t do anything, what are you doing there? Watching the fun?”

Ye Mo knew that this Meng Jiushan should have a few brushes, he probably found out that he didn’t kill anyone, that’s why he said such words out. And he must have seen Luo Dongsheng who was following the fatty, only he didn’t meddle either. What Ye Mo couldn’t figure out was why Meng Jiushan was sure that he hadn’t killed anyone, knowing that he didn’t seem to have a good impression of himself just now.

Ye Mo didn’t answer Meng Jiushan’s words, but said directly: “Mr. Meng, just now I also said that I am a doctor, whether you believe it or not I believe that you will definitely return from this trip to Rice for examination without any success. It’s just that I’m wondering how you yourself could see that you are sick?”

When Meng Jiushan heard Ye Mo’s words, there was suddenly more amazement in his eyes. Could it be that he had misread his own eyes and this young man was really an expert? How could he know that his illness could not be detected by the hospital?

But how was this possible? Generally speaking, whether it was Chinese medicine or Western medicine, the older you are, the more proficient you are. Even if his fate had been changed, it would not affect his ability in the slightest. He had seen many ancient martial arts experts himself, and even had many old friends who practiced ancient martial arts, yet none of them could see that his illness could not be detected by a hospital examination.

“Mr. Meng, if I say that it is possible for me to help you cure your illness, would you believe me?” Ye Mo suddenly let out another wild statement. Only Meng Jiushan did not know that this was a wild statement to him, but to Ye Mo it was too humble to be true. He did not draw a definite conclusion because he did not yet know the cause of Meng Jiushan’s illness.

This was different from the noblewoman in front of him, who was obviously suffering from a physical cause before Ye Mo was sure he could cure her.

“You?” If Ye Mo hadn’t uttered the sentence that his illness could not be checked by the hospital, Meng Jiushan would have simply chided Ye Mo for being arrogant and ignorant. But that was it, Meng Jiushan was still a little uncomfortable, “You say you can cure my illness? Young man, do you know how many people have seen this disease of mine? How many amazing medical masters have failed to treat it? You dare not even think about it.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “China is a vast country with many capable people, Mr. Meng’s comment that no one can cure your illness is a bit over the top, that’s just because you haven’t met them. Although some medical theories in the West are more advanced than ours, your illness cannot be treated in the West. It is your luck that you can meet me today.”

The conversation between the two at this moment not only attracted the young man sitting behind them, the grandson of Meng Jiushan. And even the noblewoman and the young woman sitting in front of them could hear it clearly.

The young woman listened to Ye Mo’s words, but whispered to the noble woman, “Mom, I suspect that these two are singing a double act, don’t go and answer the words, their purpose is to try to cheat us out of our money.”

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to the young woman in front of him, he no longer had the idea of helping that noblewoman cure her illness, as for what they thought had nothing to do with him. Now his attention had fallen on Meng Jiushan, who had such a subtle phallic art, if he could get the principles of it and could predict misfortune, it might help him in his cultivation.

Of course this was only one of the points, the main thing was that Ye Mo felt that both Meng Jiushan and his grandson were people with strong qi and good spirits. To be honest, they were a little better than the average strong youths. How such people could carry deathly qi on their bodies also baffled him, or rather he had never seen it before.

Meng Jiushan was furious and laughed at Ye Mo’s words, arrogant and ignorant, if he had known that this young man was this kind of self-righteous guy, he wouldn’t have wanted to talk to him. It was only just now that he saw that he was well-built and thought he was from that ancient martial arts family that he got up some interest in talking. He now really believed the young woman in front of him a little, Ye Mo was simply a liar, nothing more than a liar with good skills. He was really good at reading people’s words, and could even tell that his illness could not be detected by the hospital.

Ye Mo saw the cold smile at the corner of Meng Jiushan’s mouth and seemed to ignore himself again, so he was in no hurry, he would see if he had any phallic books or something on him later, and if he did, he would take it over and read it once before returning it to him. He believed that with his divine sense, he would look at it once and definitely remember it all.

“This gentleman, you, can really help cure my grandfather?” At this moment, the youngster who had been listening all this time, however, asked in a somewhat jītty voice. He was Meng Jiushan’s grandson, the Little Bitter that Meng Jiushan spoke of.

“Little Bitter, this is none of your business, don’t talk too much.” Meng Jiushan turned around and chided Little Bitter.

Ye Mo was amused in his heart, it was only logical that Meng Jiushan should believe himself and that Little Bitter should suspect himself, but the two of them and the two in front of them had the opposite reaction.

At this moment, before Ye Mo could reply, the young woman in front of him whispered to the noblewoman again, “Mom, you saw it, they even grouped up to fool around, with the purpose of making others fall for it. If I hadn’t pulled you back just now, you would have fallen for it.”

Ye Mo acted as if he had not heard the young woman’s words, but said to Little Bitter, “Of course, I am not 100% sure. We’ll have to see how to treat it exactly. However, if you are not willing to treat your grandfather, I guess I only have half a month to live.”

“What? You can tell that I only have half a month?” He had only half a month to live, so he had come to Rice to try his luck. He didn’t expect to be broken by this young man in front of him, could he really be a deep-rooted folk medicine expert?

Ye Mo sneered, “Not only can I tell that you only have half a month to live, but I can also tell that this grandson of yours also has the same disease as you, only his condition is not as serious as yours.”

“Ah ……” Meng Jiushan’s heart shook violently and his hand shook, almost spilling the juice in front of him.

The next moment, he immediately stood up and said to Ye Mo with an arch of his hand and a bend, “Sorry, little friend. Meng Jiushan just looked at people with dog eyes and didn’t know that little friend was actually an expert in the Apricot Grove, so I would like to ask for your forgiveness here, and I haven’t asked you for your surname and name.”

Ye Mo had some good feelings towards Meng Jiushan, this old man apologised when he was wrong, he was also open and honest.

It was just that it was impossible to tell him his real name, now his name, Ye Mo, was very famous in Rice. It was too much of a coincidence that all sorts of things had just happened in Rice, and he, Ye Mo, had returned from Rice.

“My name is Mo Ying….” This was the name that Ye Mo used to board the plane.