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DYM Chapter 59-60

Chapter 59

“Right, this is the place.” Chi Wanqing also cheered up, as if she had done something amazing by helping Ye Mo.

Ye Mo put down Ji Wanqing and walked to the middle of the two Wanqing trees, and indeed, he found an earthbag in the middle. Finding a wooden stick, Ye Mo carefully dug open the earthbag. A dead bone was surrounded by several stones and a tightly wrapped plastic bag, but many parts of the bag were already decaying.

Ye Mo slowly picked the plastic bag up and took a closer look at the side of the dead bone, there was nothing else. The plastic bag should have been placed close to the lama before he died, and then the body rotted before it fell down, so Fang Nan didn’t notice it at that time.

He slowly opened the tattered plastic bag and found only a sheepskin map that was also starting to rot, but the sheepskin map was made of something unknown, and although it was rotten, the things on it could be seen clearly. Ye Mo stared at the sheepskin map carefully, it looked like a desert was drawn on it, there were some letters, only Ye Mo didn’t know any of them.

As Ye Mo was staring at the desert and the strange letters on the map, a faint fragrance entered his nose and a few strands of hair fell on his neck and tickled him a little. Immediately, Ye Mo knew that it was Ji Wanqing who was looking at this map behind him.

Ye Mo moved aside a little and said with some distress, “I don’t know these letters, and now this parchment map can’t be moved yet, once I move it, I guess it will all shatter.”

Because of Ye Mo’s stepping aside, Chi Wanqing immediately felt the ambiguity of her posture and was a little embarra*sed, hearing Ye Mo’s words, she hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, I know these letters, they are all Tibetan, my grandfather used to stay in Tibet for a long time, my grandfather taught me the Tibetan language.”

“Wanqing, do you really know these words? Hurry up and tell me.” Ye Mo had originally planned to write down all these letters, and now that Chi Wanqing knew them, he was instantly happy.

“The letters on it are not very complete, there are ‘Kuhu’, ‘Taklamakan’ and ‘Lobu’, ‘Sacred Gate ‘ That’s all there is to it. But I think that ‘Taklama’ is our country’s number one desert, the ‘Taklamakan Desert’, which is also called the ‘Sea of Death’ and is located in the southern Xinjiang Tarim Basin. The map above should be referring to this place, and the line on it does refer to the Tarim Basin.” Chi Wanqing translated all the letters on top of the map, only that the translation was not very complete because of the map’s mutilation, but she also added her own understanding.

After listening to Ji Wanqing’s words, Ye Mo said to himself, “It’s actually there, but looking at the map it does point there. I see, thank you, Wanqing.”

Ji Wanqing smiled sweetly and said, “Actually, I’m glad I can help you do something too, no need to thank you, I didn’t thank you much just now either.”

“That’s true.” Ye Mo laughed and picked the map and the plastic bag inside the pit again, and buried the withered bone again.

When Ye Mo carried Ji Wanqing out, Guo Qi and the three of them had already sorted out the loot and were waiting for them.

Chi Wanqing suddenly felt that her teammates were not looking at her in the same way, and wanted to explain, but she didn’t know how to.

Ye Mo put Chi Wanqing down and said, “I’m leaving, let’s part here.”

“Ah, big brother Ye, you’re leaving?” Hearing Ye Mo say that he was leaving them, Chi Wanqing suddenly felt a little lost.

Lu Lin glanced at Chi Wanqing and suddenly said to Ye Mo, “Ye Mo, if you leave, Wanqing will need me to carry her, but when I can’t carry her, I will need Fang Wei and Guo up to carry her oh.”

“What’s it to do with me ……,” Ye Mo just said halfway, he felt the pleading gaze of Chi Wanqing, and thought in his heart that she had helped himself a lot. Otherwise, if he had written down those letters, he wouldn’t know where he should go to find someone who knew Tibetan to help him translate them. Now that he had nothing to do, he could just send her a paragraph.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said, “Alright, in that case, I will give you guys a ride, Wanqing come up, let’s go.”

“Master, you’re calling so affectionately.” Fang Wei said as he bumbled over.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Stop, I never said I would take you as my disciple.”

Hearing that Ye Mo had agreed to give her a ride, Chi Wanqing’s heart was overjoyed, she gave a low muffled sound and immediately plopped down on Ye Mo’s back without even being polite.

“Ugh, I say Wanqing, you should at least be a little more reserved, look at you, you sent it up before it was too late, what do you think I should say about you?” Lu Lin looked like she hated her iron.

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Captain Lu don’t talk nonsense, me and Wanqing have nothing, we met just now just like you guys.”

Ji Wanqing’s face was a little red with shame and she didn’t dare to speak, but in her heart she was wondering what was wrong with her. However, she understood that Ye Mo was indeed the first person of the opposite sex, apart from her father, who had made her feel good. It had been three years since she had been in the army, and she had not seen any outstanding talents in the past three years, but there had never been anyone who could leave any impression on her, but today, this Ye Mo, whom she had met for the first time, had burned an imprint on her heart.

Although she was cold to people, she was not a reserved person due to the influence of her family since she was young. She is not good at faking her expressions, or rather does not want to do so. If you have a good feeling, you have a good feeling, if you don’t, you don’t. If she didn’t have this kind of personality, she wouldn’t have fallen out with her family and run away to the army alone.

So she felt very happy that Ye Mo was staying, and if Sister Lin hadn’t asked to keep him, she would have asked herself. Her grandmother had told her when she was in college not to wait to miss out and then regret the encounter she had.

Ye Mo’s eyes were clear and did not have that hidden look that she did not like. The main thing was that Ye Mo had saved her, and he seemed to be very capable too.

To Ji Wanqing, Ye Mo was a pearl hidden in the middle of the gra*s, and since she had found it, she didn’t have any reason to reject it. Although he seemed to be down and out right now, one day, he would definitely soar to the sky.

Of course this was not the main reason why she had a crush on Ye Mo, the main thing was that there was something in Ye Mo that she yearned for, tranquility, freedom and an indescribable ethereality. She liked the feeling and aura of freedom and tranquility in his body, something that could not be expressed in words.

Seemingly aware of Ji Wanqing’s ice-cold personality, it was Lu Lin who said that Guo Qi and Fang Wei did not make fun of her. Guo Qi had a lot of respect for Ye Mo, in his eyes, Ye Mo was a hidden master with real ability.

The primeval forest on the border between China and Vietnam was very large, except for Captain Lu Lin who had an easier time because she was only carrying Ye Mo’s backpack, Guo Qi and Fang Wei were both carrying trophies of dozens of guns and the ashes of two of their comrades, and were also struggling a bit. After walking for just over an hour, it became dark and several people decided to sleep overnight before leaving.

Because Lu Lin and the girls had encountered an ambush, they had lost a lot of things along the way as they walked and fled. Now only Ye Mo’s backpack had a tent inside it, and the tent had to be taken out and given to Lu Lin and Chi Wanqing to stay, so Ye Mo and the three of them had to sleep outside.

However, Guo Qi and Fang Wei were obviously masters of wilderness survival and quickly cleared out a large area and even built a wooden shack.


Chapter 60

“Brother Ye, the house is a bit simple, it has been set up, the two of us, Xiao Fang and I, are on duty at night, why don’t you go in first and rest?” Guo Qi came out and said.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “No need, I’ll take care of the night duty outside, I like being outside at night. By the way, Brother Guo, you are older than me, so you should just call me Ye Mo from now on.” Ye Mo felt that Guo Qi was a good person and valued the feelings of his teammates, which made him get up to befriend him, he didn’t like people who were thin-skinned.

“Good, then I won’t be polite, but you shouldn’t call me Brother Guo, everyone inside the army calls me Da Qi, you can call me Da Qi too. I’ll go high and recognize you as a friend, no, a brother. What do you think, Brother Ye.” Guo Qi was a quick-witted person and did not like to wriggle.

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “That’s very good.”

When he thought of Ye Mo roasting rabbits alone inside the jungle, Guo Qi stopped insisting, he was really tired after many days, and went inside to rest with Fang Wei first.

Inside the tent, Lu Lin looked at Ji Wanqing who had something on her mind and said, “Wanqing, what do you think of Ye Mo?”

“Ah ……” Chi Wanqing, who was thinking about her mind, was caught off guard by Lu Lin, but after letting out an ah, she immediately reacted and was silent for a while before saying, “I think Brother Ye is a good person, and he is very capable, there is A kind of, there is a kind of ……”

Chi Wanqing had a kind of half a day, but also did not say out there is a kind of I yearn for.

“Wanqing, you have come to the army for more than three years, right, of course I know why you came to the army. But women always have to find a home when they get older, and you never faked it to any male soldier inside the army. Three years ago you joined the army to avoid the marriage your father had arranged for you, and perhaps somewhat because of your mother. Now that three years have pa*sed, are you going to be like this for the rest of your life? There are times when happiness comes, so don’t try to deny it.” Speaking here Lu Lin sighed longingly.

It was only after a long time that she continued, “I graduated from secondary school that year, and I was just nineteen years old, a good time to be young. I had just joined the workforce and was in the provincial cultural and industrial troupe. I met him, he was a handsome and handsome man, not only me, but also other girls in our troupe were attracted to him, and I was certainly no exception.

But he was nice to me, and asked me out more than once. Six months later, he asked me to marry him. I was only nineteen at the time and I was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of a twenty-seven year old man proposing. As much as I liked him, all I could do was tell him I was still young and to wait. Another six months later, on my twentieth birthday, he asked me to marry him again, and I wanted to wait. Because I felt I was really too young to start a family.

But after that day, I never saw him again and he was gone. I waited another year and still hadn’t heard from him. I thought then that I would marry him as soon as he showed up. But he didn’t show up and I didn’t have the heart to go back to work, so I came to the army.

Wanqing, sometimes you only get one chance, and if you lose it, it’s gone. Believe Sister Lin’s right, I’ve seen all kinds of people in the army, Ye Mo, this person, I don’t look like a treacherous person, he doesn’t have a twinkle sense in his eyes, he’s just a bit poor.

With your family’s wealth would you still care if he was poor or rich? Besides, there is a saying that says ‘don’t bully the poor young man’, I think if you really like rich people, back then you wouldn’t have refused your family’s intention to come to the army.” After saying that Lu Lin sighed quietly, not knowing if she was remembering what happened back then again.

“Sister Lin, actually I don’t mean what you said to Brother Ye, I mean …… alas, I can’t say it clearly anyway. I’m not going to talk to you anymore, I’m going to go see big brother Ye.” After saying that Chi Wanqing stood up and was about to go out.

“Huh, Wanqing, you can walk on your legs.” Lu Lin said in amazement, pointing at Chi Wanqing’s leg.

“Yes, in fact, you can walk soon after big brother Ye is cured, it just hurts a bit after a long time ……,” said Chi Wanqing, who seemed to have remembered something here and no longer dared to say anything further, and hurriedly ran out. She suddenly felt some hotness on her face, as if she was shy of being caught by others in something.

Looking at Ji Wanqing, who had already run out, Lu Lin seemed a little bewildered. Wanqing was somewhat like herself back then, but Ye Mo did not bear the slightest resemblance to the man she had met back then.

At this moment, Ye Mo was sitting on a green stone not far away and contemplating, in fact he was using his divine sense to recover the diagram that he saw today. The route on the diagram had been recalled countless times by Ye Mo, and combined with the few words that Chi Wanqing had translated for him today, it was indeed inside the Taklamakan Desert.

Although he had never been to the Taklamakan Desert, he had carefully looked at the map of China, and the main territory was still very clear. But what was that Ku Lake, he really did not have any impression of. And what was that ‘Sacred Gate’ again?

The ‘Purple Heart Vine’ Ye Mo knew very well was a spiritual wood that was needed for many pills in the Qi cultivation stage, and although the growing conditions weren’t harsh, it definitely wouldn’t grow inside the desert. This was because the most important condition for this spiritual wood to grow was water.

The Taklamakan Desert is the largest desert in China, with an average annual precipitation of less than a hundred millimetres, and even a few millimetres of precipitation in some years, so how could this spiritual wood grow?

Although Ye Mo was thinking about something, he knew as soon as Ji Wanqing came out and smiled slightly, thinking to himself that this little girl looked icy cold, but seemed to be somewhat sticky to herself.

Chi Wanqing was unsure how she should go about greeting Ye Mo when she saw Ye Mo smiling back at her. With a sigh of relief, she hurriedly walked over quickly.

When Chi Wanqing had just reached behind Ye Mo, suddenly her face changed drastically as a small grey snake with green eyes unexpectedly rushed towards Ye Mo’s back.

Chi Wanqing had heard that snakes with triangular heads were poisonous, but this snake’s head was not only triangular, but also pointed. Without even thinking about it, Chi Wanqing lunged directly at Ye Mo’s back.

The moment the green-eyed triangle snake attacked, Ye Mo felt it. If Chi Wanqing didn’t lunge, of course he would have had a way to avoid it, but at this moment it was really impossible to drag Chi Wanqing away as well.

The green-eyed triangular snake arrived almost at the same time as Chi Wanqing, Chi Wanqing was right behind Ye Mo and the green-eyed snake came from a few metres away, actually arriving at the same time, so it was clear how fast this little green-eyed snake was. The grey snake accurately bit Chi Wanqing on the back. Ye Mo was shocked, but he was not particularly nervous, he did not believe that he could not even cure a snake poison.

Turning around and holding Chi Wanqing in his arms, Ye Mo saw that the green-eyed triangle snake was actually staying not far away staring at him, and was actually trying to launch a second attack. It looked like the snake was targeting him, so Ye Mo was furious and raised his hand and struck three iron nails.

“There were two muffled sounds, but the iron nails did not pierce the head of the green-eyed triangle snake. Two nails slid away from its skin, and only one made a thin bloodstain. The green-eyed triangle snake seemed to understand that the man in front of him was not to be messed with, so it turned around and disappeared without a trace.

Not good, this is not a snake. Ye Mo reacted first and saw that Chi Wanqing’s face in his arms was already ashen.

What a powerful poisonous gas, Ye Mo’s heart even screamed that it was not good.

At this moment, Lu Lin and Guo Qi had already come out, and when they saw the situation, they all knew that Chi Wanqing had been bitten by a snake, and it was a highly poisonous snake.